Reviews of the first owners of Volkswagen Taos 2021: real reviews

Volkswagen Taos 2021 – owner review

Can’t even believe it, but after six months of waiting it did arrive and was sold without any extras!) 1.4tsi status 4motion. Started from the experience of driving my mom’s Tiguan with 1.4 on dsg, a bunch of this motor with a box causes delight, such a feeling of “flying” does not give any other crossover, because the choice was between the carrot, and after the announcement and Taos (in Tiguan I did not have time because of the rise in price). The Taos itself is ambivalent about everything and constantly has a “wow” replaced by a “but” in my head. As a whole, it is the simplified version of tiguan with a note of American automobiles, for exactly from the market of the USA Taos has arrived to us: where it is necessary – soft, where it is not – hard plastic. Ergonomics and quality of the interior are also at a high level; there is nothing superfluous or inconvenient here. However, not to make it a strong competitor for tiguan, many chips are either available in the maximum complete set: for example, a hatch armrest in a back row. Or it is necessary to install them yourself: for example, an eyewash, drawers under seats. Or they are not available at all: for example, panoramic roof, cool audio system (regular system plays wonderfully, by the way), real rotary light, wireless carlay, cooling, glove compartment illumination, and even a grid for a phone in legs of the passenger. Globally, the ergonomics lacks horizontal headrest adjustment (seriously, on a power seat it is perplexing), a storage compartment near the light switch (the carrock has it), adjustment of backrest tilt in the rear row. Perplexing is the presence of LED ambient lighting of the space between the driver and passenger, and lights with conventional incandescent bulbs. The design of the lighting fixture for the back row is generally gloomy. Heated seats heat like a frying pan, but the steering wheel is barely warm. And the basic things: Great emphasis is placed on the GU. The same button to disable stabilization is hidden in the menu, zeroing of odometer the same. Extremely inconvenient and it is unclear why (especially since there is room for it, but left a dummy). Infocenter is almost useless, you can feel the lack of interface. I hope they will fix it. The base instrument panel is absolutely disgusting, uninformative. Even the high beam lamp is in the far right corner and often can not be seen because of the steering wheel. I have in mind to open and glue the semi-circles on the sides, change the color to white. Too many buzzers and tips on everything, I’ll cut with a scanner)

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The engine pulls predictably from the bottom, you almost never hear it in the cabin, and what is interesting, even in -20 rpm falls below 1000 in less than a minute, maybe it’s another hack about ecology, I do not know) But the algorithm of the new dsg is very interesting: the box is adjusted to go very smoothly, moves like a classic automatic, while the Tiguan has a noticeable kick from the spot. And despite the dynamism and imperceptible change of gears, in comparison with Tiguan, the box is very thoughtful and does not give that feeling of flight. It always keeps high gears and shifts down very reluctantly. It is funny, even in sport mode the gearbox either cuts 1-2 gears, which is imperceptible, or does not cut down at all. The difference in throttle response in D/S mode is not noticeable at all. Even at about zero speed in sport mode, the box will not switch on the first gear, and will revolve the second gear. But at the same time, the car is quite dynamic, you just have to press the gas pedal harder. Hopefully, in the future there will be firmware with more dynamic settings. I think that such settings for the DQ381 (which is on the golf p) will give it a tremendous resource. Unobvious observation: until the engine is not warmed up to working temperature (75gr), the box will not let the engine spin above 1500 rpm, even if you strongly press the accelerator pedal. Unobvious observation2: when driving downhill and pressing the brake pedal, the box will shift down, no need to itself shift down to brake the engine. A trifle but nice)

At 90 km/h engine speed is around 1800, which combined with the disconnection of two cylinders gives a good range (though about the cylinders can be wrong). Drive 4motion works great. Took the car on summer tires, drove it with no problems. Brakes are tenacious like the Germans, with plenty of reserve. Noise isolation is good: no discomfort, no noise from the wind on the highway as well, with the set speed of the new sounds are not added.

