Reviews by real owners of Volkswagen Teramont

Volkswagen Teramont 2021-2022 owner reviews

Volkswagen Teramont

The pros and cons of the Volkswagen Teramont 2021-2022 are revealed based on reviews from real owners. More detailed pros and cons of the Volkswagen Teramont 2.0 and 3.6 V6 with automatic and all-wheel drive 4WD can be found in the stories below.

Reviews of the Volkswagen Teramont 2022

Owner reviews

Someone out loud, and someone thinks to himself, “Why do you need such a big car ?”. The size of the trunk usually also causes people to be baffled. It is also the only car I know, where an adult person can sit on the third row of seats and not rest his knees on the back of the second row.

The engine with 280 horsepower VR6 reminds an inline six. It seems to be similar to Touareg V8, which has 300 “horses”, but it is tuned differently. In Touareg, you push the gas a little bit and fly ahead of everyone. Here you start smoothly. You want to go faster – then you push it up to the end, it will go.

Unlike the majority of the typical American cars it rolls very well and at high revs it tears up. The suspension behaves in corners much better, than any SUV I’ve driven. The box has a manual mode, but I don’t think there is a single person in the world who would say it is comfortable to use.

Cons ? It’s 5 meters long and two wide. It’s 40 centimeters wider than a Zhiguli. I wouldn’t recommend driving it in Europe. It’s barely wide enough to fit in a parking space. It’s about ten liters. But the gasoline is the easiest – 87 (Russian 92).

Oleg, review of the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont 3.6 (280 hp) automatic transmission

Video review

Engine. Due to great doubts tried it still on the test drive, the engine pleasantly surprised the dynamics and performance. Now on my car mileage of 10,500 km. So far no complaints. Acceleration to a hundred according to the claimed 8.6 seconds.

In general, from a traffic light can get away from most cars without straining, experienced more than once, which for such a large car is quite unusual. It is in “normal” mode, did not even switch to “sport”.

Fuel consumption, of course, differs from the stated, but I do not drive slowly. In general, on the highway I get about 10 liters, in the city about 13 liters, and in winter now 14-14,5 liters.

Noise isolation is good. Music is good too. After the luxury system with 12 speakers and a subwoofer in the Prado I did not notice a particular deterioration in sound quality. The power of the engine is enough for six people and a full trunk. The trunk is huge. Even with the unfolded third row of seats (in the photo) it is enough.

In winter the car is very warm, the climate control is set to a temperature of 20.5 degrees, and it is enough. Original tires have a diameter of 20″, and put the winter tires 18″, but I did not feel a big difference, though it seemed to be softer. From the minuses while noted the lack of heating of the brushes in the resting area. With heavy wet snowfall is formed on the brushes.

Review of the 2020 Volkswagen Teramont 2.0 (220 hp) with automatic.

You know that feeling when you paid for some thing, and, like, understand that this money is the measure of your gratitude, and you’re so satisfied that you want to give something on top, to thank? That’s about the Theramont, which I bought a month ago, that’s how I feel…

Engine. I have 3.6 FSI 280 hp. Immediately I will say that these “extra” 30 hp. – The only “spoon of tar”, as, certainly, it is not desirable to overpay the tax to our “favorite” state. But this trouble is compensated by pleasure. The engine is a song!

Dynamics is for people who are more quiet, than nervous. Certainly, it has a reserve of power, but one does not want to twitch. It is mature, solid, confident and worthy driving. And the consumption of gasoline in such style is 13-14 liters, whereas in “sharp” style – under 17 liters at once…

Suspension. Soft and comfortable, but not wobbly! Behavior is very similar to a good passenger car (like Camry). No frame SUV in this criterion can not even compare close!

Interior. What surprised me – very quiet! I remember, in Toyota, you invest in noise isolation, and still not so. I do not know why, but the Teramont is surprisingly quiet. The cabin, of course, very spacious and comfortable for tall people (my height is 192 cm). Kids, guys, who are also no longer small, behind me fit freely, as in a limousine! Built-in music at the height, the bass, all super!

Alexei, review of the new 2019 VW Teramont 3.6 automatic.

Like everything! Previously drove a 2015 Outlander III. If you compare it to the Out, the comparison is not very good, because the Teramont turns out to be on the plus side everywhere! It is better in appearance, comfort, suspension, handling and dynamics! And even in fuel consumption! Strangely enough, the WAG eats less than the Autos in all driving modes.

The interior is quiet, no crickets. Really like the suspension setup: just super! All so “rubbery”. I have 18″ rims, the rubber is soft and quiet, stands Kumho Korean. I will not change the rims on the 20s. Really like its softness on these rims and this rubber. Handles almost perfectly!

