Rims and tires Volkswagen Jetta 6: choice, original and analogues

Signature wheels for the Jetta 6

Wheel rim for VW Jetta VI

Original discs for Volkswagen Jetta 6, produced by the concern with the same name, are superior to their non-original counterparts in all quality parameters. This is because Volkswagen concern products, which has made one of the most reliable and stylish cars a present to the whole world, is known for its excellent quality.

Therefore, do not be surprised that products with this famous emblem are sold like hotcakes.

Branded accessories are a true guarantee of reliability and durability. The various accessories and alloy wheels for the VW Jetta 6 model manufactured by the concern have no less advantages. Thanks to their high performance, they are much more attractive to any buyer in comparison to similar products from other companies.

Dimensions for VW Jetta (2010 – 2015)

Changing alloy wheels on the car VW Jetta last 6 generations, remember that when selecting you need to properly consider the main parametric characteristics and size . After all, the wrong cast accessories can damage the chassis of the vehicle, which will eventually require costly repairs. Below we consider what parameters you need to know in order to choose the right size to buy new cast wheels.

Such dimensions for Volkswagen Jetta rims as reach (ET), diameter or radius, hub diameter (DIA), bore (PCD*DCO) and rim width (J) are considered very important. It must be said that the size of the wheels for the model range Jetta 6 is the same. Below is a table of indicators, according to which you can buy these accessories and do not go wrong in the size.

Modification For all models
Width 6″
Diameter 15″
Shift, mm 50
Nut size 14 mm*1,5″
Numbers of nuts (PCD), pcs. 5
Radius between nuts (PCD), mm 112
Center bore diameter (DIA), mm 57,1

It is necessary to understand that the choice of wheel size for VW Jetta 6 wheels determines the dynamics of the car, its safety, as well as the durability of the suspension. Wrong selection can lead to rapid wear of the running parts of the car, as well as the loss of warranty service from the dealer Volkswagen. Therefore, it is not worth risking a few millimeters of luxury.

Volkswagen Tiguan body colors: blue, red, black

Original Jetta 6 rims: size and safety

It is worth noting that the manufacturer itself suggests even at the stage of ordering and purchasing the car to discuss the size and type of discs that will be installed on the VW Jetta 6. There is a certain dependence on what configuration is ordered in this case. The fact is that on the top versions and with a larger engine capacity, the probability of installing a larger size discs is much higher. For the 2015 version of the Volkswagen Jetta, also, depending on the configuration, the following models and sizes of discs are available.

Model Size Specification
Sedona Black 6,5J*16 TrendlineComfortline
Stratford 6,5J*16 HighlineComfortline
Salamanca 7J*17 ComfortlineHighline.
Sonoma 6,5J*16 Highline
Lancaster 7J*17 Highline
Fitted with full-size hubcaps 6,5J*16 TrendlineComfortline
Fitted with full-size hubcaps 6J*15 Conceptline

The company’s alloy wheels for the Volkswagen Jetta 6 are subjected to numerous tests and examinations under various conditions. This ensures that the alloy wheels are extremely reliable. At the same time, the unmistakable appearance of the Jetta 6 rims makes them look great on the wheels of a wide variety of vehicles.

VW Jetta 6 rims: which one to choose?

VW Jetta 6 wheels: which one to choose?

Thanks to the execution of the rims from Volkswagen made of durable light-alloy materials, despite their size, their weight is significantly less compared to conventional. As a consequence, not only the handling of the car, but also the dynamics of acceleration and braking increases significantly. Therefore, these products of the concern not only look great and are a decoration of the exterior of the car, but also serve as an additional guarantee of safety and ride comfort.

This should not be forgotten when going to buy alloy wheels for your car Jetta 6. Only high-quality, original products from Volkswagen, will not only admire the external appearance of your car, but will improve the speed of the car, while ensuring safety.

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About Volkswagen Jetta 6 wheels and tires

About rims and tires in the VW Jetta 6

As an element of the car’s construction that directly transmits loads to the road from the car, wheels and tires can dramatically change the car’s behavior and usually the driver tries to match them to their driving style, preferring either comfort, speedy driving, or something else.

