Service maintenance schedule for VW Jetta: what do they check and what do they change in the service center?

Service maintenance schedule for VW Jetta: what do they check and what do they change in the service center?

If your compact German car needs routine or unscheduled maintenance, contact the Volkswagen dealership Germanika Avtomir. We will take your car to work at a convenient time, quickly perform diagnostics and routine technical procedures, providing the owner with comfortable waiting conditions.

General regulations and 1st and 2nd maintenance

During the first service, the service center staff inspect and check the following:

  • The serviceability of the brakes and clutch;
  • Any defects in lights, windshield wipers;
  • Bodywork defects;
  • tire damage and wheel geometry.

The second time is to change the engine oil and filter device. The cabin filter is also subject to replacement. Checked for functionality:

  • seat belts;
  • electrical wiring;
  • power unit. If oil leaks and vibrations are observed, oil seals and pads, on which the engine stands, are changed.

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Experienced mechanics check for coolant or antifreeze. If the level is normal, they leave it. If the coolant has decreased, then refill it. Also inspect the coolant tank. If there are cracks on it, it is replaced.

Clean and lubricate the battery terminals. Test the condition of the rear axle, transmissions for leaks. Inspect the bottom for holes, cracks. If there are none, they write in the conclusion that the service was successful. If there are any problems with the bottom or any other element of the Volkswagen Jetta, then leave the car in the service center until all failed parts are replaced with new ones.

Replacing the lubricant, the car owner can make their own in the garage, as well as changing the filter device. Only it is necessary to buy original spare parts. Here are their part numbers:

  • engine oil – G052167M4;
  • Cabin filter – 1K0819644B.

FYI! A chain that is not replaced in time can break at any time. This will cause the engine valves to bend. To get the engine back in working order, you will need to either do a complete overhaul, or install a new powertrain, which will hit the car owner’s pocket equally hard.

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Peculiarities of cooperation with the official dealer center

In the service of Volkswagen Germanika Avtomir in Moscow you can count on the highest level of services provided. This means that after maintenance, the car leaves the technical center in perfect condition. This is ensured by:

  • The extensive experience of certified specialists, who are trained and interned at the base of the German automaker.
  • Availability of advanced digital equipment, with the help of which diagnosis of any systems and units of Volkswagen Jetta passes very quickly and with maximum accuracy.
  • Using only original consumables and spare parts in the work.

Reasons to call in a technical center

Car service is required not only in accordance with the established for this model maintenance schedule, but also unscheduled, if the driver notices:

  • Reduced drivability of the Volkswagen Jetta.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Leakage of automobile fluids.
  • Extraneous sounds or smells inside the cabin.
  • Other signs of abnormal operation of one of the car systems.

Fifth and sixth scheduled maintenance

The fifth maintenance is performed after 75 thousand kilometers. In general, it repeats the works, done by car mechanics at the first or third service. But during the sixth maintenance is the change of the lubricant in the automatic transmission, the design of which has no wet clutch.

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The seventh and eighth maintenance repeat the third and fourth maintenance of the Volkswagen Jetta.

If the car owner is going to change the antifreeze, experienced mechanics recommend using only the original coolant fluid. The original coolant used on the Volkswagen Jetta is antifreeze, which has a purple color “G12 Plus”. It is replaced and mixed with the coolant “G11/12”.

The catalog number of the original fluid is G012A08FM1. Experienced mechanics recommend diluting it with distilled water in equal proportion. The filling volume of the Jetta is about six liters.

Maintenance schedule volkswagen jetta

Volkswagen Jetta maintenance schedule.

Models: Generation 6 1.4 liter, 122 hp, gasoline, manual transmission, front-wheel drive – 1.4 TSI 1.4 liter, 150 hp, gasoline, manual transmission, front-wheel drive – 1.4 TSI 1.6 liter, 85 hp, gasoline, manual transmission, front-wheel drive

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Recommended by the manufacturer scheduled maintenance interval Volkswagen mileage every 15,000 km run or once every 12 months according to the rules of maintenance, whichever comes first.

