Rules of crossing the border of Kazakhstan by car

Rules of entry to Kazakhstan for Russians in 2022

Kazakhstan has cancelled all entry restrictions for travelers

From June 8, no need to undergo a coronavirus test or present a certificate of vaccination to enter Kazakhstan. Read the new article for details.

Kazakhstan accepts travelers from Russia with a negative PCR test.

You can fly into the country or enter through the land border. The passport and visa are not needed if the Russian will stay in Kazakhstan for up to 90 days. But after 30 days of stay, you need to register with the migration service.

I will tell you more about the rules of entry and what restrictions are in the country.

Where can I go on holiday abroad in 2022?

Tell us your preferences, and we will find a suitable country for you, which are allowed to Russian tourists.

What documents are necessary to fly to Kazakhstan during the pandemic?

All tourists should present a negative result of PCR-test. The tests are to be taken within 72 hours before crossing the border. The countdown starts from the moment the result is received.

The certificate is drawn up in English, Russian or Kazakh. The form should have the date and time of the analysis, the stamp of the medical organisation and the doctor’s signature. You can also upload the test result to the application “Travel without COVID-19.

An exception for children under 5 years of age: you do not need the certificate, but the accompanying adult must have the test.

How to enter Kazakhstan from Russia now

Since April 11, the rules of entry have changed. Kazakhstan has opened land borders for travelers. This means that you no longer need special reasons to travel between countries by land, such as study, medical treatment, work or meeting with relatives. Tourists can enter Kazakhstan by car and bus.

Buses to Kazakhstan depart from Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities. For example, a trip from Omsk to Nur-Sultan costs from 2500 P per person, from Novosibirsk – from 3240 P .

You can also get into the country by train. It runs from Astrakhan to Atyrau on odd days, back – on even days. A ticket for June 21 in the parlor car will cost 1680 P, in the compartment – 2325 P.

Russia resumed air links with Kazakhstan in the fall of 2020. You do not need a good reason to fly to Kazakhstan either. There are direct flights from Moscow to Atyrau, Alma-Ata, Aktau, Aktobe, Karaganda, Kostanai and Nur-Sultan. For example, a ticket from Moscow to Nur-Sultan on Red Wings flight on June 20 costs 12 310 P . This is the price for a one way flight with luggage.

Tickets from Russian cities to Nur-Sultan cost from 1,983 P per person. Source:

What restrictions are in force in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, from March 24, it is allowed not to wear masks in all public places, except medical institutions. It is also recommended to use them in crowded places.

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The country has been divided into red, yellow and green zones, depending on the number of COVID-19 cases. According to the latest data as of March 3, 2022, all regions are in the green zone.

Earlier in Kazakhstan almost all public places were only allowed to people who had been vaccinated and those who had received a negative PCR test result. The certificates were presented in a special app called Ashyq. It gives each user a QR code and a status: green for those who have been vaccinated or have had a negative PCR test; red for those who have a positive test result; yellow if there has been contact with a coronavirus patient. Blue status is displayed by default. The app also works for foreigners.

As of March 11, using the app nationwide is recommended, but not required. Establishments choose whether they will use Ashyq. In green and yellow zones, it doesn’t affect anything. In red zones, if the owners of the establishment decide not to use the app, they will have to limit the number of visitors and hours of operation.

QR codes can be checked in restaurants, cinemas, museums, hotels, fitness clubs , intercity buses and other public places.


In the mailing not e-mail instead of the flag of Kazakhstan , indicated the flag of Bulgaria .

SERGEI, you can. I did in May. Flew to Nur-Sultan. Took the train to Petropavlovsk, where I really needed to go. Back to the border by cab. Walked from the Kazakh checkpoint to the Russian (Petukhovo) border, then took a cab to Petukhovo. From there by train to Kurgan, etc.:). Actually nothing complicated. In Kazakhstan cab inexpensive. The only minus – a large piece of road to the border with Russia completely broken, you can say there is no asphalt, although once was. It was not very comfortable to drive. The border was fast, on the Kazakh side it took 10-15 minutes. They checked my documents and asked to see my luggage. On the Russian side it took five minutes. It was around 11 p.m. During the day there could be more people. It is a couple of kilometers on foot between the checkpoints. I got a lift from a truck. At the Russian checkpoint I was lucky – someone took a cab and I went straight to Petukhovo for 500 rubles. If that cab didn’t turn up, I would have had to call from Petukhovo and wait. If I hadn’t hailed a taxi from Petukhovo I would have had to call it and wait in Petukhovo for 1000 or 1500 rubles (I don’t remember the exact amount).

