Volkswagen Polo liftback in Russia 2020

Overview of the new generation Polo liftback 2020 packages

Autosalon of the official dealer of Volkswagen “Autocentre City – Kashirka” presents the lineup of the new generation of Volkswagen Polo 2020 model year in the body of a liftback. Start of sales – (tentatively) Q2 2020. For details call +7 495 741-45-45.

  • Brand-new exterior design and interior
  • 3 engines, 4 equipment sets
  • Wide range of innovations and multimedia

Volkswagen gives details about a new generation of the best seller Polo. For the Russian market the model will be offered in four variants: Origin, Respect, Status and Exclusive.

Pre-order the new generation Polo liftback in the showroom of the official dealer

Polo will be available with several engines to choose from: 1.6 in 90 hp and 110 hp, and 1.4 in 125 hp. Powerful 90 and 110 hp engines are produced in Kaluga plant and come with 5-speed manual gearbox. 110 hp engine can also be equipped with 6-ACP, and 125 hp motor comes with 7-speed DSG.

New Polo liftback exterior

The new Polo has become the first model in Russia with a new Volkswagen logo. The design of the car has changed completely: the body lines are more rapid and elegant.

The exterior of the new Polo is distinguished by a modernized grille, a new front bumper and a rear diffuser. The model name at the rear of the car is now located directly below the logo. The Polo is now presented in a new liftback body, which expands the possibilities of loading and transportation of bulky goods.

Polo has grown significantly in size: if the dimensions of the previous generation was 4390x1699x1467 cm, now it is 4483x1706x1484 cm. There is more space for rear passengers, and the trunk space is increased by 90 liters – from 460 to 550 liters.

In the top version Exclusive exterior design is complemented by chrome stripes on the grille and chrome inserts for rear diffuser and chrome edging of side windows.

Maintenance schedule Volkswagen Tiguan

Did not have time to finish all that I wanted:( I'll try to add a little later the rest of the reasons. The price of the issue: the amount spent on the purchase, insurance, equipment and fueling the car.

The new Polo’s optics is also completely changed. Halogen headlights are a thing of the past. Depending on the version, the Polo is already equipped with LED headlights with reflector or spotlight type. The function of the fog lights is now integrated into the overall unit. The design of the rear LED lights has also been completely redesigned; they now consist of two sections, with the second one, located on the trunk lid, also being active.

Five new rims complete the exterior design. The Origin and Respect versions are offered with steel rims with decorative hubcaps, and starting from the Status version, 15′ light-alloy rims. The 16′ wheels are available as an option.

Polo liftback interior

The driver’s workplace has also changed completely. While retaining its excellent ergonomics, the Polo offers new solutions in the interior: all Polo cars are now equipped with a multimedia system with App-Connect and a 6.5 or 8.25-inch touchscreen.

The interior of the new Polo features new decorative interior trim panels. Each package has its own unique variant of decorative inserts in the trim of the front panel, doors and center console. Each version of the Polo has a new design of seat trim.

The new Polo is fitted with a new multifunctional steering wheel as standard, which, starting from the Status model, is trimmed with leather and has a heated function.

The final element in the interior of the Polo is the atmospheric footwell illumination in the front, starting with the option Exclusive.

Functional equipment of the Polo liftback

Volkswagen Polo in the new version is complemented by an expanded set of functional equipment.

As an information and entertainment equipment in the package Origin, Respect and Status offered a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, 4 speakers, the interface to connect your cell phone via Bluetooth, USB-C connector and interface App-Connect, which allows you to synchronize your smartphone with your car using Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.

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In the package Exclusive presents a multimedia system Composition with a screen diagonal of 8.25 inches, 6 speakers and App-Connect interface.


The new Polo has more digital surfaces. A digital reconfigurable 10.25-inch Active Info Display dashboard is available as a base for the Exclusive version.

The new Polo offers a set of options for cold climate zones, in particular: heated front seats, side mirrors and washer jets (standard from Respect version), heated steering wheel (from Status version), heated windshield (standard from Exclusive version, optional for other versions), heated rear seats (optional from Status version).

Traditionally, the new Polo is equipped with a package for poor roads, and its ground clearance is 170 mm, which is 7 mm more than in its predecessor.

The new Polo offers the KESSY keyless entry and engine start system. Starting with the Status version, the new Polo offers cruise control as standard.


Starting with the Exclusive version the standard equipment on the Polo includes front and rear parking sensors, light and rain sensor (available as an option in other versions), rear view camera integrated under the Volkswagen logo (option for Status and Exclusive versions), Climatronic climate control (from Status version).

Optionally, the customer can supplement his Polo with a rear wiper, USB-connector in the back and other equipment.

