Review of the owner of the Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 150 hp automatic

Review of the Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI (150 hp / 1.4L / 6ACPP) (2014)

Passed a year of operation, passed 7000 km and it is time to write more or less objectively for myself my impressions of owning a Tiguan with the most controversial engine 1.4 TSI (150 hp), 6 DSG, front-wheel drive.


A little description of the choice, although I understand that “for taste and color – all the colorants are different.”:) The month of “hapun” 2014 has come, and carefully saved for the repair of the apartment hinted that perhaps soon it will be possible to buy only a loaf of bread. For the purchase of real estate was clearly not enough, so I decided to upgrade the car, although the existing Ford Focus is very much suited in everything, except ground clearance.

I had to choose quickly, because my neighbors from the CIS countries, on the background of rising exchange rates, were snapping up the cars like hotcakes without even making a special choice of equipment. The budget was 1300k at most, taking into consideration the Focus’ delivery in exchange for a trade-in. Good clearance, xenon, not less 150 hp, automatic (preferably torque converter) were in priority requirements. My main driving routes: 90% – city (stores, cinema, school), 10% – highway (to the village to my grandmother’s J) and once every 100 years on the asphalt on the camping site. Toyota RAW4, Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX5, Ford Kuga, Honda SRV were considered.

Reachable and interesting to buy RAV4 started with a price tag from 1450k, or were in the basic configuration, which I did not want at all. Kia Sportage after the examined RAV4 and Mazda СХ5 was quite disappointing by interior and though I understood that the price/result ratio here were the most interesting, but I just didn’t want to buy it. With the Mazda СХ5 turned out about the same, as well as with the RAV4. The Ford Kuga, available, was in the Comfort trim with options and at a price corresponding to the Titanium, but not the number of options. Nissan Qashqai gave the highest hopes, but after a “personal meeting” my wife and I together said “no”. Honda SRV did not impress either. As a result, nothing “hooked”, and we began to think about compromises. And then, flipping through the pages of the Internet, I remembered about the FV, which I never really considered because of the rather high prices. The next day we went to look at Tiguan. The one which then was our choice was in the showroom. Having sat in it, having twisted and opened everything we could, my wife was delighted. I also liked everything, but was confused by the price and the tandem engine 1,4 TSI with 6 DSG. The Tiguan we were considering was in the Sport&Steel plus the Technic package. For it we had to pay 1320k. We decided to look at the base configuration, but after Sport&Stayl we did not want to save money. As a result we made the choice after discussion with our friends and reading the Internet.


I will not describe it much, because before me it has been done by many people. I will only emphasize that it is not in vain to write about excellent ergonomics. Indeed, everything is very comfortable, easy and intuitive to the touch. I did not like only the control of the media-system. Lack of control on the steering wheel makes you distract from the road, either with the handle or with the touch screen to change the radio station. The cigarette lighter is quite conveniently located, which allows you to reduce the length of the stretched wires from the recorder and anti-radar compared to the Focus. It was certainly possible to hide them under the upholstery, but I don’t want to yet. Dual-zone climate control – it is cool, but, as I thought, during long trips all the same climate in the car becomes “single-zone”. Therefore, when the spouse is cold – she just turns on the heating of the seat. The convenient location of the air ducts allows you to warm up the windshield and the front side windows quickly in winter. By the way, about the seats – they are very comfortable, with side support and very pleasant to the touch (Alcantara trim). With his short stature (172) I easily picked up a comfortable position, adjusted the armrest, and for the rear passengers I still have a lot of room (myself on the back row behind me knees can not reach the front seat).

Volkswagen suspends production of Tiguan and Jetta models

Thoughtful door closure keeps the thresholds clean, so you are not afraid to get your pants dirty when boarding. The display is handy, the installed software is intuitive, the navigation is a good help when driving in unfamiliar places. The only thing that is inconvenient in this navigator, unlike the simple one that I had – there is no opportunity to drag the map on the screen along the route, to see in detail the entire route of travel. Here you can only zoom in/out and change the view. The music features of the media system are completely satisfactory to me, as not an audiophile. But what really disappointed me was the impossibility of connecting your phone via Bluethooth. The trunk here, of course, is small. Much smaller than I had in Focus, but more comfortable. And since we usually only carry a couple of packages from the Lenta, OK, etc., its volume is more than enough for us. The tunnel on the floor of the back row of seats also hints at the fact that only two people will be comfortable in back, and the third is superfluous. Adjustable illumination of front passengers’ legs zone is even superfluous, but it is beautiful.