Noise after the Out is 2 times better. I have only one minus for 1,900 km, the plastic cover of the arch of the left rear wheel is a bit loose, I will have to screw it on. The overall impression of this fact is not spoiled. I blame our roads.

I would also like to say separately: I really like the windshield washer, it doesn’t spray on the neighboring cars, every drop is where it should be. I also really like the seals on all the doors: high quality and well thought out! The inside edges are absolutely clean which I have never seen on the Outlander.

Vladimir, review of the 2018 Volkswagen Teramont 2.0 with automatic.

Engine 3.6 at 280 hp It is familiar from the Touareg. Did not have any problems. This power is enough always and everywhere, except for stoplight races, but the age is no longer the same. I have no problems with a trailer with a snowmobile or quad bike. Acceleration is smooth and confident, spurt is even easier. Very pleasant sound.

Transmission is 8 gears, the usual automatic. Here is just idyll with the engine. They understand each other so well and supplement that their duet is ideal. The result: acceleration is like a car in any situation, as well as the consumption.

Suspension. Certainly, kinship with the Jetta was a little confusing initially (I mean the MQB platform). It is more in the sense of reliability, but multilevers in front and behind do the business. It steers well for its weight. Clingingly holds road on a highway even in ice/snow.

However, there are also disadvantages. At several in a row waves of lengthwise asphalt there is bobbing resembling something American. Here, it is necessary to understand that the basic market is transoceanic, where they are assembled. They like swaying there.

Consumption: around town 14-16 liters in summer (depending on traffic), and in winter with a warm-up to 18 liters. Route: at 110 km/h – 11-12 liters, 130-150 km/h – 12-13 liters. Gasoline is 95th.

Passability: it’s a parket car, you have to understand. Drove on dirt/clay and medium snow. Did not get stuck anywhere, but I understand, that I will not go into a deep off-road.

Disadvantages… The main disadvantage is the music. It is not normal to plug mediocre music in a car for 4 million! Yes, it is not bad, but it should be excellent! I will also include to the minuses a consequence of the pluses, namely the size. With parking and maneuvering is more difficult, of course.

Dmitry, review of the 2020 Volkswagen Terramont 3.6

What owners say about the Volkswagen Teramont

Reviews of owners of the VW Teramont

Volkswagen Teramont is quite a rare guest on Russian roads. And how did the car get accustomed in Russia, what do the owners think about the adaptability of the “American German” to local realities, how satisfied with the purchase? We bring to your attention the reviews of owners of Teramont who operate it in the Russian Federation.

Volkswagen Teramont rims and tires: options

Sergey, Krasnoobsk

2,0 l, 220 hp, petrol,

After Kia Cid I wanted a bigger car with expanded off-road arsenal, but not up to the level of a real SUV. Theramonts were few and desired maximum configuration came with separate seats in the back. At first, I was upset, but later such variant appeared to be rather convenient; the children from the third row could approach a half-turned mother on the first as in a bus, without stopping.

Another characteristic moment is the space in the car. On the one hand, it is an indisputable advantage, but on the other hand… Having got used to dimensions of the Teramont, even Touareg seems cramped. Though the car is higher in class, more technologically and more expensive, but the sense of space inside is not enough.

Meanwhile, consequences of cheapening are appreciable, even in top configuration:

  • There is no rear-cam washer;
  • tables in backs of seats;
  • ordinary bulbs in the taillights;
  • No headlight washer and so on.

The headlights themselves seem to be LED, but even among the cars with regular halogens the light is so poor.

As they write on specialized forums, this is a typical problem for “Americans” associated with different standards of headlights in the U.S. and Europe. In general, optics should be either changed or additional lights should be installed, leaving them this way is not good enough.

Interior .

The leather seats with ventilation are almost perfect, both in quality of materials and in profile. The road of 2.5 thousand kilometers is almost not felt. The third row is quite comfortable for men of average build, but if you’re taller than 190 cm, it will be difficult to withstand a long journey there.

But having unfolded both rear rows, practically double bed with length about 2,5 m turns out, on which both with children can be settled down in case of overnight stay on a road, and the kind of stars through a panoramic roof casts romantic memories…

Summary of Passat B5 Suspension: Description, Silentblock Replacement

The system of pedestrian detection has worked in real mode among electronic assistants. It worked 100%, a drunken pin remained intact, and I saved a lot of nerves, money and time, so the system is definitely useful.

But to make the car drive itself did not work. Turned on cruise and lane-keeping, enjoyed the autopilot for a couple of minutes. Then the system asked to control the car, warned once again… The third time it simply braked, briefly, but “from the heart”, had I not been strapped down – would have smeared my face on a steering wheel. In a word, I have failed to bypass German “ordnung”, but I have made sure, if anything, it wakes me up for sure.

