The best cars with galvanized bodywork

10 popular cars with galvanized bodywork

Choosing a used car, you should focus not only on the serviceability of the engine and gearbox, but also on its corrosion resistance. In fact body repair is very expensive, and fixing even small defects can cost a pretty penny. That is why it is better to choose a car that has a galvanized body and is not so prone to corrosion. Consider 10 domestic and foreign cars with galvanized body.

LADA “Kalina”

The first generation of “Kalin” was not distinguished by a good zinc treatment. The plant galvanized attachments – doors, hood, trunk lid, bottom and wheel arches. On the second generation the situation has become a little better, the cars of the last years of production have a fully galvanized body, except for the spars, roof and hood.

LADA “Largus”

Lada Largus

This commercial station wagon has galvanized front fenders, trunk, hood and doors. In other places the car was left without protection.

LADA Granta

Lada Granta

This model is already more modern than the previous ones, since 30% of its body is already made of galvanized sheet steel. In addition, the whole car was treated with hot zinc on both sides. And the liftback version of the model has an additional bottom treatment.

LADA Vesta and X-Ray

Lada Vesta

The main modern car of AvtoVAZ also has a full double-sided galvanized body. Only the roof, bottom and sills are not treated. But the station wagon roof got its portion of zinc.

UAZ Patriot

Since 2014, the plant began to apply a new technology of zinc coating, the body is completely immersed in a special bath. They also started using cataphoresis primer. All this made it possible to significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the cars.

Uaz Patriot

KIA Rio and Hyundai Solaris

Oddly enough, but these Korean brands are in no hurry to switch to fully galvanized bodies and still use partial galvanization. Only since 2011 factories have started using additional compounds to protect the underside of the cars.

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Hyundai Solaris

Ford Focus

This car is perfectly protected against corrosion. In the late 90’s the company started using hot-dip galvanizing of the body, which gave very good results in terms of resistance to rust.

Toyota Corolla

The cars of this brand are considered as one of the most reliable in the world for a reason. The Corolla model, starting since 1991, has a double-sided zinc coating, that is why on the roads it is possible to find old cars, but not in bad condition.

Renault Logan

On the Russian market, the Logan is the only Renault model that has a fully galvanized body. The other cars, such as Duster, Sandero, etc. – only partial treatment.

Renault Logan

Chevrolet Aveo

All Chevrolet budget models have excellent rust protection, since their bodies are completely galvanized. So you can safely buy such models as Lacetti, Aveo or Cruze, rust will be on them only after a low-quality body repair.

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Rating of cars with hot-dip galvanized body

The model has been in production since 1998 to the present day. Perhaps the only representative of the budget cars in the list of hot-dip galvanized. Is very popular on the secondary market, many cars of the first generations are still “on the run”. These achievements would be impossible without full hot-dip galvanizing, which the company Ford generously donates its cars.

Foreign cars with galvanized body

Every car owner wants his or her vehicle to serve him or her faithfully for years to come. One of the main obstacles in this way is corrosion – the worst enemy of all metal products. Well the most “metal” part of the car is a body, so the main corrosion attack will be directed against it.

Accordingly, automakers are trying to slow down this process, resorting to different methods of body treatment, one of which is hot-dip galvanizing. Here are the hot-dip galvanized cars, the list and rating of the most corrosion-protected cars.

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Peculiarities of hot-dip galvanizing

To protect the metal from corrosion, it is necessary to cover it with something from above. Primer, paint and a layer of varnish are the main friends of a car. But the deep scratches, traces from small accidents expose the upper layer of metal, after which the corrosion comes into play again.

Galvanized cars

A car with galvanized bodywork

To further protect the body, automakers came up with the idea of applying another protective layer – zinc – before priming and painting. Zinc is a soft, silvery metal, quickly covered by a protective oxide film in the air, so it successfully resists moisture and oxygen. Zinc is relatively cheap, so it can be used in mass production.

There are three main types of galvanizing:

  • cold galvanizing (application of a fine powder with a certain zinc content to the body);
  • galvanizing (body is placed in the electrolyte solution containing zinc and a weak electric current is fed);
  • hot dip galvanizing (the most advanced method, providing maximum protection).

