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Replacement of spark plugs on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Replacement of spark plugs on the Volkswagen Polo sedan is mandatory during the maintenance of the car. This article raises the issue of installing original products and analogs. Attention is paid to the moments in which it is necessary to replace the failed consumables. At the end of the publication, the results are traditionally summarized.

Rules of replacement of spark plugs

It has become customary that one of the problems of the Volkswagen Polo has become the notorious spark plugs, which are an important component of the power unit. On their quality depends on the work of the power unit. Change spark plugs in two cases:

  • When the spark plugs fail.

The manufacturer recommends changing the spark plugs every 30 thousand km of vehicle’s exploitation.

Taking into consideration the state of our roads, quality of fuel and aggressive driving, it is possible to replace the plugs earlier than planned, tentatively after driving 15-20 thousand km.

Vehicles equipped with HBO must check the state of spark plugs after 10 thousand km of run time.

Now about the signs indicating unstable operation:

  • The car jerks while driving.
  • The engine is trembling and has lost its power.
  • Increased fuel consumption.

Having detected the above signs, the driver should check the condition of the spark plugs. When checking them, it is necessary to carefully inspect them for cracks on the body, or delamination of the insulator.

Experts advise replacing spark plugs with a set. But the question arises, what to put: the original or analog?

Article numbers of candles

The manufacturer advises to use the original products with the following indicators:

  • With a spark gap of 1.0-1.1 mm.
  • With a thread size of M 14×1,25.
  • With a caliber number of 6-7.
  • With a thread size of 19 mm.
  • And torque – 25 Nm.
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The use of analog products is allowed, these include the following world manufacturers’ products:

Name Article number
VAG (original) 101 905 617 C
Bosch 0 242 236 565, 0 242 236 566
NGK 5960
Denso KJ20DR-M11

These are time-tested companies which have been supplying goods to the Russian automobile market for a long time. They have a minimum of complaints and a reasonable pricing policy.

Tools and materials

In order to remove the plugs, you need to prepare a replacement set and a number of tools:

  • a spark plug wrench #16;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • torque wrench;
  • a stiff brush for stripping.

Replacement of spark plugs on Polo

Removing and installing spark plugs is performed only on a cold engine.

Initially, thoroughly clean all parts. The goal: to prevent debris from entering the combustion chamber.

  1. Remove the plastic protection by pushing on the latches located on both sides. Inside there are four ignition coils and a low voltage wire. All of these are to be removed.
  2. To disassemble the coil, you need a special tool, which is available at service centers. We’ll have to work carefully with a screwdriver, slipping it under the part and prying to remove the structure.
  3. After tearing off all the coils, the wires are removed. Pressing the catch, as shown in the picture, you can easily remove the terminal with the wires.
  4. The coils are removed. The point of contact is checked. Pay attention to the connector. Remove dirt and oxidation. In this way, you will avoid coil failure.
  5. The next step is extraction. We work with a spark plug wrench. Again, pay attention to their condition. There should be no signs of soot, traces of combustible material and oil on the plugs.
  6. Install the new set in the reverse order.

Experts recommend to screw in new plugs by hands. Why not immediately with a screwdriver? There is a risk that it will not go on the threads. Then there will be a chance to try again.

Tighten with a torque of 25 Nm.

It is important not to over tighten. Ignoring this torque will damage the internal cylinder threads.

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Removing and installing spark plugs (video)

In conclusion

Replacement of plugs on Polo is done. The work can be carried out in your garage or in the warm season right outside. In addition to moral satisfaction, you will significantly save the family budget. You will forget about the difficulty of starting the power unit, increased fuel consumption. And the unpleasant phenomenon, such as loss of engine power. Good luck on roads, take care of yourself!

Spark plugs on Polo Sedan

Original spark plugs on the Polo Sedan have a factory part number 101905617C, the average price – 400 rubles/piece, or 04C905616A, 390 rubles apiece. This difference is due to the fact that depending on the modification of the engine candles have a different length of thread and a slightly different caliber number.

The NGK (Japan) and Bosch (Germany) supply these plugs to the VAG assembly line. Direct analog of the manufacturer is the spark plug number ZFR6T-11G (aka NGK 5960 ), the price – 220 rubles. for the first and 0241135515 (320 rub./pc.) for the second.

Spark plugs Polo Sedan 1.6

On the VW Polo Sedan 1.6, depending on the engine installed on it (CFNA, CFNB, CWVA, CWVB) put two different spark plugs.

In the CWVA and CWVB engines with VAG part number 04C905616 . They are nickel-plated, have a single side electrode, screw-in torque of 23 Nm. Similar plugs can also be found under the article number 04C905616A (from Bosch). True, they will differ in caliber (7 vs. 6 in the factory), due to the fact that the winters are less severe in Europe.

In the cold season (or in cold climate latitudes) drivers recommend to use “hotter” plugs, that is where the caliber number is lower (04C905616), and in hotter conditions “cooler” plugs will do – VAG 04C905616A (in Bosch catalog Y6LER02).

