Summary of Passat B5 Suspension: Description, Silentblock Replacement

Replacing the silent blocks of the rear strut VW Passat B5 (3B)

Sooner or later any hub needs to be repaired or replaced. In this case, the silentblocks rear beam VW Passat b5. I think that how to poddomkratte cars and remove the wheel and make safe to write process is not worth it … for if you do not know it is better not to get into it!

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

1) Beam is attached to two brackets.In the brackets are actually and silentblocks.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

2) Remove the brackets better in easier not to knock the position of the beam so then do not go to the lap-unloading It will take two wrenches to 21mm (or sockets on 21mm if you can get there under them) Bracket to the body bolts are attached, which unscrew the head to 18mm.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

3) Now for the replacement of the bushing.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

You can certainly buy ready-made brackets with silentblocks … but it is more expensive and not so interesting. Therefore bought the silentblocks separately from the brackets. they will install.

4) to remove the old one, you need to make two cuts with a there was a stop.for extrude silentblock can only one side.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

5) Press out with a press. The bushing should pick up on the outside diameter … in my case from the front hub bearing Hyundai Getz

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

6) Clean the seating surface and press the new bushing with the same cage.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5
Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

Press into the bracket according to the same position as the old one.

To press the new bushing into place press the same way as it was before.

Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

and then bolt the beam to the bracket! The final bolt I advise tighten after the car will stand on the wheels…access is enough…so silentblocks will live longer! Do the same thing on the other side.

Time needed for both sides was 2 hours. Spent for two silentblocks 1500 rubles instead of 5-7 thousand which are complete with brackets… Maybe someone can use my topic.

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Replacing silent blocks of VW Passat B5

If you can’t find info on your car – look it up on cars built on the platform of your car. There is a good chance the repair and maintenance information will work for your car as well.

VW Passat B5 Suspension: Weaknesses and Strengths + Silent Blocks Replacement

VW Passat B5 Suspension: Weaknesses and Strengths + Cylinder Block Replacement

The fifth generation Passat B5 started rolling off the assembly line in 1996. The line is unified with the Audi A4 and A6, which gave the opportunity to equip the car with an updated, reinforced engine .

The suspension of the Passat B5 can withstand up to 150-170 thousand km. After 180,000 km there are problems with shock absorbers, after 200,000 km – with arms of frontal assembly.

The service life of original repair kit after replacement is not less than 100 000 km. The Chinese analogs rarely break the 40,000 km barrier. The price of 8-lever replacement kit is 15-30 thousand rubles.

Tasks and description of the assembly

Parts of the suspension of the FV Passat B5 provide synchronization between the body and the wheels, with a transformation to the latter elements of the torque. The node is designed to level out dynamic and vibration impacts and improve vehicle directional stability with a smoother ride.

The main part of the B5 suspension is the beam of transverse type, with which the engine is mated through special supports. On the front part there are levers (4 pieces), which reduce the vibrations transmitted to the body. The design is completed by spring cylinders with built-in shock absorbers. Fixation of the strut is made on the upper bracket, the lower part – on the lever crosspiece. Transmission of torsional torque to the wheels is accomplished through the drive shaft joints. This assembly includes the inner part, the CV joint, and the center element.

Features of front and rear suspension

FW Passat B5 suspension unit arms are made of aluminum compounds, mated to ball struts. Due to the softness of the metal, adaptation to Russian roads is questionable. Faster and more frequent problems are caused by the front construction, the lever systems fail already after 40-70 thousand km. In the early 2000’s the designers have developed repair kits, which somewhat improved the situation.

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The rear suspension consists of a wishbone, stabilizer bar, which reduces the roll when entering corners. The device is attached to the body with bushings made of rubber-metal material. Shock-absorber-spring elements are responsible for softening of movement and simplified overcoming of potholes on roads.

1 – shock absorber, 2 – spring, 3 – beam, 4 – upper spring cushion, 5 – shock absorber cushion, 6 – buffer, 7 – brake disc, 8 – bearing, 9 – rear stabiliser, 10 – handbrake cable, 11 – rubber-metal cushion

Advantages of a multilever suspension

The advantages of the “multilever” consists in trouble-free overcoming bumps in the road. When hitting a notch, the lever of the “affected” wheel is activated. The similar scheme of work protects the body part from serious consequences after the impact. Another plus is the multiple times increased traction of the wheels with the road surface, compared to conventional suspension. Longevity of the unit depends on the driving style, frequency of diagnostic sessions, peculiarities of the traversed route. With careful operation it is realistic to reach the mark of 100,000 km, without serious repairs.

Distinct signs of malfunctions

It is necessary to check a condition of “running gear” of a vehicle, if one or several of the specified displays are observed:

  1. Swaying of the body while driving. The “symptom” indicates a malfunction of the shock absorbers. The controllability of the machine is noticeably deteriorated, the wear of the transmission unit increases. As a result, there is a failure in the work of silentblocks , upper supports.
  2. Decrease in the length of stopping distance, abnormal operation of ABS, ESP. Such manifestations require urgent measures to be taken.
  3. Deterioration of maneuverability and contact with the road. You may observe sudden car’s falling off into sliding, the four-wheeled emphasis is reduced. In this case, in addition to the suspension, check the condition of the tires.
  4. Occurrence of incomprehensible sounds in the area of the suspension unit. To understand exactly why the unit knocks, it is advisable to contact the service station.
  5. Uneven wear of the tires, rolls, decreased clearance.
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Experts advise to trust the repair of suspension FW Passat B5 specialists, due to the complexity of the design. Your own hands are allowed to carry out replacement of silentblocks, knowing certain nuances.

The correct replacement of silent blocks on the rear beam Passat B5

These parts are located in the brackets. The replacement is carried out in accordance with the following steps:

  1. Carefully, one by one, remove the brackets, so as not to dislodge the position of the beam.
  2. Unscrew the brackets with a socket wrench for 18.
  3. If the brackets are intact, only the silentblocks are purchased. To squeeze the joint out of the rubber-metal compound, use a press with a cage of the correct diameter.
  4. Clean the seating area and press in a new bushing.
  5. Mount the brackets in place strictly according to the marks.
  6. Screw the elements to the beam.

Useful tips

Despite the existing shortcomings suspension FV Passat B5, to increase its life is realistic, observing a number of simple recommendations. It is necessary to drive in a relaxed mode, without the chaotic application of aggressive (sports) driving. It is necessary to pass diagnostics, TO in due time, “listen” to a car behavior on a freeway.

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