Volkswagen Jetta 6 automatic transmission: features, disadvantages, scheme

Features of the robot transmission DSG “Volkswagen Jetta”

The cost of servicing the transmission on the Jetta depends on the year of manufacture of the gearbox and how often the car is used. An average price can be calculated from the lube fluid replacement procedure.

volkswagen jetta transmission dsg

The Volkswagen Jetta (DSG Jetta) is a car that was one of the first to get a dual-clutch robot transmission. Its users formed a general opinion of the unit, and it has stuck with the transmission for decades to come.

What is the DSG transmission

The Volkswagen Jetta (DSG Jetta) is fitted with a robotized gearbox that features two clutches. Such a constructive approach on the part of the engineers of the German brand allowed the creation of a gearbox with faster shifting speeds. This also increased the efficiency of acceleration.

VAG robot is a special case of manual transmission, when it is not the driver who selects gears, but automated systems. When the vehicle accelerates, the computer disengages the clutch from the flywheel, changes the speed, and then puts the two elements back together.

A human does the same thing by depressing the clutch pedal. In the process, the car’s dynamics are reduced, because the torque from the engine does not go to the wheels.

Jetta selector dsg.

Jetta DSG selector

The DSG on the “Volkswagen” makes the gear engagement much faster. And the reason for this is the dilution of even and odd gears to different clutch discs. When the car picks up speed, the odd-numbered side is involved, while the other half is idle at this time.

As soon as the transmission control unit realizes it’s time to shift gears, the even-numbered side engages. But first, the flywheel is disengaged from the odd-numbered half.

There is also “dry” and “wet” DSG. The first ones are produced by the German concern since 2007, while the second ones were installed on the cars 4 years earlier.

What DSG boxes are on the “Jetta”

Volkswagen Jetta (DSG Jetta) was installed only 2 types of DSG: DQ250 and DQ200. The first one appeared in the manufacturer’s range about 13 years ago and was intended for the front-wheel drive models of the concern. The box has six gears and a “wet” clutch. Design features of the unit allow it to carry a torque up to 350 Nm.

For the release of the 6th generation of Volkswagen Jetta prepared DSG DQ200. The vehicle has received an additional seventh gear. The clutches became “dry”, but now they can handle only 250 Nm of torque.

“Wet” type is more expensive, but also has a longer service life. The DQ200 was considered unreliable for a long time, but the changes made to its design allowed to get rid of some drawbacks.

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The seven-speed box was offered by the manufacturer as a unit for low-capacity vehicles. It can hold only 250 Nm of torque, but this is enough for a comfortable driving.

On which models this box was installed

Volkswagen Jetta with DSG version DQ250 is the 5th generation.

Car name Equipment Years of production Engine Engine power (hp)
Volkswagen Jetta 5 Highline 2009-2010 BMY 140
Sportline 2006-2009 BMY 140
Highline 2009-2010 BSE, BSF 102
Trendline 2009-2010 BSE, BSF 102
Trendline 2006-2010 BKC, BLS, BXE 105

In the 6th generation the box was replaced by the DQ200.

Car name Equipment Years of production Engine Engine power (hp)
Volkswagen Jetta 6 Style 2014 CMSB, CAXA 122
Sochi Edition 2013 CMSB, CAXA 122
Comfortline 2010-2016 CMSB, CAXA 122
Highline 2010-2016 CMSB, CAXA 122
Life 2017-2019 CZCA 125
Comfortline 2016-2017 CZCA 125
Trendline 2016-2019 CZCA 125
Allstar 2016-2017 CZCA 125
Highline 2016-2017 CZCA 125
Comfortline 2010-2014 CTHA, CAVA 150
Highline 2010-2014 CTHA, CAVA 150
Highline 2015-2019 CZDA 150
Comfortline 2015-2019 CZDA 150

What type of unit will be installed on the 7th generation of the vehicle is not yet known.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DSG

The DSG DQ200 on the Jetta has the following disadvantages:

  • the first years the box had a number of design flaws, which have been preserved in the models produced in that period;
  • Shifts are “rough”, which affects comfort;
  • the clutch disks wear out quickly.

The advantages, however, judging by the reviews of users, are as follows:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • fast shifting of gears;
  • Smooth change of gears on the devices of the last years of manufacture.

Car enthusiasts have also identified the disadvantages of the Jetta DQ250 DSG box:

  • Frequently broke down in the first years of release;
  • at high mileage cars appear jerking and vibration;
  • Worn clutches affect the cleanliness of the oil in the assembly;
  • repairs are expensive and often lead to a complete replacement.

The pros of the DSG-6 for the Volkswagen Jetta drivers highlighted the following:

  • low fuel consumption;
  • Smoothness of gear shifting if the node is in good working order;
  • quick acceleration.

Users of this box claim that it is necessary to start accurately, but the subsequent acceleration is smooth.

