Volkswagen Taos 2021 package options and prices in Russia

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The German company Volkswagen is actively developing the production of urban crossovers and in the model range of the manufacturer in the Russian market very soon should appear a compact SUV Volkswagen Taos 2021. This car is currently being actively marketed in China. In addition, sales of the car are on the U.S. market, where the crossover is available under the name Taos. For the Russian car market, the parket will be somewhat different from its counterparts, but as for the technical equipment, cost and appearance, it is not worth waiting for major changes. This model has become a serious competitor for the Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kaptur, Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. You can buy the cross in China in nine different variations, the cost of which starts at 1.9 million rubles.

Volkswagen Taos 2021

Options and prices

For the Russian market, the Volkswagen Taos 2021 car will be slightly different from the variant presented in the Celestial Empire. Apparently, this parkett will get only a few packages with a reasonable price, rather than a whole lineup, as can be seen in China. This crossover in the new body will boast of rich equipment, as well as a wide motor lineup. At the moment, it is known that the manufacturer plans to install three different power units with different specifications on its cars at once. Many Russian motorists are already looking forward to the debut of the model, which should have been released last year, but there is no exact information about the start of sales so far and motorists can only be satisfied with the available photos in the Network.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan front brake discs, replacement.

Fashion Edition

Volkswagen Taos crossover in this configuration will cost a potential buyer 1.9 million rubles. In this modification the crossover is equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and a 7-speed robot transmission. Auto in the basic version has only a system of front-wheel drive. The equipment of the car includes options such as:

  • air conditioning;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • An audio system with 6 speakers;
  • 18-inch alloy wheels;
  • multimedia system with a large screen;
  • electric parking brake;
  • leather steering wheel;
  • cruise control;
  • power windows;
  • electrically adjustable side mirrors.

Also already in the basic variation will appear a lot of safety systems and a set of electronic aids, including ABS and EBD. In the initial variation the car is equipped with a good multimedia with high-quality audio preparation.

It is necessary to note that the similar equipment on the power part is presented in three more expensive complete sets Comfort Edition, Deluxe Edition and R-Line. In these modifications, the cross will cost a potential buyer 2.12 and 2.18 million rubles, respectively. Complete sets are also equipped with a 1.4-liter turbo engine and a robotized transmission. In these more expensive modifications the cross gets more interesting equipment, including climate control, heated electric mirrors, high-quality audio preparation with 6 speakers, many security systems, and adaptive cruise control and keyless entry to the cabin. The R-Line version can also boast special decorative elements around the perimeter of the body.

Deluxe Edition Plus

Intermediate equipment with 1.4-liter motor on a robotized transmission and front-wheel drive, which differs from the previous versions with light-alloy wheels of 19 inches, remote engine start, start / stop system and driver’s fatigue monitoring, light and rain sensors. A Deluxe Edition variant with all-wheel drive, 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and more elaborate 7-speed DQ381 robotized gearbox can be purchased for 2.42 million rubles. Deluxe Edition Plus 4WD variant will cost 11 thousand rubles more.

Ultimate Edition

It is possible to buy a Volkswagen Taos 2021 in this variation for 2.37 million rubles. In its own way, this is the maximum configuration for a crossover with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and a 7-speed DQ200 robot. The equipment of this modification includes panoramic roof, power sunroof, leather interior, heated and ventilated front seats.

Volkswagen Polo liftback 2020 engine

Flagship .

The top version of the Volkswagen Taos 2021, which is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, DQ381 robotized transmission and all-wheel drive. It is possible to buy a crossover in this modification for 2.6 million rubles. In this version, the crossover has in its equipment such options as:

  • heated rear passenger seats;
  • all-around cameras;
  • Multizone climate control;
  • built-in GPS-navigation;
  • LED fog lights;
  • automatic parking system;
  • front and rear parking sensors;
  • digital dashboard.

It is also worth mentioning that this package includes a blind spot monitoring system, driver fatigue control, voice control for the infotainment system, and many other useful and relevant options.

