Tuning Volkswagen Polo: exterior, interior

Tuning a Volkswagen Polo sedan with your hands and in the studio

Car tuning Polo sedan

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Tuning Volkswagen Polo sedan is needed to make the car more rapid and fast. Uncomplicated manipulations help to add dynamism to the body, to gain speed, leaving “swallow the dust” of the competitor on the road. However, everything is not so simple here – first it is worth to understand what nodes and how you can modernize.

Tuning the car Polo sedan

The car is assembled in such a way that not all standard tuning methods are suitable for it. Part of the parts that improve the characteristics, and already installed in the cabin: zero resistance filter, forged cylinders and other. The car is not adapted for installation of new elements. For example, the owner will not be able to install a compressor or intercooler – there is not even a place for them.

Due to the design features of the Polo master needs to be careful during tuning – any inappropriate idea will violate the integrity of the design and will cause a chain reaction.

Modifications of the Polo sedan are available for the model with their own hands:

  • Chip tuning of the engine;
  • Improvement of the exhaust and fuel system;
  • Strengthening the dynamic characteristics and increasing the torque;
  • Acceleration of acceleration.

Also there is a variety of options for external transformation. The developer allowed a lot of variety with optics tuning and installation of accessories: moldings, cladding, spoiler, etc.

It is not recommended to make independent installation of improvements to Polo – neither internal, nor external. Unprofessional interference in the structural units of the car can lead to system failure. It is better to apply to a trusted service center, so that the vehicle was dealt with by experienced craftsmen.

External tuning of Volkswagen Polo sedan

External tuning of the Volkswagen Polo sedan


Tuning the interior of the Polo sedan is possible in such variations:

  • Change the upholstery of the seats on leather or fur – the car will look more expensive and status;
  • Subwoofer, music, screen, maps – music and multimedia allow enjoying the trip to a greater extent.
Dimensions of the 2020 Polo liftback: body, trunk

“Music” tuning Polo sedan requires the installation of noise insulation. Special materials can increase the effectiveness of sound protection by 40%. However, this is a vast topic and should be considered as a separate item (described below).

Volkswagen Polo sedan interior tuning

Interior tuning Volkswagen Polo sedan


Over time, cars have become too “the same”, so it is difficult for models from the middle price segment to stand out on the road. Most car owners start tuning Polo sedan cars with exterior improvements. For example:

  1. Airbrush painting;
  2. Mounting spoilers and body skirts – increases the aerodynamic characteristics of the body and greatly changes its appearance;
  3. No tuning of VW Polo sedan can do without installation of a new set of disks. They attract the eyes of pedestrians and other drivers, are an effective and not the most expensive improvement.
  4. Aerodynamic suspension will add to the Polo’s predatoriness. It is not superfluous to install sports tires for reliable traction. (Amateurs install a dynamic system connected to the speakers – it adjusts to the beat of the music).
  5. Rack net – mounted on the luggage rack. Functionally, it allows you to transport your luggage more conveniently.
  6. “Angel eyes” – a transparent tube of round shape, stuffed with LEDs;
  7. Headlights, a variety of LEDs, rear stops;
  8. Headlight lashes for a sedan.

Thinking over tuning Polo sedan it is not necessary to overdo it: some drivers install a huge number of wraps, apply intricate aerographic patterns, install LEDs, suspensions – all at once. It turns the car into a tasteless piece of iron, but not into the improved version of the original.

Body painting on Polo sedan

Airbrush on a Polo sedan

Finishing with your own hands

Tuning Polo sedan with their own hands is not the most difficult event, if the driver has skills and experience. However, it is still recommended to contact a car service.