Main malfunctions

Problems which are peculiar to the DQ250:

  • Box overheating. The presence of a “wet” clutch does not guarantee the absence of high temperatures in the assembly. It is especially relevant during slipping, uphill climbing and aggressive driving. The first thing that is affected is the electronics.
  • Breakdown of the mechatronic. The main control element of the node, its malfunction switches the car into the emergency mode. Problems associated with this part, forcing the motorist to look for a contract transmission, as its price is lower or comparable to the cost of repair.
  • The need to adapt after insignificant mileage. There are problems with shifting gears, but if you carry out maintenance, the speeds are engaged as in a new car.
Volkswagen Tiguan Go 1.4 150 hp robot

For electronics repair or maintenance in DQ250 requires DSG connector pinout (“Jetta” 2010-2019).

Faults relevant to the DQ200:

  • Failure of the fork to shift the box into reverse or sixth gear.
  • Rapid wear of the clutch discs.
  • Occasional burnout of electronic control unit.
  • Formation of cracks in the mechatronic housing.

Unsoldering the connectors for adaptation in this case will not help. But since 2011, the DQ200 is a more reliable type of unit, so it rarely breaks down. It is available in an upgraded version. The manufacturer has worked on the clutch, control unit and mechanical part.

The average cost of maintenance

The cost of servicing the transmission on the Jetta depends on the year of manufacture of the gearbox and how often the car is used. An average price can be calculated from the lube fluid replacement procedure.

For the DQ250 it is recommended to use original oil from the manufacturer. Item number: G 052 182 A2. It costs almost twice as much as counterparts from Chinese and other companies, but it is guaranteed to keep the unit in the norm. For full replacement you will buy 7 liters of lubricant. The cost of the fluid is about 10000 rubles.

In this type of box, an oil filter is also installed. Its part number: 02E.305.051.C. The original part will cost about 1500 rubles. During maintenance you will need to replace the plug and seal – another 300 rubles.

DSG gearbox 7

DSG gearbox 7

It is also recommended to use a transmission cleaner, its cost is about 400 rubles. It will help remove old oil residue from the box and rid the unit of fouling.

If you service the DQ250 by yourself you will have to pay at least 12000 rubles. If you use the services of a service station, the price can increase to 18-20 thousand rubles.

The car with the DQ200 box is cheaper to service. For a complete change you will need only 2 liters of oil. Official manufacturer’s item: VAG G 052 512 A2. Lubricant recommended for DQ250 will not work in this case. Similar lubricants should not be used either.

The mechatronic oil is also to be purchased separately – 1 liter is sufficient. Item number: VAG G 004 000 M2.

The cost of a liter of lubricating fluid in both cases – about 1000 rubles. Therefore you will need only 3,000 rubles. You should also add the price of consumables. If you replace it yourself, the service will cost about 5000 rubles.

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Reviews of owners of the Jetta with the transmission

Box “Volkswagen Jetta” (DSG) is often compared to analogues on the mechanic and automatic. Mention the authors of posts on thematic forums and the cost of repair. In this case, much depends on the date of manufacture of the vehicle.

Comparison with a manual

Anton, 24, Yekaterinburg:

“I have a car with a 1.6-liter motor. For a long time I could not get used to it, felt the jerk. One mechanic I know told me that in traffic jams you shouldn’t press the brake and keep the selector in Drive. It’s better to put in “neutral” gear, it’s much safer for the assembly. Then he did the pinout of DSG connector (“Jetta” 2010), changed something and everything was fine. Although I felt good after the mechanics, but shivering was bothering me.

Sergey, 40, Kazan:

“In 2007 I bought a car with a variator, before that I used a car with a manual transmission. Only in 2012 I decided to buy a Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI 4DR DSG. I expected everything, but such smoothness and dynamics – no. I was also pleased with the fuel economy.

Svetlana, 34, Moscow:

“Drove the 2008 Golf for a long time. The engine there is 1,4 liters, and the gearbox is manual. Almost the most “plush” configuration was. Then I switched to the Jetta with robot and TSI engine for 1.6, and finally realized why everyone says it’s stupid to drive in manual transmission in Moscow. I enjoy driving it even in traffic jams.

A comparison with an automatic transmission

Alexander, 50, Irkutsk:

“For a long time drove a Volkswagen Golf with automatic, but the time came to buy a bigger and more substantial car. I chose the Jetta with DSG-6. I did not notice any difference from the automatic transmission. All is smooth and without jerks. I don’t know why they say this box is so bad.

Elena, 23 years old, Novosibirsk:

“My brother gave me a Volkswagen Jetta 2010 with an automatic transmission for my birthday. At first he drove it himself, then he got tired of it. And once it began to twitch right along the way. I went to the service, they said that the control unit needed to be unplugged. I had to pay a solid amount, but now the problem no longer. Workers of the same organization said that this is a common problem with these cars.

Automatic transmission for VW Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta automatic transmission

Cars of German company Volkswagen is not only a sign of elegance, style and charisma, but also a reliable car that serves faithfully for many years.