Exterior .

The appearance of the car is serious. Such young fellow dressed in a strict suit trying to resemble his elder brother (Touareg). But for a small city the small dimensions allow parking without problems. I have chosen the color white. I like this color, it makes the car visually a little more, less marking for dust and light dirt.


One of those reasons that prompted me to choose this particular Tiguan was the abundance of all kinds of auxiliary devices. These are the anti-collision system, and the system of brake holding after a stop, and automatic switching of wipers from front to rear when driving back in rainy weather, and sensors of pressure in tires (not in abstract units, but in atmospheres) with displaying of indications on the central display, and the system of control of driver’s fatigue (I have switched off at once). Not to mention the ubiquitous cruise control, light sensors, rain sensor, heated mirrors and rear window, systems of stabilization, abs, heated wiper blade resting zone, etc. The only thing that is very annoying is the Start-Stop system, designed to kill the engine when stopping at intersections. You press the brake pedal, stop, engine stalls, take your foot off the brake, engine starts. When driving in our traffic jams, you can jerk the engine 1000 times a day! Since this system is active by default, the obligatory ritual before the trip includes the disconnection of the system.

Parking sensors are very handy and, unlike those that I additionally set on the Focus, works fine, even in the mud. Thinking about installing a rear view camera, but it is another 22k. As I was told by the office – to my “head” will only fit the original camera. Steering wheel is understandable and informative. Well, the main “highlight” for me was the adaptive bi-xenon. Very convenient thing! Of course, when driving on a busy highway rarely use the far beam, but when you go to less crowded roads, just turn on high beam and go. Oncoming cars at a distance of 1000 meters get in the camera’s field of view and the headlights exclude high beam on them. It even looks a bit unreal!) They appear and immediately make a black square in the light from my headlights and this square is following the car until it comes almost close to me, and then the high beam goes off for a few seconds until we meet. This looks especially interesting when there are several oncoming cars and the road curves. This lighting system becomes active only after 60 km/h. When the speed is lower, only dipped beam is automatically switched on. The disadvantage of this system is that it can not take into account the oncoming cars, appearing from behind the hill, and therefore a few seconds until it works, you can blind the oncoming driver. It is also often perceived as oncoming cars reflective road signs.

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Another handy “chip” is the inclusion of fog lights when turning, which allows you to better illuminate the area where you turn – very convenient when parking in the dark. Well, the LEDs in the daytime running lights and in the rear lights just look stylish – just as in the more “adult” and expensive models!) The only time I needed clarification and assistance in using the new car was the first familiarity and communication with the keyless entry system. It was about the symbiosis of this system with the anti-theft system. The order of opening and closing the interior doors and the trunk, when with hands, when with the key fob, etc. – At first it was all a bit confusing. Then, I called the manager that sold me the car, he connected me to the service center and they explained everything to me. It’s convenient – put the key in your jacket pocket and you don’t have to take it out at all. Need to make a few “walks” with packages from the car to the apartment – the first time you close the car by touching the door handle, and the second time you come up, just open the trunk (the car “sees” where the key – behind, side, front), you take what you need, slamming the door trunk and the car itself is set back on the alarm.

Engine and gearbox

Now about the main thing – the heart of this car. Having read many “horror stories” on forums, I have tried to find the root of the problem with burnt pistons and engines that had died in the first thousand miles. In a nutshell, it became clear that this problem has repeatedly occurred. But since they usually try to maintain the brand image abroad and therefore work on the problems. There were no such complaints on the CTHA engine delivered to me. Yes, of course, even now there are Tiguans with such problems, but all brands and all models have it, without exception. What will be at me – I don’t know, we’ll see. But, after carefully rolling it around for the first 3,000km, I tried this engine for its capabilities. I was pleasantly impressed! I could compare it to my former Focus (2L, 145hp, 5 mcgt). Although the comparison is wrong here. They are different engines, different designs. The compressor gives a lot of torque, and therefore acceleration, at the low end, and then the turbine takes over. As a result, we have as much acceleration as we want from the start. I’ve never had the goal of “beating everyone at the light,” but with this engine I know that if I need to accelerate to overtake or get into another lane before others, I can do it easily and without problems.

Kodiaq and Tiguan comparison: 2021, size comparison.

