Volkswagen Polo sedan clearance

Clearance Volkswagen Polo

The size of the ground clearance of the Volkswagen Polo is designed for an optimal ratio of handling and the ability to overcome obstacles on the road surface.

Very often in the domestic realities of the Volkswagen Polo ground clearance is not enough.

For this reason, car owners decide to increase the clearance of their vehicle.

Ground clearance in the Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo clearance size depends on the method of measurement and loading of the car. Passport data of ground clearance is shown in the table below.

Model Clearance size, cm
Volkswagen Polo restyled 2015, sedan 163
Volkswagen Polo prestyled sedan 170
Volkswagen Polo 2008, hatchback 102
Volkswagen Polo restyled 1999, station wagon 140
Volkswagen Polo restyled 1999, sedan 110
Volkswagen Polo 1994, hatchback 140

According to feedback from car owners, under load the ground clearance of the Volkswagen Polo reduces by 25-35 mm. For these reasons, the risk of damage to the underside of the car increases many times.

The method that allows you to increase ground clearance on the Volkswagen Polo, without structural changes in suspension

The easiest method to increase ground clearance is the use of wheels that differ from standard in a larger side. This method allows you to raise the car by 9-12 mm. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to interfere with the design of the car’s suspension. There are several disadvantages, the main ones are:

  • Distortion of speedometer readings;
  • The impact on the measurement of the odometer;
  • risk of the wheels clinging to the arches during cornering;
  • impaired drivability if the wrong wheel rims are fitted;
  • wheel bumping into wheel arches;
  • in a loaded vehicle, tires may be pinched by wheel arches.

The process of selecting the best wheels

Using Spacers

Another method is the use of spacers. The most popular materials from which these suspension elements are made are:

Metal spacers

Rubber products

The appearance of polyurethane spacers

The place to install the spacer is a recess between the body cup and the spring. This method allows you to raise the car by 25-40 mm. A further increase in ground clearance is not rational, because it significantly affects the handling of the machine.

Replacing Polo Sedan speakers

According to feedback from car owners, the use of spacers to change ground clearance has a significant disadvantage compared to the use of wheels of increased diameter. This is due to the design feature of the rear suspension.

Its lowest point are cup springs and shock absorber mounts. Installation of spacers does not affect the distance from them to the ground. Therefore, after increasing clearance with this method, the risk of damage when overcoming road obstacles remains quite high.

Cups of springs and shock absorber mountings of rear suspension

Despite the above drawback, many car owners increase ground clearance by this method. The appearance of a shock absorber strut with spacers is shown in the image below.

Application of spacers

This significantly reduces the risk of the wheel clinging to the arch, even with a fully loaded car. For this reason, many car owners combine the use of large-diameter rims with the installation of spacers.

Increasing the distance from wheel arch to wheel arch when using spacers

Using stock springs to increase ground clearance

Several types of stock springs are used to increase ground clearance:

  • with an increased number of coils;
  • increased stiffness;
  • increased length.

A cheaper method is the use of spacers, which increase the rigidity of the suspension. The disadvantage of this method is an insignificant increase in clearance, which can be observed only when the car is significantly loaded.

Stock springs for Volkswagen Polo

Changing the length of the springs leads to a displacement of the shock absorber working area. This can cause shock loads and rapid failure of the shock absorber. Therefore, it is recommended to use stock shock absorbers simultaneously with the springs.

Air suspension on the Volkswagen Polo

Air suspension for Volkswagen Polo

The most expensive way to increase the clearance is the installation of air suspension. At the same time there is an opportunity to adjust the rigidity and the value of ground clearance directly depending on road conditions.

The disadvantage of this method of increasing clearance is a high sensitivity of the air suspension to the imperfections of the road surface. When used on domestic roads it fails very quickly.

Parktronic on Polo sedan: installation features

New Volkswagen Polo 2022: photo and price, characteristics of the sedan

This car is one of the most popular among inexpensive sedans both in Russia and in Europe. The car has always been distinguished by its reliability, safety and good driving qualities. Each restyling has made it even better in many ways.

This time, the new body of the Volkswagen Polo 2021-2022 model year can stand out with a markedly improved appearance, as well as the interior, which in quality and equipment is not inferior to the cars of a higher class. At the same time, the car still features practicality and has good technical characteristics.

New 2022 Volkswagen Polo body

Pros and all the cons of the Volkswagen Polo

  • Reliability
  • Trunk
  • Manageability
  • Dynamics
  • Design
  • Maneuverability
  • Economy
  • Gearbox
  • Liquidity
  • Light
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Music
  • Noise isolation
  • Visibility
  • Suspension
  • Build quality
  • Interior

Volkswagen Polo Liftback Owners Reviews 2021-2022

Very low fuel consumption by my standards, 6 well maybe a maximum of 7 liters in the city. I’m not a racer, and stupid to try to race 1.6 on automatic. It is optimal for Polo to drive with confidence in the city stream and to drive 110-130 on the highway. The interior is usual cloth, climate control, and not bad multimedia system. Actually that’s all about the interior!

The trunk in the liftback body is awesome, easy to load and plenty of room. Now I have come 2,500 km, I am happy with everything in the car – no complaints so far.

Bought less than a month ago. I drive mostly on the highway – I like it all! In my opinion, better than the fifth generation body, I have both. Engine is the same box too. The interior is bigger, the media is more interesting. It is more correct to compare it with Skoda Rapid, as it is.

