Towbar on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan

The head lug in detail

Good evening dear friends! Today we will talk about towing-coupling devices, popularly called towbars, on the Volkswagen Polo sedan. I have puzzled over this question and spent a lot of time studying this question in detail, not one or even two days. I very much hope that all interested in this topic, do not have to look for anything else, all the answers you can find below. Further information will be useful to all those who have decided that he really needs a towbar. I also want to mention an important detail beforehand: everything I am going to tell you about applies to trailers up to 750kg for cars, it is very important because exceeding the declared weight or using a trailer with a truck will have its own subtleties and nuances, which I do not plan to cover. Bumper sawing during installation: I, as I am sure, and many of you, was terribly upset by the inevitability of a bumper sawing… For those who now, reading this post, spend time looking for other options, I want to say that the design features do not allow installation without a bumper sawing. Disturbed bumper stiffness: myth or reality? Some people believe that a sawing on the bumper will make it more flimsy, because of the violation of stiffness, it will cease to perform its function fully. This is a myth. First of all, it does lose stiffness slightly, but only down the center. If the impact will be in this area, the towball will protect it. Globally, judge for yourself: you had a stuff almost made of foam plastic, now a metal profile pipe, more solid bumper reinforcement.

Which one to choose? Towbars a great many, the choice fell on the two most popular models: Trailer and Leader. Leader, more expensive by 300-500 rubles, but: a bumper cut according to the instructions 50×80 mm, while the Trailer 65×95. This is a definite plus, as well as the fact that the Leader set has a template for the lip, and the Trailer it is not. The second plus in the Leader in the load on the ball of 75 kg compared to 50 kg with the Trailer. The quality of painting, no matter how much the manufacturers praise themselves, is the same. Both are certified and have the appropriate documentation. A matching unit, is it necessary? Surely some of you, like me at the time, are already thinking: “Yes, yes, I heard something like that…”. Another 2000 rubles … maybe not… Practice shows, and I have read many forums, it’s better not to save money on it. Personally, I have noticed a consistent pattern: the simpler the car, the more unpretentious it is. I’m paraphrasing, to make it clear: Niva in most cases is not necessary, but the cars where there is a lot of electronics (any foreign cars, starting with the economy class, produced since the 1990’s), it is desirable. The matching unit (Smart conect) is adapted to connect a standard 7-pin trailer socket to the car wiring. The matching unit performs the function of controlling the trailer lighting. The unit should be connected to the wires controlling the rear lights of the vehicle. If the Smart Connect matching unit is not installed when the trailer is connected and the lights are used, the vehicle will react with a Check Control (CC) “trip”. The load increases and the circuit resistance changes. The minimum reaction of your vehicle’s on-board computer is to identify this situation as a problem with the rear light bulbs. A more serious consequence may be an attempt to disconnect/lock the circuit where the fault is detected, i.e. the trailer lights may simply not work. It may also be that the lights simply do not function correctly, e.g. the turn signal illuminates with the brake signal and the brake signal with the parking lights or instead of the parking lights. In addition, there may be other malfunctions in the car’s electrics, up to the failure of individual assemblies. It seems to me, it is not the money to save on it. What am I going to do on the highway in the dark time of the day without lights on the trailer…

Installing ESP on Polo Sedan

Nuances of installation: Here everyone decides for himself, install yourself or entrust this service to a master, saving on average 3500 (the average price of installation for VW Polo). As for me I decided not to risk as I am not an electrician and I was afraid to take off the rear bumper without any experience because I was afraid of the security of the latches. Who should I trust to do the installation? After searching many sites, I chose 1000DOPOV. At the time of installation I was offered a discount on the condition of the towbar and installation from them. The price turned out with a discount towbar Leader + installation as Trailer + installation without a discount, ie for the same money they offered a more expensive Leader. I mean that, first arrived for installation, where I had to wait for a master with a towbar (2, Holmogorskaya str., Bld. 3), it was first turned out unpleasant situation that I, having asked for an hour earlier from work, finally waited for this master in front of the garage almost an hour… I thought, will not start, get indignant, let them do normally. It didn’t even occur to me to check what they were installing! I think, from another car will not work all the same, why bother … In the end, put instead of Leader Trailer, which I found out only after installation … You remember, there and the load on the ball is less, and drank more … To say that I was upset – can not say anything … The impression smoothed only that the installer well oooh very accurately adjusted everything and made everything very neat. I did not bring down all the dogs on him, I understand perfectly well that he was given in the office, and he brought to the installation …

The view, I want to tell you, is not for the faint-hearted. I survived the removal of the bumper, lights, wiring bundles, but when over the bumper in the hands of a master whirred a grinder, it gave me in the head so … The pressure jumped … That’s enough, I’m going for a walk. It so happened that I do not smoke, so I passed the time on the phone, having previously tossed Snickers.