Specialists of ShedSkills automobile workshop recommend carrying out a planned maintenance not less frequently than once in 8-10 thousand km of run. These measures are necessary when using automobiles in the conditions of the Urals region (climate, traffic, road surface, etc.).

First TO (15000 km.) :

Second TO (30000 km.) :

The third service (45000 km):

Fourth TO (60000 km):

Fifth service (75000 km):

Sixth TO (90,000 km) :

Seventh service (105000 km) :

Eighth service (120,000 km):

Maintenance schedule then for volkswagen jetta 6 – maintenance volkswagen jetta 6

Service costs for 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre engines

For 1.4 liter engines, the car owner will pay:

  • technical service -1 (15 thousand km): 4005 р;
  • service -2 (30thousand km): 11540 rubles
  • technical service-3 (45 thousand km): 4005 р;
  • service -4 (60thousand km): 11540 р;
  • service -5 (75thousand km): 4005 р;
  • technical service-6 (90thousand km): 11540 р;
  • technical service-7 (105thousand km): 4995 р;
  • technical service -8 (120thousand km): 11540 р.

For engines with the volume of 1,6 liters the car owner will pay:

  • maintenance service -1 (15,000): 4165 р;
  • service -2 (30 000): 7400 р;
  • technical service-3 (45 000): 4325 р;
  • techservice-4 (60,000): 8540 р;
  • techservice-5 (75 000): 4165 р;
  • techservice-6 (90,000): 7400 р;
  • techservice-7 (105,000): 4955 р;
  • techservice-8 (120,000): 8540 р.

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Volkswagen jetta from an authorized dealer

The Volkswagen Jetta is a popular city compact with a dynamic appearance and excellent driving characteristics. To enjoy the German car for many years, it is important to have it serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The third and fourth then according to the regulations

A basic set of checks is carried out by experienced mechanics at every maintenance service. If the car is operated in harsh conditions, the air filter and cabin filter are additionally replaced. In automatic transmissions with wet clutch the filter and oil are replaced. In addition, the grease in the clutch of the PP is changed.

Experienced mechanics check the condition of the bevel gear and on-board transmission line. The bearings and driveshafts for all-wheel drive models are inspected for wear.

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The air conditioner is tested for serviceability. If changes in poly-V-belt operation are observed, it is removed for inspection for damage. If cracks are found, a new one is installed.

The fourth technical service exactly repeats the procedure of the second one. After the mileage of 60,000 kilometers, all the consumables of the Volkswagen Jetta are changed:

  • spark plugs;
  • oil pan plug and the oil pan itself;
  • fuel and oil filters;
  • antifreeze;
  • timing belt, if it has cracks or chips. After the mileage of 100,000 kilometers, the timing belt or chain is subject to mandatory replacement, even if it is intact and well tensioned on the drive.


What work is done out of regulation and in season:

  • testing the exterior lights, adjusting the headlights, replacing faulty bulbs.
  • cleaning the drain holes with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air outside and under the hood.
  • lubrication of locks, hinges, and hood latches especially in anticipation of cold weather.
  • testing the condition of the tires for cracks, evenness of abrasion and air pressure in them.
  • checking the mounting of the registration plate, the integrity of the frame.

If you follow all the above rules, the Volkswagen Jetta car will serve for a long time without the financial cost of an overhaul or the purchase of a new vehicle.

Maintenance schedule for the VW Jetta

In order to timely and in accordance with the recommendations of the automaker to carry out maintenance (TO) of the Volkswagen Jetta car, you should know its frequency, as well as a list of works carried out in a mandatory manner at each of the stages. We propose to study the maintenance schedule for the car Volkswagen Jetta, which reflects the frequency of service of the vehicle, to keep it in perfect technical condition.