External dimensions

Surprisingly, I got used to the dimensions of the car rather quickly, and in the city there were no particular difficulties. An ambush awaited me where I least expected it, in my own garage. As for dimensions, Teramont fits there quite well, but at the gate you have to be careful, clearances are less than 10 cm, and at this point all the sensors are howling, like a hungry wolf pack, distracting at the most inopportune moment.

Actual fuel consumption of the new Volkswagen Teramont


I expected worse from the 2-liter motor, but the turbo is a big deal. 220 hp with a flat shelf of torque is enough almost always, except that with four people in the cabin and a loaded luggage compartment, you need to press the gas a little more. But according to the information from the Internet, even 300 hp are removed from it after chip tuning, so there is a reserve in any case.

Suspension and drivability

The handling of the Teramont is at the level of a good car, the WAG engineers have tried their best here, but the flipside was rather rigid suspension. The maximum complete set provided 20″ disks with low-profile rubber, switched to 18″ for winter and suspension became much more bearable. Most likely I will keep 18″ for summer too, they are somehow easier to live with.

Volkswagen Touareg specs: diesel, 3.0, engine, transmission

About breakages.

Still, 4 year warranty is a good thing. Because the quality of American assembling is quite mediocre. After the first hundred kilometers the molding of the driver’s door began to tear and twist. The service department acknowledged it as a manufacturing defect and silently replaced under warranty.

After the first thousand when turning the steering wheel something started rustling. They also silently fixed it without saying a word about the cause. Later I have learnt on the forum; the defect is typical, and it is caused by misalignment of the electric motor during assembly. No other problems with the vehicle, though.

Ilya, Yekaterinburg.

Ilya Yekaterinburg. 3,6 l, 280 hp, petrol.

I used to drive a Camry before, and it satisfied me just fine, except for two items: ground clearance and front wheel drive. It was below average pleasure to get to my dacha in autumn-winter period.

I have tried the Teramont with the engine 220 hp among other cars, but the feelings from it were incomprehensible, and with the engine 280 hp. “came in” immediately. The engine provides the usual for me dynamics of Camry 2,5, although the car is larger and heavier, the automatic system practically does not “stall”, the brakes are clear and predictable.

Suspension – on good roads is quite decent and the steering is excellent, small pavement defects are too detailed, but in large potholes it makes such sounds, as if breaking apart. The first few times I stopped and went out to check if the wheel was in place, then I somehow got used to it. After 5k the suspension is softer, but the handling remains. It is true the rumble on the pits also.

Passability on snow and thawed ground is quite decent, all the same it is a crossover, but not high-grade off-road car, but imitation of blocking by braking copes with obstacles perfectly. I mean, of course, the roads, let it be washed away unpaved roads, I’m not going to get into the place where tractors bushwhack, too.

The Golf Variant family: a brief overview, photos of the Volkswagen Golf Variant

Gasoline consumption :

  • on the highway – 8-11 l/100 km;
  • city – 15-25 l/100 km.

That’s crawling in traffic in this car is really expensive, the empty city at night or early in the morning rate is almost 2 times lower.

Sergey, Kemerovo.

2.0 l, 220 hp, gasoline.

The stars have aligned in such a way that the Teramont, strangely enough, has appeared the most favorable offer in the certain budget. After much smaller cars it is pleasant not to pay attention to streetcar tracks and the like, the suspension swallows them, responding only with noise.

The WAG handling was expected, but the maneuverability was a surprise. The front wheels turn out to big angles and, despite the length of the car, it is possible to turn where smaller cars do.

Thanks to the turbine the engine is enough, and the consumption is rather moderate:

  • on the highway, if especially not to break – 8 l/100 km;
  • On the city – 11 l/100 km.

Interior is relatively simple, but huge, if you want to play soccer. On the front seat you can recline and sleep, without disturbing the passenger behind. In general, there is enough space there at least to stretch out, at least to lie down.

Although loaded with an eyeful of things I rarely go, I am pleased to have a normal amount of luggage even with passengers on the third row, not counting the “Americans”, it is not often possible to meet.

About breakages.

The first and so far the last time it broke right at the showroom. From time to time the engine began to stall, after the restart this problem could disappear, and could not. But the money was paid, the working day was over, we agreed that I would bring the car to the salon tomorrow.

The car drove fine all the way, stuttering already in the parking lot outside the house. The next day everything was fine, the engine was running fine, the diagnostics did not reveal anything. What was it, and remained a mystery.

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