Options and prices (summary table)

# Specification Model years Drive Transmission Engine, cc. Power, max. hp (kW) at r.p.m. Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km/h Fuel consumption in the combined cycle, l/100 km
1 1.4 TSI AT Exclusive 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1395 150 (110) / 5000 None None None
2 1.4 TSI AT JOY! 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1395 150 (110) / 5000 None None None
3 1.4 TSI AT Status 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 8 1395 150 (110) / 5000 None None None
4 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Exclusive 2021 – Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1395 150 (110) / 5000 9.1 200 6
5 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion JOY! 2021 – Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1395 150 (110) / 5000 9.1 200 6
6 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Status 2021 – Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1395 150 (110) / 5000 9.1 200 6
7 1.6 MPI MT Respect 2021 – Front MANUAL TRANSMISSION 5 1598 110 (81) / 5800 None None None
8 1.6 MPI MT Status 2021 – Front MANUAL TRANSMISSION 5 1598 110 (81) / 5800 None None None
9 1.6 MPI AT JOY! 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 6 1598 110 (81) / 5800 None None None
10 1.6 MPI AT Respect 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 6 1598 110 (81) / 5800 None None None
11 1.6 MPI AT Status 2021 – Front AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 6 1598 110 (81) / 5800 None None None

* Prices are for reference only. For exact costs, please contact your local dealer.


This German urban crossover boasts excellent technical characteristics, which affects every model regardless of the installed power unit. It is necessary to remind that the auto is equipped with turbo engines of 1.4 and 2.0 liters with 149 and 186 hp and 250 and 320 N*m of torque. These engines will be paired with robotized gearboxes DQ200 and DQ381 with seven speeds. The most affordable models will be equipped with a front-wheel drive system, while more expensive versions will have all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Taos engine: comparison, description, characteristics

Interesting car Volkswagen Taos 2021 has very compact for its class dimensions, namely:

  • length – 4 453 mm;
  • Width – 1,841 mm;
  • height – 1 632 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2 680 mm;
  • curb weight – 1 405 kg;
  • clearance (depending on the type of drive) – 170 – 176 mm.

In spite of quite small dimensions the car can brag of capacious trunk space of 531 liters (with folded rear seats 1,530 liters).

Manageability and off-road performance

This car has received an elaborate and reliable suspension system, which had a noticeable impact on its handling. Cross confidently holds the road, instantly responds to the steering, and also has good maneuverability and dynamics despite its angular shape. The model is optimally suited for use in the city, on the road and allows the driver to fully enjoy the comfort. If we talk about off-road performance, they are very mediocre here, since this cross has received a relatively small ground clearance of 170 – 176 mm. Of course, this will not be enough to cope with serious obstacles in its path.

Dynamics and fuel consumption

This crossover despite its angular shape and dimensional body has received very interesting dynamic performance. Depending on the selected power unit, this car accelerates to the first 100 km / h for the impressive 7.8 – 9.3 seconds. The car reaches a top speed of 200 km/h in the top version with all-wheel drive, a 2.0-liter motor and a robotized transmission. Regardless of the power unit used, the crossover fully meets the requirements of the Euro-6 environmental class. On average, per 100 km of travel in the mixed cycle parketnik will spend 5.9 – 7.5 liters of fuel. As the main fuel mixture the model uses gasoline brand AI-95.


The modern urban crossover Volkswagen Taos has a recognizable exterior appearance and characteristic of the German brand style. Despite its angular outline the crossover looks attractive all around. In particular, the powerful front part where the volumetric radiator grill, two-tier optics, and also a powerful air inlet in the bumper are located. Due to this, the model looks bold and aggressive, which will help it stand out on the road from the general flow of traffic. Inside the car is also very attractive. The interior again shows the familiar style inherent in the entire model range of the brand, as well as the usual practicality and quality of assembly.

Tiguan tuning: chip tuning, 2021.

Start of sales

This car made its debut back in 2018, when active sales of the crossover began in China. Since then, this model has achieved popularity and is gradually moving to other car markets in developing countries. In Russia, the debut of the crossover was planned for 2020, but due to the economic crisis and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s plans were disrupted. That is why at the moment there is no exact information when exactly will start selling the crossover on the Russian market. It is possible that this will happen in the near future.


