Reviews of real owners of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021

Personal experience of owners of Volkswagen Polo: what is wrong with it

Reviews of the owners of the new 2020-2021 FV Polo

Volkswagen Polo last generation is one of the most affordable cars on the Russian market, from among foreign cars, and at the same time it has a version with an automatic, which has gained a certain popularity and in Russia. And what do the owners of the budget “German” say? We offer to your attention the reviews of the owners of the new Polo.

Alexander, Volgograd.

Volkswagen Polo, 1,6 l, 110 hp, automatic transmission.

Previously drove also Polo, 2012 and 2017, there is something to compare and, despite my commitment to WAG and Polo in particular, have to state, a number of consumer positions in the new Polo has improved, but deterioration is noticeable. The car became 30% worse in quality of interior materials, and in quality of assembling it reminded AvtoVAZ in the worst years when there came workers there to “work off” cars.

But to start with the pluses:

    The interior of the new Polo is realistic – you do not regret to pay money for it, it justifies 100 %.
  1. The interior of the new Polo is really or only visually, I haven’t measured, it seems much more spacious than the previous one.
  2. There is more space for legs of rear passengers. The front ones do too, but here WAG simply cheated, having won the space at the expense of other front panel.
  3. It became a little more convenient to get in the car.
  4. The dashboard slightly reminds Mercedes and BMW.
  5. The appearance is excellent, some people confuse it with the Jetta.
  6. Noise isolation and smooth running are improved.
  7. Rear passengers finally got a separate light.

And now the disadvantages. It is clear, that some real disadvantages are the consequence of designers’ aspiration to cheapen the car:

  1. The power windows work as if they were taken from Granta. Consequences of localization?
  2. The liftback body is not a good idea. It is not every day you transport a refrigerator, and you have to swing quite heavy door all the time. In wet weather, water from it gets inside or snow falls off.
  3. The self-tapping metal screws in the center column are the apotheosis of wretchedness.
  4. The radiator grille has absolutely lost its protective function. In the next generation, it seems, bricks will fly through it.
  5. The side mirrors could be looked through a microscope, let alone to see something in them.
  6. The cover of the selector of automatic transmission remained “leather”, but the handle itself became plastic.
  7. On the old Polo the volume buttons on the steering wheel were on the edge, so much more convenient, but here for some reason they were moved.
  8. The quality of seats has fallen significantly, it is uncomfortable for large people on them. True, with the lapse of time they “soften” under the passenger and become more or less acceptable.
  9. New plastic door cards create an impression of flimsiness of the door.
  10. Settings of automatic transmission and engine are unfortunate; they “do not notice” the first third of acceleration pedal stroke at all; one has already developed a manner to press and at once to release a pedal for relatively normal acceleration. But in the cold the car doesn’t go at all, or rather it goes, but with the dynamics of a train. As the car warms up cheerful, but it tries to live its own life, for example, in a stretch at 5 km / h when you reset the gas sometimes sucks 2 gear. It can be “cured” with a manual mode, but in the pursuit of economy Germans have obviously overdone here.
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And about quality of assembling:

  1. The cover of a steering tube was installed on the principle “just to stick it”, on one side it was turned up, on the other side it was completely broken.
  2. The quality of the anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom around the sills suggests that it is strictly forbidden to allow sober people to work at the Russian WAG assembly plant.
  3. The front panel above the passenger’s legs has already started to fall apart.

Despite all shortcomings I have no regrets about my choice of Polo. It is clear that to expect German build quality from a car for +/- million rubles is somewhat naive, but local realities make adjustments.

Alexey, Vladivostok.

Volkswagen Polo, 1,6 l, 110 hp, automatic transmission.

Almost everyone drives right-hand drive, but I wanted a new car. And they are not many dealers, “Korean” showroom rude managers (and this to a potential buyer, then the warranty case without a bulletproof vest and do not approach), at the dealer WAG liked the Rapid, but it must wait a couple of months, left the Polo. But a bonus to it was a 25% discount under the state program, and the final price was attractive.

In the city, against a background of dominance of used Japanese, new Volkswagen Polo has caused sincere interest, approximately as the snowplows in the jungle of Africa. It is very curious, but it is not understandable at all. It seems that a new European car in the Far East is a sign of some extravagance.

But Polo in black really looks solid, and the maximum complete set:

  • all heaters;
  • climate control;
  • digital instrument cluster;
  • rear camera;
  • large multimedia,

make it feel like a higher class car. The suspension is a bit stiff, but it is clear that this is the flip side of the excellent handling. Compared to the Solaris, which I had to drive a bit, the Polo’s noise isolation is noticeably better.

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LED optics, in addition to good light, pleased with the function of the cornering lights. OEM audio at a very decent level. It is possible that a melomaniac will find a lot of flaws, but it is enough for me. Multimedia is easy to use, connects to phones without problems.

There are also disadvantages. The same multimedia in a cold car turns on once, or not all functions work. Not always helps and rebooting.

The dynamics of the unheated car is dull and sad. I have to warm it up and then drive a little more to make the car come to the senses. And in cold conditions – sluggish acceleration, “bogged down” gas pedal, enigmatic logic of shifting automatic transmission etc.

Gasoline consumption. In winter in the city was surprisingly high, about 12 l/100 km. But my colleagues from Siberia say it’s normal in winter, it can be worse. On the highway all is normal, 5.4 – 5.5 l/100 km. I use 95%, my fuel with 92 and it has poorer performance, and sometimes I can hear a slight buzzing during acceleration.

