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Volkswagen Jetta

So what does it mean to be an adult? Listen to the voice of reason more often than the voice of the heart? Always act thoughtfully instead of spontaneously? Follow a plan in every situation instead of trying new things? Maybe. Or maybe it means sticking to the golden mean. The key is to know what you want. For example, a car with which you will always go the only right way – your own. A car that combines classics and modernity, and therefore is not influenced by fashion. Allow me to introduce: the Volkswagen Jetta.


The 6th generation Volkswagen Jetta retains the classic features of the sedan. Its successful proportions give it a timeless elegance.

Limitless perfection

Dynamic sedan

The Volkswagen Jetta is a classic sedan with harmonious proportions. Its clear shapes, pleasing rear contours, large wheels and streamlined silhouette are features that give the car a sporty and elegant appearance at the same time. The characteristic lower air intakes and the radiator grille with chrome slats enhance the impression made. The rear section can be fitted with LED lights, if desired. Highly economical and long-lasting, they are not only stylish but also impressively bright.

Rims and tires

Endless options for individuality

The car is already equipped ex-factory with wheels that perfectly match the body. The extensive range of wheels and tires covers all your wishes.

Your Volkswagen Jetta is fitted with steel rims with full-size hubcaps which add to the overall appearance of the Volkswagen Jetta.

Other types of wheels are also available, ranging from simple and elegant to extremely dynamic. For example, “Stratford” 6.5J x 16 light-alloy wheels, “Sonoma” 6.5J x 16, “Woodstock” 6.5J x 16, “Salamanca” 7J x 17 and “Lancaster” 7J x 17.

Cargo area

Easy loading and convenient placement

The Volkswagen Jetta’s trunk serves more than just decoration. With its 510-litre volume and luggage securing fasteners, it is a bright and practical detail.

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The large volume of the Volkswagen Jetta’s luggage compartment – as much as 510 liters. – and a large lid allow even very large items to be loaded. The double anchor-shaped hook can be used to securely fasten, for example, sports bags or shopping bags. The trunk trim has convenient compartments for the safe storage of small items.

You’ll be amazed: the Volkswagen Jetta is capable of so much. With its impressive 510-litre capacity and large loading opening, even large items can be easily stowed in the Volkswagen Jetta’s trunk. You can hang your gym bags or shopping bags on the double anchor-shaped hook. Practical storage compartments are built into the luggage compartment panels where you can conveniently and safely store small items. Volkswagen Jetta can hold a lot of things.

Volkswagen Jetta design

A brilliant combination of elegant style and confident sportiness

The beauty of a classic is that it is timeless. The straightforward elegance of the Volkswagen Jetta, for example in the front end, is still relevant. The front end gives the car its distinctive character. Spectacular, status-oriented, dynamic, comfortable sedan – the Volkswagen Jetta is designed to meet the high demands of today’s buyers. The Volkswagen Jetta’s impetuous body design, its clear and precise lines and the muscular drawing of its surfaces, make it stand out in the stream of cars, leaving a memorable image in the mind. Stylish and, at the same time, austere and solid design that will still be relevant in a few years’ time.

Good visibility and attractive appearance.

Halogen, bi-xenon, LED: all current lighting technologies are available for the Volkswagen Jetta.

The Volkswagen Jetta is equipped as standard with halogen headlights. They have an elongated shape that extends to the outer edges and blend in seamlessly with the grille. The optionally available LED daytime running lights look spectacular and are more visible on the road.

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What would you prefer? The Volkswagen Jetta comes standard with halogen headlights. The narrow headlights, which extend to the outer edges, are in perfect harmony with the grille.

The optional bi-xenon headlights with daytime running lights for the Volkswagen Jetta are also equipped with dynamic and static cornering lights. They illuminate when the turn signal is activated or the steering wheel is turned, greatly improving visibility. Other advantages of xenon headlights include higher brightness and lower power consumption compared to halogen lamps.