The compact urban crossover Volkswagen Taos is a representative of the most sought-after class of parkettes in Russia. This model should become a serious competitor for cars such as Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Renault Kaptur, Nissan Qashqai.

Volkswagen Taos prices and equipment

On July 7, 2021, starting prices for the 2022 model year Volkswagen Taos were officially announced. At the start of sales the new crossover was expectedly cheaper than the Volkswagen bestseller Tiguan (about 300 thousand rubles).

Current prices for Volkswagen Taos (price from 07.07.2021)

Specification 1.6 MPI 4×2 MKPP-5 1.4 TSI 4×2 automatic transmission-8 1.4 TSI 4×4 DSG-7
Respect 1 626 900 rub. 1 856 900 rub.
Status 1 906 900 rub. 2 006 900 rub.
Joy! 2 004 900 rub. 2,104,900 rubles
Exclusive 2 099 900 rub. 2 199 900 rub.

Let’s start with the price tag of Tiguan, which is one step higher than Taos in Volkswagen’s lineup. We assume that the new crossover will cost around 200,000 to 300,000 rubles less. As of April 2021, prices for the Tiguan looked like this.

Respect Respect Plus Status Status Plus Exclusive R-Line
1 799 999 1 969 900 2 079 900 2 129 900 2 589 900 2 839 900

Of course, it is necessary to make a discount to the fact that Taos will have not 5 kits, but only 3 basic – Respect, Status and Exclusive, as well as a special – Joy.

VW Jetta 6 trunk: volume, part codes, improvements

Volkswagen Taos 2021 will be equipped with

  • 16” steel wheels
  • Black rails
  • LED headlights of reflector type
  • Fabric upholstered seats, front seats with mechanical lumbar support adjustment
  • Heated front seats
  • Manually controlled air conditioning
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Light sensor
  • Multimedia system with 6.5” display, 4 speakers, Bluetooth and App-Connect
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • Electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors
  • Engine start button
  • 8” digital dashboard
  • 6 airbags
  • ISOFIX mounts
  • 16” light-alloy Chester wheels
  • Comfort seats, upholstered in fabric, driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in 8 directions + lumbar support
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Rain sensor
  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Multimedia system with 10″ display and 6 speakers
  • 2 USB ports for rear passengers
  • 17” light-alloy wheels Dublin
  • Black rear-view mirror caps
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Orange decor on dashboard and seats
  • Interior ambient lighting
  • Alarm system
  • Keyless entry
  • Rear view camera
  • Power windshield wipers
  • Power-folding door mirrors
  • 17” alloy wheels Mayfield
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Silver rails
  • Additional chrome parts on bumpers
  • Adaptive LED projection headlights with illuminated strip on radiator grille
  • System for automatic switching from high to low beam
  • Seats with ArtVelours/cloth combination upholstery
  • Rear armrest
  • Interior ambient lighting
  • Additional chrome interior elements
  • Heated rear seats
  • Power windshield wipers
  • Power-folding door mirrors
  • Rear view camera
  • 10” digital dashboard

Additional packages and options

For a surcharge, the buyer of Taos can buy option packages. There are quite a lot of them – “Winter”, “City”, “Technology”, “Safety”, “Innovation”, “IQ.Light”, design package “Style”. There are also individual options, such as parking sensors, 2-zone climate control, alloy wheels for Respect, anti-theft system with occupancy sensor, parking assistant, and remote-controlled start heater for Status and Exclusive configurations.

Prices of VW Taos competitors

It is interesting to compare Taos price tag with prices of its main competitors. Let’s take for convenience only the price of starting versions:

  • Skoda Karoq – 1 565 000 rubles.
  • Hyundai Creta – 1,199,000 rubles.
  • Kia Seltos – 1,266,000 rubles.
  • Nissan Qashqai – 1,475,000 rubles.
  • Renault Kaptur – 1,206,000 roubles.
  • Mazda CX-30 – 1,730,000 rubles.

Taos is more expensive than most similar cars. But this is quite understandable – in terms of equipment the configuration is richer than that of the competitors.

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