Tuning Volkswagen Jetta 6: exterior, interior

Volkswagen Jetta VI

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Tuning of Volkswagen Jetta 6: how to make an eagle from a swallow

VW Jetta 6 car tuning

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Tuning is always aimed at changing the factory characteristics and improving the technical features of the car. On the Volkswagen Jetta 6 tuning usually gives the opportunity to transform the exterior and interior design without much cost. Many of the works will be able to perform with their own hands.

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Tuning Volkswagen Jetta 6

Interior modernization mainly includes the installation of decorative moldings, replacement of standard controls, installation of an organizer. More extensive work is upholstery upholstery in leather or alcantara, multicolor illumination, hanging massagers on seats and much more.

Exterior styling is used to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car and make the exterior look more beautiful. As a rule, here are limited to the installation of overlays, spoilers, eyelashes and air intakes.

Installing the grille on the Jetta 6 GLI

Installing the grille on the Jetta 6 GLI


Interior tuning on the Volkswagen Jetta 6 is carried out with the following elements:

  • additional Camily trunk mounts for umbrella, fishing rods, spinning rods – increases the functionality of the niche, decorates the appearance;
  • carbon fiber gearbox levers and 3D Balls handbrake levers, threaded on the stem up to the stop – decorate the interior, make the grip more pleasant to the touch;
  • folding leather organizer RG Craft , light and compact – allows you to safely transport various small items in the trunk.

Another option of internal tuning is the installation of a multi-tool. Firms offer several variants of the original products for the Volkswagen Jetta 6:

  • budget steering wheel made of inexpensive material with only one button controlling the speaker system;
  • Leather-covered model of the middle price segment with a large number of options – control ECU, telephone, music;
  • premium variant, trimmed with high-quality leather with wood inserts – controls practically all useful functions.

Decorative wood trim on the Jetta 6

The exterior

There are a lot more materials used for exterior tuning of the Volkswagen Jetta 6:

  • Strike Deluxe, Magnum, Revolt Premium stainless steel muffler extensions – installed by welding on the single exhaust pipe;
  • GLI Style sill scuff plates made of ABS plastic of the premium series – will give the Jetta 6 a luxurious look, even more so if painted in a contrasting body color;
  • Lower or Fenders arch extenders, mounted with bolts, will increase wheel protrusion, hide the protrusion of non-standard rims, decorate the external design with high-quality painting;
  • GT trunk lid molding spoiler, installed without drilling on the glass sealant – improves aerodynamics, gives the car sportiness;
  • visually extending the roof line, GT rear window visor makes the body silhouette youthful, protects rear row passengers from direct sunlight;
  • Velocity Vortex Generator rear bumper diffuser made of thick plastic and installed without dismantling the bumper distributes the air streams passing under the car and also gives the stern a stylish look;
  • GT or Sport Line CS Desigh eyelashes, glued to the headlights with glass sealant or tape – transforms the appearance of the optics, as well as protects them from damage;
  • Gills or air intake Clinched , installed on the hood with bolts or hidden mountings – improves engine cooling, gives the front of the car a nice look;
  • Grid or Propeller grid with an open/closed blow-out cell – protects units and assemblies from small debris and insects, additionally decorates the front end;
  • GTI nameplate or emblem, fixed on the radiator grille with bolts – additionally adorns, gives style.
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Installing the headlights on the VW Jetta 6

Installing the headlights on the VW Jetta 6

Modification of the Jetta 6 with their own hands

Of all the above, you can do almost everything with your own hands, not counting the installation of a double muffler. The fact is that the latter is installed with the help of gas welding. But not everyone has it, and it requires qualification of a worker. Incorrect installation threatens with problems with steering comfort and can negatively affect the engine performance.

The other parts are mainly plastic. Their installation does not require any complex measures.

Most of the elements are installed simply on the sealant. However, you must not forget that the working surfaces of the car body must be treated with anticorrosion protection beforehand.

Installing the MV-Tuning lip spoiler on Volkswagen Jetta 6

Installing MV-Tuning leaf spoiler on a Volkswagen Jetta 6

Eyelashes .

Here is, for example, how to install the lashes by yourself in 20 minutes:

  1. buy the parts and paint them to match the body color;
  2. Degrease the elements;
  3. glue ZM tape around the perimeter;
  4. heat the working surfaces with a technical hair dryer;
  5. install the eyelashes on the headlights.

Tuning Volkswagen Jetta 6 - headlight lashes (photo)

Tuning of VW Jetta 6 – headlight lashes (photo)


It will take a little time to install the multitool. The main thing is to follow the instructions:

  1. carefully dismantle the original steering wheel;
  2. Replace the control unit;
  3. change the Airbag wiring;
  4. Assemble new parts in reverse order.

Multifunctional wheel on the Jetta 6 (tuning photo)

Multisteel on Jetta 6

Prices and video

Approximate cost of tuning VW Jetta 6 can be calculated by summing up the prices of individual materials:

  • interior elements, including the multicool and organizer – a minimum of 35 thousand rubles;
  • external décor parts, including nozzles and air intake – 25 thousand rubles.

In addition, you will have to pay for the service to the tuning studio workers. The price of the procedure in this case will depend on the complexity, volume and timing.

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And in general, any changes of exterior, interior or dynamic properties of the car may be referred to the modifications. Banal replacement of covers or airbrushing – this is also tuning VW Jetta 6. For example, if you are able to pick up the original drawing, you will get quite an interesting design. You can just install alloy wheels for only 10 thousand rubles or xenon for 7-8 thousand rubles. You can always save money by choosing several ways to change the appearance, rather than all at once.

Volkswagen Jetta 6 – a car with the right, but ordinary appearance. To make it stand out, many owners decide on tuning. If the work is competently carried out, the result will bring only pleasure.

Tuning VW Jetta VI can touch the installation of a spoiler and trump on the rear window, which will be discussed in this video:

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