Smoke generator with their own hands

Smoke generator for cold smoking with their own hands

In an ordinary smokehouse, where wood is burned, the process takes a long time and a stock of fuel. With the smoke generator everything is easier. The smoke process is based on the slow smoldering of fuel. A fan “or compressor” is connected to the unit, blowing air. From there, the smoke goes into the smokehouse where the food is hung “or put on the shelves”. As you can see, everything is simple. But the result of such a device is worth its assembly. So, playing with spices and fuel, you can achieve different flavors from the same meat. In addition, as already mentioned, it will be stored longer than conventional.

Fuel for generators

Some purchased models have an electric or gas firebox. However, such smoking can hit the user’s wallet quite hard. But a device that runs on shredded wood is sparing to your savings. Firstly, it does not require electricity; secondly, many private house owners, who usually assemble these generators, have plenty of wood. However, those who do not have it, do not despair, as fuel can be bought in the store. Chips or sawdust can be from any tree, except for evergreen “such as, for example, pine”: with such fuel you will only spoil the meat, making it bitter.

The size of the shredded wood is also important: so, for smaller sawdust, you need to add a spring to the design, allowing the smoke to pass unhindered. Larger elements do not require such improvements.

Smoke cooling

We have solved the issue of smoke formation. But for those who want to use the technology of cold smoking, this is not enough. Here you need to lower the temperature of the smoke. How to achieve this? There are two ways:

  • water. Two reservoirs are installed inside the generator. In one of them water circulates, the other is responsible for cooling the smoke, which simply comes into contact with the cooled walls;
  • air. In this case, the smoke is driven by air through a pipe that is shaped like a coil. This method is chosen most often, because it is cheap and simple in construction.

A few safety rules

Before you pick up a smoke generator, you need to consider the following points:

  • The wiring must be able to withstand high temperatures and be as far away from the heating element as possible;
  • The surface on which you are going to install the structure must be protected from possible fires;
  • When choosing a material, it is better to choose metal painted with heat-resistant paint;
  • If possible, provide an automatic switch to turn off the unit so that it does not suddenly went out of order.

In general, smoking as a method of food preservation has been known for a long time. Today it is more and more relevant and not so much because of the long shelf life, but because of the taste qualities that the product acquires.

Traditional Cold Smoke Smokehouse Design

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Construction of different types of smokehouses

Regardless of the type of smoking, the source of smoke is a smoldering fire. In cold smoking the main thing is that the smoke is cold or warm, but not hot. The maximum temperature is about +40°C. To do this, the fire is made a few meters from the smoking cabinet, between them lay a pipe – chimney. Passing through this way the smoke cools to acceptable temperatures.

The construction of the chimney – a lengthy process. The route of the chimney should provide a normal heat removal and should be hermetically sealed. To create a chimney, you can use a standard metal chimney (but not galvanized steel), but to cool the smoke better, it is desirable to bury the pipe in the ground. In general, not an easy task. It is on this prefer to make a smoker of hot smoking – less problems – over the fire set the barrel and smoke …

But there is a simple smoke generator for cold smoking, which will cost literally a few thousand. But it will require a welding machine and the ability to handle it. Everything else can be bought at the market or in a construction store. If you have all the components to assemble a smoke generator for smoking with your own hands can be done in an hour or two.

A simple smoke generator for cold smoking with their own hands

If you do not need production volumes, you can make a small and uncomplicated smoke generator from a metal pipe. From the pipe make a case in which fill sawdust or shavings. The chips are ignited at the bottom, the smoke rises to the top, where it is removed by a welded pipe into the smoking chamber. To increase the traction in the upper part of the body is connected low-power compressor – a capacity of 1.5-2 liters / min. That is, you can use an aquarium compressor or a unit from an old refrigerator. If there is a choice, the aquarium compressor is preferable, as they can adjust the intensity of the smoke output.

Special signal for alarms

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Smoke generator for cold smoking with their own hands: design and principle of operation

At the exit of this smoke generator, the smoke is slightly warm. The seat of the fire is quite small, the fire spreads slowly, the resulting smoke slowly rises through the sawdust. It cools down and the sawdust dries out. All in all, it works perfectly.


For the body of the smoke generator you can use:

  • round tube with a diameter of 80-90 mm;
  • Profiled pipe with a side of 80 mm or more.

