Some interesting ideas for the garage

Useful tools for the garage with their own hands

The garage is not only a place for parking the car. It is also a workshop, and a place of rest, and a club of interests. Therefore, the arrangement of the garage should be convenient and thoughtful. In a small area should be placed a lot of things, and use them should be convenient. This will help homemade for the garage. What people do not do with their own hands. From a basic shelf to a complex device. All this can be made by yourself. But you need to know how. Several ideas for modernizing the garage and a plan for their implementation in the article.

Self-made for the garage: ideas for the arrangement

Equipping a garage is a long process. At once to do everything does not work, You have to constantly modernize something, change, master something new. In this case, mainly use homemade for the garage. It requires less money and even gives pleasure – to mold the necessary thing out of the trash is worth a lot.

Even in a small area you can fit everything

Even in a small area you can put everything

Storage of tires and wheels

Every car owner faces the problem of storing unseasonal “shoes” for the car. Where to put the tires is a sore point. In general, the way you store tires depends on whether they are mounted on rims or not.

Ways to store tires

Ways to store tires

For example, tires and rims can be hung or stored lying flat, stacked on top of each other. To hang a tire you can use luggage straps, chains, or metal rope with a diameter of 4mm or more in a polyethylene sheath. Fasten the straps to the ceiling, wall, to the beam above.

Cable in a polyethylene sheathing, anchors with a ring and clamps for tightening Baggage straps is better to attach to the rings in the ceiling or hooks on the walls Punch into the wall pins long enough, but such that the pin does not stick out beyond the bar will be suitable not only pins, but also a hook with a small bending radius

Another affordable way is to hammer pins or hooks with a small bend radius into the wall. The distance between the hooks is slightly larger than the diameter of the tires. The length of the pins should be such that they do not stick out beyond the tire. You can stuff them almost under the ceiling to fit the wheels.

Tires without rims can only be stored “standing up”. Special shelves are made for them. They are usually welded from profiled pipe. 20*20 mm, maximum 30*30 mm. You can also use an angle. Round tube is inconvenient to weld, but you can make crossbars out of it – the bars are stacked and held better in this case.

The width of the shelf – 4x the width of the tire, plus a reserve of 10-15 cm for some freedom. Rear wall height – just above the outside diameter of the wheel. The design is simple = from the side looks like a rectangular triangle. Having an inverter welder, to weld such a shelf will not be difficult.

Shelf for storing tires – a great homemade shelf for the garage This is a factory version with an inhumane price tag. But you can borrow the idea – crossbars can be rearranged depending on the size of the tires…whether there is a shelf for tires in the garage with limited space. No tires – you can fold the shelf Just welded and painted

Such shelves are usually hung on the wall. But you need to choose a place so that the rubber does not fall on the light – it spoils from this. Not the most complicated self-made items for the garage, but very useful.

The ring spanner, adjustable wrench with their own hands

Working place

Probably the largest number of self-made garage crafts are related to the equipment of the workplace and tool storage systems. And shelves and racks in the garage are not the only way to solve this problem. First of all, you need to decide where the workplace will be located. There are three options:

    The full width of the far wall. If the garage is of sufficient length and there is a possibility to “steal” about 1.5 meters. The advantage – all located compactly, at your fingertips, does not interfere with walking along the car. The disadvantage of this solution – you have to carry the tools far away, if the work is done on the street.

Tabletop and a lot of drawers. The main thing is to remember where something lies Example of compact arrangement of tools and tires in the garage

You can’t count on such fancy furniture, but the idea is clear Option with a small folding table for very cramped garages The main thing is to place the tools correctly

Placing a work table in the corner of the garage and putting a sofa next to it is not a solution to the problem Occupying two adjoining sides is a great idea Another such option

A table or workbench for the garage is made of boards, lined with plywood. Inexpensive, quite reliable. If you have a welder and welding skills, you can weld a frame of angles or profiled pipes. Surround again with moisture-resistant plywood. You get an even surface that is resistant to abrasion. You can, of course, use laminated chipboard, but the laminating layer quickly gets damaged.

