Volkswagen Polo liftback maintenance schedule

Volkswagen Polo liftback

Hello all! Autumn has come, and with it the time of the planned maintenance. When I called, said 25k cost TO-3 turnkey, so to speak. Fortunately, I bought all consumables and it came out a little cheaper. Upon arrival to the TO, I… Read more.

Sick. Since when did reading bugs become a separate service, at this price? In my opinion, you were screwed. The cost of the 1st maintenance checkup for me was 5 thousand dollars.

The same is with flushing. They assured me it was included in service maintenance according to regulations. Although the 1st maintenance checkup was of recommendatory nature.

I needed to keep a note for myself to remember when and what I did. Passed since the last service station 15000 km, now I go to the oil changes once in 10000 km. During this time nothing has happened to the car in terms of modifications and … Read more

Got it, I changed it. The condition of the old ones was quite good, but I didn’t screw them back in. My friend told me that the copper ring on them may not fit so tightly in its place anymore. I haven’t felt any difference, the engine is still shaking when warming up.

A little shaking while warming up is normal when the revs are over 1000, and after the revs have crept down, the shaking should pass. My car kept shaking. That’s why I went to the warranty to deal with what and how.

Did another service to change the oil filters. Also checked the plugs and the general condition of the running gear. All normal. Pads at 50% wear and tear. 30k – 1 year my car will be on 28.09.22 VALVOLINE 5w40 oil with a tolerance of 502…. Read more

This car was registered by RAVENOLINE with a license. Thank you guys from RAVENOL, very helpful. I will leave this as a note. Chassis number: … Model Polo 1.6 Date of manufacture 20.11.20… Read more

There is a field “date of manufacture of the car” and in the sample there is a date month/year. So I had to find it. Or rather, it is not for registration, and to pay the recycling fee for the car

Review of the owner of Taos with a mechanic: 1.6, mechanics.

Also put. Only the sense in this seal? The seal does not go to the end of the door and water comes in from above.

Good day, everyone. Haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve got a service checkup coming up. Decided, as usual, to call the dealer and make an appointment. The price is a horse (20,000 rubles). I successfully sent the dealer in a long voyage Filter myself … Read more

This is even better, less soot / ash, longer rings will go clean. And the additive package is much more interesting.

Ley oil Gazprom Premium N 5W40. and the oil filter Filtron change after 7500 and you will be happy without any fakes all canister checked and the filter is not expensive for fakes have not run into, owning 10 years of the old Polo and a new 1 year polo liftback price is today in the RB with oil and the filter leaves somewhere around 2500 rubles

Hello there! Today I finally managed to match the weekend and mileage on the car to go to the service … Wanted to go to 7500 km of course but alas … So 8500 km service – changed the oil and filters So also asked … Read more

Kazakhstan is waiting for shopping!)))) and with such prices for cars as in the cabin, must still go everywhere escort, personal servant, and every day a new chick from the salon

Lucky, the TO is cheap. Two hours ago I called my officers (Perm. Excursion) They told me the price for the intermediate service = 11470r in the price includes work (protection stands), oil, filter, stopper.

I haven’t written anything in a while, no time at all( I did the second service, of course not at the dealer, as in the present realities was about 30 thousand rubles… In the end I bought the filters, candles myself (Original, it cost me… Read more

Hello! It’s time to change the oil, it’s been a year. I did not need to go through dealer. Service parts from old stock at fabulous prices. Very nice funnel for filling the oil was left from the old Polo … Read more

130.000 km behind us. So it’s time again to change the oil, and not only… Here’s what I mean : 1. Oil and all filters 2. Timing belt 3. left oil seal 4. Left front hub bearing 5. Replacement of rear … Read more

Frequent diseases of VolksWagen Tiguan, the weakest places

Why is the piece on the jabot chipped? I had a chipped piece too, I understand it was the ice? By the way I also have the mileage of 140, but the timing is not going to change, they last up to 200 for sure, and the pads in the drums up to 300, strange that so quickly ended

Amazing how careful you are, out of the ice fell off the poor guy … Well, the state of the timing was normal, by the way, I want to say, but as soon said that they say at 120 thousandths of timing, and so I kept in mind

Until recently, oil changed at an authorized dealer. Until recently I changed my oil at an official dealer. Until recently I changed it at an oil dealer’s oil changed the oil. SHELL HELIX ULTRA PROFESSIONAL VW 0W-20 AV-L (508/509) Now the oil change costs 17 thousand rubles (((( The car is under warranty so the change… Read more

Who told you that the warranty and the oil change by OD are somehow connected? All warranty obligations are performed perfectly and without question on long runs by those who have never been to the TD, and if there is anything on the engine, they will send it both ways, it is done elementary, on Opel was the universal practice – pouring oil for analysis, which will 100% find the remnants of gasoline (it is just always present there) and as a result the warranty on the grounds of using bad fuel.

I see such dumbasses every day, I work in this field, the most important rule, they do not need to prove anything, in their world there is complete harmony))))

TO TO Volkswagen Polo: what does maintenance regulations say

Passing TO Volkswagen Polo at the offices

Author: Valeria Filinovich 21.05.2020 Time of reading: 4 minutes 23 592 views No comments yet

According to the regulations, maintenance of Volkswagen Polo should be carried out at least every 15,000 mileage. For cars whose mileage in 12 months is less than this figure, maintenance must be carried out once a year, regardless of how many kilometers the vehicle passed.

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Terms of warranty

For modern models of the VW Polo, the manufacturer provides a warranty period of 3 years. Within this period you can be serviced at the dealer, at the end of the validity period you will need to contact private car service stations. It is also possible to have the car serviced at service stations while it is under warranty, but the masters must draw up all relevant documentation for the result of all works.