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Zaza Bezfamilnaj

Alexander, and when you went back to Russia PCR test was not required? You didn’t get registered on the state services as staying in Russia? I also want to go to Atyrau from Moscow by plane, and back by land, as tickets for three people are very expensive( thank you!

Zaza, upon arrival I took two tests and uploaded the results to the State Service. But now this requirement has been abolished for vaccinated people.

Alexander, the road from Petropavlovsk to the border is still not done? In 2018 in August, we were on our own, there was no road.

Alexander, how did you get across the border? i.e. were any documents required, such as family ties to Russian citizens, residence permits, etc., etc., because we haven’t been able to see a friend for two years, the airfare is very expensive.

In September 2021, my mother died in Kazakhstan. My neighbors buried her the next day. Naturally, I did not have time to go to the funeral as it would have taken me several days to move. To visit the grave and submit documents for the apartment according to the will went from Moscow by train to Chelyabinsk, and then by cab to the border village. At the border crossing point Kazakh border guards with a smirk categorically denied me a pass to Kazakhstan on the grounds that there were no grounds for the pass! I presented a will for an apartment bequeathed to me by my mother, a certificate of vaccination, birth certificates and documents of my residence in Kazakhstan until my majority. However, they did not let me through! Now my mother’s grave is not equipped with a monument, the apartment is neglected, utilities are not paid for the apartment and heating, the term of entry into the inheritance is expiring. I can only get a certificate of mother’s death in person in Kazakhstan, and they would not let me through the border! It’s a vicious circle! At the same time, Kazakhs are allowed into Russia unimpeded for work? And I, being able to stay in the apartment bequeathed to me, am deprived of the opportunity to come to Kazakhstan to process documents and visit my mother’s grave? That is the attitude in Kazakhstan to Russians!

Rules for entry to Kazakhstan by car in 2022

Against the backdrop of a difficult epidemiological situation, it is quite difficult to travel to Kazakhstan by car.

At the Russian-Kazakhstani border there is a “paid” passage for cars. Officially, the border is open on the part of Kazakhstan since April 11, 2022. From June 8, mandatory PCR-testing is cancelled.

Russia announced the removal of restrictions for crossing the border from its side from March 30, 2022 and free passage.

Kazakhstan opens its land border with Russia from April 11, 2022

Due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country, Kazakhstan has decided to open its land border with Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan from April 11, 2022.

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Already since April 9, buses have been operating between Omsk and Pavlodar. PCR test is still required when entering Kazakhstan.

Russia opens land border from March 30, 2022

Since March 30, 2022, citizens of Kazakhstan and Russia are allowed to cross the Russian land border and arrive in the Russian Federation by car, bus or rail.

Russian authorities have opened the land border between the two countries for free crossing on their part for entry and exit and removed all restrictions. This is reported on the website

Russian citizens to enter Kazakhstan due to coronavirus by car

From June 8, 2022, mandatory PCR-testing for entry into Kazakhstan by any means of transport will be canceled. This is reported on the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia.

Russians to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan by car, no more tests or certificate of vaccination are no longer required.

It is also recommended to have a medical travel insurance. You can buy an insurance policy online within 3 minutes on the Cherehapa service, which compares the prices of all leading insurance companies.

Travel by car is allowed to all Russians across the land border from April 11, 2022.

Visa-free travel to Kazakhstan for Russians

There is a visa-free regime between Russia and Kazakhstan. Russians are entitled to simplified entry to this country.

It is recommended to buy insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment before traveling to Kazakhstan. You can do it online within 5 minutes on the website, which compares prices from all major insurance companies.

At the entrance the traveler is given a migration card. You must keep it with you and give it back when you leave the country.

Migration Map of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Migration Card form

Peculiarities of the route from Russia to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is best traveled from west to north. Then it is recommended to go to the south, and then to the eastern part of the country.

Documents for travel by car

The main documents for entry are a passport of a Russian citizen or a foreign passport.

Before the trip it is also recommended to get medical insurance that covers the treatment of coronavirus. You can do this online within 3 minutes on the service Cherehapa, where prices and offers from all leading insurance companies are compared.

Making an insurance policy for a car

Russian car insurance is a must: the police in Kazakhstan stop you very often, and you may be fined for not having it.

You can get insurance after almost every border crossing. The cost of insurance does not depend on the number of drivers. The average insurance price is 2400 rubles.

What is an insured event under MTPL or CASCO

One can buy insurance for:

  • for 2 weeks;
  • for 1 month.

