Specifications of Volkswagen Polo liftback 2020

The new liftback Volkswagen Polo: equipment and prices

The new Volkswagen Polo liftback: equipment and prices

Igor Vladimirsky

Volkswagen Polo liftback is ready to enter the Russian market: the price list is published, and dealers have opened the reception of orders. We have already talked in detail about this car, but in short, the new Polo from Kaluga is the twin brother of Skoda Rapid: now they have the same five-door body (with a trunk on 530 liters), and the main differences are reduced to design, interior design and equipment.

Technique remains the same – an atmospheric 1.6 MPI (90 or 110 hp) paired with “manual” or six-speed “automatic” Aisin, as well as turbocharged 1.4 TSI (125 hp) with seven-speed DSG preselective “robot”. There are four options to choose from, and they are not the same as the Rapid variants. And in addition the 90 hp engine is combined only with two kits, whereas with Rapid – with all of them.

Specification 1.6 MPI (90 hp) MT5 1.6 MPI (110 hp) MT5 1.6 MPI (110 hp) MT6 1.4 TSI (125 hp) DSG7
Origin 792,900 rubles
Respect 837 900 rub. 877 900 rub. 927,900 RUB
Status 971 900 rub. 1 021 900 rub. 1 069 900 rub.
Exclusive 1 111 900 rub. 1 161 900 rub. 1 209 900 rub.

The new Polo has two airbags, stabilization system, four power windows (vs. two for Rapid), media system with 6,5 inches diagonal screen, diode headlights with dipped beam and taillights, separated backrest of a rear sofa, and 15-inch steel wheels. And there are no factory options for such Polo: you can not even order an air conditioner.

It is in Respect version. And in addition – electric drive and heating of mirrors, heated front seats and washer jets. The Rapid in the second configuration Active is deprived of such “winter” set (it is offered at extra charge).

Volkswagen Polo in Status – a climate control, leather steering wheel with buttons and heating, cruise control, rear center armrest and alloy wheels. And in the Exclusive version, virtual instruments, media system with eight-inch screen, LED headlights, front and rear parktronic, light and rain sensors, electric windshield heating, button start the engine, keyless access system, expanded chrome trim and rear disc brakes (although cars with turbo engine also have them in Status configuration) are added.

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It is interesting that Polo is not necessarily more expensive than Skoda! For example, prices for Rapid with an automatic start from 933 thousand roubles, and two-pedal Polo Respect costs from 928 thousand and is equipped a little richer. But Skoda is 20-40k more profitable in richer options. Dealers expect the new Polo in the second half of June, whereas the restyled Rapids have already started showing up for sale.

General information about the liftback Volkswagen Polo New

General information and review of the 2020 Volkswagen Polo liftback

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This model of the German manufacturer is not leaving the highways of different countries of the world since 1975. Its popularity among drivers is due to its good technical characteristics, reliability in operation and affordable price. Concern VAG almost annually updates the popular model, improving its performance, improving the comfort inside the cabin. Let us tell you what is the Volkswagen Polo new sample 2020.


The Volkswagen Polo is a B-class car. The car feels itself confidently in the car market for six generations. Its popularity is evidenced by dry figures of statistics. The model is steadily in the top ten sold cars in Europe and Russia.

In 2019 in the showrooms of official dealers Volkswagen Polo was sold 56102 cars, which brought her an honorable sixth place in the list.

However, competition in the market forces manufacturers from Wolfsburg to look for new moves to promote their products. As a consequence of this policy, the appearance in 2020 of a familiar stranger, the Volkswagen Polo in a modified liftback body. This model, as well as the previous one in the sedan body, is assembled at the automobile plant in Kaluga. This fact means that the assembly will use parts and components adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of our country.

Photo of the Volkswagen Polo (side and rear)

Photo Volkswagen Polo (side and rear)

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Specifications and equipment

Let’s start the review by listing the parameters of the Volkswagen Polo:

  • dimensions: 4483x1706x1484 mm;
  • wheelbase: 2602 mm;
  • ground clearance: 170 mm;
  • luggage space: 550 л;
  • fuel tank capacity: 55 l;
  • weight of VW Polo: 1185 kg;
  • curb weight: 1640 kg;
  • maximum payload: 455 kg.

Focusing on changing the appearance of the car, the manufacturers have left under the hood of the former power plant.

The table shows the technical characteristics of the new FV Polo.

The car uses the family platform of the concern VAG PQ25, proven on several models. Paired with a more powerful motor of 125 horses works robotized gearbox DSG7. Other units of Volkswagen Polo interact with manual five-speed gearbox or six-speed automatic.

Functional equipment of the Polo liftback

Functional equipment of Polo liftback


Manufacturers offer buyers in car dealerships Volkswagen Polo four types of model kitting:

  • Origin;
  • Respect;
  • Status;
  • Exclusive.

Even with the basic equipment the car looks quite decent. Let’s list the noteworthy options of the Origin package:

  1. Two front airbags.
  2. LED lighting in the front and rear of the car.
  3. The system of monitoring the pressure in the tires.
  4. Multimedia system with Android Auto/Apple CarPla via Bluetooth and four speakers.
  5. Safety systems ESP, ABS.
  6. Brackets for installing child seats.
  7. Side mirrors with integrated turn signal repeaters.
  8. Control of multimedia system on steering wheel.
  9. Electric window lifters for four doors.

More advanced equipment options include Composition audio system with 6 speakers and a large screen, heated windshield, climate and cruise control.