The engine gives great dynamics up to about 160 km/h, further, up to 180 km/h acceleration is not so eager, and after 180 km/h it slows down at all. But I am not going to drive at such speeds and I only did it once, for an experiment. However, as shown by personal experience, the engine can not be effective without the correct operation of the gearbox (I was in the States and drove a Chrysler 300 for 3 weeks with a 2.4 engine (184 hp), 9 automatic transmission). And here the 6 DSG did not disappoint me! Shifts are clear, no delays, no jerks, and exactly when I need them. Of course, at first I was a bit worried that shifting happens somewhere around 2000 rpm, but this is in city mode. On the highway shifts occur at higher rpm, but even when overtaking I don’t remember the engine gaining more than 4000 rpm. The fact that the box has the advantages of a manual transmission is also a plus. If you roll downhill, it’s enough to touch the accelerator pedal lightly and release it, after that the engine rpm drops to idle and you’re coasting. If you want to slow down the engine on a downhill, you just slightly touch the brake pedal and release it, after that the engine starts to slow down and stays in the same gear. When driving on a snowy road or mud, I usually choose manual mode and change gears myself. As far as I know, this box has two “wet” clutches and has never caused much trouble.

One more thing I will say about the turbine: there is a lot of discussion on the internet – should we let the car idle after the trip or, since the turbine has its own cooling system, you can turn off the engine immediately. The manufacturer advises to let it idle only after driving with a load or after a long trip. But can driving in endless traffic equate to driving with a load or not? I decided not to risk it and asked for a turbo timer to activate and let the car run for 3 minutes after the trip, but without my involvement. Another peculiarity of the engine is its long warming up. They explain it by its high efficiency and that “all energy goes to work”, but it is difficult to wait for the engine to warm up before driving. Even a remote start from the maximum possible distance doesn’t help. Therefore, I slowly drive the first 5 minutes (for the good of the road from the parking lot to the exit into the city does not allow me to drive). Crankcase protection did not change, left the factory. It is made of some special material (I forget how it is called), which is not worse than the steel (according to the manager).

By the way, about TO-1: made pretty fast (2-3 hours), accurately. Took the car carefully, everything was explained, asked what I was worried about the machine, answered all my questions. Could watch the work on the TV in the lounge area. It cost me about 10k. I had a choice between the original oil and Shell, but I decided not to risk because of the price difference of 1200 rubles and agreed to buy the original. Although my gut feeling as a citizen of our country told me that they probably use the same oil anyway. By the way, the oil level in a year of operation has not changed.

Running gear

The suspension is rigid to the degree, which provides excellent controllability when maneuvering, especially at speed. But it is also quite elastic and power-consuming which allows skipping small and mean holes without potholes. I have only once managed to break a suspension when I ran into an imperceptible pit with a diameter larger than a wheel and a depth of 15-20 cm. Well, the main thing is the ground clearance – now I easily drive on the paths inside the yards and park to the curbs.

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I am very happy with the purchase. The car suits me 100%. It perfectly copes with my small trips around the city and country roads providing me with maximum comfort. On the highway sometimes you can pass a column of trucks, let all the “loudmouths” go ahead, set 100 km/h in cruise control and go, just enjoying the world around you. With my work schedule and annual mileage of 7-10 miles, I hope that the car will serve me for 4-5 years, and there may be a turn to buy a new Tiguan, which by then will have gone through all the “childhood ills. My wife has named the car White Tiger, but somehow I have associations only with a young tiger cub in which beauty and grace are seen, there is speed and youth force, even some maximalism. For road hazards it has small claws and small fangs, to fight off if necessary, but it is better not to ask for serious difficulties – this is the fate of older companions.

Volkswagen Tiguan crossover car – reviews

Review of the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover

Good afternoon! In my personal use of the car was about a year. Mileage at the time of sale was 70k km. Of which drove 40,000 km. When choosing, tested many crossovers and the choice fell on it, because.

I did not like the car

1.4 liter engine. car 2.5 years. mileage 60 thousand. interior creaks. changed the whole suspension. timing belt. all cost 58 thousand rubles. do not recommend and myself will never buy more

How I made friends with a white rabbit (VW Tiguan)

Since childhood I had a special affection for rabbits. I do not know how it began, but most likely when I was very young and came to visit my grandmother, they were my first experience with the animal world, it seemed.

In my opinion the best German crossover under 2 million rubles.

Minuses during operation, which would spoil the opinion of the car, I have not been identified. A small breakdowns occur in all cars.

What is good about this crossover? First, it is the German automobile, and Germans are famous for the avtporom. When you approach the car for the first time, you cannot find obvious faults of this car at once, because it is qualitatively designed and assembled.