In addition to these plugs, for CWVA and CWVB, the manufacturer also produces the original spare part under the VAG 04C905616D (in the Bosch catalog Y7LER02), as well as with the index “A” have an increased service life (Long Life).

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Spark plugs VAG 04C905616

Spark plugs VAG 04C905616D

On the Polo Sedan with CFNA and CFNB engines, the manufacturer installs plugs under the mention 101905617C or VAG 101905601F, which are also original. These are also the usual nickel one-pin plugs, screwed in with a tightening torque of 28 Nm.

The difference between the two models of parts is the manufacturer. The first ones are 101905617C produced by NGK (direct analogue is ZFR6T-11G, or other coding – 5960, price – 230 rubles/pc). The second, 101905601F is produced by Bosch (Germany), price – 370 rubles/piece. The recommended, closest analogue of the original candle manufacturer – 0242236565 (aka FR7HC+), price – 180 rubles/pc.

Original VAG spark plugs 101905617C

Original spark plugs VAG 101905617C

Original VAG 101905601F spark plugs

Original spark plugs VAG 101905601F

Both models of the original spark plugs have a nickel electrode as well as the “Long Life” marking. This technology allows the nickel spark plugs to have a slightly longer life.

Size of original Polo Sedan spark plugs

Item number Engines Length of thread, mm Thread diameter, mm Wrench size Clearance, mm Calculation number Material of central electrode Resistance
04C905616, 04C905616A CWVA, CWVB 19 12 16 1.0 6 / 7 nickel 1 kOhm
01905601F, 101905617C CFNA, CFNB 19 14 16 1.1 6 nickel 1.2 kOhm

What are the analogs?

You can also install spark plugs with iridium or platinum electrode to increase the service life. The most popular among the drivers of Polo Sedan with CFNA, CFNB engines – iridium IK20TT, from DENSO (Japan). Price – 540 rubles/piece. Also with the installation of this part drivers note a slight improvement in the engine dynamics. The spark plug with iridium electrode can be used up to 90 thousand km mileage.

You can also use spark plugs with a platinum electrode. In terms of performance, they are almost the same as the iridium ones. At least, drivers have not noted any fundamental differences. The most popular model of platinum spark plugs for the Polo Sedan is 0242236566 from Bosch . The average price – 380 rubles/pc.

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As practice shows, the spark plugs in the original VAG packages are overpriced, because they are more expensive than their direct counterparts by an average of 2 times. Therefore you can use proven substitutes:

  • KJ20DR-M11. Produced by DENSO. Price – 190 rubles/piece. Resistance index is slightly higher than the original – 4.5 kOhm. Has a lot of positive feedback;
  • 97237 . Company- manufacturer – NGK. Price – 190 rubles/piece. Of the features of this model worth mentioning is the use of technology V-Line, in which the central electrode has a V-shaped form. Such design provides better ignition of the mixture as compared to conventional nickel electrodes. Their characteristics are identical to the original;
  • Z 272 . Manufactured by BERU (Germany). Price – 160 rubles/piece. This model can be attributed to the budget class. According to all parameters (gap, electrode size, resistance) is almost identical to the original spark plug. Also many owners of Polo Sedan give good feedback about this part.

DENSO KJ20DR-M11 spark plugs

DENSO KJ20DR-M11 spark plugs

NGK spark plugs 97237

NGK spark plugs 97237

Spark plugs BERU Z 272

Spark plugs BERU Z 272

But for CWVA and CWVB engines the only way to replace them with more modern ones are original platinum spark plugs from VAG – 04E905601B, the price – 720 rubles/pc. With analogs too tight, there is only option to install the original directly from the manufacturer.

  • In fact it is analogous to original manufacturer – 0241135515 , Bosch, price – 320 rub/pc. In fact, it is an analogue of the original 04C905616A. It is worth remembering that the original part and its analogues are not always of the same quality.
  • 0241140519 , Bosch, Price – 290 rubles/pc. Direct analog of original 04C905616.
  • 96596 , manufacturer NGK, price – 300 rubles/pc. The same goes under the article number ZKER6A-10EG. This model has a rather specific design – copper core in the side electrode and cup-shaped contact terminal.

Bosch 0241140519 spark plugs

NGK 96596 spark plugs

Bosch spark plugs 0241135515

Spark plugs for Polo Sedan – which is better?

If we talk about choosing the highest quality option (without regard to the price category), the best option would be iridium DENSO IK20TT – for CFNA, CFNB engines. Moreover, they are not much more expensive than regular plugs. If you need something from the price/quality segment, then this is a part from NGK, for all types of engines. For CWVA and CWVB engines, the original platinum 04E905601B will be the best option, which will allow you to change them much less frequently.

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When to change spark plugs

According to the rules of the maintenance of the Polo Sedan replacement of spark plugs on the engines CWVA and CWVB must be performed every 60 thousand kilometers. mileage, and on the engines CFNA and CFNB – every 30 thousand kilometers. Candles with platinum or iridium electrodes can drain up to 80-90 km. When installing these spark plugs it is recommended after driving 60,000 km to check them at each subsequent service.

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