Volkswagen Polo liftback or Skoda Rapid 2020

The new Volkswagen Polo: simple versions and differences from the Rapid

New Volkswagen Polo: simple versions and differences from the Rapid

Igor Vladimirsky

In the first days of July, Volkswagen began shipping the new-generation Polo liftback to Russian dealers. We have already talked about this car and published a complete set and prices, and now we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the new Polo “in the flesh” and understand how it differs from the twin liftback Skoda Rapid, which we have already tested on the test site.

We shall remind that from now on Polo and Rapid are not simply flatbeds, but actually identical cars: they have the same five-door body, the same wheelbase of 2591 mm, the same set of power units and even the same interior. The main differences are in the design of the front end and the stern: each brand has made a design in its corporate style.

Up to now the new Polo was only shown in the top version Exclusive – with 16-inch alloy wheels, virtual instruments, lensed LED headlights and other features. But it is very difficult to find such cars at the dealerships and not many people will buy them. The same story with the base version Origin, which has no air conditioner and is offered only with an initial 90 hp motor and “manual”: our polled Moscow dealers are ready to bring such Polo only to order. But there are already cars in “medium” kitting Respect and Status in stock.

So looks the interior of Respect – with an “empty” plastic steering wheel and a homogeneous gray trim. The differences from the same Rapid are the steering wheel, the front center panel, the side ventilation deflectors and small decorations, but in general the interior of two cars are the same

And this is an interior of Respect version with Comfort package, which includes multifunction leather steering wheel, textile mats, parktronic and central armrest.

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For comparison – interior of Rapid (here in a complete set with Style).

Even the base Polo has such a media system: it has 6.5-inch touch screen, “monochrome” menu design, analog knob buttons, Bluetooth and App-Connect

The “older” media system has an eight-inch screen, touch buttons on either side of it, and brighter, prettier graphics

The driver’s seat in Polo has height adjustment already in basic configuration. It is an option for passenger’s seat.

The center deflectors can be overlapped by sliding the adjustment slider to the center

Volkswagen Polo has four power windows in all variants, but the Rapid has only two in base

Polo’s glove box is deep, soft covering is not provided, it’s good that there is illumination

Pockets at the backside of front seats backrests are not provided in Origin and Respect versions. The Rapid has the same: they are not in Entry and Active versions.

The back row in Polo is now exactly the same as in Rapid: the shape of the sofa and legroom are the same. The central tunnel is still massive.

Steel wheels with hubcaps and 185/60 R15 tires are available for Origin and Respect versions. Starting with Respect, you can order 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels.

The rear brakes are drum by default. Disc mechanisms are allowed for cars with turbocharged 1.4 TSI engine, and the atmospheric versions have them only in the top version Exclusive or when ordering a package Security (20-29 thousand rubles)

And plastic luggage retainers, which are attached to the floor with Velcro, are an option for any of the Polo configurations, while the more expensive versions of the Rapid have them by default

All versions have a full-size spare and a foam recess in the basement

Polo inherited a rubber flap for closing the fifth door from Skoda.

The view under the hood of Polo and Rapid is the same. Atmospheric engine 1.6 MPI (90 or 110 hp) from Kaluga – the same engine that was installed on previous models from 2015

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Five-speed “mechanics” and six-speed “automatic” Aisin also passed from the previous model

The recommended gasoline for the 1.6 MPI motor is AI-95, but fuel with an octane rating of 91/92 is also allowed. Skoda’s ice scraper is not available in Polo, although there is an attachment for it on the back of the hatch.

As a whole, the choice between Polo and Rapid comes to a nuance of kitting and prices. Their base prices are almost identical: 792 thousand rubles for Skoda and 793 thousand rubles for Volkswagen. But further on the Rapid turns out a little more profitable. For example, a liftback with a 90 hp motor, manual, air conditioner, four electric windows and heated front seats is cheaper with the Skoda logo: 830 thousand rubles vs. 838 thousand for Volkswagen. And the Rapid will also have a bonus in the form of cruise control.

An automatic liftback is at least 908k for Rapid and 928k for Polo, but if we equalize the equipment as much as possible, the difference won’t exceed ten thousand roubles. Besides, Volkswagen has no Front Assist automatic braking system, which is possible to order in case of Rapid for 13 thousand rubles even for basic configuration. At last, Skoda dealers are already ready to discuss discounts, whereas Polo sellers are very reluctant to talk about it.

