Volkswagen Polo 2021 dashboard: icons, styles, codes

32. Polo Sedan dashboard indication

This entry is relevant for owners who have not yet replaced the dash, or are not going to replace it. And it will be interesting for those who are wondering “what do the indications mean” who are too lazy to look in the manual.

1. – Electronic tachometer. Indicates engine crankshaft speed. The scale is divided from 0 to 8, and the division value is 0.2. To find out the crankshaft speed in min’, multiply the tachometer reading by 1000. Red zone of the scale means dangerous engine operation.

2. – The engine coolant overheating warning light in the engine cooling system (with a red light filter). If the lamp lights up, stop, let the engine cool down and eliminate the cause of overheating.

3. – oil pressure warning light (with red filter). It lights up when the ignition is switched on and warns that the pressure in the engine lubrication system is below normal. Immediately after starting the engine this light should go off.

4. – Rear fog light control lamp (with yellow filter). Illuminates when the rear fog light is on.

5. – High beam indicator lamp (with blue filter). Lights up when the high beam headlights are on.

6. – Left turn signal lamp (arrow with green filter). Illuminates with flashing light when the left turn signal light is on (synchronously with it). If the indicator lamp flashes at twice the frequency or burns continuously, the lamp in any of the left turn indicators is burned out.

7. – information display. The display shows the electronic total mileage counter (odometer) in kilometers. After driving 1,000,000 kilometres a new odometer cycle is started. The same display also shows the daily odometer reading or the trip computer reading, and sets the time in the clock display mode. In addition, the fuel level indicator with an electronic scale is constantly indicated on the display after switching on the ignition. 8.

8. – The signal lamp for the brake system status and parking brake activation (with a red filter). Illuminates when the ignition is switched on in case of an excessive drop in the brake fluid level in the main brake cylinder reservoir, when the parking brake lever is raised, or in case of a fault in the brake force distribution system. In the latter case, at the same time with this lamp is lit lamp 10 malfunction antilock system.

9. – Right direction indicator light (arrow with green filter). Illuminates with flashing light when the right turn signal light is on (synchronously with it). If the indicator lamp flashes at twice the frequency or is permanently illuminated, the lamp in any right turn indicator lamp has blown.

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10. – Anti-lock braking system malfunction lamp (with yellow filter). Illuminates when the ignition is on for 3 seconds. When the starter is turned on, the lamp lights up permanently. The lamp should go out after the engine is started. In case of system failure the lamp is constantly lit.

11. – signal lamp of engine control system (with yellow filter). It lights up when the ignition is switched on and lights up when the engine is started. Immediately after starting the engine the lamp should go out. Illumination of the lamp while the engine is running indicates a malfunction in the engine control system. In this case, the control unit will switch to the backup program, allowing you to continue driving. If the lamp lights up, check the electronic control unit on the diagnostic equipment and eliminate the malfunction.

12. – speedometer. Shows how fast the vehicle is currently traveling. The scale is graduated from 0 to 240 km/h, with a scale value of 5 km/h.

13. – Engine control malfunction warning lamp (with yellow filter). Illuminates when the ignition is switched on and illuminates when the engine is started

14. – Driver’s seat belt unbuckled signal lamp (with red filter). Illuminates when the ignition is switched on and extinguishes when the driver’s seat belt is fastened.

15. – Brake pedal reminder light (with green filter). It functions if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission. Illuminates when the ignition is turned on, reminding the driver to depress the brake pedal before moving the transmission selector lever from the “P” (parking) position to the driving position.

16. – 16. Minimum fuel reserve in tank indicator lamp (with yellow filter). Illuminates continuously when there is about 80 km of fuel left in the tank. Avoid driving on reserve fuel whenever possible. Operation of the electric fuel pump without continuous fuel supply with air in the system will lead to pump failure!

17. – Airbag malfunction warning light (with yellow filter). Illuminates when the ignition is turned on if a malfunction has occurred in the airbag system. If the warning lamp illuminates, contact a workshop immediately. In addition to possible failure in an emergency situation, the airbag may deploy unexpectedly while driving, resulting in serious consequences.