One of the main problems the Jettow drivers face is the location of a non-standard wheel in a wheel arch. It is kind of normal on a place, but while moving it turns out that a wheel still catches a detail of a body or a suspension in turns, on bumps or under a load.

Some owners have even figured out a formula for determining whether or not the wheels and tires on the Jetta 6 will work. But about her later, but for now let’s deal with the factory kits.

Original rims and tires

The Jetta in the 6th generation was produced in several configurations, respectively, the size of disks and tires also differed.

disc width, profile and radius Center bore diameter, in mm Boltage Articulation, mm
6.5Jx 15 D=57.1 5×112 ET50
6,0Jx 16 D=57.1 5×112 ET50
7,0Jx 16 D=57.1 5×112 ET50
7,0Jx 17 D=57.1 5×112 ET54
7,5Jx 17 D=57.1 5×112 ET50
7,5Jx 18 D=57.1 5×112 ET51
8,0Jx 18 D=57.1 5×112 ET50

The 15″ wheels were steel pressed ( part number of the original hubcap 5C0601147AQLV ), with larger sizes – already alloyed. There is a high degree of interchangeability between generations of the Jetta and now you can pick up 16″ steel from the new Jetta.

On a new car, from the factory, the tires can not be winter, summer tires – the fate of the conveyor assembly. Not only Volkswagen, but also the majority of automakers do this. Hence, the factory sizes listed below refer to the rubber for the warm season:

  • 195/65 R15;
  • 205/55 R16;
  • 225/45 R17;
  • 225/40 R18.
Volkswagen Touareg dashboard: replacement procedure, indicators

The official answer of the Volkswagen representative office to the question about the permissible sizes of tires and disks.

What pressure should be in tires?

The question is interesting at least because there is no unambiguous answer. The necessary pressure in tires is not specified directly even in the manual, they just referred to the plate on the back of a gas tank hatch, where it should be specified.

The reason is banal – the pressure will have to change not only depending on the load of the car, but also on the quality of roads, where you plan to drive. That is, for a trip on a good road, the pressure can be increased to reduce the rolling resistance and to save fuel, on the bad one, the car will jump on potholes with overinflated rubber.

In practice, judging by the reviews, nobody cares, just periodically checking tire pressure, tires maintain 2.2 – 2.4 atm, only some people noted that they pump the rear ones up to 2.8 atm. One can understand lazy people – to deflate wheels before each section of broken road, and then to pump them up again, you won’t get anywhere this way.

Overinflated tires on potholes is not only discomfort, but also accelerated wear and tear of suspension elements; there are enough potholes. So, one has to exploit closer to the lower limit, sacrificing characteristics of economy for the sake of safety of the car. It is clear, the situation will be different for European roads, and data in the table will look differently.

Non-standard tires and disks, their selection

There are a lot of wheels with a radius of 15″-18″ on the market, and now the choice is enough. And if the properties of rubber, tread pattern, etc. are at the discretion of the owner, the geometric parameters particularly scattered, to go, crawling over a minor hole or not being able to twist a wheel, a pleasure below average.

Volkswagen Taos: photo price specifications

Hence the necessity to be able to discard obviously unsuitable variants in advance has arisen and the formula has appeared as a result:

  • Tire width (in millimeters) is taken from the tire size (195, 205, etc.);
  • ET – wheel offset, in mm.

That is, by calculating the 2 extreme parts according to the data from the desired tire, we will obtain the range borders, in which it will be necessary to pick up the disk to the offset, and the resulting wheel after the assembly should not touch something.

The author of the formula states that it is universal and, if the car is not undervalued, you can go beyond the lower limit, but the wheel will protrude from the fender. True, he admits that he tested the formula only on his 16″ wheels, moreover, the suspension can be either undervalued, or overvalued, and then the coefficients will change.

Winter tires

For the Russian versions of the machines of the group WAG official recommendations for winter tires and particularly not, based on this, many have decided that in this matter, owners are given complete freedom of creativity. In fact, recommendations for winter tires from the manufacturer exist, but only for Europe, and the Jetta is not presented there. But it is possible to look what VW advises for the similar on many parameters Golf.

But you must consider that the European winter tires on the territory of post-USSR is limited to the Western and Southern regions of applicability, and for the most part will need Arctic (or Scandinavian) tires for the fall and winter.

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