The larger the cross-section, the more you can put sawdust inside, the longer will work the smoke generator for cold smoking on one tab.

The length of the pipe – 60 cm or more. Optimum is about 1 meter. Again, the bigger the pipe, the more fuel you can put in. On the other hand, too large smoke generator is inconvenient to fill and clean, as it turns out to be heavy and bulky.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Cold smoking smoke generator – one of the options

You’ll also need a 3/4 inch pipe – a piece of 30 inches or more. Tube 1/4 inch or so. Its length is adjusted already in the finished state, but should be enough 20 cm.

You also need a mesh. It can be any metal mesh with a mesh of 2-3 mm or a plate with holes. For the legs, find small pieces of bar/branching/metal strip. Some designs can do without them, but with them the construction is more stable.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Approximately this aquarium compressor is suitable for homemade smoke generator

You also need a compressor with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters per minute, preferably with the ability to regulate the performance. These requirements meet the aquarium compressors. And you need a nipple, so you can connect through it the tubes from the compressor.


Will describe the smoke generator for cold smoking on the basis of a profile pipe section of 100 * 100 mm. With a round tube process is almost no different, but it is harder to weld the tube, if you have little experience in welding work, it is better to use the profiled (square) tube.

  • At a distance of 2 cm from the bottom edge with a grinder make cuts on two opposite sides.
  • Cut a square from the grid, the size is slightly larger than the cross section of the pipe. Insert it by fixing it in the opposite cuts. Set the grid on the side of the bottom
  • On the other side, weld a piece of 3/4 inch pipe. Can be welded or screwed together
  • Strictly opposite it is necessary to weld a fitting for the connection of the compressor. It should be positioned so that its center coincided with the center of the already welded three-quarter pipe.
  • Now take a thin tube. It must be inserted into the fitting, it must pass through the body and go into the tube opposite by 1 cm. Not more, but not less. Air from the compressor comes in through this tube. Creating a draft, it stimulates combustion. By adjusting the compressor power, the intensity of the smoke output is regulated. Here is what you get as a result
  • Making the lid. From a piece of metal cut out a square, a little bigger in size than the cross-section of the pipe housing. We make a hole in the center and put a handle. Preferably a wooden one. Although the smoke is not hot, but the body heats up from the “fire” that burns at the bottom. Such a lid is not very convenient, because it comes off. Having outlined the contour of the pipe, we step back from the obtained line a couple of millimeters and weld a strip of metal 1 cm wide or so. Such a cover will not fly off. The ready view and the main part of the construction
  • At the bottom, where the grid is fixed, we weld four strips of bar/branching steel. These are the legs.
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That’s all. Makeshift smoke generator for cold smoking. Done. It can be tested. For ease of use, you can still weld the legs. And remember that through the grid will fall out with charcoal and ash, so put the smoke generator for cold smoking should not incombustible pad.

How it works

In the tube are laid dry shavings. You can use sawdust, but then on a thin tube, located in the upper part, put a spring that reaches the length of the grid. The condition and quality of the spring is not important. What is important is its diameter – about 2 cm. Why is it needed? To activate combustion and normal smoke output.

When the case is filled with sawdust, they lie densely, making it very difficult for the smoke to escape, air intake is very weak, everything burns barely. The spring is needed to activate combustion. Smoke comes out through it, a draft is created (from the grid – through the spring – to the outlet.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

The charge is ignited from below through the net.

After the case is filled with sawdust, they are ignited from below. This can be done with a gas burner, tilting the smoke generator for smoking on the side. When the shavings begin to burn, put the lid on, turn on the compressor. If the shavings/sawings are dry, the smoke starts to come in actively. That’s it. You made a smoke generator for cold smoking with your own hands.


The design described above is fully operational. But it has many shortcomings, it is not very convenient. According to the results of its use, modifications and improvements were made.

Adjustable draught

One of the main disadvantages of the described design is poor regulation of combustion intensity. It can be changed slightly by adjusting the compressor capacity. An adjustable ash pan can be added to the design. It can be made on the principle of the chimney:

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

  • In the lower part of the body (above the place where the stack is attached), weld a piece of round pipe 10-15 cm long.
  • Drill two holes, which are located strictly one opposite the other.
  • Take a rod, which goes through these holes. Its length is 20 cm larger than the diameter of the pipe. Shiber looks like this
  • From a sheet of metal (2-3 mm thick) cut a circle. Its diameter is slightly less than the inner diameter of the pipe.
  • From a rod to make a “handle” (bend it).
  • Insert the handle into the holes, weld the circle cut out.