Optional fog lights with a cornering light function integrated in the lower air intakes give the front of the vehicle a sporty look and excellent visibility. The cornering light function allows pedestrians and obstacles to be spotted earlier. The benefits are obvious: the headlights increase safety, reducing the risk of an accident.


The central control unit creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Thanks to the convenient and intuitive layout of the controls, you will quickly find your way around the wheel of your Volkswagen Jetta.

There is one detail of the comfortably designed driver’s seat that will draw your eye: the dashboard with round instruments in sporty design that comes as standard. Deflectors, rotary light switches and other controls have chrome trim. The multi-function display Plus will make various additional information visible.

The leather trim on the gear lever, handbrake and steering wheel adds an extra touch of luxury to the interior. The “Engineered Zebrano” inserts in the door trim and dashboard enhance the high-quality design.

Electrically heated windscreen

Heated, athermal windscreen

The electrically heated windscreen is quicker to remove ice from the windscreen due to invisible threads, so you don’t have to stand in the cold and remove the ice from the windscreen.

All Jetta 6 features #13

Hello all! I’ll tell you a little bit about the options for the 6th generation Jett. For those who do not know their equipment, can find their equipment code in the trunk or under the trunk mat, to the left of the spare wheel. I will begin to describe the options. Conceptline refers to the budget versions of Volkswagen Jetta VI generation. The model is equipped with a standard safety system, additional anchorages for child seats, window airbags. Comfort in the cabin is provided by: heated seats and side mirrors, air conditioning, front power windows, functional multimedia (USB, AUX, audio preparation, etc.). Conceptline is available in three versions: two with manual transmission (85 and 105 hp) and one with automatic transmission (105 hp). Average acceleration speed to 100 km/h is 12.5 s. The next step in the lineup of the 6th generation Jetta is the Trendline . It is equipped with all the features typical to the previous version, as well as a function of heated washer nozzles in the cold, rear power windows, etc. Trendline is available in 5 modifications: 122 hp mechanic and automatic, 85 hp mechanic, 105 hp mechanic and automatic. Style modification can be called a small style breakthrough of the manufacturer. In this version, more emphasis was made on the aesthetic characteristics of the car. Clear contours of the body contribute to quick car’s distinguishing in the stream. The native color of the vehicle: white or Topaz Brown also helps to achieve this effect. The significant improvement touched the comfort of the interior. The updated Jetta got: Cruise control; Front and rear Parktronic; Full steering wheel adjustment (on pitch and height); Climate control of the front zone, and not only. All the features that the previous versions were equipped with are preserved. The Stile package is also presented in 5 versions: 122 hp in mechanics and automatics, 85 hp in mechanics, 105 hp in mechanics and automatics. In 2014 the next version of Volkswagen Jetta VI generation – Sochi Edition saw the light. Its release was timed to coincide with the Olympics, which was held this year in Sochi. Externally the car has received only one major difference – a black grille with chrome trim. Unlike the previous configuration, this one is presented in four versions: 122 hp and 105 hp (each in modification with automatic transmission and manual transmission). The Jetta Trendline package includes the optimum set of options for increased safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. The wide range of power units available for this configuration allows you to choose the right combination of power, efficiency and comfort for the driver. The 1.6 MPI four-cylinder 90 horsepower gasoline engine with a five-speed manual transmission is also available for the same 110 horsepower engine. On higher horsepower 125 horsepower engines, you can choose either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed DSG robotized transmission. Highline is one of the richest variants of the 6th generation. The distinctive features of the interior have become: front sport seats, headlight washers, Xenon/Bixenon headlights, Bluetooth in multimedia, multifunctional steering wheel, automatic headlight corrector, etc. Traditionally, the car is presented in 5 modifications: 122 hp (automatic transmission / manual transmission), 105 hp (automatic transmission / manual transmission) and 150 hp in mechanics (one of the most powerful modifications of the generation).

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