U-shaped workbench for your garage

U-shaped workbench for the garage

To make sure the space “does not stray” you can install shelves or make drawers under the table top. Drawers are more convenient, but making them is a hassle. It is quite possible to make shelves and put on them knocked down from plywood drawers. Plastic boxes and baskets will also work. But the walls must be thick.

You can put drawers on the shelves

On the shelves you can put drawers

There is, by the way, a useful idea – to make a rack for storing tools from used canisters. Find those with a handle located on top. Then everything is simple – cut out one of the sides and later this canister is used as a drawer.

Useful and simple garage crafts

Useful and simple homemade items for the garage

It is not necessary to make a whole rack – after all, it is difficult to remember where, what is located. But on the same principle, you can make drawers for shelves. At the ends, by the way, you can glue inscriptions or pictures (with pictures identification is faster). Such self-made items for the garage bring satisfaction – to create a useful thing out of garbage – a pleasant feeling.

Tool storage

The most difficult task is to organize the storage of tools in the garage. It is necessary to make sure that everything is in order, but, at the same time, was at hand and in sight. And closed drawers are suitable only for very organized people who always put in place the taken thing. Otherwise you will be constantly digging in drawers, forgetting where everything is. There are a few ideas for convenient storage of small items and tools. These are quite simple homemade garage supplies.

A simple heater for hand-washing set

Quickly solve the problem will help an ordinary metal mesh. Reinforcing mesh made of 2 mm wire, a cage of 10 cm will do. It is attached to the wall, some of the rods bite off, unbend, make from them hooks, crossbars, etc. You can buy special hooks that are fastened to the grid (available in stores that sell commercial equipment) will do, and ordinary double-sided hooks that you can buy or make from wire.

Grid on the wall - a way to quickly organize the storage of tools

Grid on the wall – a way to quickly organize the storage of tools

Screwdrivers are conveniently stored on a special shelf. Take a board, plywood, 10-15 mm thick. The board should be well sanded – so there were no splinters. Then in the plane drill holes of different diameters in one or two rows. If the board is wide enough, you can make larger holes – for chisels or even for the handles of hammers. All chips are cleaned up again. Now you need to come up with a mount on the wall. You can use an ordinary bracket. Screwdrivers, chisels, other similar material are inserted into the holes. Convenient, quick, everything in sight.

Idea for storing screwdrivers in the garage

Idea for storing screwdrivers in the garage

There are still useful homemade tools for the garage, which allow you to organize the storage of hand tools. Pliers, pliers, wire cutters, etc. to place conveniently problematic. You can hang them on the grid.It is convenient to remove, hang – no. But there is a simple solution – to attach a not wide board and put the tool on it. For it to “sit” comfortably, the board should be cut on one side. In the cut it should look like an isosceles triangle.

Storing hand tools in the garage

Storing hand tools in the garage

Another simple idea for storing cordless tools, chargers and spare batteries for them. Make a shelf like the photo above. Make different sized kerfs in the bottom, and use the top ones as regular shelves. The idea is that everything is in one place, quick to get/set in place. These homemade garage crafts will make the workspace convenient. Maintaining order will be easy.

Homemade Garage Carriers.

Even with very good lighting in the garage itself or outdoors during the day, visibility is very low under the bottom of the car. To illuminate the front of the work use portable lights – carriers. This is the easiest homemade for the garage. With them you can start the epic of arrangement and equipment of the garage space.

The most widespread type of carriers for the garage. Homemade ones are usually made very similar

The most widespread type of carriers for the garage. Homemade ones are usually made very similar

In the simplest version is a cartridge attached to a wire, a small screen with a hook can be attached to it. Such a very uncomplicated thing. You can use regular incandescent or economical light bulbs in a standard socket. Everything is fine, except that these bulbs break very often and you have to find a way to hang them so they shine in a certain place. In general, the design needs improvement. There are a few options for modification.

Unbreakable lamp holder

This plastic bottle shade is great for protecting the fragile bulb of an energy-saving bulb. You can also use an LED bulb, but the incandescent won’t do – it gets too hot. The design is usual – a cord with a plug and a socket on the end.

