Tiguan tuning: chip tuning, 2021.

REVO/TVS chip tuning

Had my car tuned by Urban racers, official dealer of REVO and TVS Engineering in Saint-Petersburg. Came, waited on the couch for 2.5 hours and voila: the engine to Revo stage 1 (~315 hp), box was flashed with TVS stage 2+, and a swapper was installed for the dealer not to get out of warranty. Drove it all the way home, the car became more powerful and dynamic, the box feels like it works much better! First emotions – kayf, then we’ll see. ( The first picture from insta @urban.racers)

The first impression is positive.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2021, gasoline engine 2.0 liter, 220 hp, all-wheel drive, robot transmission – tuning

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Insurance and warranty although two different words, but I think they come from the word Fear, although I am another German, but I have not been to the dealer for two years, drove 14 thousand miles in two years, the car has worked and has worked for almost 10 years, now the mileage of 90 thousand miles. It is unclear why the dealer? If they are not all official!

Got it, thanks. I saw that description on the website. I’d like to know what experts – firmware engineers say, or what in fact For example, “change shift speed” – and so it shifts fast. “Change of RPM cutoff” – change of what? “Increasing clutch pressure” – what does it do, why? “Full manual mode” – how does it become full-fledged? If you’ve already flashed, maybe you’ve already felt a lot of this in your experience.

Why stage ll+ of the possible options from TVS?

They suggested this option.

Barkers! We have to give them back their box. It’s not nice to push them.

Suspension of a Volkswagen Touareg: front, rear

The cheat will not help.)

Most of all amused people who say: “While the warranty, I will not sew!” So you have to do what? ♂️ To fix the car exactly at your expense?

In my case it was a choice after 5000 or 15000)))

Most of all amused people who say: “While the warranty, I will not sew!” So you have to do what? ♂️ To fix the car exactly at your expense?

What’s so funny about it? Nobody cancelled a manufacturing defect on a new car. And then to prove that you are not a fool through the court is not very desirable. What to say, if the chip tuners themselves do not advise new to chip, talking about problems with the warranty. In any case, you decide whether to add speakers, but be prepared for problems with the warranty or leave as is).

Tiguan tuning: chip tuning, 2021.

Power Torque
Factory parameters 180 hp 320 Nm
REVO STAGE 1 242 hp 409 Nm


Engine 2.0TSI EA888 GEN3b CZP is widespread in the current lineup of Volkswagen Audi Group and used in the following cars – Audi A3, Q3, Skoda Kodiaq, Superb, VW Arteon, Passat, Tiguan, etc.

2.0T 180 hp. The CZP has undergone significant changes compared with the previous GEN3 variant (CHH) to comply with the latest European emissions laws, the most notable of which is the introduction of cycle work

Miller. This cycle involves a shortened intake stroke, which increases the actual compression ratio of the engine while maintaining the geometric ratio, as well as increasing the degree of expansion of the combustion products during the stroke. The result is lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

This innovation has led to a significant reduction in power, the CZP engine develops 180 hp against 220 hp of CHH version, but thanks to the painstaking work of British engineers REVO, already on Stage1 this engine is capable of producing 232-255 hp and up to 424Nm of torque.

Volkswagen Taos engine and transmission oil: 1.4, 1.6

The Stage1 software testing and development process took over a year, involving three cars, including a car fitted with a GPF filter in the exhaust system (Euro6d regulations). The development and optimization of the ignition, mixture and filling tables resulted in excellent dynamic performance and unprecedented reliability.

Options included:

– Engine coolant temperature protection.

The engine control unit and REVO program monitors the coolant temperature. When starting “cold,” boost/torque is reduced until the engine and coolant reach operating temperature, and torque is limited if the coolant exceeds a preset upper limit. This additional protection ensures a perfect balance of performance and durability in our software.

– Engine protection by exhaust and intake temperature. Revo Temperature Protection is an optional safety feature that reduces the cylinder fill target when the intake air temperature exceeds the set limit. Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is also monitored, adapting operating conditions (air-to-fuel ratio) to ensure that they remain within safe parameters. If the EGT reaches the set upper limit, power is automatically reduced until the engine returns to a safe operating temperature. – Calibration of the integrated power and supercharger sensors The sensors on the center console and instrument cluster have been reconfigured to display a true representation of increased performance. Standard engine power and boost values have been increased (not available on all cars).

The following modes are available on each vehicle with the REVO program installed: – Alarm (“anti-theft”) mode – the gas pedal is completely blocked and the vehicle is unable to move. – Low octane mode – allows you to use gasoline with octane number 95 or higher. – High octane mode allows you to use gasoline with octane number 98 or higher.

With the REVO program you can choose the mode that is best for you or buy REVO SPS optional switch and switch programs by yourself in just seconds! Example of REVO SPS operation

Dashboard Jetta 6: icons, codes, how to remove the panel

Power and torque comparative charts:

Acceleration dynamics:

Good afternoon! I flashed the Tiguan 220hp 2021 model year to st1. To say that it drove better – nothing to say, it feels like the engine has been replaced)))). The transmission is working better. Oil temperature dropped, which is good. Have not yet measured 0-100, but feel that the gain is palpable. In general I am very pleased with it, it drives great. I upgraded my Octavia A7 1.8 МТ before that, so I already knew who to contact when working with Tiguan. Many thanks to Roman for the detailed explanations and further recommendations! Opto revo.

Did a chip for Tiguan II 2.0 TDI 2019 at Roman from Yekaterinburg.The result was very pleased, the car visibly cheered up, at the same time were unlocked hidden functions Auto.

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