Revamping of the navigator’s lamp

Revamping of VAZ 2110 navigator’s light

September 02, 2011 | Author: Nick | Viewings: 31167 |

The standard navigator lamp (Cyclops) does not illuminate brightly enough. This point could not go unnoticed by the bright minds of TAZ drivers :) In this article we will consider a variety of options on how you can make the lamp brighter.

It is possible to make the navigator’s light brighter:

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    VAZ 2110 to another light source.
  1. Improve OEM navigation light VAZ 2110
Handle illumination on the door activator

I will start with the simplest one:

Installing the LED in the navigation light VAZ 2110

The idea and the implementation belongs to Deon.

Installed a regular white bright LED with a base (which are put in the navigator eyes from the factory). Bought in a store “Electrical Equipment” in Yuzhnaya (Moscow), worth 10 rubles.

Now the navigational spyder VAZ2110 shines brighter.

Installing seven LEDs in the VAZ 2110 Cyclops

The idea and implementation belongs to Anatoly775.

  1. 7 LEDs (D)
  2. Resistor

These two wires were soldered respectively to the power contacts. I put the wires so that they could move freely and without fracture when rotating the lamp to turn on and off.

I also reworked the rotation of the navigator lamp. Removed the plugs from the mothers and put a heat shrink on them. Bent them closer to the center. Now there is no easy mashing when pointing the cyclops.

Installing the 180 lumen bulb in the VAZ 2110 navigation light

The idea and realization belongs to the horn.

I replaced the 5 watt bulb on the navigator lamp for 180 lumens. Made it in a hurry.

I used a piece of 6 gauge copper wire. I cut it into pieces and soldered the bundle to the bulb on one side. The other ends were split to dissipate the heat. The heat sink is not super, but considering the runtime of this fixture, I think it will last a couple of years for sure.

This is how the modified navigator lamp shines in the car.

Installing a halogen bulb in the VAZ 2110 navigator lamp

The idea and realization belongs to the Technician.

I remade a little bit regular navigator lamp. I installed 10 watt halogen bulb.

Keep in mind that all halogen bulbs heats up depending on their power. As an alternative, you can install an extra plafond light in the vehicle interior.


The navigator plafond.

The main task is to make a complete set on Lacetti not lower than SX. And it implies the presence of the navigator plafond. By approaching the SX kit is already done: 1) install PTF 2) Installing the Headlight 3) Installing the box under the seat 4) Installed the armrest Plafond (k.n. 96615323). complete standard 5w lamps.

Warning light for the edge of a car door.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

First thing I did was to make a mating chip, wires from which will go to the center spotlight. The chip made of the 2 x terminals (Mom) 2mm. between them put dielectric and sealed with electrical tape (at the time of installation priizolyvali to the main chip plafond).

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Running into the salon. On the ceiling there are recesses for the light. Take a box cutter and ruthlessly cut, while stepping back from the edges of the oval about a centimeter (better yet then trim more if the light does not fit). At the same time it is necessary to be careful, because in the right corner of the wire runs.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

All done without unscrewing the visors and the ceiling liner. Then remove the central plafond (2 screws). It is from him we will power. The wire under the trim stretched a metal rod.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

There are 3 wires on the plug: black – mass, red – permanent plus, purple – plus when the door is open. Hooked on to the DC plus.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Mass did not pull, and screwed under the plafond. There are just three holes (2a for the plafond and one free.) Without preparing the chip on everything took about 30 minutes. We plug in the diodes and enjoy the results.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

On the sly put addition to the rear towing eyelet Preliminary zantikoriv everything there).

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

It was in the evening, there was nothing to do! Looked at the forum Lachevodov, as some comrades put in the plafond ammeter and in rare cases thermometers. Didn’t think much, decided to put something like that too! I had no use for an ammeter. I got a thermometer. Many people buy it here. In my case took an analog at Mitino Radio Market! I took off the plafond, but did not install it. I decided to increase illumination of the plafond from a standard bulb. I decided to increase the illumination of the light from the standard bulb. Disassembled the plafond and taped the black places with foil.

How to illuminate shift knob for VAZ

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

The effect was not long in coming. From physics we remember: “The angle of incidence α is equal to the angle of reflection β.” In fact, we were convinced of this in practice. On the standard lamps it is visible to the naked eye. On the left, respectively, the “foil” plafond.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Re-installed new diodes and taped the second plafond.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Then jumped to the “solemn” part – the thermometer. To install it made two holes (+ and -) and the sensor passed through the standard slots.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

I moved into salon and fixed the plafond.

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

In the instructions sensor is recommended to isolate from moisture (if placed on the street).

Lacetti: the navigator's plafond

I did not do this because it was stretched in line with the parking sensor wire and led into the trunk sealing ring (in the same place where I led out the sensors of parking sensors). This way the thermometer readings will be more exact. In the process of all metamorphosis of the plafond, we have better illumination. External thermometer. And paired with the alarm, also an internal thermometer.

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