First, though the engine is the same 1,6 (110 hp) together with manual gearbox, the car seemed quicker at acceleration and overtaking, maybe some new settings. Secondly, the suspension is stiffer and the mass is more – the swaying is less, the bumps is denser and from every bump on the curb does not blow out.

Noise I think it is better (quieter), I have a sedan arches and doors were in the VFI, so there is something to compare, at least not worse than it was with me. Third, pleased with the new light – after the halogens delight, although there are no PTF (written integrated into the headlamp) agree with this, light enough, the side of the road illuminates and drive pleasantly.

Volkswagen Polo 2022

Volkswagen Polo 2022 prices and equipment

Price of Volkswagen Polo sedan 2022 in Russia ranges from 1 620 900 to 2 026 900 rubles, the car is offered in the packages Origin, Respect, Status and Exclusive.

Installing the alarm system on Polo Sedan with your own hands
Specification Price, rbl.
1.6 (90 HP) Origin MT5 1 620 900
1.6 (90 hp) Respect MT5 1 670 900
1.6 (110 hp) Respect MT5 1 710 900
1.6 (110 hp) Respect AT6 1 763 900
1.6 (110 hp) Status MT5 1 785 900
1.6 (110 hp) Status AT6 1 837 900
1.4 (125 hp) Status DSG7 1 886 900
1.6 (110 hp) Exclusive MT5 1 925 900
1.6 (110 hp) Exclusive AT6 1 977 900
1.4 (125 hp) Exclusive DSG7 2 026 900

* MT5 – five-speed manual transmission, AT6 – six-speed automatic transmission, DSG7 – robot

Technical specifications


Body type sedan
Vehicle class B class
Length / width / height, mm 4469 / 1706 / 1471
Wheelbase, mm 2591
Ground clearance, mm 163
Cargo area, l 530
Curb weight, kg 1185 – 1246
Volume of fuel tank, l 55

Engine and transmission

Type of engine gasoline gasoline
Volume, l 1,6 1,6
Power, HP. 90 110
Torque, Nm 155 155
Type of gearbox manual manual
Number of gears 5 5
Drive front front
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s 11,4 10,7
Max speed, km/h 184 195
Fuel Consumption, l
– city 8,4 8,4
– piste 5,2 5,2
– mixed 6,4 6,4
Type of fuel AI-95 AI-95

Engine and transmission

Type of engine gasoline gasoline
Volume, l 1,6 1,4
Power, HP. 110 125
Torque, Nm 155 200
Type of gearbox automatic robot
Number of gears 6 7
Drive front front
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s 11,8 9,2
Max speed, km/h 190 204
Fuel Consumption, l
– city 8,7 7,7
– piste 5,4 4,9
– mixed 6,6 6,0
Type of fuel AI-95 AI-95

The set of power units strongly depends on the type of body. Thus, the 2021-2022 Volkswagen Polo liftback will be equipped only with gasoline power units: The 1.6-liter, which develops 90 and 110 horsepower, or the 1.4-liter, which produces 125 horses. The hatchback will get 1.6-liter diesel with output of 80 or 95 horsepower, a liter petrol unit with 65, 75, 95 or 115 horses, and a 1.5-liter motor with output of 150 horsepower.

Activating Polo Sedan's extra features

The buyers can choose an automatic transmission with seven ranges of work and a mechanics with six gears. Test-drive of the car showed that due to the good dynamics and low consumption it is ideal both for the city and for long journeys.

Test drive video


The bulk of the changes in the new Volkswagen Polo 2021-2022 accounts for the front end, where the car has become much more formidable. Still the muzzle is set quite low, but it is almost imperceptible because of the strongly sloped hood. The central part of the bumper is made in the corporate style of the German brand.

Here you can observe the traditional radiator grille in the form of a band, in the middle of which is decorated with an icon of Volkswagen brand. As always, this band on both sides ends with massive headlights, which can only be filled with high-quality xenon, giving good illumination of the road in all weather conditions.

The profile of the liftback Volkswagen 2022 Polo in its new body is even more reminiscent of a business class than an inexpensive city sedan. There is very little relief here, but it is enough to give the appearance of the car a solid look. Also a lot of space is allocated for windows, providing an excellent overview to everyone inside, and perfectly complementing the exterior. The chrome nameplates just above the front wheels, extended arches, a slightly protruding skirt and wheels with an unusual design also catch the eye here.

The car also looks solid at the back. As always, the trunk lid here is short, but decorated with a small ledge at the end to improve both the look of the car and aerodynamics. Then on the trunk door there are the trademark oversized triangular headlights, which even climb a little on the profile, as well as a heavily protruding bodykit, equipped only with a chrome diffuser, with some recesses on the sides. These cutouts can be filled with both fog lights and exhaust pipes – it all depends on the cost of the configuration.

Fog lights on Polo Sedan with my own hands


Volkswagen Polo 2022 interior

Noticeably transformed the new Volkswagen Polo 2021-2022 and inside, where now painted more high-quality finishing materials, and control the car using a modern multimedia complex. The entire central console of the car is occupied by the touch screen and the buttons located on each side. This system allows you to configure all the options that are in the car.

Also the console is slightly turned towards the driver. Behind the console is a row of deflectors and the climate control panel. Tunnel here is very narrow, but long. The designers put here only technical elements. The only part responsible for comfort is armrest, where there is a small hole inside for storing personal items.

Seats in the new Polo have undergone profound modernization. Now they have a much more comfortable shape, so the passenger in any trip will be comfortable, and nothing will get bogged down or tired, side support, not to let the passenger hang out in the turns, as well as some options that increase comfort. Electric adjustments and heating are always prepared for the front seats.

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