I dared to come back only 40 minutes later when the bumper was already in place, having adjusted everything to the millimeter. The work with the wiring began. I want to mention the fact that I came with my trunk empty and put everything in the garage: spare, organizer, keys, everything I have under the trunk carpet… It saved a lot of time because I had to take everything out.

I was explained to me that the outlet is standard, 7 pin: stops (2), turns (2), lights (2) and 1 left to choose from: rear or fog light. Don’t forget to run it beforehand, exactly what you need. I chose the rear one so I could then power an extra diode light and use it as an additional light source. It’s later here on Drive2, I realized that I was tricked and, for example, the lights, could be planted on 1 contact. Would have been both the rear and the fog. The master was terse, I had to ask myself where he hid the fuses on the trailer, if anything, where to look for … I mean, I would not recommend this company for installation. If you are going to install it yourself, keep in mind that the quality of the threads for the bolts on the towbar leaves a lot to be desired… I had to cut better threads myself. Keep this in mind.

Installing a turbine on a Polo Sedan

Legal side of the issue: It is a change of design… No way! In proof of this, a few arguments: 1. The owner’s manual does not prohibit, but allows the use of a tow hitch on the VW Polo sedan:

2. the original attachment points to the car body. How is this a change in the design of the vehicle, if the factory provided seats. 3. There is a package of documents: certificate of conformity, product passport, a document about the installation in an authorized organization.

Do I need to register a towbar with the traffic police? On April 12, 2019, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 413, which contains new rules for making changes to the design of vehicles, was published. The document enshrines the procedure for passing registration in the traffic police when making corrections and improvements to the design of the car. Registration of changes in the design of the car in the traffic police is necessary if you make tuning or change parts, parts for new, not originally installed on the car and not provided by its configuration. For example, installing a towbar, roof rack, if they have not been tested and do not have a certificate of conformity as part of the car. When you do not need to register changes: According to paragraph 77 of the Technical Regulations, to which the new rules refer, registration of changes to the equipment is not necessary in several cases: 1. if the parts are designed for a specific vehicle, have been tested as part of the model and have a certificate of conformity; 2. if the components are provided in the manufacturer’s operating documentation. You can check whether the vehicle manufacturer has provided for the transport of the trailer on the identification plate. It is located in the driver’s door opening or under the hood. Look: it is not provided for the Polo sedan…

That’s sad. Let’s study the question further. You can sleep well when installing a towbar as additional equipment, if two conditions are simultaneously met: 1. The manufacturer has provided for the installation of a towbar in the operational documentation. In this case, we are referring to the owner’s manual that comes with the purchase of any car. Open this document and find the section on using the trailer. If there is such a section, everything is fine. 2. The towbar must have manufacturer documentation showing that it is designed for use on your particular model vehicle and has been assessed for compliance. So the list of required documents for using a towbar: – Your vehicle’s owner’s manual. – Towbar documents proving that it is suitable for your model of vehicle. – A certificate for the towbar, confirming that it meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations. In this case, everything depends on the towbar itself and on the documents available for it: If there are documents for a towbar, the driver does not need to go to the traffic police to make changes to the registration certificate. You can just install a towbar and safely operate the car with a trailer. If there are no documents or it is impossible to restore them, towbar mounting is a design change that must be registered with the traffic police. I have everything! As you understand, I did not register anything. Please note, if you are buying a used car with a towbar, the documents must be taken from the previous owner. Otherwise, the traffic police may require you to remove the equipment before registering the car. If you were caught without the towbar documents (according to the law you don’t need to bring them with you; if they are at home, the Protocol can be appealed. But at the same time drawing up the Protocol is very legal. That’s such a contradiction), then you face a fine of 500 rubles. I carry with me, so as not to create a precedent. What about the technical inspection of the car? Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing mandatory technical inspection for cars and motorcycles owned by citizens (Federal Law No. 494-FZ of December 30, 20211). At the same time, cars and motorcycles shall be used exclusively for personal purposes. Thus, the new rule does not apply to cabs and other vehicles that are used for passenger transportation services. Compulsory technical inspection remains for vehicles used for business purposes. The same applies to trucks and buses. Owners of personal cars and motorcycles have the right to be inspected at their will. In this case, the traffic police inspector may not require a diagnosis card, except if the malfunction, endangering the road safety, is visually noticeable. The innovation came into force on December 30, 2021. Note: I am sure that not everyone knew that before you had to get a diagnostic card for a new car three years later, not from the moment of registration, but from the date when the car rolled off the assembly line! Many people were burned on it when insured accidents under MTPL and Casco. The loophole for the insurance companies to refuse payments is now covered! Besides, the ball is removed (on bolts), i.e. actually it is not a towbar any more. Is it necessary the category E in driver’s license? It is not necessary, if the weight of a trailer (under documents on a trailer) doesn’t exceed 750 kg. Note: According to the new changes in the rules, the category E is not assigned separately.