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18. – The unlocked side door warning light (with red filter) will illuminate if one of the side doors is unlocked (or not properly closed) when the key is in the ignition switch.

19. – ESP (Electronic Stability Program) warning lamp with yellow filter (if installed). Illuminates for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on. If the lamp illuminates continuously while the engine is running, it indicates a malfunction in the system. When the lamp flashes while driving, it indicates that the system is operating. If the warning light illuminates continuously, seek service because the Polo Sedan is driven without the assistance of the directional stability system.

20. – Reset key for daily mileage counter and clock settings. To reset, press the key for a few seconds with the ignition on. To set the clock, press this key successively to set the time in hours and minutes after activating the hour or minute display by pressing key 21.

21. – key for setting the hours. Press the button repeatedly to activate the hour or minute indication on display 7 to set the time.

22. – Power steering malfunction light (yellow filter). Illuminates for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on. If the lamp illuminates while the engine is running, the power steering is defective. If the lamp does not light up after stopping the engine and restarting it, it means that the amplifier has been restored to working condition. If the power steering malfunction light stays on, immediately call for service, since a sudden power steering failure while driving can lead to serious consequences.

23. – Battery discharge warning lamp (with red filter). It lights up when the ignition is turned on. The lamp should extinguish immediately after the engine is started. Burning or half-light when the engine is running indicates a lack of charging current, caused by a faulty alternator or voltage regulator, as well as poor tension (or breakage) of the alternator drive belt. Do not drive the Polo Sedan with the lamp on because, in addition to completely discharging the battery, it may indicate a short circuit in the charging circuit, which even leads to fire.

24. – The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) shutdown mode indicator lamp with a yellow filter (if the system is installed). It lights up for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on, and also during the system’s forced deactivation.

I hope this post has helped someone understand which symbols should be lit when starting the car, which may appear when driving, and which are restricted.

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Volkswagen Polo dashboard: decoding of icons

Standard dashboard Volkswagen Polo, as well as in other cars of the concern is not distinguished by the complexity of construction or intricate design. Controls and indicators are located typically for the brand models, which simplifies the assimilation of the machine by inexperienced drivers.

In the hatchback and sedan versions, the panel does not differ – the differences can contribute to the configuration and year of manufacture of the vehicle. The 2019 versions differ significantly from the first generations. The appearance of indicators and main pointers are standardized, which levels out the differences in design.

Description of the icons on the panel of the Volkswagen Polo


The photo above shows the main indicators found on all versions of the car before and after 2016, regardless of the modification. Also, in some versions, icons of auxiliary systems may be added here. Their designations are given in the paragraphs below.

  1. Trouble in the steering mechanism. Here, there may be problems in the steering system or there is increased play in the joints.
  2. The literal deciphering is the indicator of absence of battery charge. The light should go off after the engine is started. If this does not happen, it is recommended to check the generator set and its lines. Also the diode lights up if the battery is discharged or damaged.
  3. Standard powertrain overheat light. When the signal lights up, stop immediately and check the cooling system. It is strictly forbidden to drive with overheated engine.
  4. Red oil light indicates a malfunction in the engine lubrication system. Usually this is resolved by adding oil to the crankcase. Less often there are problems with the oil pump.
  5. The meaning of such indicators does not change, but the appearance may vary slightly. The indicator signals the driver that one or more doors in the car are not closed. When all are closed, it indicates that the pressure sensor in the door is damaged.
  6. General faults in the brake system. Usually it is enough to refill the fluid in the expansion tank or replace the brake pads.
  7. The mated ABS system failure indicator light. When the lamp lights continuously, you should check the sensors and their lines. Damage to these assemblies often occurs due to their design features.
  8. Malfunctions in the electronic control system of the gasoline engine. Simply speaking – there was a malfunction in the firmware or the ECU, ESD blocks are damaged. In this case, you will need to reset the onboard computer or go to the service station.
  9. Check is present in all cars without exception. The indicator indicates the presence of problems in the power plant or its serving modules. Here you will need to go to specialists for help.
  10. It is necessary to fasten the driver’s seat belt.
  11. Occurs only on automatic transmissions. The lamp indicates that the selector is blocked, you should depress the brake pedal to be able to shift the lever position.
  12. Fuel level has dropped to a critical level. The fuel level has dropped to the critical mark.
  13. Airbag activation actuator is broken. Usually it is breakage of pyro cartridge power supply circuit or damaged fuse.
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EPC on the dashboard of Volkswagen Polo – what is it

Mass distribution of the indicator became widespread after 2013. If EPS lights up on the dashboard of the car, it means that problems in the engine management system have been detected. The indicator is not found on diesels, applies only to gasoline.