Only a few car manufacturers (Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Ford) use hot-dip galvanizing, and not all models. The reason is in complexity and costliness of the method, what affects the final cost of the car.

The method consists in placing the car body completely into a vat with a hot (400-500°C) zinc solution. The zinc interacts with the metal and forms a thick and strong film on its surface.

Such coating is not afraid of small scratches and chips, and protection from corrosion is actually equal to the life time of the car. Here is a list of hot-dip galvanized cars.

All makes of hot-dip galvanized cars: table

Car model Kind of galvanizing (“++” – full body hot dip galvanizing, “+-” – partial body hot dip galvanizing
Audi 100 C3 1986, 1987, 1988 +-
Audi 100 C4 1988-1994 (all modifications) +-
Audi A1 8x 2010-2019 ++
Audi A5 8t 2007-2016 and 2 2016-2019 ++
Audi Allroad C5 2000 +-
Audi Allroad C5 2001-2005 ++
Audi Q3 8u 2011-2019 ++
Audi R8 (all modifications) ++
Audi Rs-6 (all variants) ++
Audi S2 +-
Audi S6 C4 and C5 +-
Audi S6 C6 and C7 ++
Audi Tt 8n +-
Audi Tt 8j and 8s +-
Audi A2 8z 1999-2000 +-
Audi A2 8z 2001-2005 ++
Audi A6 (all variants) ++
Audi Cabriolet B4 +-
Audi Q5 ++
Audi Rs-3 ++
Audi Rs-7 ++
Audi S3 8l +-
Audi S3 8v ++
Audi S7 ++
Audi 80 B3 and B4 +-
Audi A3 8l +-
Audi A3 8p, 8pa, 8v ++
Audi A7 +-
Audi Coupe 89 +-
Audi Q7 ++
Audi Rs-4, Rs-5 ++
Audi Rs-q3 ++
Audi S4 C4 and B5 +-
Audi S4 B6, B7 and B8 ++
Audi S8 D2 +-
Audi S8 D3, D4 ++
Audi 90 +-
Audi A4 ++
Audi A8 ++
Audi Q8 ++
Audi Quattro after 1986 +-
Audi S1, S5, Sq5 ++
Chevrolet Corvette C4 and C5 +-
Chevrolet Corvette C6 and C7 ++
Ford Explorer, Focus, Fiesta, Mustang, Transit after 2001, Fusion, Kuga ++
Ford Escort, Scorpio, Sierra +-
Jaguar F-type Coupe, Roadster ++
Porsche 911 since 1999, Cayenne, 918, Carerra-gt ++
Volvo C30, V40, V60, V70, V90, S90, Xc60 ++
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The list of cars which can serve without rust up to 30 years.

We have prepared a rating of cars, the owners of which may not be afraid of corrosion.

Audi A6 C4

The model was produced from 1994 to 1997. Thus, the “youngest” Audi A6 C4 is now 24 years old. Despite this, these cars are still actively sold at the secondary market, and one of the main reasons for this is practically “eternal” body, completely processed by hot-dip galvanizing.

New Audi A6 C4

New Audi A6 C4

It may require engine and suspension overhaul, brake system, but nothing will happen to body elements.

Ford Focus

The model has been in production since 1998 to the present. Perhaps the only representative of the budget cars in the list of hot-dip galvanized. Is extremely popular on the secondary market, many first-generation cars are still “on the run”.

Ford Focus

These achievements would not have been possible without the full hot-dip galvanizing, which Ford generously bestows on its cars.

Porsche Cayenne 955

The model was produced from 2002 to 2010. Premium crossover with permanent all-wheel drive, great interior trim, powerful engines and a body that will never rot.

Porsche Cayenne 955

Porsche Cayenne 955

Volvo 960

The business sedan was produced from 1990 to 1997. The oldest of the “eternal” cars.

Volvo 960

The quality of bodywork is evidenced by the fact that even now, in 2021, cars from the first years of production can still be found on the roads and on sale.

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