Stop light bulb replacement Chevrolet Lacetti video instruction

Chevrolet Lacetti sedan brake light bulb change

During the operation of the car usually burns bulbs. Changing them with your own hands is simple enough, since it does not require additional technological intervention, and you can do it without car service workers.

The video will show how to easily and simply replace the brake light bulb on the Chevrolet Lacetti

Replacement process

To change the brake light bulb on the Chevrolet Lacetti there is no need to go to a car service, it can be done quite simply by yourself, in your garage. Let’s proceed directly to conducting the process:

Install the lamp landing place, and screw it with screws.

Selecting the part

The Chevrolet Lacetti has a very large selection of lamps for use in the rear brake lights. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Lamps used in Chevrolet Lacetti cars

Chevrolet Lacetti stop light bulb replacement

Today we will change the stop light bulb on the Lacetti. I have prepared a video material to simplify the work. If you need a step by step replacement, check out the page below.

Step by step stop light bulb replacement Chevrolet Lacetti

Open the trunk and remove the two screws on the headlight with a Phillips screwdriver.

Locations of the two screws are marked with arrows.

Hand grip the headlamp (top and bottom) and pull it out of the guides. Do this very carefully.

The brake light bulb is in the upper bulb holder. To remove the cartridge, turn it counterclockwise and pull it out toward you.

4) Remove the blown bulb from the socket and put in a new bulb.

5. Insert the cartridge and fix it by turning it clockwise.

6. Take the headlamp in hands and put it back. In order to do this correctly, locate the lugs in the guides.

On the photo below the guides and lugs are marked.

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7. Tighten the two screws which fix the headlight.

What brake light bulb do I get in Chevrolet Lacetti?

Marking of the brake light bulb: P21/5W.

Chevrolet Lacetti manual

Chevrolet Lacetti Change the Light Bulb in the Supplementary Brake Signal

The work is done when replacing the bulb or the auxiliary light itself. On a sedan, the auxiliary brake light is mounted on the rear parcel shelf; on a hatchback, it is mounted on the tailgate. On a sedan, open the trunk and fasten the brakes on the tailgate.

open the trunk and use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the four screws that secure the auxiliary brake light.

In the passenger compartment, use a screwdriver to pry the locks of the auxiliary signal out of the rear shelf trim.

Pressing on the locking pad, disconnect the signal wiring harness from the wiring harness.

Phillips screwdriver unscrew the two screws

and remove the signal housing from the visor.

By squeezing the four catches, remove the bulb holder.

Remove the bulb from the holder. Install the new W5W bulb in reverse order. On vehicles with hatchback body

open the tailgate, pry up the edge of the upper door trim with your hand

and remove the trim, disengaging its four catches from the door panel.

Remove the bulb from its holder. Install the new W5W bulb in reverse order. If you need to remove the bulb holder

Disconnect the holder’s wiring harness from the wiring harness. To remove the additional signal housing

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two self-tapping screws. Install the auxiliary brake light in reverse order. Removing the light

Replacing the Chevrolet Lacetti sedan brake light bulb

Finally changed the bulb in the auxiliary brake light. The middle one of the 5 bulbs burned out. The procedure is not very complicated, but in view of the noise was not very easy to find the mounting bolts in the trunk (I have the shelf is noisy).

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Found a good manual with pics from the trunk, which helped me figure out where to pick up the noise to get to the bolts.

Just in case the article on the link is missing – I’m adding a picture of it with the location of the bolts to my entry. It was very helpful to me in view of the noise.

The only thing I want to tweak/add to/from the article(s): 1. The stop itself in the cabin is on snaps: 3 in the front by the rear window, and 1 in the back (rounded, looking into the cabin) in the center. To unlatch the brake light in the cabin (first unscrewing screws from the trunk) – you need to push on the center bottom of the stop in the direction of the stele. That will release the rear latch, free the back of the body and the front latches will be easy to get.

Video and photo report on replacing the bulbs in the optional stop light Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback. With their own hands, this procedure is not difficult to carry out completely, and of the tools used will need only a Phillips screwdriver.

In general, the hose on my car tore from the connector washer rear window, and before that one after the other two of the five bulbs in the extra brake light burned out. So it was decided to get on with the job and fix both problems at once.

The first thing to do is to visit an auto store and buy regular 12VW5W bulbs.