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Suspension on the MQB platform is rather ringing, it is not a secret. But taos outplayed all: at rebound there is such sound, as if suspension were dead in the car. Moreover, in comparison with Tiguan, the suspension is softer, smoothly absorbs irregularities, is not swaying and is very stable on a freeway. Drove in five, sagging, breakdowns and rocking also was not noticeable, I was pleasantly surprised.

I took IQ Light as a package. They are great, but I do not understand why they did not have swiveling light and why they did not have a camera for automatic switching of the light. Swivel light is listed in the configurator as a swivel light, a reason to ask VW. The option is expensive, but degreased. But the lenses jump up and down like crazy, so it’s not so frustrating)

All in all, a great car. I hope for a recall on the suspension soon and then there will be no complaints about it at all, for the first bumps made me think to sell it right away.

All the cons and flaws in Taos owner reviews

Disadvantages and shortcomings in the reviews of Taos owners

Attracted by the beautiful appearance, affordable price and bright advertising, many car enthusiasts think about how good the Volkswagen Taos really is. No doubt, the crossover developed by specialists of the German concern has a lot of merits.

However, reviews of the owners of the model, which has all chances to become popular, confirm that the new car has certain disadvantages. Here we will talk about these very disadvantages. It is well known that one fly in the ointment can spoil a barrel of honey.

Nikolay, Yaroslavl region, Volkswagen Taos in Status, 1.4 TSI, 2 WD, automatic transmission

The new Volkswagen Taos appeared in my garage in July 2021. I will not hide, I decided to buy this model, attracted by its beautiful appearance. Prior to that, I considered buying a Skoda Karoq, but the design of this car I did not like.

Already began to look towards the Koreans, but then the market appeared the car, satisfying me, as it seemed to me at the time, in all respects. In a word, I paid money, received a crossover, and enjoyed the fact of possession of a brand-new car for a month.

But gradually the euphoria began to pass, and it became clear that, unfortunately, Volkswagen Taos is not ideal. Shortcomings were revealed:

  • The quality of the materials used for the interior clearly left much to be desired. The combination of a shiny insert on the dashboard, and a rigid cheap plastic of which the rest of the torpedo is made, cuts off the eye.
  • The rear row of seats lacks an armrest, which slides out of the backrest, which reduces the level of comfort for passengers. When traveling long distances, this accessory would be very useful.
  • The standard instrument cluster panel is smaller in size than the one that is shown on the models in showrooms and shown in advertisements. Its informativeness is discouraging. There are questions to the graphic and color settings.
  • Fuel consumption is higher than stated in the technical specification. I tried to change the way of driving, but to no effect. On average, the car consumes one liter more than the manufacturer specifies. The promised economy, providing superiority over competitors, is not observed.
  • The clearance is not enough, and low front overhang creates some problems. Even in the city, trying to park Volkswagen Taos near the sidewalks and in the yards, I clung a couple of times to the curbs with the bumper. Parktronic does not save.
  • Suspension, allows feeling oneself confidently on asphalt covering even in those cases, when the track condition is not ideal. But you should drive down to a gravel or country road, and unpleasant vibrations begin. There is no strong noise (thanks to developers for quality of noise isolation), but you feel jolts with your fifth part.
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In a word, I became less optimistic, even before the first service station. It does not mean, that I was completely disappointed in Volkswagen Taos. I still like the crossover. But someone, perhaps, the minuses I listed will turn away from the idea of buying a new model.

Albert, Ryazan, Volkswagen Taos in Status, 1.6 MPI, 2 WD, automatic transmission

Comparison with competitors of Volkswagen Taos

Sometimes it happens that after trying a candy wrapped in a beautiful wrapper you become disappointed in its mediocre taste. Something similar happened to me with Volkswagen Taos. I fell for the advertising and attractive appearance of the crossover, and, apparently, for nothing. I have no claims to its design. But there are enough other disappointments. Among the most appreciable disadvantages of the model:

