Rims and tires VW Passat B6

Volkswagen Passat B6 rims and tires

Rims and Tires for Volkswagen Passat B6

The sixth generation Volkswagen Passat is one of the most successful cars of the 21st century in its class, as evidenced by the high demand for both the sedan and wagon in the aftermarket today. Cars were made from 2005 to 2010, therefore, most copies have already changed a few owners. Very often at the secondary market cars are sold without service, it concerns many elements of the car, including the unsatisfactory condition of the tires and rims.

Anyway, the question of choosing wheels for the car is relevant for all Passat B6 owners, because summer and winter tires are overpriced, and some of the users just want to install new alloy wheels and refresh the appearance of the car. The article will talk about what size wheels are recommended by Volkswagen, what are the consequences of installing inappropriate elements, as well as presented the optimal tire pressure for different situations.


Passat B6 was produced in a large number of modifications, which also depends on the size of the wheels. Factory wheels were three sizes: R16, R17, R18, the latter were very rare.

Details on all sizes are given in the table:

Radius Tires Disks Type of disks D (under hub) Bolting Type of mounting Parameters of fasteners
16 205/55 R16 16 6.5J ET42 Stamps 57.1 5×112 Bolt (5 pcs.) М14×1.5
16 215/55 R16 16 7.0J ET45 Castings 57.1 5×112 Bolt (5 pcs.) М14×1.5
17 235/45 R17 17 7.5J ET47 Castings 57.1 5×112 Bolt (5 pcs.) М14×1.5
18 235/40 R18 18 8.0J ET47 Castings 57.1 5×112 Bolt (5 pcs.) М14×1.5

To get a better understanding of the given values for wheels and tires, below are some examples of decoding.

Deciphering of the disk 16 6.5J ET42:

  • 16 – tire fitment size is 16 inches;
  • 6.5J – rim width is 6.5 inches;
  • ET42 – wheel offset – 42 millimeters.
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Deciphering of the rubber 205/55 R16:

  • 205 – tire profile is 205 millimeters wide;
  • 55 – tire height – 55 percent of its width;
  • R – radial winding of the cord;
  • 16 – tire size (fitment) – 16 inches.

Recommended tire pressure

Tire pressure plays an important role for the car, so that it was more convenient to control it on any car, then you can install a special sensor in the wheel, if such a modification is not provided. The sensor will allow you to monitor the pressure information in real time. The process of their installation is not difficult, and its cost is not so high.

The recommended pressure for the front wheels is 2.2 bars, and 2.4 bars for the rear wheels. However, this figure is an average value. Optimal pressure is determined by the installed tires and the conditions of use of the car, detailed recommendations are given in the table.

Diameter/tyre type No load (front/rear) Loaded (front/rear)
R15/standard 2,0/2,2 2,1/2,5
R15/reinforced 2,2/2,4 2,3/2,7
R16/standard 2,1/2,3 2,2/2,6
R16/strengthened 2,3/2,5 2,4/2,8
R16/RunFlat 2,1/2,3 2,2/2,6
R17/standard 2,2/2,4 2,3/2,7
R17/strengthened 2,4/2,6 2,5/2,9
R17/RunFlat 2,2/2,4 2,3/2,7
R17/low profile 2,3/2,5 2,4/2,8
R18/standard 2,2/2,4 2,3/2,7
R18/strengthened 2,4/2,6 2,5/2,9
R18/RunFlat 2,2/2,4 2,3/2,7
R18/low profile 2,3/2,5 2,4/2,8
  • Standard tires – profile height 50-80%;
  • low profile – profile height 25-45%;
  • reinforced – reinforced carcass, increased load is allowed;
  • RunFlat – allows driving on flat tires (up to 80 kilometers per hour, only on cars with EPS and pressure sensors).

Wheel selection

Due to versatility of many elements in different generations of Passat, it is allowed to install wheels from the previous generation as well as from the next. However, it is best to stick to the standard sizes that Volkswagen regulates specifically for the B6 version. Any other options require checking for compatibility, as well as a competent selection of rubber to disk.