Safety Polo liftback

The car has received modern safety systems. Each version is equipped with ESP, Isofix mounts for installing child seats in the back. The novelty is equipped with front airbags with optional deactivation function for the passenger, as well as (optional) front side curtain airbags and front side airbags. In addition, an electronic immobilizer and anti-theft system are available for the Polo. All Polo versions are also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.

Polo Liftback(2020) after one month and 1,500 km

This is not the first car of the Wag family in our family. Not even the first polo:) now there is even a 2013 polo sedan in the maximum configuration on a manual transmission. So most of the description of the new car will go in comparison with it. Since the date of purchase has passed a month and I drove it 1500 km. The first thing I want to say about the car is that it has caused me a cognitive dissonance. It was the first time in 15 years of driving. In that time, I have driven (driven over 2,000k miles in each of the cars accounted for here) as a driver in more than 30 cars of different price classes. The spread in class goes from a 2006 VAZ 2107 to a 2018 Volvo XC90. And no other car has ever given me such a sense of dissonance. “I was very wrong” will be the main phrase of my narrative:) Next I will try to explain and list the reasons why I had this feeling: 1) The lack of window closers on all doors in the maximum configuration of the car when the 2013 and 2019 car has them. I figured it couldn’t be that this one wouldn’t have what it used to have. I was very wrong :) Vag can have it… 2) no “mute” button in the max package, although it is in the cheaper packages. I thought that can not be on this will not be what is in the cheaper. I was very wrong:) Vag can be. 3) The electronic dashboard is not functional at all. In fact replaced the analog speedometer and tachometer with a picture on the screen and that’s it. I agree my mistake (at the time of ordering a car like this bundle had not yet gone on sale and ordering made in advance), I had to study the issue better, but I thought that once the dashboard as in Tiguan and it will work with the same capabilities. I was very wrong:) 4) At the showroom, I was given a set of winter tires. I thought the Polo should be a people’s car and it should be a large selection of rims. I was very wrong:) R16 rims, dimension 5×100, offset 38, planting diameter 57.1, on sale in our country. To order only 2 types. In general, the choice is not at all. So you understand I live in the Republic of Tatarstan, in a town with a population of 240 thousand people, 40 km from my house is another city with a population of 530 thousand people, and in 60 and 80 km there are settlements with a population of 15 and 80 thousand people. I think this area would be hard to call a hick town:) 5) My package is present as the booklet says “light sensor, rain sensor and self-dimming mirror. Only there is a feeling that the rain sensor or I forgot to put or it does not work. The operation of the wipers is absolutely the same as in the 2013 car, where there was no rain sensor. No change in the operation of the wipers when changing the rain intensity … And the mirror after tinting the first day of ownership of the car stopped auto-darkening. I don’t understand if I have it autodimming or not?) In the near future will go to TO-0 and this issue will be clarified. 6) Keyless entry system. Complete crap… works only on the front doors. Step away from the car, the car will not close. You need to put your finger to the sensor on the front handle to close, and it does not always work the first time. I use the car 90% of the time I go to the back door first to put a baby in or put things in the back seats. When exiting the car I go to the back door to get the baby or things. As a result, I started using the key to lock and unlock the car again.

Volkswagen Tiguan owner reviews all the pros and cons

I repent. Here, of course, is purely my subjective feelings from the habit of normal in my opinion keyless access systems in cars of a higher class. I think after replacing the alarm system can get rid of this inconvenience. Already had to put it 3 weeks ago, but the installation was delayed due to illness installer (if you believe the manufacturer’s website, he is one certified in our city). 7) Continuation of the theme with the door closers and stacks of the car. On the previous generation of Polik closed the windows when arming. If the car had any lights on in the cabin, the car beeped so that in the morning would not find the car with a dead battery. There were sensors of motion or volume (I do not know what it is exactly, but there were several times that the car was shouting the siren until it drove large striped flies out of the cabin). Thought that there should be all of this too. I was very wrong :) None of the above. 8) Tire pressure monitoring system. Always thought that this requires sensors in the wheels. Turns out they are not. While I seriously doubt that this is not just another advertising bullshit … But in defense of this crap, I will say that once after a cold snap I had a warning about the fixation of lowering the pressure in tires. Checked the pressure gauge on the pump, it showed 2 atm. How much was there before I do not know (pumped at the tire fitting when assembling winter tires). Pumped up to the value, removed the error. Will see what happens next, but the scale starts to swing. May change my mind about it… 9) When changing tires for winter I noticed a strange thing with the hub caps closure. No hub caps on the front, but the rear do. Okay the previous one had drum brakes on the beam, but there are disc brakes everywhere. Shouldn’t it be either everywhere or nowhere?:) Why such asymmetry?

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