  • Sluggish acceleration. For a modern car, even a crossover, 13 seconds up to a hundred is too much. Especially strongly lack of power is felt when driving with a full load on ascents. The automatic transmission works accurately, and it is obviously more convenient in traffic jams than the mechanics. However, the automatic reacts with a delay on strong pressing an accelerator pedal to the floor. True, I have been told that one should not wait for miracles from the car with such complete set. So, it is partially my fault.
  • The fuel consumption is not small. In the instruction manual it is specified that the car consumes 9,4 liters in a city cycle, and I get almost eleven. Almost as much as my friend’s two-liter KIA Sportage with automatic.
  • Small ground clearance. It is clear that Volkswagen Taos is not an SUV. But in Russian realities 177 mm is not enough even for a parket car. Any trip to the countryside turns into a quest to look for dangerous obstacles, which have to be bypassed. The low hanging front bumper’s lip adds to the problems.
  • Weak paintwork. The first day, parking the car near the house, I snagged a branch of lilacs. Left a noticeable mark on the fender. Then I got a few more scratches. I had to polish up the defects. The car was brand new and not even two months old.
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It was also found out when buying that the underbody coating was not satisfactory. Had to do additional treatment at the dealer center. And it is additional expenses. Thus the model is positioned as developed specially for Russia. Why couldn’t the underbody be treated properly?

Michael, Kaliningrad, Volkswagen Taos, 1.3 TSI, 4 WD, DSG

I must admit that I have no complaints about the appearance of the car, the suspension and the dynamic characteristics. Controls are clear, acceleration is fast, rolliness in turns is not observed. But, alas, there are enough small disadvantages.

The first, that frankly has upset, a poky digital panel which strikingly differs from the equipment offered in top options. The situation cannot be improved by any change of settings. Insufficient informative and eye-catching colors irritate anyway. Among other disadvantages, found in the process of operation:

  • Lack of seat adjustment memory. This is a problem even when you drive the car alone. After all, in the city you use some settings, and on the long road – others. And believe me, every time to correct the position of the seat and backrest is not a pleasure.
  • The plastic of the instrument panel is stiff and dirty. Dust constantly settles on the shiny inserts, the slightest touch leaves fingerprints. It would be better to make the material matt, use imitation wood or carbon fiber. In the meantime, you have to constantly carry a polish and a rag with you.
  • Lack of eyeglasses. In theory, they say, one day it will be possible to order it from an official dealer as additional equipment. But nobody knows when this bright future will come. On the forums they write that it is possible to install a similar detail from Karoq. But I don`t want to make such a hobby, especially on a new car.
  • Uncomfortable hood lock. A usual support, which can be easily bumped when adding antifreeze or washer fluid into the tank. Gentlemen from Volkswagen AG, it’s the XXI century, they could install normal gas stops! And the owners have to show their own ingenuity and exchange experience on forums, which gas stops are suitable for a crossover.
  • Strange (it should be said mildly) work of Lane Assist system. Reaction to lane change is lagging. I have tried it several times and it flies when crossing the lane marking almost in half a meter. Conclusion: you may easily get in a serious accident, if you trust this equipment. Be careful!
  • Average sound of regular acoustics. I do not know if it is because of bad speakers or because of the multimedia itself, but for me, an experienced audiophile, the quality of playback strains the ear. The voice in the navigator is like from a bucket. I think what can be done, but I’m still undecided.
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Having added up all the minuses of the car, I come to the conclusion that all this saving on small things is annoying, and quite a lot of it. Especially when it comes to the Volkswagen Taos in the JOY! configuration, the purchase of which cost more than two million rubles. If the car had cost as much as a Duster – no problem. But it is a shame!


Over time, when the circle of owners of the new crossover will become wider and the experience of operating the Volkswagen Taos will certainly be revealed and other shortcomings. This does not mean that the car is bad. On the whole the impressions from it are favorable. In addition, there is always a chance that, having become acquainted with the reviews of motorists, the manufacturer will work on the mistakes and eliminate the existing shortcomings. But it is in perspective. In the meantime, we have to take the model gaining popularity for what it is.

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