A comfortable minicrossover on a not super reliable

Hi all. I want to tell about owning Tiguan with an engine 1.4 150 hp. I was the second owner, my father gave it to me when the odometer was approaching a hundred. Other than the front strut not working there were no problems.

Best in its class!

Excellent, comfortable, high ergonomics, amazing dynamics, very economical, elegant appearance, comfortable enough on our roads, moderately stiff, perfectly controllable car! Crossover that allows you to travel long distances without problems, very comfortable seats, great.

1.4 tsi twincharge high-tech and powerful. I am completely satisfied with this car.

I have owned this car for 3 years. I chose this particular combination: 2wd; 1.4 tsi; manual transmission. Let me quickly explain this interesting combination. Engine 1.4 tsi twincharger, in the city it is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Consumption in mode.

The Volkswagen Tiguan has never let me down. I recommend it to everyone!

I want to brag rather than rate, as I am very happy with the car. I became the happy owner of a four-wheel drive Volkswagen Tiguan version CLUB engine 1.4 liters. 150 hp MT in November 2015. “Golf” engine 1.4 liters, someone.

What automatic transmission is on the Volkswagen Tiguan: reliability and disadvantages

Tiguan. I’m just in shock.

Purchased a new Tiguan 2 liter 180 hp. Owned 1 month, mileage of 1,050 km. I went to the dealer. Verdict, a marriage in the timing system, replace the camshaft. Factory defect, probably faulty camshafts.

I was satisfied with everything.

I bought a car following the principle, not more expensive than 1.5 million, but with the maximum combination of all possible options at the time. After viewing about ten options, including a test-drive, I chose the Tiguan. Good dynamics, frisky, turbo.

Good car.

Experience of using it for 3 years. In general, the car is trialling on most parameters. When choosing a car, were scared of horror stories about the TSI engine and DSG box. I have a 1.4 TSI engine + DSG DQ 250, so far in 3.

Great car. You could say the best in its class.

Tiguan, 2009, pre-restyling, 2.0 gasoline, automatic, four-wheel drive. Auto own 2 years, mileage at the moment 125 thousand. km. Fanatics yaponobiley can pass by, and adequate people describe how I see)). As for the technical part.

Convenient and inexpensive in service car for the city.

Economy, inexpensive service, capacious interior, soft suspension, high ground clearance, convenient interior with a set of pockets and cells, plastic plates protect metal elements of the body

in winter freezes the trunk and windshield from the inside, the poverty of completing the car with a manual transmission, small trunk

Car Volkswagen tiguan 2014, manual transmission, 150 HP Choosing to buy a used car in the budget of up to 800 thousand rubles, stopped at the Tiguan first of all because of its external qualities and hopes for the reliability of the brand. The main one.

A car with good dynamics, quite high ground clearance and some rudiments of “off-roading”.

Was bought in March 2011, 2.0 tisiay, track@field, mileage 15100 at the time of revocation. The car, in general, lived up to expectations: I needed a car that can park on the curbs and capable of reaching the proverbial few hundred meters from the highway to the gate.


Took in 2021 new in the showroom, wanted to take the engine 2.0, but the availability, unfortunately, were only 1.4 (150 hp.), and wait half a year alas I can not wait, what I strongly regretted, because.


On the downside, while especially did not find anything. Did not like the fact that the spare tire – trolley.

I bought a Volkswagen Tiguan 2021, Autogrand in Verkhnyaya Pyshma town, Petrov street, 59B from the manager Ivan. I bought a complete set of cars Respect Plus front-wheel drive 149-power turbocharged 1.4 liter gasoline engine.

The best car in its price category

Bought a Tiguan in 2013 I have a 1.4 front wheel drive engine. Picked out of many cars. Fast, maneuverable, dynamic. Low fuel consumption of 6 liters on the highway. In the city an average of 9 liters, though of course.

All-wheel drive, 2.0 TSI

The motor 2.0 TSI on the characteristics can be compared to the atmospheric 3.5 liters. The automatic transmission has six speeds and picks up immediately from the start, the response is clear. It is possible to say that the interior is exemplary, especially for Koreans.

A successful crossover at a reasonable price

Volkswagen Tiguan bought with 1.4 turbocharged engine, front-wheel drive 2.5 months ago. Passed the test drive. Wanted one, not all-wheel drive, as in the first place economics, not passability and stability in bad weather. For.

Beautiful car for every day!

The car is great in every way, but first things first. The first that catches your eye is the excellent design of Tiguan. Smooth lines, a bit aggressive headlights, body shape and even the factory wheels did not leave indifferent.

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