In the same booths where the insurance is issued, SIM-cards of the RK are sold. “The SIM card is registered for your passport and is valid for a month.

At the entrance you can exchange at least some cash: currency exchange in Kazakhstan is done in banks, which do not work on weekends.

Bank cards are accepted only in major cities.

Russian driving license in Kazakhstan

To drive a car in Kazakhstan one needs a Russian driver’s license. But you can also have an international license.

This document is executed on Gosuslugi and costs 1100-1200 rubles.

Travel with children

You need to produce the following documents at the border for travel with children:

  • The child’s passport;
  • Authorization for the minor to travel abroad.

Travelling with animals

You can bring into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by vehicle:

  • cats;
  • dogs;
  • rabbits;
  • fur-bearing animals.

In the history of imported animals should not be panleukopenia (cats), rabies, dermatophytosis (cats), tuberculosis, anthrax.

No more than 2 animals are allowed into the territory of Kazakhstan. Quarantine is not supposed, but a veterinary passport (and a veterinary certificate issued in accordance with the decisions of the Customs Union Commission) must be available.

In the passport must be a mark, which indicates that the animal made all the necessary vaccinations.

Registration of the bank card of Kazakhstan, which works anywhere abroad and is suitable for payment of any foreign services, remotely

Crossing the border

There are 14 border crossings at the Russian-Kazakh border. The smallest border crossing is Nikolayevsky DAPP.

Large, international border crossings are Petropavlovskiy and Orenburgskiy. To pass there is quite difficult: the traffic is heavy, the queues are huge.

In tourist season or during holidays, the traffic at the border is very heavy. If you can, it is better to go in the off-season: you can get to Kazakhstan faster.

Often there are citizens of Kazakhstan in cars with Russian license plates in the queue: it is a little more difficult for them to leave Russia than for Russians themselves.

If there are many Kazakhstani citizens at the border, Russian citizens are advised to ask customs officials to let them through: there is a separate corridor for them, where there are virtually no queues.

Customs regulations

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of the EEU. This means that the country has the same rules for taking various goods across the border as in other CU states.

From 01.01.2020, at the importation into the territory of Kazakhstan goods that cost more than 2.0 thousand euro, you are required to pay customs duty of 15% of the total amount.

What is not subject to duty

From January 2020, the government of Kazakhstan has changed the rules of duty-free import of goods from abroad.

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Duty-free norms for importing goods for individuals from abroad are 200 euros. The total amount is 31 kg.

  • laptop/tablet – 1 unit/1 person;
  • mobile device – 2 units/1 person;
  • baby carriage – 1 piece/1 person;
  • a bicycle – 1 unit/1 person;
  • ornaments – 5 units/1 person;
  • foodstuffs – up to 10 kg/1 pers.

Restrictions and prohibitions

According to the customs regulations of Kazakhstan, it is prohibited to bring into its territory:

  • regulated goods and products that have been contaminated with quarantine organisms;
  • soil (and plants with soil);
  • Pornography and any obscene materials;
  • narcotic drugs (except when required for medical reasons);
  • ammunition;
  • weapons of any kind.

Gas station locations and gasoline prices

The best gas stations in Kazakhstan:

  • KazMunaiGas.
  • Gazpromneft.

Kazakhstan has its own gasoline, from its own oil. Since 2018, three refineries are operating. The country sells gasoline to Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan used to sell gasoline also to Kyrgyzstan, but now there is a moratorium on the sale.

Petrol prices are shown in the table below:

PETROL STATIONS АI-92 (KZT/litre) АI-95 (KZT/litre)
Gazpromneft 153 178
Compass 153 179
Aurica 151 176
KazMunayGas 154 170

In general, the price of fuel in Kazakhstan is 30% lower than in Russia. Fuel quality is acceptable. It is best to fill up at major federal networks.

Peculiarities of highways in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, in contrast to China and India, there are no specifics of road traffic.

When driving (on public roads) you must always turn on dipped beam. It is allowed to use running lights.

Permissible speed limit in Kazakhstan – 10 km.

Speeding on the roads

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  • in populated areas: up to 60 km/h;
  • in residential areas, in yards: up to 20 km/h.

The limit on the highway is 90 km, but it is allowed to speed up to 100 km.

Tips for travelers by car

It is best to go to Kazakhstan in spring – in April-May. This country has a sharply continental climate and in summer the temperature may go up to +40 degrees, and in winter it may fall down to -40 degrees.

The temperature in the north and south during the same period may vary greatly (about 10-15 degrees).

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