Chip tuning

It is worthwhile to start with Chip tuning. This is a simple procedure that can more effectively reveal the hidden capabilities of the engine. The process:

  1. Buy quality official firmware and equipment, without which you will not be able to perform a re-flashing. This is one of the reasons why you should go to the salon – they already have all the equipment. To work you will need: the program Chiploader, a new update of the standard ECU firmware engine, K-Line adapter, a portable PC with Windows XP.
  2. Initially, the K-Line adapter is connected to the engine control unit – it is located under the steering wheel. The other end of the adapter is connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. Activate the ignition of the engine, then the computer shows the information about the block. Run the Chiploader utility and start rebuilding the parameters of the power unit. The wizard will need to select the effective values of each of the displayed toggle switches. It is not recommended to choose the maximum readings. For example, one of the sliders allows reducing a car’s fuel consumption by 2 liters (per 100 km of run). However, it will lead not only to economy, but also to very unstable work of the motor on high gears. It is allowed to reduce the consumption by maximum 1,2 liters.
  4. Similar actions are used to adjust all parameters available in the program. After completion it is necessary to load the firmware. You will have to wait until the installation line becomes green. The system prompts you to finish the process – press OK and turn off the ignition.
  5. Disconnect the adapter from the unit. It is recommended to check the improvements made on your Polo sedan.

Tuning Volkswagen Polo sedan can increase torque by 12% (up to 1100 N*m) and reduce fuel consumption by no less than 1 liter. The cost of the programs is estimated at 2,000 rubles, which makes CHIP tuning an affordable procedure.

Undersized Polo sedan after tuning

Lowered Polo sedan after tuning

Brake discs Volkswagen Tiguan 2: selection, replacement, photo

Retrofitting of optics

The second tuning measure that can be made with your own hands is the modernization of the optics. It is necessary in any case, unlike the installation of all sorts of dodgers and accessories. First you will need to buy a set of neon lights, tape (adhesive part on both sides) and a screwdriver. Process:

  1. Disassemble the protective glass of the standard headlights and put it aside. It’s best to clean the parts of bugs and other contaminants while it’s disassembled.
  2. Carefully tape the inner rims over the headlights – neon bulbs are attached to it. Wires for connection are pulled under the hood to the passenger compartment.
  3. The wiring is connected to the cigarette lighter. After that you need to check the operation of the optics. If all is well, then in reverse order you can mount the protective glass and start installing the second headlight.

When tuning the lighting system, it is important that both headlights are symmetrical to each other. They are fastened to the tape firmly and evenly on their axes. Additional installation of LED strip is allowed.

Headlight tuning in the Volkswagen Polo

Installing the spoiler

Another simple improvement is the installation of a spoiler. You need to purchase painter’s tape and double-sided tape and sealant adhesive. Process:

  1. With painter’s tape on the trunk, the attachment points are marked. They must be cleaned and degreased.
  2. Double-sided tape is glued to the new spoiler, then the element is attached to the trunk and fixed in this position for a while.
  3. Unnecessary remnants of tape are cut off so as not to interfere.

Spoiler for VW Polo sedan

Spoiler on VW Polo sedan

Noise isolation

Cabin sedan is well designed, but tuning interior Volkswagen Polo sedan will be incomplete without one detail – noise isolation, especially if previously installed acoustic system. The car owner will have to buy quality material before starting the work. Process:

  1. Cut out 3 pieces on each of the doors from the front – they should come out a total of 6 pieces. Dimensions should not differ from the shape and size of the doors.
  2. You will need 2 pieces for each of the back doors.
  3. One layer is laid on the floor and two on the ceiling.
  4. Even the arches are covered with material, also one layer.
  5. Remove the old interior trim and attach the insulation layers in their places. Fasteners are used for fixing. Next, the old upholstery is installed in its place. If the old fasteners are not enough after thickening the layers, you can use self-tapping screws.
Minuses and disadvantages of Volkswagen Taos: interior, trunk, transmission, suspension, fuel consumption

After such manipulations no sounds from the street will practically not get inside the cabin.

The cost of tuning depends on the intended scope of work.

