Suspension of a Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Suspension of a Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

After the purchase, as well as based on the results of diagnostics, were sentenced to be replaced: Swing arms rear suspension (dried and delaminated rubber) Stabilizer bars (backlash) Stabilizer bushings (here it is clear) Cross-arms (silentblocks trindetz, they incidentally creak) Stabilizer bushings front Steering link (backlash) Because of the mania to change everything within a kilometer of the old to new, decided to shake suspension completely Perhaps someone will be helpful. . mainly non-original, but proven companies even on previous cars So I will begin with the gear Cross-arm suspension upper arm (diagram 1 no. 1) 2 pcs. Lemforder p/n 29740 01 Lever lower cross (Scheme 1 nr.5) 2 pcs. Meyle p/n 116 050 0049 left Meyle p/n 116 050 0071 right Figure 1

Stabilizer bar (Scheme 2 nr.5) 2 pcs. Lemforder p/n 30583 01 Stabilizer bushings (Scheme 2 nr.4) 4 pcs. VAG p/n 7L0411313G (leftovers from previous owner) Scheme 2

Steering link rod (scheme3 #14) 2 pcs. Sidem p/n 63626 left Sidem p/n 63627 right Cushions (Scheme 3 no. 12) 2 pcs. Sidem p/n 305.038 Scheme 3 Rear suspension Camber arms (scheme 1 no.1) 2 pcs. Meyle p/n 116 030 0027 Swing arm bolts (Scheme 1 no. 6) 2 pcs. VAG p/n N 910 205 02 Stabilizer bushes (Scheme 1 no. 12) 4 pcs. VAG p/n 7L0 511 413 E Stabilizer rods (Scheme 1 no. 8) 2 pcs. TRW p/n JTS 521 left TRW p/n JTS 522 right Figure 1

Cross-arm suspension (Scheme 2 no. 16) 2 pcs. Sidem p/n 63878 left Sidem p/n 63879 right Cross-arm cylinder blocks (scheme 2 no. 7) 4 pcs.Sidem p/n 863640 2 pcs. (left side 1 and right side 1) Lemforder p/n 35712 01 2 pcs. (left side 1 and right side 1) Lower V-shaped arm silentblocks (scheme 2 #1) Lemforder p/n 35710 01 2 pcs. (left side 1 and right side 1) Febest p/n VWAB-004 2 pcs. (left side 1 and right side 1) Febest p/n VWAB-005 2 pcs. (left side 1 and right side 1) I didn’t like Febest, but it’s the best of the options Scheme 2 And of course camber I will keep an eye on the condition of the changed parts. Remained to wait for levers on the front and the weekend to replace, my master has prepared to work half the night Budget 16 on the back and 21 on the front (rounded) The cost of symbolic works for two will pay for the night service in which my friend works by the results of the work done I add: That would remove the front upper arms need to remove the pneumatic suspension bellows, which are unscrewed three bolts, two bolts are located on the right and unscrew easily, the third under the el. block and the tank gur. It really unscrew without removing anything, you need a swivel head and luck to blindly put it on. The problem is screwing this bolt back it is at an angle and you can break the threads if you do not mind to continue to twist when the bolt is bitten. Be careful with the sensors and wiring. To get rid of the bearing where the hub is we used an autogen, heating and beating cores, then we knock out all the rest of the stuff, clean it and put in a new bearing, using a long bolt with large washers and some hair dryer to make it glide easier :-) On completion it is necessarily necessary correction of pneumatic system as you will remove sensors of height on a muzzle, therefore before overhaul it is desirable to have a cord or the dealer nearby. Well and it is obligatory to have a camber but already on the calibrated pneumatic system.

