Tiguan 1.4 150 all-wheel drive manual: owner review

Volkswagen Tiguan 2 generation owner reviews: all the minuses, disadvantages, pluses

Economical and at the same time retains the dynamics due to the turbine engine in conjunction with the 8-speed, automatic transmission.

Powerful 320 Kw engine, excellent acceleration dynamics of 8 seconds, 7-speed robot gearbox is super, driving modes Eco, Sport, Snow, off-road, individual. At speeds of 110 km/h, 2 thousand rpm, consumption 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Steering wheel two modes ordinary and sport. Travel assist. Lighting turns. LED lighting. Cabin lighting LEDs! Place in the cabin for 2 m driver and passengers. Front passenger seat folds down!

Carefully watch the pump, change the oil every 7500 km (this is not a minus, and a requirement for turbo engines), gasoline only 98, with a small chip on the windshield cracks (for 36000km changed 2 times)

29000 km. Replace the box (from the factory was defective, a crack in the body and the oil leak), but the box itself DQ500 is very reliable. At 36000 leak pump.

6 months ago

6 months ago

Appearance (r-line appearance is) Dynamics (2 liters 220 is good to go even with the stock) Large list of options, the ability to choose from the configurator that you need.

The biggest disadvantage of this car for me is the stool seating. After 2 hours in the car my back is out of whack, even though the seats are top notch for this model. The seats themselves are stiff. Adjusting the seats for a 1.85+ driver is unrealistic. The steering column has a small reach, that is, if you move back to make your feet comfortable, you have to reach for the steering wheel. You can not put your left hand on the door armrest, as it is located very low. I do not know why nobody writes about it here, but in forums the question about the seats is often discussed.

Stiff suspension (but it steers well). It does not work adequately on slopes. But this is a known problem, can be solved by replacing the springs with tuning springs.

Excellent road holding, up to 180 km / h. No fatigue on the road. But only if the road is good. Decent noise isolation (better than in the new rab4, a little worse than in BMW). Quality interior materials. At 120k mileage, the cloth seats are like new. No dents, cracks, scuffs. Easy steering Excellent off-road ability where ground clearance is sufficient.

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Stiff suspension. For good roads it is not a problem. For our Siberian ones it is a misery at times. It can be solved by replacement of suspension with custom one. As soon as the struts will leak out, maybe they will change it. Not very comfortable seating for long distances. Need a little lower left armrest on the door and a little higher right armrest between the seats. The paintwork is a 4-. When buying new, immediately wrap in film. Diesel 150 hp after 120 km / h does not go. Overtaking given with difficulty. Ideally it would be 190 hp as the European version. Of course, you can put a chip, but there will be confidence in acceleration. But I’ll lose the confidence that I’ll drive in general and I won’t have to have my car overhauled.

Current mileage is 92,000 km. I am the second owner. have done 25k miles. I have changed ball joints, gearbox oil, rebuilt steering rack, timing belt.

Yudin Vladimir Pavlovich

7 months ago

I like the drivability, reliability, comfort on long trips, the economy, everything in its place, the acceleration in overtaking is great, very helpful function sport mode.

At 120k miles the 220 volt inverter burned out. At 122k the oil seal on the rear gearbox ran. At 130k they recommended changing the ball joints/links (but sold at 122k nothing was knocking anywhere).

8 months ago.

Already at about 50k miles, home from showroom, rear parking light error popped up. Replaced under warranty

Excellent value for money! Lots of different options. Great appearance. Very good dynamics with the 2.0 liter engine. Great handling on the highway. Looking at my Tiguan four friends bought themselves the same! ))

If you do not count the accident and restoration of all parts for hull insurance, then changed only consumables. The little things – unscrewed one nut fixing the muffler. Another Tiguan had a problem with a heater – a valve jammed and one of the zones was supplied only with outside air (without heating). Replaced under warranty

Very economical, maneuverable, looks more or less normal, heated everything you can. tables in the back, a lot of space for passengers can move the rear seats increasing the luggage compartment, lighting in the mirrors, convenient in the dark and beautiful.

Volkswagen Tiguan test drive 2020

Dynamism and comfort, high seating position. Heated windshield, digital dashboard. Everything is great!

1.4 engine All-wheel drive works great. Snow and slush drive confidently. Interior spacious quality assembled, pleasant materials to the touch. Good multimedia On the driver’s seat adjustments are convenient The package is well equipped with all the charms of a modern car. The transmission dsg 6 worked without fails. Fuel consumption in the winter to a maximum of 13l with the warm-up.

Replaced the mechatronic at 60k km Replaced the air conditioner sensor at 55k km Replaced the windshield at 48k km Cracked new glass at the first stone after replacement. Up to 30k rattle in the area of the pads and never found what it was.

180 hp rides very well, 220 will be a rocket))) noise at the level, 2.5 years of problems with the car were not only oil changes.

10 months ago

Failed clutch pedal at 10,000 mileage. Another year later, the fuse on the socket for the pump failed (a trifle compared to the last) 30,000 Mileage CHECK LIGHTS-LOW EFFICIENCY CATALYZATOR.

Numerous auxiliary systems provide tangible assistance to the driver. A variety of optional extras increase comfort and driving pleasure.

10 months ago

Good car for a comfortable ride, if you like to drive and not think about getting in or out of somewhere. Very comfortable to drive long distances, well unfold the seats, get a sleeping place. If the road is long and there is no possibility or in the vicinity of the hotels, you can get around quite comfortably. It is very stable in driving. In general, I haven’t met any better handling cars than Fv. A bunch of extras like emergency brakes, proximity sensors, etc. when bought regarded more as a toy, after traveling especially with a child I can say that these things are very helpful on the road. When you are distracted by a child and someone brakes sharply in front, for example. When it recognizes the fatigue of the driver, is still not po6imayu how it works))) sometimes of course nonsense, not utaly, and he writes. But most of the time this sensor lights up correctly). I have had the car for two years, so far very satisfied.

