Sandblasting with their own hands from PVC

We make the easiest sandblaster for 20 min

Nothing like a jet of sand and air to remove corrosion or old paint so quickly and efficiently. If you have a compressor, you just have to make a sandblaster for it. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to make one.


  • Blowing gun;
  • cold welding;
  • plastic bottle;
  • small self-tapping screws – 2 pcs.

The process of making a simple sandblaster

It is necessary to bore the wall of the blowing gun tube from the top, closer to its body. The width of the resulting hole should be about 6-8 mm.

Next, you need to drill the PET bottle cap with a 3 mm drill bit. The hole is made with a slight offset from the center. On the edges of the cap is made 2 holes with a drill 1 mm.

In the side holes in the lid from the inside is inserted 2 screws. Next, it is necessary to grind to roughness the blowing gun tube near the drilled hole.

After that, the cover with the self-tapping screws is glued on it with cold welding. The hole in it and the tube must be aligned. Thanks to the self-tapping screws, the cover will be held securely.

Now a small PET bottle is filled with dry sifted sand, and it is wrapped in the cap on the gun.

The loaded sandblaster is connected to a compressor with an air receiver. When air is supplied, the sand from the tube will be fed with high acceleration to the workpiece to be treated. Be sure to place cardboard or cloth under the parts when working with it. This will allow the sand to be collected back. It can be sifted and reused many times.

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