Reworking wiper relay from Lada

Reworking of wiper relay for VAZ 2110

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All owners of cars of the tenth family know that wiper blades do not work conveniently. For example, there are only 3 speeds of wipers and when washing the windshield, the wipers start working on dry glass.

The solution I found on the Internet site of an online store (section “Accessories”), where I ordered an alternative wiper relay. Price issue: 144r. By mail I received the ordered relay and installed in 1 minute instead of the old.

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Safe antifreeze with our own hands

I didn’t want to mess around with the wiper relay myself, especially since a ready-made relay costs a penny.

A video with a demonstration of wiper relay work

But you can modify the wiper relay with your own hands:

Change the number of swings of windshield wipers of the car.

Have you ever noticed that when you spray water on the window, the wipers make 4 sweeps. After the second stroke of the water on the glass does not remain, and the wipers are working on the dry glass with an unpleasant sound. It is possible to make that the wipers make only two sweeps instead of four!

The following wiper relay old style: New style wiper relay: Remove factory diode resistance and put a resistor from 40 to 70 kohms.

Change the pause between sweeps car wipers

How to adjust the pause between sweeps wiper blades?

On the second leg of the chip there is a 2.7 kOhm resistor (3 kOhm in the diagram) which goes straight to the relay pin “J”. In order to make an initial delay of 1s you have to unsolder the old resistor and solder a new one with min. Otherwise the relay may not work. Below you can see the old style wiper relay: New style wiper relay: Then from this lead, through the block Sh4-10, goes yellow with a green stripe to the contact “J” under the steering wheel switch. To be able to adjust the pause between sweeps it is necessary to install a variable resistor of 22-47 kOhm in the cut of this wire. With 22 kOhm – pause from 2 sec to 25 sec. With 47kOhm – pause from 2 secs to 38 secs.

I installed a 47kOhm variable resistor in the steering column casing next to the wiper paddles. To do this, I took the wire out of the shifter pad, from pin “J”, connected it to the alternator through a single pad, and in its place installed another wire from the alternator, putting a lug on it. Before this modification I was using a commercially available “Deca” relay with pause adjustment (with which you have to constantly pull the switch lever to adjust). Therefore, I can confidently write that it is much more convenient to use the tilting switch that I made than the off-the-shelf relay with adjustment.

How to clean brake discs with your own hands

Adjusting the speed of the wipers on the stalk lever

It is convenient when all the wipers control in one place. I bought a variable resistor rated at 47 kOhm (strange, but when tested measuring the resistance meter showed max 27 kOhm, but in the range fit). Connection in the gap pin to J is even simpler. We solder a 25cm long wire with both “Mom” and “Dad” terminals to the resistor terminals. From the switch strip take out pin J connect it to the papa from the resistor, mom from the resistor inserted into the strip. I put a variable resistor (sp4-1 to 22k) from the end of the handle. Another option, when the “alternator” brought out on the thruster lever:


Driving in rainy weather became more pleasant with upgraded wipers relay. There are more settings for the operation of the wipers, which allows for optimal and practical cleaning of the windshield from the rain. Now that the wipers are operating in a comfortable mode, you can increase the windshield wiping area or improve the windshield wash.

Adjustable pause wipers relay on VAZ classic

That’s all I like the regular relay on my saloon, except for one – sometimes when it rains not torrential and drizzling, I starved for one useful feature – this adjustable pause between sweeps wipers in intermittent mode. By default, the pause is made in 4 seconds, in fact neither here nor there, still have to manually lever constantly twitch the wipers. Otherwise constantly rub dry. With a nasty squeak :) So it was decided to study the wipers relay and if possible to complete it so useful for our VAZ. So, let’s start with the fact that this “tuning” can be done on any classic car with a wipers relay of the new type, namely this:

wipers relay vaz-2107

If you have an old-style relay, still with contacts, it will not fit you, you will have to buy one like in the photo above. Visually, the main difference is the huge resistor you can see on the outside of the relay:

The heater Vaz 2109, modification and improvement of heating quality

old style wipers relay

So, let’s assume that you already have a relay of the new model and you have already removed it from the car, by the way for reference – it is here, on the left of the driver under the torpedo, next to the handle opening the hood:

location of wipers relay VAZ-2107, 2104 and 2105

So unscrewed it and start refinishing. We need to remove the cover from it and get access to the circuit board. For the pause length is responsible here is a small resistor, we have circled it in the photo below:

Respectively, to realize our idea with adjustable pause we need TOTALLY controlled resistor instead of the 62 Coma resistor. So, we solder it out, take a two-core wire about half meter long (or two single wires) and solder it instead of the resistor, taking them out:

Pull our wires together with the regular wires and glue the relay cover. I personally used a hot glue gun.

Now we need a variable resistor like this:

The rating is basically anything from 100 kohms. The greater the rating, the greater the adjustment range between brush strokes.

Take this resistor and solder one wire to the center contact and the second to any edge contact. Which one goes where – does not matter, you can swap them freely. That’s all, tuning is ready :)

Install the relay back in the car and choose a place to put the resistor. Imagination is limited only by the length of soldered on wires :). In our version it was placed on the leather of steering wheel next to the wiper switch.

By the way the handle from VAZ-2109 heater regulator is perfect for decoration.

In our version the pause can now be in the range from 3 to 10 seconds. Everything described above is done for wiper relay PC-514. Now we have such a handy feature in our arsenal as wipers pause adjustment on the classics. We will be glad to see you in our club VAZ Classic :)

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