Trunk of the new Polo liftback


German manufacturers have decided on a risky thing: releasing a new model of Volkswagen Polo as a copy of their relative in the model line Skoda Rapid. How much this step is justified – future sales will show. Exactly for this reason the exterior and interior of VW Polo reminds Czech car.

Profile photo of the new silver VW Polo liftback

A photo of new silver liftback Volkswagen Polo in profile

OEM multimedia VW Polo Liftback 2021


The instrument panel is a repetition of the “rapid” torpedo. In the basic equipment it is decorated with a 6.5-inch multimedia display. The top configuration will get an 8.25″ monitor.

In general, the interior of the Volkswagen Polo remains German-inspired and laconic. The finishing materials: fabrics on the seats, plastic belong to the budget segment. The assembly is made well, but not more than that, the original design in the design is not observed. The finishing materials of the seats vary depending on the configuration of the car.

Among the differences of the updated model of the sixth generation of Volkswagen Polo is the steering wheel, borrowed from the eighth generation Golf, as well as the shape of the original air ducts.

Due to the increase in size the interior of Volkswagen Polo became more spacious, especially it will be noticed by back row passengers by appearing space between the seats. Changes in dimensions positively affected the luggage compartment: its volume increased to 550 liters. For cars of this class it is a very good indicator.

Photo of interior of Volkswagen Polo (Volkswagen Polo) liftback

Photo of the interior of the Volkswagen Polo (Volkswagen Polo) liftback



In the exterior of the Volkswagen Polo changes are much more. The main change is another body, a liftback. Such an innovation entailed an increase in the size of the body parts.

A new emblem of VAG concern, developed in 2019, appeared on the Volkswagen Polo sample 2020. It features a new design of the placement of the main letters of the people’s car – VW.

The classic style of the exterior of the German car was decorated with LED optics. This type of lighting has completely replaced the halogen lamps. Changed, as seen in the photos of Volkswagen Polo, the appearance of the radiator grille, which gave the front of the car a slightly aggressive expression.

For lovers of out-of-town trips the good news will be the increase in clearance to 17 mm, which is 7 mm more than the previous modification.

Appearance of Polo 2020 liftback

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Body colors

When buying a car enthusiast will have to face the problem: what body color of the Volkswagen Polo he will choose. VAG offers the following types of colors of the car:

  • silver – Reflex;
  • gray – Tungsten;
  • Blue – Night Blue;
  • red – Wild Cherry;
  • Orange – Cooper Orange;
  • brown – Toffee;
  • Beige – Titanium;
  • Grey – Urano;
  • White – Pure;
  • yellow – Savanna;
  • Pearl Black – Deep.

Note that the last four types do not have a metallic finish. The car looks especially good, if you believe the photo Volkswagen Polo (Volkswagen Polo) in the new body, in white, red, black, brown colors.

Blue interior photo of Volkswagen Polo (VW Polo)

Photo of the car Volkswagen Polo (VW Polo) in blue color

Safety and reliability

According to the existing tradition for this model, the car has a high level of safety. Repeated tests in the crash-tests NCAAP led to the highest rating – 5 stars.

The new liftback also perfectly protects the occupants. The car is already equipped in the basic version:

  • two front airbags;
  • anti-lock braking and dynamic stabilization systems ABS, ESP;
  • tire pressure monitoring system;
  • ISOFIX child seat locks;
  • immobilizer.

The richer options are equipped with side airbags, rain and light sensors. Purchase of protective curtains is possible for a fee.

2020 Polo liftback optics

Photo of the optics of the new VW Polo 2020

Advantages and disadvantages

The appearance of the updated VW Polo 2020 caused mixed reactions among motorists. Summarizing the reviews of the car Volkswagen Polo, we got the following picture.

Positive aspects of the model:

  • The exterior has become more attractive;
  • large and comfortable trunk;
  • spacious interior;
  • Fashionable effective optics made of LEDs;
  • multimedia system in the top-grade configuration of a good class;
  • high level of safety;
  • reliable car.

To the disadvantages of the liftback car enthusiasts refer a conservative look of the interior and not the best trim materials, the lack of new engines, the undeveloped appearance of the car’s stern.

However, we should not forget about the cost of Polo 2020. It is quite accessible to a wide range of motorists. The consequence of this is the budget interior design.

Comparison with Polo liftback competitors: Rio, Rapid, Vesta, Solaris

Photo of Volkswagen Polo in color beige titanium metallic

Problems and sorenesses of Volkswagen Polo 2020

Few reviews of car owners about the car Volkswagen Polo new sample does not yet allow to make a true picture of the typical sorenesses of this model.

Recall what disadvantages suffered cars of the sixth generation:

  1. Defect of pistons on the CFNA 1.6 liter 105 hp motor due to insufficient lubrication.
  2. Poor noise isolation.
  3. Fast wear and tear of transmission mounts.
  4. Defective stabilizer rods and bushings.
  5. Unstable operation of electrical window lifters.
  6. Oxidation of ABS sensor contacts.

As stated by the manufacturers, they have carried out work on bugs with the cars of previous generations on the weaknesses of the Volkswagen Polo sedan.

This model of the German concern is loved by car enthusiasts in our country. How the car will prove itself in the new body will show time and reviews of owners of Volkswagen Polo. Below there will be videos about the new Volkswagen Polo, reviews of owners about it are given, all the minuses and pluses of the model.

The author of the following video saw the new Polo as a redesigned Skoda Rapid:

Why the Volkswagen Polo is not a Volkswagen, learn from this video:

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