That’s it, the adjustable flap is ready. You turn it, adjust the intensity of air flow by adjusting the intensity of combustion.


Another disadvantage – through the grid the ash falls through. You can put the smoke generator on a metal plate, but you can make an ash pan. By the way, the slide can be made in the ash drawer. This is more correct, because the air inlet can be almost stopped, which you would not get with the slide valve in the case – the air goes through the grid.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Ash pan is a small container of the dimensions slightly larger than the case.

Ash drawer is made from a piece of pipe with a slightly larger cross section than the pipe on the case. If you do not have one, you will have to weld. To a piece of pipe is welded to the bottom, to the body – around the perimeter – a thin strip of metal. The body is inserted into the ashtray (the legs are also welded to it).

Condensate collection

During the operation of the smoke generator for cold smoking condensate is released. This complicates life, especially if the temperature outside is not high. You can solve the problem by making a collector for condensate. To do this:

  • The outlet tube of the smoke generator is lowered down,
  • at the bottom point we install a container for condensate, welding it two pipes – one opposite the other;
  • on the opposite side of the tube rises up again and enters the smoking cabinet.

With such a device, a considerable part of the condensate ends up in the vessel. The problem is not so acute.

The simplest smoke generator from an electric stove

If you need smoked meat “right now”, you can use a very simple method: you need electric stove, bottomless barrel or section of a large-diameter pipe, wire mesh with a mesh of at least 10 * 10 cm, a sheet of plywood or iron. More – sawdust and “smoking object”.

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Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

The simplest smoke generator cold smoking can be constructed on the basis of an electric stove and barrels

Such smokehouse cold smoking usually put outdoors, in the backyard. It is necessary to clear a patch of land from vegetation, set the electric stove. On it – a metal container (which is not sorry to throw away). Pour sawdust into the container.

In the upper part of the barrel / pipe, departing from the top edge of 10-5 cm, drill four holes. They are located diametrically or opposite each other. In them we insert pins. You can use metal rods, you can use sticks. The choice depends on the weight of the stacked food or what is available. The bars themselves can be placed crosswise or as two parallels about 1/3 of the diameter of the smokehouse body. On top of this support we lay a grid, with the products attached underneath. Cover the smokehouse with plywood or a sheet of metal.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Drill holes in the upper part of the barrel, insert the bars of the grid with the suspended products

We turn on the stove. After some time the sawdust begins to smoke. Time of “work” on one charge depends on the amount of sawdust poured, but on average it is 3-5 hours. After that, we have to set the case aside, add more sawdust, put everything back in its place. It is hard, inconvenient and fraught with “accidents”. But the construction is very simple, it is a “tourist” version, which does not require any conveniences.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

This is a cold-smoker assembled

Another disadvantage – to regulate the intensity of smoke mono regulator, but it is uncomfortable to do it in this form – again, you have to move the body. Get rid of these disadvantages can be done by making a door at the bottom. With it you will be able to regulate the air flow and change the sawdust.

Stove-smoke generator for cold smoking

If you need a higher capacity installation, cook the simplest stove. It can be made from the same large-diameter pipe or weld a rectangular metal case. Weld the door, make a chimney, fixed at an angle. That’s all the difficulty. It is also necessary to divide the inner space horizontally fixed metal sheet into two parts. The lower part is larger, the upper part smaller. At the bottom there is a fire, sawdust is poured on the sheet. Further the process is known.

From the furnace chimney to the smoking cabinet lay a pipe. It should have an upward slope, albeit small. In this case, the entrance to the cabinet should be located at the bottom – so that the smoke envelopes all products. Therefore, the cabinet is installed on an elevation, legs, pedestal. To save space, you can install a stove-smoke generator under the cabinet by welding construction from a metal corner.

Smoke generator with their own hands drawings and photo step by step instructions

Smoke generator – a freestanding stove

But with this design, the smoke can be too hot. For its cooling you need additional measures. As an option – find a pipe with a larger diameter, put it on the main chimney. Install coolers, so that the air flow was directed into the gap between the pipes.