Lumbar support on the backrest is not enough. My friends advised to put a tonometer under the seat cover, they say it’s very convenient to pump and adjust the pressure gauge.

As a result, I am satisfied with the car. The slight drawbacks are outweighed by the numerous pluses.

Stepan, Kirov

Volkswagen Polo, 1,6 l, 110 hp, automatic transmission.

It so happened that the Volkswagen saloon is the most adequate in the city. From the extras I got only winter tires at one and a half price, but at the same time I was spared the normal mudguards.


  1. Spacious interior, falls short of Octavia, but noticeably larger than the old Polo.
  2. Exterior looks great, especially at night, with LED lights and headlights.
  3. Good ground clearance. Not an SUV, of course, but you can drive safely in a light track without fear of problems. and clear steering.
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  1. The power unit is “vegetable”, only properly “rolled out”, begins to respond more or less cheerfully to the gas.
  2. The seats are kind of narrow.
  3. With frequent short trips around the city in winter the appetite of the engine turns out to be not a bad one, 12-16 l/100 km. For long distances the appetite is less, about 9 l/100 km.
  4. In the snow, goes bad, all the time flips the traction system, and how it is turned off, still have to understand.
  5. A real shoosh is a draft from the joint of the front fender and the door, and we have sometimes significant frosts. True, the heater is not bad, but the attempt to compensate the cold with it leads to the fact that the right leg gets hot and the left one freezes.
  6. Once wet snow slid off the glass and froze around wipers’ axles. As a result, broke off the plastic part of the jabo.

In general, in the shortage of cars, Volkswagen Polo is not a bad option.

Volkswagen Polo – 2021 – reviews

You are choosing a car from the fresh options. Do not want to take the domestic car industry? I will tell below about the Polo 2021 from the famous German brand. The interior,. in my case, was equipped with a neat cloth paneling. Roomier than previous generations. Pretty good budget German sedan.

Hi all. Decided to write a review of my and my spouse’s car. We both use it, that’s why the car is OUR:) In December 2013 we bought a Volkswagen Polo sedan, after much deliberation. Initially, drove and chose between Priora and grunt, as.

rekashet avatar

I have been the owner of this car for 3 years, the car 2012 was bought by me in 2017 with mileage of 74,000, now mileage of 140,000 km. This is my first car, so treated everything with trepidation, read forums. Repairs were done only by myself in the garage.

Barrrrada avatar

German cars can be criticized for decreased in recent years reliability, expensive maintenance and high prices. Definitely there is a reason for it. The former legendary quality is gone.

Megerochka avatar

Daddy bought the car in March of ’15. Fresh off the line)) Before he (and I) drove an old Passat Crocodile. The package is simple, so I did not have to expect much from it. For me, the music is quite useless in it, and my father does not care. But it is a small thing.

ladolcevita avatar

Beginner drivers need something to drive? Naturally. And when it is something German, of high quality, you want to run out of the car, because at the beginning you already understand how you treat it disdainfully: “Well, you drive a Volkswagen, not a Volga.

Good afternoon! Just recently became the owner of a 2016 Volkswagen Polo sedan. The package, alas, is not complete, but this is not a minus. As soon as you sit behind the wheel, the car bribes with its obedience, excellent brakes, when you press the gas pedal instantly begins to accelerate.

inna_lanvin avatar

What do I not like about Volkswagen Polo? Only personal impressions and sensations of a girl-automobile driver who moved to VW Polo (complete set Comfort) from Lada Granta (complete set Luxury) – as if to change a bicycle for a horse.

Since you are looking for a review of the car, you know exactly how it looks, and you want to know its comfort in operation. Don’t you? This review won’t be very long. I will tell you what I like and dislike about it. There will not be any strictly technical characteristics.

KalinaYamalina avatar

I should honestly admit that I never considered Polo as a worthy car before and moreover I never tried it on myself. I rode quietly in another baby. But the baby really became small when my second son was born. I went with my husband to a Volkswagen salon, my husband immediately looked at the Tiguan.

Happy_summer avatar

An excellent car for the city and the highway – comfortable, maneuverable and well controlled. I will tell you all the nuances.

Hello! We were not planning to change the car for the next 5 years (in one of my reviews I shared my impressions about it – Toyota rab 4 model 2016) . But at the beginning of the year, circumstances were such that we had to sell the Toyota and look for a cheaper car.

olia0101 avatar

I finally have a NORMAL CAR! Tall, turbocharged, with alcantara seats☺️Why would I need a Helic when the Tiguan is so much better! Black, brutal, fast.

Good afternoon all I would like to share my opinion on the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan. It has been owned since 2020 from March month to date.

In 2021 we became owners of a brand new Renault Sandero Stepway. Options Life (air conditioner, heated front seats, front power windows, radio and cell phone controls, audio system with Bluetooth, diode running lights, mirrors in the color of the body,…

olia0101 avatar

Attempted to take away my license, 100kph speeding 4 year old beautiful Kia Cerato Ill Restyling 2.0 AT|Ceramic/atermal/ liquid glass/sabiq/xenon. What wasted money on it and what really made it a bomb!

Good day everyone For a long time I wanted to share with you my opinion on this car ! I note that after such a long time, my opinion has changed several times, if I wrote a review a year later, it would have been entirely positive, now that the car is almost four years old, I think a few …

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