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VW Touareg: Russian variants of a suspension.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Suspension of such a high-tech German as the Volkswagen Touareg for Russians can include a variety of both options and systems, namely:

  • Electromechanical body and chassis stabilization systems during curvilinear road sections;
  • a system of pneumatic suspension of the chassis to the body to adapt the ground clearance relevant to Russian road conditions;
  • the PRO option with rear axle steering in addition to the above-mentioned basic options;
  • Where, besides standard, beginning with Normal and Comfort and specialized Spor, and also Eco, it is possible to make an order for such modes, as Snow and Sand and even Gravel. But that’s not all – you can make a comprehensive personal order with a unique set of suspension options called Individual.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

A more detailed description of these suspension systems and off-road packages, both to protect the elements of the car, and to expand its handling capabilities up to the mind incomprehensible to overcome a variety of road obstacles can not be avoided.

Roll Stabilization System

This is an active electromechanical system in contrast to the classic, hydraulic-based systems stabilizing the body and chassis on bends. Electromechanical stabilisation has the advantages of:

  • Reliable operation not only at high speeds, but also at low speeds;
  • Precise and manoeuvrable steering;
  • guaranteeing a firm grip on the road surface regardless of the configuration of its surface;
  • providing impressive off-road rides. Just everything that Russian pilgrims who use their own cars as vehicles for traveling to natural landscapes love.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Allows you to both raise the chassis with the body and fix at 258 mm maximum ground clearance.

So and lower the body for easy loading and unloading manipulations with the luggage department as much as 50 mm lower in relation to the standard road position of the body.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Suspension option called PRO

Allows for a rather rare for other cars besides the Tiguan highly intelligent manipulation of not only the front, but also the wheels of the rear axle, which allows:

  • Improve the car’s maneuverability when parking;
  • provide sufficient steering under acceleration;
  • to stabilize the body position at high speeds.
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Off-road or Off-road suspension package, both chassis and body

A special off-road set of suspension modes and functions, as noted above, allows you to prepare the car and carry out to overcome areas of the road, where:

  • they are covered with snow, setting the option “Snow” on the control panel of road modes;
  • prevail barchans or sections of roads with the presence of sand, setting the washer of mode choice to the mark “Sand”;
  • But the mode “Gravel” will help to overcome the cross-country terrain with the presence of stones.

Why is the suspension of Touareg the epitome of reliability?

The matter is that this model of “people’s” concern has absorbed almost all that is clever, however accessible to broad masses of people, both technical and technological decisions, beginning with a half-aluminum body and finishing with use of products from high-strength steels.

The front suspension is a combination of double wishbones. The rear suspension is nothing more than a design assembled from multiple wishbones, and therefore appropriately named in slang among auto mechanics, namely “multilever”.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

The layout of the chassis can be quite diverse and depends mainly on how much money future users have. In this case, the simplest and therefore the cheapest – a spring suspension. More expensive assemblies will be equipped with air suspension systems with the ability to change both stiffness and clearance, and even more expensive – is the advanced versions of the suspension with the above-mentioned additional functions.

All systems of suspension of the body and chassis of Touareg, as connoisseurs of cars of “people’s” concern say, have passed to the present model by the right of inheritance of increased passability, on the basis of pneumatic suspension.

And here the whole layout in the form of different variants of a suspension together with presence of the longitudinally located motor without a separate gearbox for distribution of capacity to all-wheel drive has the appropriate name, namely the platform MLB Evo.

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Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Disadvantages of Volkswagen Touareg suspension

Paradoxically, however, it is the supposedly proven air suspension that causes complaints among current Touareg owners. On what the manufacturers couple with the fact that both cylinders and all pneumatic system VAG is more reliable, than competitors’ pneumatics. And as they say because of the banal reasons like good protection from dirt ingress, both on units, and on details of pneumatics.

Thus our garage comrades, which are the users of Touaregs advise from time to time, both to lift and to lower suspensions with the help of struts not only in off-road conditions, but also in the process of manipulations of car washing.

The weak link in the design of suspension, again paradoxically, is … compressor, because because of the failure of this unit air suspension turns into an ordinary spring suspension system.

Suspension of Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

Despite an abundance of various, both regular and special options of suspension and driving modes, Touareg has not avoided the illness, common for all German technics – sharp blow back to a body, especially in a zone of back seats, overcoming potholes like “lying policemen”.

But ardent supporters of models of the people’s brand have also here excuses, they say, that it is expenses of more-sized up to option wheels of 21-inch dimensionality.

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