Another option – to do something like a water jacket, while smoking and getting hot water. But where to put it is a question. Although, warm water is always useful at home.

Smoke generator for cold smoking of this type requires more costs – metal or thick-walled pipe, plus a chimney. And the chimney is better not to make of galvanized steel – zinc is not the metal that is good for health. Do not use and asbestos. He first, poorly dissipates heat, and secondly, even more harmful than zinc. Therefore, the choice in this regard is small – to order the pipe from black steel or buy stainless steel. Here everyone decides for himself.

Smoke generator with their own hands – a description of popular types, detailed master classes on making, photo ideas

The history of smoking goes far back in time. This process was invented by people looking for ways to extend the shelf life of products. But that’s not all, because along with the preserving effect, smoked products also get a wonderful flavor. That is why such a process as smoking is very popular. Smoked fish, meat, even vegetables can not only buy in the store, but also to cook yourself.

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To how with minimal costs you can make several variants of smoke generators for smoking, this article is devoted.

How are the products smoked?

Cold and hot methods of cooking smoked meats are a process in which foods are exposed to smoke from slowly smoldering wood. It is the smoke that kills bacteria and gives the final product a unique smell. Without a special smoking unit, made by yourself, such an effect can not be obtained.

For its self-made will require the following components: a box for placing products, smoke generator, a compressor (blower).

Smoke generators: from application to the principle of operation

The name of this device – a smoke generator – speaks for itself. With its help, smoke is produced and fed to the smoking cabinet.

Description of the principle of operation

In the lower part of the chamber, usually made of heat-resistant material, laid sawdust. Then, through a special hole (ash-pit), they are ignited. Through the ash-pan the draught is also regulated.

As a result of smoldering sawdust in a closed chamber, the necessary amount of smoke is produced, rising upwards. At the same time, air is blown into the chamber by a small compressor connected by a hose to the socket.

The air helps smoke to flow through the tube – the chimney into the chamber with the placed products. Such a device is called an ejector. The temperature of the smoke at the outlet is low, since the fire is ignited slowly, and the product is cooked in almost ideal conditions.

Types of smoke generators according to the location of the ejector

Smoke generators can be with the top or bottom location of the ejector.

The main advantages of the top arrangement option are as follows:

  • Increased volume of the combustion area. As a result the smoldering is more stable.
  • Economical. Chips smolder slowly, which reduces the consumption of firewood.
  • Longer spigot life. Being at a sufficient distance from the place of heating, the device parts are less exposed to the negative effects of temperature.

The disadvantages of this type of smoke generators include the need for additional filtering of smoke due to the high draft in the chamber.

If the ejector is located below, large particles of fuel can get into the chimney, Requires an increase in its length. This is not always feasible in a small cottage or private home. In addition, the impact of high temperatures reduces the duration of operation of the ejector.

Smoke generators of both types have found their use among fans of smoking. However, in home smoking it is better to use the upper type of device.

Self-made smoke generators

Skilled craftsmen have long come up with various variants of smoke generators for home use. Smoking products without the large cost of equipment is the dream of many. Even non-professionals can make such a device from improvised means. They all operate on a similar principle, the only difference is the details from which the smokers are assembled.

Smoke generator from an electric stove

For periodic smoking of a small amount of fish or meat, you can make a simple smoke generator using an electric stove.

The following components will be needed:

  • electric stove;
  • old saucepan;
  • a pipe or used barrel,
  • wire mesh;
  • two bars of rebar;
  • sheet of iron, plywood;
  • sawdust, wood chips.

The smokehouse should be located outdoors, as far away from residential areas as possible. To work you need electricity, you may have to use an extension cord. Otherwise things in the house will smell of smoke.

  1. Prepare the barrel. Thoroughly clean it from the remains of its contents. Then, measuring about one-third of the height from the top of the barrel, pass some reinforcing bars through its walls. Attach a mesh to the rebar and hang the required products from it. The barrel is ready to use.
  2. Stably set the stove on a non-combustible surface and connect it to the socket.
  3. Put the wood fuel in the pot.
  4. Place the pot on the stove plugged in.
  5. Use the temperature regulator knob to adjust its heating power.
  6. Place the pot on the stove.
  7. Cover the top of the construction with iron or plywood.