When buying I can give you two pieces of advice:

  1. The Lachetti has no self-diagnostics on this circuit, so if you have an overwhelming desire to replace these bulbs with LED bulbs, there will be no problem.
  2. If you have one bulb or two burned out on your car, still buy and replace all five pieces. They are not expensive, but it will protect you from having to go in there again in a couple of weeks and change the next bulbs.
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So, we put our hand under the fifth door trim.

Pull it down and you’ve got it in your hand. Put it aside.

As you can see, the trim is held in place by four brackets. They usually do not break during installation/dismantling. But if you have a problem, this page shows almost all of the clips and brackets that are used.

Then there are two ways to go. You can remove the lamp bar right away, or you can unscrew just two screws and remove the brake light assembly. It is better to take the second way because firstly, it is more convenient, and secondly, you can look if our rear window washer line does not leak. It is a known problem of hatchbacks for a long time and many people do not understand why they have water on the floor of a saloon or a trunk. In especially sad cases, the tube in the rubber pipe to the fifth door bursts and floods not only the body, but also the electrical connectors, which leads to quite serious problems. The most common problem is that the engine won’t stop even when the ignition is turned off. And in order for it to stop you have to open the door…

So you unscrew the two screws

And pull the brake light toward you. Be careful not to tear the wires.

We can see that the hose is torn from the connector. Next I will put it back on and tighten it with a plastic wire tie.

And now we disconnect the connector.

To do that, you push on the lock and disconnect it.

That’s how we’re left with it.

And here’s our extra stop light

To remove the bar with bulbs, you just need to squeeze the locks on one side…

And pull the strip with the bulbs out of the housing of the additional brake light

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It’s up to you. I put a contact protection agent on the contacts

You can not do this, but I always try to do it when assembling elements of electrical equipment. Especially in my case everything is very well covered with antifreeze from the washer. So it is necessary to protect the contacts from oxidation.

Do the same with the connector.

Next, we put the new bulbs in, connect the connector, close the fifth door, go inside and press the brake pedal. Make sure all the lights are on…

…and put everything back together in the reverse order.

Here’s a video on Replacing the bulbs in the Lachetti hatchback’s auxiliary stop light

Replacing the brake light bulb on the Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback body is quite simple, if you know a few subtleties and follow certain rules. The fact is that the mounting of the tail light on the Lachetti in this body is made non-standard and this can confuse those who are engaged in the replacement for the first time.

How to replace a brake light bulb on a Lachetti hatchback

The same P21/5W lamps are used in the rear lights of the Lachetti for the brake light and the parking lights.

Bulb type. The photo shows the old (burned out) and new bulb.

The socket is standard and there is no problem to disassemble the lamp. It is enough to turn the lamp counterclockwise and pull it towards you. The main difficulty is to get to the socket. Many people try to carry out the replacement, removing the trim, although it is completely unnecessary to do so.

Algorithm of replacement

Here is a step-by-step instruction of dismantling the tail light and replacing the bulbs on the Lacetti hatchback body:

  1. Remove the minus terminal from the battery.
  2. Open the trunk lid.

Opened trunk lid.

Places of fixation of the additional brake light housing.

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  1. On the side of the fender, the light is fixed with two pin locks, which go into the plastic pistols. This is what causes difficulties for most motorists.
  2. To disengage the pins, you must use a screwdriver with a flat spline. Theoretically, the clips will disengage if you pry the lamp from the side of the fender with a screwdriver and move it counterclockwise.
  3. However, in most cases it is quite difficult to do without damaging the paint on the fender. To protect the paint on the fender and to apply the necessary force to move the lamp back, you need to put a rag, a piece of soft plastic, a piece of rubber between the fender and the screwdriver. Now you can safely slide the lamp to the side of the trunk.
  4. There is another way to remove the taillight. After unscrewing the two self-tapping screws on the trunk side, move the internal part of the lamp towards yourself and slip a rope between the body and the lamp. Pulling the rope by both ends toward you, the clamps are disengaged and the lantern slides. You just have to make sure the lamp doesn’t break and fall down.

Disassembling the lamp from the housing

The bulbs in the brake light are most likely stuck. It is necessary to carefully remove them.

After disassembling the lamp, twist the brake light bulb itself counterclockwise, press it and take it out of the brake light housing. Then, pushing the bulb, twist it counterclockwise until it stops and take it out of the housing.

Install the new bulb, and reassemble in the reverse order. Good luck to all and sunny roads!

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