However, there is nothing eternal. The older becomes the car VW Jetta, the more problems arise, including problems with the box – automatic. Therefore, in spite of the huge service life of gearbox of this car, the time comes when it is necessary to change this unit.

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The automatic transmission, which is installed on the Volkswagen model Jetta, has its own features and characteristics, depending on the generation of the Jetta.

Below we offer a table, with the help of which you can easily find out what gearshift box stands on your car Jetta, if suddenly you need its replacement or repair.

Period of manufacture VW Jetta engine modification Generation Automatic transmission model
1975-1992 1.6L 1.7L 1.8L Volkswagen Jetta 10
1993-1998 1,8L 1,9L 2,0L 96
1995-2001 1,8 1,9 2,0L V6 2,8L 01M
2002-2005 2.0L 1.9LD
2002-2003 1.8L V6 2.8L JF506E
1995-1997 Volkswagen Vento 01M
1999-2008 1.6L 1.8L 1.9L 2.0L Volkswagen Bora 01M
2000-2005 1,8L 1,9L L5 2,3L JF506E
2008-2011 1,6L 2,0L TF-61SN
2004-2005 2,0L Jetta Wagon 01M
2004-2008 1.8L 1.9LD JF506E
2005-2011 1.9LD 2.0L L5 2.5L 09G
2005-2010 1,6L 2,0L TF-61SN
2005-2011 1.6L 1.9L 2.0L L5 2.5L DQ250 (02E)

Statistically, the Volkswagen Jetta with the 1.6 automatic is the most common Jetta. According to the reviews of car owners of major complaints to the gearbox they are not experiencing – switching is soft, comfortable, the box serves long and serviceably.

But it must be understood that the capacity of the engine 1.6 is not great, and consequently (especially with an automatic) will be uncomfortable or impossible to start with a traffic light dashingly as in races, poorly get out of snowdrifts and drive at high speeds.

The main reasons of gearbox Jetta malfunction

If we consider the most common breakdowns of the automatic transmission type on the Jetta, the main reason is its overheating. To avoid such trouble, it is enough to follow the basic recommendations of experts. Moreover, they are universal and suitable for most cars, not only for the model Volkswagen Jetta.

So, for the transmission on your Volkswagen Jetta to work long and properly, it is necessary to avoid any overheating. From a practical point of view, it is easy to ensure:

  • never forget to warm up the Jetta car before driving;
  • Start driving, especially in cold weather at low speed, controlling gear shifting;
  • During movement try to observe optimum speed mode;
  • To change oil in a box of Jetta in due time, and give preference only to proven brands which are recommended by the manufacturer;
  • To control liquid level, not allowing its rise or fall;
  • Never move off sharply, give preference to high speeds and quick braking (it takes time to shift gears in Jetta).
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Thus, thanks to simple rules and careful attitude auto Jetta, you can significantly extend its life, as well as the operational life of the gearbox Volkswagen. However, problems are not always solved only by proper care or timely made maintenance.

How then to recognize the moment that a serious breakdown is just about to happen?

Faults of the gearbox Volkswagen Jetta

Many car owners will agree that the automatic transmission is very convenient to operate, and also saves the driver from unnecessary manipulation. However, the complexity of the device of such a unit as an automatic transmission requires appropriate attention to itself. Let’s find out how to understand that the automatic transmission Volkswagen Jetta is faulty, and also requires repair or replacement.

The main signs in this case are considered:

  1. Jolts, which should not be missed, especially if the automatic VW Jetta is in operation all the time;
  2. Also, you should not skip a visit to a specialist, if while driving, shifting gears is not a smooth process;
  3. Cluttered gear shifting in automatic transmission;
  4. Significant increase in rpm when shifting gears;
  5. When checking the oil in the automatic transmission, its darkening is detected;
  6. the most obvious signal of VW Jetta gearbox malfunction will be the burning icon on the dashboard.

Of course, this is not the whole list of symptoms by which you can identify the existing malfunction. We have listed the most common reasons to go to the service. Remember, only if you take the car off the parking lot, you will feel a slight jerk, and it is not an occasion to go to the service.

Parts - automatic transmission (automatic transmission) for Volkswagen Jetta of 2012 - 2013

Parts – Automatic Transmission (automatic transmission) for the 2012 – 2013 Volkswagen Jetta.

However, in the case of self-service your car VW Jetta, repair or replacement of the automatic transmission can be done by yourself or with an assistant. The main thing is to buy the original parts and automatic transmission Volkswagen Jetta. In order not to run into scammers, it is best to order and buy parts or spare parts from authorized dealers of Volkswagen.

Replacement itself is not a difficult process, but time-consuming. The main thing in this case, correctly determine the fault that arose in the automatic transmission Jetta. Well then it is a matter of technique and acquired skills of work. As a rule, this process will require a considerable amount of time, but the cost of independent repair will be an excellent way to save money. Of course, the result of labor will be the best reward for effort and labor.

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