One load will allow to work such a smoke generator for cold smoking 4 – 6 hours. The process is complicated by the need to constantly monitor the amount of fuel and adjust the temperature of smoldering. Barrel for this will have to lift periodically.

Despite the disadvantages of this design, many users are attracted to the ease of assembly and low manufacturing costs.

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Smoke generator from a used fire extinguisher

Showing a little ingenuity, you can turn an old fire extinguisher into a smoke generator, as shown in the photo.

The work should begin with cleaning the extinguisher from its old contents, to make sure there is no rust on its walls.

  1. Cut the extinguisher, about 5 cm from the top. The result will be a lid.
  2. Make a hole in the lid, screw in a tee with nozzles.
  3. To one of the tubes connect the compressor, and the other will serve to deliver smoke to the smoking chamber.
  4. Make several holes in the fire extinguisher at a distance of 4-6 cm from the bottom of the fire extinguisher. Through these holes will ignite wood chips, regulate the draft.

The ready-made device can function for 7-10 hours. The operating time depends on the diameter of the fire extinguisher.

Smoke generator from tin cans

Tin cans are great for making a simple smoke generator yourself. This cheap way to get a pretty good smoker will appeal to many people.

You will need:

  • Three cylindrical-shaped tin cans: two of the same size, one slightly smaller;
  • Connecting clamps or metal tape;
  • foaming tape;
  • a tee and a nut to fasten it to;
  • a piece of copper tubing with a small diameter;
  • a piece of tubing of larger diameter and length to connect the smoke generator to the smoking cabinet.

Order of assembly of the device:

  1. Clean and dry canning jars.
  2. Connect two cans of the same diameter with an iron clamp or metal band. Cut off the bottom of one of the cans beforehand.
  3. At the bottom of the first jar make holes for igniting fuel and adjusting the draft.
  4. In the bottom of the third, smaller, jar installed tee. From the inside it is secured with a nut. The connection should be very tight and not let air in.
  5. To one side of the tee is mounted with a pipe fitting, the connection is sealed with Fum tape.
  6. Insert the copper tube with one end into the branch pipe so that it protrudes from the other side of the tee for a few centimeters. Seal the entry point. The ejector is ready.
  7. Attach a tube of larger diameter to the second hole of the tee. The smoking chamber will be connected to it.
  8. Pour sawdust or wood chips into the bottom jars to a height of about two-thirds and ignite through the holes.
  9. Close the construction from above with the ejector.
  10. Attach a compressor hose to the other end of the copper tube.

The simple smoke generator is ready.

Note that this device should be installed on a flat surface of non-combustible material, because during the operation of the holes for ignition may fall out of the ash.

Smoke generators of industrial production

If there is no possibility to make the smokehouse yourself, you can consider buying a smokehouse. Numerous stores will help to make a choice, because their range is quite wide. Below are prices for several models for cold smoking from popular manufacturers:

  1. HANHI, Zmei. The price is 9800-10800 rubles. Fuel tank of 10 liters. One load is enough for 10 hours of work. The power of the built in electric heater 1 kW. Availability of filter, thermometer, air coil for smoke cooling.
  2. SmokeOK. The price is 4,700-5,200 rubles. Fuel tank with the volume of 0.5 kg. Material of the body is stainless steel AISI 304. Working time up to 6.5 hours. Availability of compressor and connecting hoses.
  3. UZBI, Smoke Smoke 01M. Price 2800-3900 rubles. One load is enough for 15 hours of work. Presence of the compressor in the complete set.
  4. Smoke 2.0, Smoke House. The price 1440-1800 rub. Tank for fuel with the volume of 2.5 liters. Material – stainless steel, thickness 2 mm. Usage time: 3-6 hours.
  5. Merkel, Premium. The price of 9900-10800 rubles. One load is enough for 12 hours of work. The body material is stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Availability of a filter and a special lighter in the kit.

For a more detailed study of the issue of making smoke generators with their own hands, it is recommended first of all to study similar schemes and drawings on the Internet. On their basis, it is desirable to prepare your documentation, which takes into account all the features of your design. Then the device for smoking, made by you yourself, will turn out high-quality, high-performance and safe.

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