The main thing is to find a plastic container with translucent milky plastic walls of medium thickness. Transparent will not do – will not scatter light, too thin walls will not save the lamp from strikes. Once you’ve found a suitable vessel, there’s just one little thing left to do:

  • cut a window about 1/4 the diameter of the bottle;
  • trim the neck so that you can insert the lamp, but so that the screwed bulb pressed it to the socket;

Everything is simple, but this plafond allows you to shine brightly just the right area, the rest of the space is flooded with even light, not cutting the eyes.

The carrier of LED recessed lighting

The simplest and most common homemade tools for the garage are portable lamps. Without them it is inconvenient to work not only in the garage pit, but even just on the workbench. You need a flat recessed LED lamp, which can be turned on to 220 V. These models are called “tablets” because of their shape. You also need a cord with a plug, a piece of plastic sill – to embed the light. A piece of window sill in size should be larger than the lamp. Specific dimensions you pick up yourself. Next steps are as follows:

  • In the window sill on one side of the circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the body of the lamp.
  • Regular fixture remove fixture (will be even thinner).

All, homemade carrier is ready. This option for installation on the floor. Movable leg allows you to change the angle. To make it roll over less, you can fix a couple of weights inside the body (in its lower part).

Fasten the cord from the carrier to the ceiling

Conveniences are made up of little things, and very simple homemade garage supplies help with this. For example, you can remove the perpetually tangled underfoot cable from a portable lamp. Portable is usually made with a cheap cable. It is not the most flexible, poorly folded, its coils on the floor get under your feet. In general, it is uncomfortable to use. You can protect yourself and the carrier – hang the cable from the ceiling. The solution is simple, but very effective.

Here is such a “suspension” to the ceiling for carrying you can make with your own hands in an hour

  • Two anchors with a ring at the end.
  • Clamp for cable.
  • Clamping clip.
  • Metal rope. The length depends on the size of the garage – you need from one wall to the other.
  • Steel/plastic rings or steel wire and a piece of pipe to make these rings.
  • A long cable carry – its length is about double the length of the garage.

The cable is stretched along the long side of the garage. More conveniently, close to the “working” wall where the workbench or other equipment is located. There is not much work to be done:

  • On the ceiling on one and the other side at a distance of 30-50 cm from the corner we drill a hole in the ceiling, we screw in the anchors.
  • On one side of the cable is attached to the screed.

In general, everything. It is possible to use. With such a device you can pull the carrier to any end of the garage, the cable is not confused and not clung. Convenient, time requires little.

A compressor for the garage with their own hands

A compressor is needed in any garage. And, by the way, it is not the most complicated self-made for the garage. Low-power compressor for a garage for pumping tires and other minor work can be done with his own hands from utility materials. For example, from a compressor from a refrigerator. For this you will need:

  • a compressor from a refrigerator;
  • A sealed cylinder with thick walls (you can use a bulb from a fire extinguisher or a small gas cylinder);
  • safety valve for 8 atm;
  • pressure gauge;
  • nipples;
  • oxygen hoses with couplings (length you choose based on the size of your parts);
  • Base for the compressor – a thick board or a piece of plywood will do.

In order not to pump any crap into the tires, it is desirable to put more filter – to separate oils, dust and other impurities. Scheme of a homemade compressor is shown in the photo.

Scheme of a homemade compressor

Scheme of a homemade compressor

The compressor must be with a starter. It is included in the network, let’s see in what tube the air is sucked, mark it. You can put a car filter on it – it will pump clean air.

From the cylinder and the safety valve we assemble a receiver-oil separator. For this purpose we cut two nipples into the cylinder – for air inlet and outlet. At the inlet we put a safety valve to it with the help of an oxygen hose connect the compressor output.

Makeshift compressor for a garage on the basis of the compressor from the refrigerator

Self-made compressor for a garage on the basis of the compressor from the refrigerator.

At the outlet of the receiver-oil separator put another car oil filter – to remove the oil finally. The filter connects to the pressure gauge and from it comes a hose which is connected to the bus through an appropriate adapter.

The assembly is finished. But in order to carry this device conveniently, everything should be somehow secured. You can weld a frame to size, attach wheels and a handle – for easy transportation. One option of compressor for pumping wheels is described in the video. There is no receiver, but its function is performed by oil filter. You can do and so, but with a receiver the construction is more reliable.