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It is quite possible to install smaller or larger discs, but then it is necessary to choose rubber so that the diameter of the whole wheel coincides with the factory indicator. Accordingly, smaller wheels require rubber with a higher profile and vice versa.

Too small wheels will considerably reduce comfort when driving on a bad road, as jolts will be heard in the interior even on the smallest potholes. And too big wheels will negatively affect steerability of the car, which, by the way, B6 is not ideal because of its impressive dimensions.

In order to avoid unnecessary calculations and possible deterioration of the car, it is better to stick to the original sizes, because there is much to choose from.

2006 Volkswagen Passat Reference Data Find and choose tires and rims for the 2006 Volkswagen Passat


Below you will find all models of Volkswagen Passat 2006 where you can find tables with data about matching tires and rims sizes, bore, offset of rims, tire pressure and other parameters. If necessary you can filter them by region.

Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010]

Volkswagen Passat B6 Sedan


Volkswagen Passat B6 Universal

Boxy, 5d

2006 Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] – Modifications

Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 1.6 FSI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Production years : [2005 .. 2008]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 1.6 MPI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 1.9 TDI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Production years : [2005 .. 2008]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 FSI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 FSI (GH-3CBVY)
  • Model / Japan : GH-3CBVY
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Production years : [2006 .. 2007]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 TDI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 TDI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 TFSI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 2.0 TFSI (GH-3CAXX)
  • Model / Japan : GH-3CAXX
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Production years : [2006 .. 2007]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 3.2 FSI
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Years of manufacture : [2005 .. 2010]
Volkswagen Passat B6 [2005 … 2010] 3.2 FSI (GH-3CAXZF)
  • Model / Japan : GH-3CAXZF
  • Generation : B6 [2005 … 2010]
  • Production years : [2006 .. 2007]
Tire, wheel and rim size data for other Volkswagen Passat production years

Got a question about wheel and rim specifications for the 2006 Volkswagen Passat? Found a mistake or have any comments? Share your knowledge

The hole in the center of the disc is known as the diameter of the center hole. It is measured in millimeters.

– Recommended for winter – Run-flat tires – Link to comparison calculator – OE steel rims – Factory equipment – Tire pressure – Front axle – Rear axle

The distance between the center plane of symmetry of the disc and the plane of contact with the vehicle’s hub. Discs are identified by the ET symbol followed by a value in millimetres. The offset range is a mathematically calculated field (±2)

Backspacing refers to the distance between the mounting plane of the disc and the plane on the inner edge of the disc.

This is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centers of the mounting holes of the disc. The PCD is measured in mm. For example, 4×100 means the wheel has four holes for mounting, and the diameter of imaginary circle through the centers of fixing holes is 100 mm.

hp – Imperial horsepower kW – Kilowatts PS – Metric horsepower.

Recommended cold tire pressure, measured in bars or PSI.

Sales region is the region in which the vehicle was officially sold or is still being sold

For example: 7J x 15 ET35 Disc Width in inches (7) x Disc Diameter in inches (15). J stands for rim flange shape (can be JJ, JK, K or L). This parameter is not taken into account when selecting discs. ET35 – offset of disk (distance between plane of wheel disk mounting and plane of rim symmetry, mm), positive 35 mm.

Example of metric thread: M12 x 1.25 Diameter of thread (mm) x pitch (mm) Example of inch thread: 9/16″ – 18 UNF Diameter of thread (in inches) – pitch

UNF is a standardized inch thread with a fine pitch

Example: 215/55 R16 91 T

215 is the width of the tire in mm 55 – the ratio of profile height to width or simply ‘profile’. With the same width, the higher this indicator, the tire will be higher and vice versa 16 – wheel (disk) diameter in inches. (Exactly the diameter, not the radius!). This is the inside size of the tire or outside size of the disk 91 – load index. This is the tire’s load limit capacity per wheel T – tire speed index

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