And is there a difference between the two liftbacks in driving sensations? We will check it soon!

Skoda Rapid vs Volkswagen Polo: a comparison of 2020 models in terms of prices and equipment

comparison of skoda rapid and volkswagen polo prices and equipment photos

Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo in 2020 noticeably updated. New generations of two popular models of class “B” can already be bought from the Belarusian official dealers. As you know, the new Polo has borrowed the body from the Rapid – now it is not a sedan, but a liftback. Is it cool? Yes! What is not so cool – the prices for new Polo have risen up to the level of Rapid. It turns out that now it is all the same, which dealer to go to: Skoda or Volkswagen? If you go deep into the price lists of two competing models, interesting nuances open up. Let’s look into them!

Fuel consumption of the VW Jetta 7: manual, automatic

So, prices for the new Rapid start from 26900 rubles, for the new Polo – from 27900 rubles. A bit strange gap – taking into account that the base models’ kits (Entry and Origin respectively) include almost identical equipment. Namely: the well-known 90 hp 1.6 petrol engine with a 5-speed manual, steel wheels on 185/60 R15 tires, LED headlamps (halogen high beam), ESC stabilization system, two frontal airbags, multimedia system. The “Rapid” has electric windows only at the front, the “Polo” has front and rear. For illustration we look comparative table of equipment and technical characteristics. As we can see, the basic “Rapid” costs 1000 rubles cheaper and at the same time allows you to choose some options. The “Polo” does not. But the basic “Polo” is also available with an automatic transmission.

The basic equipment of both models is unlikely to be of interest to most customers. Firstly, because air conditioning is not available even at extra cost. Secondly, because the basic Polo and Rapid will be produced in limited quantities. Waiting for some months to order your own car is not a very interesting prospect. So it is better to look for more expensive variants at the price over 30 thou rubles right away. They will definitely be available at official dealers of Skoda and Volkswagen in Belarus.

“Second” options Polo Rapid open up access to all variants of the motor 1.6: 90 and 110 hp, including with a 6-band “automatic”. It is easier to understand nuances in the comparison table.

Pay attention – Rapid Active costs a little bit cheaper than Polo Respect, but its standard equipment is a little bit poorer. If you tick the checkboxes of missing items, the Skoda becomes even a bit more expensive than the Volkswagen. Besides, for “Polo” in this complete set it is possible to order the climate control or electric heating of windshield from the list of options. And for “Rapid” it is impossible.

Engine options for the VW Jetta 6

We pass to the third complete set: Rapid Ambition and Polo Status. “Skoda” is kind of cheaper, but again it is equipped a little bit easier, than “Volkswagen”. If you equalize their equipment, the Polo turns out to be slightly more reasonably priced. See the following table.

Now we compare the top variants: Rapid Style and Polo Exclusive. Skoda is more profitable in the “top” – it is clearly seen if to equalize the equipment with Polo as much as possible. In fact, even in top version Volkswagen offers side airbags and safety curtains only for extra charge, and for “Rapid” it is necessary to add optional heating of windshield. But only “Polo” has front and rear parking sensors, whereas for “Rapid” only rear ones are available.

So what does it turn out? Kind of the same models. Practically twins. But marketers have tried to separate them at least a little bit, having offered different design and a little bit different equipment. However, the fight for the client will not be at the level of models but at the level of brands and dealers. Some like Skoda, others like Volkswagen. Some prefer the holding Atlant-M, and some prefer the Belarusian importer Skoda “FelOkt-service”. In any case, if you are interested in these models, I recommend getting acquainted with each personally. At least in order to check which of the models you like more visually. And let’s not forget that Skoda always tries to offer a little more convenience and practicality: all these hooks, loops and organizers in the trunk make the life of motorists a little bit easier.

Of course, Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo compete not only with each other. They have lots of rivals. However, in practicality of the body and trunk space these liftbacks can’t be compared with sedans (from Renault Logan, LADA Vesta and Chevrolet Cobalt to Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent) or LADA Vesta SW station wagon.

What is the suspension of the new Volkswagen Polo liftback: front, rear

Up-to-date information on prices, technical characteristics and equipment variants of new models from Belarusian car dealers is always available in the catalog of new cars at

Be on top of all the events on the market of new automobiles from official dealers in Belarus! Follow promotions, discounts and special offers on channels of car portal – and make the right choice of your future car!

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