Since the compressor in the refrigerator is low-powered, it can take a long time to pump the wheels. You can make it more powerful by installing two compressors, which will start simultaneously. Accordingly, the pressure will be pressurized twice as fast. But such an installation requires a more solid safety group. Such homemade units require a little more equipment, since the scheme is still more complex.

30 Best Examples of Garage Space Organization

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The garage is not only a shelter for storing your car, but also a multipurpose center for storing a lot of things: gardening equipment, sports items, tools and other little things . Organizing your garage space can be a lengthy process, but it will help bring order to the chaos for good.

Tired of the clutter and hours spent looking for a Phillips head screwdriver? Take a look at these 30 best practices that can help you quickly and easily put things in order. Using plywood or recycled materials, you can maximize space and keep all your tools organized.

Magnetic Holder.

Glue metal washers to the bottoms of plastic containers, it will make storing little things much easier.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Vertical storage

Use plywood panels with drilled holes to store your tools. This is very handy.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Organizing glue and auxiliary tools

Simple shelf design to organize glue, brushes, paper towels and other accessories.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Organizing sanding discs

To greatly reduce the time it takes to find the right grinding wheel, make a similar shelf with grit designations

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Metal grid

The easiest way to organize small tools is to use metal mesh attached to a wooden base.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Folding workbench

Make a folding workbench that will save a lot of space in your garage or workshop.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Hanging rack.

Use chain and stud and nuts to create a versatile hanging shelving unit.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Mobile Workshop

With a mobile workshop like this, your most needed tools will always be at your fingertips.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Magnetic Holder.

Use a magnetic knife holder to place small items such as – drills, keys, bits and other things. And you don’t have to dig through the drawer.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Basket mount

With just a few pieces of wood, drawers will no longer take up valuable space in the garage. It also allows for better access to each drawer.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Garbage bag holder

Why didn’t I think of this before? Use a paper towel holder to conveniently place trash bags.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Tin cans

Use tin cans to store small items.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Organize chairs.

Make brackets out of wood to place garden chairs on the wall. And they won’t get in the way under your feet anymore.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Use jars

Jars with a lid attached to the bottom of the shelf will help you conveniently store screws, self-tapping screws, nuts and other small items.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Rubber Cord

A simple rubber cord will help keep sports balls organized.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Storing duct tape

Duct tape is the kind of thing that’s always hard to find, it’s never there. If you have the materials and basic woodworking skills, you can make this handy container, can be used both in the garage and in the workshop.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Organizing oversized materials

The plastic grid is great for storing pipes, baseboards, profiles and other oversized materials.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Shelving under the ceiling

Regardless of the size of your garage, there never seems to be enough room. Use the space under the ceiling and make hanging shelving to store things you rarely use there.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Screwdriver shelf.

It’s always nice to know where your tools are. This project will help you put all your screwdrivers in one place.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Using PVC pipes in an unconventional way

Use PVC pipes of different diameters that organize tools in your workshop or garage.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Brush storage

A handy option for organizing brushes in your garage.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Wheelbarrow Storage

Probably everyone who has a wheelbarrow has faced the problem of storing it. We have a solution. Install two pawls on the wall and you won’t have any more problems.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization


Organize separate storage areas in the garage. Separate for the garden, tools, parts and more.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Organize your garden tools

With this design, you will be able to conveniently place garden tools.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Ladder storage

With a similar design, you can easily free up space in the garage and place the ladder under the ceiling.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Hose storage

Hoses and wires are the most ungrateful things in the garage that are difficult to store. Such a structure made of PVC pipes will help to cope with this problem.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Wooden shelving unit.

Try to make a similar simple and multi-functional rack for any type of tools.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Storing fishing rods

When the season ends, where do you store your fishing rods? You can buy a special rack or make your own from an iron grid.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

The rack is a book.

You can use sheets of plywood or perforated board and canopies to make a convenient structure with quick access to tools.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

Perforated board

Use perforated boards to easily place tools. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to organize your workspace.

30+ Lifehacks for garage organization

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