Service regulations for Volkswagen Polo

TO schedule for Volkswagen Polo

Service maintenance for VW Polo


For cars manufactured in 2011-2019, the regulation of maintenance VW Polo is 15000 km or one year of mileage. There is a list of what work needs to be done.

1 MOT Volkswagen Polo may be required earlier in the following situations :

  • The car makes frequent trips over short distances, especially if they occur in the winter.
  • The car is not used for a long time (more than one month).
  • Frequent driving in traffic, with the engine running continuously.
  • Frequent use of a trailer or transportation of passengers, cargo with the machine loaded as much as possible.
  • Driving in mountainous and hilly terrain.
  • Use of improper quality fuel (relevant to all Russian vehicles).

Service regulations for the Volkswagen Polo sedan

Service regulations for Volkswagen Polo sedan

Frequency of passage

The first TO Volkswagen Polo in Russia, it makes sense to hold, not waiting until 15,000 km, as the regulations were developed for the European operation, where the quality of fuel and roads are much higher, not to mention the fact that in many areas of Russia is quite severe winter.

The greatest wear and tear in any car causes “stop-start” mode, which has to be observed in long traffic jams. Besides, long idling is rather harmful for the engine. All this contributes to strong oil heating and its fast wear. The lubricating system loses its working qualities, if heating is too high or too low, and the more often it happens, the more often it is necessary to change the oil. It is worth noting that it is better to use the products recommended by the manufacturer.

Reviews of real owners of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021

At the maintenance of the Volkswagen Polo, you can save a little money when it comes to the air filter: it can be changed a little less often, especially if you drive on non-dusty roads. The optimal figure for replacement will be 30,000 km. However, this period is reduced by half for those cars that move on dusty dirt roads or operated in large cities.

It is recommended to change and cabin filter, the original – VAG 6R0 819 653, you can pick up an analogue, which costs much less.

List of works

First maintenance

First service maintenance of the Volkswagen Polo and change of engine oil

For the first 15,000 life of the machine requires only the replacement of engine oil, oil and air filter, it is also recommended to replace the cabin filter. This frequency is acceptable only for those cars that are used in normal conditions. For cars experiencing heavy loads, the replacement of these consumables should be carried out with an interval of 7000 km.

If during maintenance Volkswagen Polo detects a loose part or other malfunction, it is required to retighten the fasteners, and broken or too worn parts to replace. In the first TO necessarily include a check of the reliability of all threaded fasteners and mechanisms of the body. If a loose connection is detected, the fasteners are tightened or replaced.

Second service

Volkswagen Polo, the warranty on which is still valid, it is worth servicing at an official dealer. Recall that the manufacturer gives a warranty for two years, regardless of how much mileage the car will have.

Regulation TO2 for Volkswagen Polo requires not only oil changes, but also the following works, which are also relevant for 30,000 mileage:

  • Checking the tightness of the brake and fuel system, cooling system hoses.
  • If necessary, replacement of brake pads, checking the condition of the brake discs, tires.
  • “Leveling and Convergence.
  • Check power booster.
  • Testing of the battery, electrics of the car. Adjustment, bulb replacement if needed.
  • Inspection of windshield and replacement of wipers.
  • Checking the transmission (no crunch, strange sounds, leaks).
  • Cleaning the body drain holes.
  • Checking the condition of belts and airbags.
Tuning Volkswagen Polo: exterior, interior

When carrying out for Volkswagen Polo TO2 will need to replace:

  • Air filter – VAG 036129620J. – 6Q0201051J. – 101 905 617 C.

If 3 years have passed since the beginning of operation of the car, you should change the brake fluid. It can also be done after 2 years, if the car is used in town. The driver should monitor the front pads himself.

Professional service Volkswagen Polo can do a complete maintenance of the car and replace worn elements. Should be checked:

  • Shock absorbers.
  • The presence of play.
  • Condition of ball bearings and stabilizer struts.
  • Exhaust system.
  • Condition of steering mechanism, tie rods and presence of covers on them.
  • Condition of the bottom and body.
Third maintenance

Third service maintenance of Volkswagen Polo and change of spark plugs

The manufacturer so regulates the list of works for Volkswagen Polo TO after 45000 km :

    • Everything that was done in the previous maintenance.
    • Replace the spark plugs and fuel filter.
    • Check the condition of the timing chain and replace it if necessary (item 03C109158A).
    • The chain tensioners should also be replaced if they are too worn (Part No. 03C109507BA).
    • It is rarely necessary to replace the timing chain tensioner, but should be purchased (ref. 03C109509P), along with the chain guide (ref. 03C109469K) if necessary.
    • The condition of the oil pump (part number 03C109507AE) and its tensioner should be checked.
    Fourth service

    For the Volkswagen Polo, the 4-TO includes the following steps:

    • Replacing the battery. .
    • Checking the drive shafts or replacing them.
    • Replacing the coolant.
    • Checking the drive belt, steering assembly.
    • If the rear pads are worn, replace them.
    • Check rear discs, exhaust system, pads, fuel system, all hoses.
    • Testing of the electrical system.
    • Replacing wipers.
    • Headlight adjustment.
    • Checking the condition of the body.
    • Tightening the fasteners if necessary.

    Prices and videos

    Car service Volkswagen Polo can perform the entire list of works, prices for materials excluding work are approximately the following:

    • MOT 1 – approximately 4,000,
    • TO 2 – 7000,
    • TO 3 – from 9500,
    • TO 4-6 – from 12000 rubles.

    Now you know how many kilometers of the Volkswagen Polo will require maintenance . These procedures must be performed in time, the longevity of the machine and your safety depends on them.

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