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It was a little frustrating the last service. Because on the running gear a lot to replace. But here I have a question rather than a car, and my husband) he was about a month on it building materials. (After which said more will not give). In general, if you need a car for a comfortable ride, if you like just a four-wheel drive, and not the front, rear, etc. it is ideal for me) if you want to still use as a gazelle, it is better to look for another model, because zh on it not much cheap. At least the original. 100% cheaper to order the delivery will be))

All You Need to Know About Tiguan with All Wheel Drive: Personal Owner’s Experience

Tiguan 1.4 150 all-wheel drive on the mechanics: review of the owner

Traditionally favorite in Russia, the manual transmission is present in almost all cars sold officially in the Russian Federation. In combination with a 150 hp turbo engine 1.4, we get a power unit that is interesting to many people. And what do drivers who operate such cars think? We bring to your attention the review of the owner of Tiguan with such bunch.

Evgeny, Lipetsk, operation for 1.5 years, mileage of 30,000 km.

Volkswagen Tiguan, 1.4, 150 hp, manual transmission, four-wheel drive.

On the previous car, Hyundai Solaris, nothing bad to say, the car never seriously let down, there were only fond memories. But at 120,000 mileage the car is already tired, and we were expecting a new addition to the family with the inevitable baby carriages, cribs and other baby stuff in the trunk, and it was necessary to look for something roomier.

Here the difficulties began, a gap between desires and possibilities. What we liked was outside the budget, and vice versa. Volkswagen saloon was one of the last in the list, I simply did not expect to see the suitable model of this brand for an adequate price.

Nevertheless, exactly here the stars came together and Tiguan became the crossing of planes of desires and possibilities. I drove it; the equipment and safety are at a high level, especially I liked LED headlights and a 3-zoned climate.

I was perceptibly strained by the automatic transmission in Tiguan, I heard a lot about the problems with it. But the salon found a car with a manual, a little more discount, added a grille in the grille, mudguards, and I drove home in the Tig.

Service maintenance schedule of Volkswagen Touareg

First impressions.

The exterior is great, no Korean cartoonishness, but also not a box on wheels. Inside everything in its place is balanced, the adjustment of the seats though mechanical, but there are a lot of them, adjusted without problems. Interior upholstery is good quality cloth with inserts of leather, there is enough place both in front, and in back.

Multimedia is basically not bad, the screen is decent, and after spending the night in the car, I managed to make friends with the head unit and my phone, now it mirrors on the multimedia screen, except that I should not forget to lay sideways for the correct display.

Bluetooth immediately worked fine, hearing in both directions is excellent. As for the music, I’m not a musician, but it seems all the speakers work at a level. After halogens Solaris light Tiguan like a spotlight, except that the adaptivity is not enough, but it’s good.

The hood on the gas stop, though one, but still better than the poker. Trunk on the button, and inside the shelf… on a rope. The Germans didn’t get around to the rolling curtain. As it turned out later, the shelf stands quite tight and every time you take it out it tends to scratch the interior trim. It is one of few faults of Tig.

The trunk itself is not that big, but if there are children in the back, the seats can be pushed forward, noticeably increasing the cargo capacity. As for the equipment, WAG has done a good job, radar, parktronic, camera, heating of almost everything that can be – ten points out of ten.

The engine

If you compare with atmospheric classmates, the acceleration dynamics is quite good, up to 150 km/h is very frisky, 150 – 170 is worse, further quite sad. More than 200 does not go, but it corresponds to the passport data. I drive 110-130 and the engine is enough for me.

As to the gasoline consumption it is interesting. On the average:

  • city – 11 l/100 km;
  • On the highway, 7.5 l/100km.
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But once I long tossed for a truck in the style of a pensioner 80-90 km / h, and it immediately affected the consumption, it fell to 5.6 l/100 km. Another thing is that not everyone will be able to sustain such style of driving, it’s easier to spit on those couple of liters. For the sake of experiment I poured one hundredth of petrol, but I have not noticed any appreciable increase of dynamics.

Gearbox mechanics ideal for the route, the speed you choose yourself for overtaking, depending on the load car and the topography of the road podtyakuyu fifth, and even fourth, on smooth straights with good visibility to overtake and a sixth can.

Passability for the wet bog is quite enough, for picnic trips or visits to relatives in the village is not a problem even in the rain, but I did not get into swamps or a tractor rut. I have estimated the beveled bumpers of “off-road” set on cross-country terrain, I could rip them off for sure.

Tiguan 1.4 150 all-wheel drive on the mechanics: review of the owner

Manageability is completely satisfied, in my opinion, it is one of the best in the class. It stands on the track very confidently, doesn’t bounce anywhere. The steering is heavy, but at the same time responsive, the maneuverability is good, the turns at speed are predictable, without any surprises.

Suspension is stiff, but you can’t call it wooden like on Solaris. From troubles during this time it is possible to note:

  • cracked diffuser (caught a stone on the highway);
  • front parking sensors that malfunctioned in a snowfall (after thawing in a warm parking lot it went away by itself);
  • Incredible nasty squeaking of brushes on the windshield, I have to constantly water with washer fluid.

But it can be called a trifle, in general, I am satisfied with the purchase. Fears of expensive maintenance turned out to be exaggerated. I paid 4,700 rubles for the consumables for TO1, the cost of works was 2,000 rubles, I think it is quite acceptable. At the second service checkup, where the amount of work was greater, it was necessary to shell out 16,500 rubles in total. No damages for 30 grand, so it wasn’t spent much on the car, not including gas.

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