Installation of heated mirrors on Polo Sedan

Now it goes in combination with other categories: BE. The BE category allows you to drive a passenger car with a trailer that weighs more than 750 kg CE. The CE category allows you to drive a truck weighing more than 3.5 tons with a trailer or semi-trailer weighing more than 0.75 tons DE. Category DE authorises the driving of buses and coaches for more than 8 passengers with a trailer weighing more than 750kg C1E. Category C1E permits to drive HGVs with a trailer weighing more than 750kg, but the weight of the trailer must be less than the weight of the vehicle itself D1E. Category D1E allows you to drive minibuses and small buses with up to 16 passengers, plus you can hitch a heavy trailer. What about MTPL insurance? If the trailer belongs to a natural person (most likely), then you can refer to the law on MTPL insurance (“The obligation of civil liability insurance does not apply to owners of trailers to cars owned by citizens”), but in this case it turns out that you violate the operating conditions described in the MTPL policy for the car (using with a trailer), and therefore at this time the policy is not valid. So you need to order in the insurance company one more form (the policy number will change) and ask to put a mark “Vehicle is used with a trailer”. I did so myself, so I assert: 1. This service is free! You can redo it at any time, you don’t have to wait for the policy to expire. 2. The cost of MTPL insurance does not change when the policy is issued! 3. In case of an accident, the trailer is legally part of your vehicle, the main thing is that it is registered.

How do I register a trailer? If you bought your towing equipment new from the store, you must have the following documents on hand: 1. The vehicle certificate of ownership, 2. the contract of sale with the store, signed and stamped (if any) by the seller. In this case, you can follow to the place of registration with such a trailer in the first 10 days from the date of purchase and without plates. But, if you will be registering where the region code (by registration) is different from yours, then pay attention to the possible pitfall with the new law on the division of assigning state numbers and issuing the registration plates themselves. Since recently, the region on the license plate must always coincide with the registration region of the owner of the vehicle. And the traffic police only assign you a number – in other words they give you a document, which states what letters and numbers your number should have. And you have to get the plates separately. The catch will be if the point of issuing plates in a foreign region is not technically able to produce them with your registration. Then you won’t be able to drive with this trailer even to your home – after all, you have a license plate, and there will be a violation in the form of driving a vehicle without a license plate. Then you will have to appeal against the deprivation of license with an unknown perspective for the absence of your guilt in the fact that you were not physically able to make a license plate with your region. The registration itself is officially carried out only by one body – the Motor Vehicle Inspection Service, this is a public service, however, in fact you can apply for it in 3 ways: 1. come to GIBDD with a paper application and in a queue to register the trailer, 2. make an electronic application on Gosuslugi and also come to the MRIA at the time you choose, without standing in a queue – another plus will be the ability to pay the state fees online with a 30% discount, 3. apply to the MFC. As for me, I received this service in the store as a gift. The price of issue: towbar itself with installation cost me 9,500 rubles. If you bought a new tow hitch, you will need to pay: – 1500 rubles for the issuance of state numbers (1050 when placing a trailer on the register via services) – 500 rubles for a certificate of registration (350 through the portal GU) – 350 rubles for making changes to the vehicle license plate (or 245 through Gosusluy). In total comes out 2350 rubles or 1645 on a site Gosuslugi. Is it necessary to have MTPL on a trailer? No. Do I need to pay transport tax for my trailer? No. Do I need to have the trailer inspected? No. Thus, 1,645 rubles is the only obligation, you don’t have to pay anything else every year. Bottom line: I hope everyone found the answers to their questions today about trailers and towbars for cars weighing up to 750 kg in general, as well as our car. Soon I will share what exactly motivated me to install a towbar and tell you about my trailer.