Maintenance Volkswagen Jetta is carried out either at certain time intervals, or when there is a certain amount of mileage on the odometer. The basic list of work consists of:

1)oil service, which is performed every 12 months or every 15,000 km, according to the service indicator; 2)inspection service, which should be performed every 24 months or every 30,000 km, according to the service indicator; 3)brake fluid change, which is performed every 24 months.

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Let’s consider the regulations and a list of works for all generations of Volkswagen, which should be performed at each of these types of service maintenance. Volkswagen Jetta Engine Oil Change Service Schedule

Thanks to innovative developments in the field of automotive engineering and synthesis of universal additives which are added to engine oils, developers of VW company today are able to offer their clients the following service intervals for Volkswagen Jetta car:

– non-regulated intervals of passing the TO, when the information message appears on the display about the need for oil replacement and it is made not earlier than in 30 thousand km, or in 24 months;

– Regulated intervals of replacement (usually when using oil, which is not designed for long-term operation), when the message also appears on the display, but in this case it is necessary to make the first maintenance service on a Volkswagen Jetta (not earlier than 15 thousand km of run or once a year). According to established rules, the second service on the car model Volkswagen Jetta held after 30 thousand kilometers of mileage or after 2 years.

It should be understood that the oil should be changed more often in cases where the Volkswagen Jetta is used in harsh operating conditions, namely the vehicle makes short city trips, trips through mountainous terrain, driving with a trailer, as well as moving on dusty roads.

Always remember the recommendations for oil changes when carrying out maintenance work:

1)Recommendations for the Volkswagen Jetta engine are as follows: in addition to the oil itself, you should also remember to change the filter 2)As for the braking system: it is mandatory to check the front and rear brakes. The thickness of the brake pads must comply with the recommended parameters. If they are not, they must be replaced. 3)Complete the service of the Jetta by resetting the service interval sensor.

If the car with a diesel power unit runs on biofuel, the fuel filter should be cleaned in good time: at least once every 15,000 km. Do not forget about the regular inspection service. Service for the Volkswagen Jetta consists of a large list of different types of work, during which absolutely all units and assemblies are checked for the absence of any malfunctions. In addition to checking for compliance with standards and requirements for the state, during the service performed replacement of spare parts, according to indicators of the service – indicator. The list of routine works and their periodicity for Volkswagen Jetta

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Here is a small table-instruction of the list of works to be performed at certain mileage indicators on the Volkswagen Jetta. Mileage, thousand km Types of maintenance works VWJetta every 60

replace the spark plugs as scheduled (only on VW Jetta models with mileage of more than 60,000 km in 4 years); VW recommends the replacement of the filter element in the filter element (only for the Jetta IV and Bora models). km over 4 years); TO vehicles with mileage 60,000 km over 4 years (only the model Jetta IV, Bora), Volkswagen recommends a planned replacement of the filter element and clean the air filter housing; check the working condition and the wear of the V-belt; find out the level of ATF fluid in the automatic transmission; check the hydraulic power steering system and the presence and required level of working fluid; with automatic transmission, installed on the model Volkswagen Jetta, check the oil level in the crankcase main gear; make

every 90 on service for vehicles with the run of 90,000 km, Volkswagen recommends to make planned replacement of timing belt (only models Jetta IV, Bora)

Every 100 to make replacement of oil filter muff “Haldex”, if a diesel Volkswagen Jetta has run more than 100 thousand km in 4 years and the car option 4 MOTION

every 120 to make planned replacement of timing belts and fuel injection pump

change the timing belt and idler pulley every 180 (only 4-cylinder 5-valve petrol engines)

Thus, thanks to the given detailed instructions for Volkswagen Jetta one can easily orientate oneself and know in advance at what time and what list of works should be done. Observing the maintenance schedule for the Volkswagen Jetta, you can not worry about the proper and stable operation of all major systems and components of the vehicle for many years of operation.

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