  • Master services for the installation of parts will cost 2-10 thousand rubles.
  • If you perform the work yourself, you will only have to pay for the materials. For example, CHIP tuning will cost about 3 thousand rubles.
  • Noise insulation upholstery – 4-5 thousand rubles (upholstery in the workshop will cost 5-8 thousand rubles – this is the price of just the work, without materials).

Tuning Volkswagen Polo Sedan is a procedure that allows you to decorate the car externally, making it stand out on the road, as well as the opportunity to improve its dynamic performance.

Tuning Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Skoda Rapid 12-19/20- / VW Polo Sedan 09-19/20- Eibach Pro-Kit springs set with -30 mm lowering

The presence of numerous car brands in the world causes an incredibly huge competition in the universe of car tuning. This is especially noticeable for such a giant as Volkswagen.

For the manufacture, all the required for tuning polo sedan, this brand gives weight to its reserves and numerous forces:

  • global manufacturers,
  • well-known ateliers
  • Suppliers of all kinds of dodgers.

The reason for this phenomenon is that this brand is the de facto recognized leader in style, quality, design, speed and aerodynamic qualities. But everyone wants to have a car, distinguished by its uniqueness. It has to be perfect. But what does it mean? What qualities should distinguish such car? What details and elements should stuff it to make it perfect? Tuning vw polo is a great way to emphasize your taste and expressiveness of style not only of your car, but also of life in general.

Not only the manufacturers of brands are doing it. Everyone can, using tuning for polo sedan to turn your friend-auto into a work of powerful and lively 3D art.

For in-demand tuning of the Volkswagen Polo, the online store will gladly supply its owners with such necessary parts as body moldings, front and rear bumper covers. For tuning vw polo requires different variants of suspension, sills, covers for lights and headlights, grilles for radiators, lashes on the headlights, spoilers, different optics.

Engine and gearbox oil in Volkswagen Touran

Of course, each owner of Volkswagen Polo has his own idea of tuning. Some people are happy with standard base configuration. Other car owners need an unusual look of the body. Someone prefers car tuning for Polo sedan.

Our store provides not only a variety of parts for tuning vw polo, but also will gladly advise anyone and give sensible advice on any kind of tuning of the Volkswagen Polo.

On this page you will find items for tuning and retrofitting Volkswagen Polo Sedan . You can order and buy a product of interest at a bargain price with delivery in Moscow and Russia.


5 reviews shown.

Executive Recommended 2019-08-24

My Rapid is happy with it. For a long time I wanted to lower it slightly, only I did not want to saw the screws, because I am an engineer myself and know what it is to get into a design that was originally calculated in one design. My needs for maneuverability are fully covered by the kit.

Christina Recommended 2020-05-24

I changed it myself, didn’t have to go to a dealer. Polo is as simple as a 5 kopecks in the basic package. Did not have to ask for an elevator. Springs are thick, greased, held perfectly, 30mm almost and are not visible visually, even the wheels have not changed – nothing rubbed against the arches.

Recommended by Vladimir Vladimirovich 2020-04-13

Toledo has found a semblance of a manageable piece of iron) Previously, somehow sluggish ride, in the corners, vegetables mercilessly. I wanted to improve it somehow in terms of steering. I replaced the stabilizers, but it was no good. I installed the springs, tweaked it a little, and it works!

Recommended by Igor 2020-02-25

The springs are clearly made for the century. My 5 year old Rapid is just perfect. On the steering wheel responds almost by clicks, I enter the turns at 80, if the traffic allows. Maneuverability has clearly improved, but now I feel the pebbles more noticeable. But it’s not critical for me. There are more advantages.

Tiguan tuning: chip tuning, 2021.

Red Recommend 2019-10-24

Funny little thing. Apparently the running turn signal trend has infiltrated absolutely everywhere, ended up having to get one, I couldn’t find any others. I think it’s pretty harmonious and doesn’t look out of place. Though it is desirable to synchronize headlights for it now.

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