Tinting Polo Sedan with your hands

If you need expert advice or need to contact us for any other reason, you can do it in one of the convenient ways:

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Here you can buy a towbar (tow hitch) for Volkswagen Polo at a great price and with prompt delivery. +7 (499) 347 14 31 – Call!

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo F.5112.001

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Here you can buy a towbar (tow hitch) for Volkswagen Polo at a great price and with prompt delivery. +7 (499) 347 14 31 – Call!

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo F.5102.001

from 2010 to 2020 c 2020 sedan, 2010, 2020 sedan, 2010, 2020 sedan.

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo VW27

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Towbar for Volkswagen Polo 2193A

sedan, from 2010 to 2015 sedan, from 2015 to 2019 liftback, from 2020

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo 9131

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Towbar for Volkswagen Polo V125-BA

sedan, from 2010 to 2015 sedan, from 2015

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo 26.2052.12

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sedan, from 2010 to 2015 sedan, from 2015

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sedan, from 2010 to 2015 sedan, from 2015

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Towbar for Volkswagen Polo SF.2882.12

sedan, from 2010 to 2015 sedan, from 2015

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo 9130

from 2010 to 2020 year. 2020 c.

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo K 52

sedan, from 2009

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo W/034

hatchback, from 2009

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo W/022

hatchback, 2002 to 2009

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo 531900

hatchback, from 2009. Blue Motion, from 2010. Cross Polo, from 2010.

Towbar for Volkswagen Polo E5803DS

3/5-door hatchback from 2009 to 2017.

3/5D hatchback from 2009

What do you need to know before you buy a towbar for your Volkswagen Polo?

The towball does not always have to be installed on the car, it can be removed if necessary.

  • There are several types of balls will be suitable for your car:
  • Conditionally removable – mounted on 2 bolts, installed or removed with a wrench;

Horizontally quick-coupler is fixed by cotter pin or lock mechanism, as a rule protected by additional lock against theft.

All towbars are certified and powder-coated.

Tow bars on this model are installed with removal of a bumper and a reinforcing bar, if necessary it requires trimming of a lower skirt. The installation is carried out to the regular mounting points of the booster. If necessary these could be drilled out to reinforce the construction with bushings.

Gas equipment on the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Volkswagen owners prefer trailers from Westfalia. This brand goes to the original manufacturer of the car model. Also, popular manufacturers Imiola, Galia, Brink.

Please note that when connecting the electrics you will need the Smart Connect matching unit. It is connected to the car wiring and optimizes the electrical system. It eliminates overheating of the wires going to the car’s original optics.

Unlike conventional kits, when Smart Connect is connected, only the signal is removed from the rear light wires and the module and trailer are powered from the battery through the power cable. In the event of a short circuit, submerging the trailer’s lighting equipment in water, only the fuse, which is in an easily accessible location, will need to be replaced.

If you are interested in the original equipment, recommended by the Volkswagen manufacturer, then pay attention to the factory wiring. It installs into the OEM connectors, requires no cutting/soldering in most cases, and is activated via the diagnostic connector if needed.

  • Every trailer has two important load carrying parameters:
  • Traction, or horizontal load. Matters for loads carried behind the vehicle, such as: trailer, boat. If you are going to carry something heavy, choose a more auxiliary trailer coupling.

Vertical. Determines how much weight is permissible when pressing on the ball from above. Critical if you are going to haul a bike, motorcycle and other loads that are mounted vertically.

Trailer units on the Volkswagen Polo can handle a pulling load of 750-1390kg and a vertical load of 50-85kg. Keep this in mind when selecting, based on what you’ll have to transport. In doubt – consult our experts.

  • Frequent questions:

Is there an installation service when buying at

  • Yes, of course. Our mounting centers are located all around Moscow.

Is installing a towbar a retrofit?

  • No, it will not cause you any additional problems, since all products are certified.

Will they take me out of the factory warranty if I install a towbar from your company and not from an authorized dealer?

  • No, our technical centers have all required certificates for installation of additional equipment.

Do I need registration in State Traffic Police?

  • No, not needed, because you are installing a certified towbar at the locations provided by the car manufacturer.

What kind of warranty does your product have?

  • All products have a factory warranty from the manufacturer for 12 months. Does not cover the paint coating.

Do you ship to Russia and the CIS countries?

  • Yes, we do. Details on the site or with the manager.

How long delivery time?

For Moscow – from four hours to two days. For Russia and CIS countries depends on your city. We are always ready to advise on the exact terms.

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