When the light bulb activates, you should immediately contact the service station. It will not be possible to eliminate the problem without special equipment.

Exclamation mark on the dashboard of Polo


If the lamp shown in the figure appears, you should pay attention to the work of the braking system. Just an exclamation mark without additional elements indicates the need to check the dashboard. Such indicators often light up at the same time as other indicators.

What does the wrench on the Polo sedan dashboard mean


Indicates the need to undergo routine maintenance of the vehicle. Next to it is shown the mileage remaining to the recommended procedure. After all manipulations, the service interval is reset.

Polo sedan: engine temperature on the dashboard


It is not here. The manufacturer installs on the dashboard only the overheating lamp, which, gives extremely little information to the driver.

Cigarette lighter

Some motorists mount an additional element in the dashboard or on any surface. More often a niche near the cigarette lighter is chosen. You can find and buy the remote sensor in auto stores. It is not difficult to install it yourself, just follow the instructions.

SAFE on Polo panel

If this message is displayed on the dashboard when you try to start it, it indicates a problem with the immobilizer. The system does not see the electronic ignition key. Usually a wiring diagnostic will help to correct the situation. When the indicator lights up during engine autostart, there is nothing wrong with it.

Polo: InSP on the panel

If the inscription on the electronic display of the car has lit up, you should not worry. The indicator tells you that the time of the scheduled engine maintenance is approaching. The hand of the clock adds to the information and tells you the time left till the procedure.

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TRIP on the Polo’s dashboard – what does it mean?

This is a standard indicator of the daily mileage of the car. To switch to a general ODO indicator, you should press the right button on the dashboard.

Errors on the Polo’s dashboard

When diagnosing the system, the computer can display up to several thousand codes, giving different breakdowns. Below are only the most common ciphers encountered during diagnostics.

Code Deciphering
0105 Air flow meter is defective.
0112/113 Low/high air temperature sensor signal level.
0116 0117/118 Air temperature sensor defective.
0117/118 Incorrect readings from the above sensor.
0121 DPDZ line is damaged.
0122/123 Incorrect reading from throttle position sensor.
0130-132 DK1 Incorrect signal or damaged wiring.
0133 DK1 slow response.
0134 DK2 reduced efficiency.
0135 DK2 heater is dead.
0136-141 DK2 is not working properly.
0201-204 Damaged injector circuits on cylinders 1-4
0230 Fuel system electrical circuit requires replacement.
0300-304 There are multiple ignition misses in cylinders.
0326 Detonation sensor open circuit.
0335 OCBV is dead.
0342 Same for dipstick.
0422 Catalytic converter is broken or damaged.
0501 Speed sensor has failed.
0562/563 0562/563 Incorrect onboard voltage.
1123/24 1123/24 Depleted/enriched fuel mixture.
1510 Idle speed valve permanently open.
1610/1611 MIL control lamp is defective.

VW Polo dashboard does not turn off


On cars before and after 2012, users may find that the dashboard on the car does not turn off, even if you turn off the lights and remove the ignition key. The system simply stops responding to the driver’s manipulation. Here the rear view mirror adjustment module is to blame. The unit is connected to the onboard network through the power supply system of the interior illumination. Also the cause can be a malfunction in the ICC unit, which is checked by error diagnostics.

Polo dashboard stands out for its simple design and clear execution. The main signals and indicators on the dashboard are intuitively perceived even by novice drivers.

Specialization: I graduated from a state automobile university, worked for 20 years on a GAZ-56, and now I drive a Zhiguli.

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