Volkswagen Taos 2021 saloon by packages: saloon photo, description

Volkswagen Taos 2021: the start of sales in Russia, photos, prices and equipment of the new model

Finally, we have waited! The equipment and prices of the Russian specification have become known, and sales of the 2021 Volkswagen Taos, the American version of the Tharu crossover, which has been produced in China for 2 years, have started.

In fact we are dealing with a car that is technically unified with the notorious Skoda Karoq, and this car arouses interest primarily because it should appear on the Russian market in the summer of 2021.

In our country the crossover will be offered in several modifications with two power units: 1.6 gasoline (110 hp) and 1.4 TSi gasoline (150 hp), the front-drive Taos will come with an 8-speed “automatic”, and all-wheel drive modifications with a DSG robot.

Volkswagen Taos 2021

On the page all the details about the new model Volkswagen Taos 2021:

Features and prices in Russia




Volkswagen Taos 2021

Respect. The basic version of Respect comes with air conditioning, heated front seats, 6 airbags, infotainment system with a 6.5-inch screen and Bluetooth, cruise control, light sensor, motor start button and a virtual dashboard, but there is only one “theme” as it is a basic package.

Externally, it will be distinguished by LED headlights, roof rails and 16-inch steel wheels. It is worth noting that the basic package in the Taos, will be better equipped than the basic package in the twin Skoda Karok.

Status. It comes with the following options and equipment:

  • The new VW Play multimedia system;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • Power for the driver’s seat;
  • Parktronic, both front and rear;
  • Rain sensor;
  • Auto-dimming interior mirror;
  • 16″ alloy wheels;
  • USB rear seat connectors.

Joy. The new Volkswagen Taos in the Joy package is immediately different in appearance; it comes with black mirror housings, 17-inch wheel rims, orange inserts in the interior, and there’s contour lighting as well. Also added among the options are keyless entry, a rearview camera, electric windshield heating and power mirrors.

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Exlusive. The top-of-the-line Exlusive version is different:

  • Adaptive LED headlights;
  • Dashboard with an enlarged display up to 10 inches and different “themes” of display;
  • Heated rear passengers;
  • Electric luggage compartment (surcharge);
  • Adaptive cruise control (surcharge);
  • 18-inch wheels (surcharge);
  • Side airbags for rear passengers (surcharge);
  • Auto parker (surcharge);

New Crossover Review

Volkswagen Taos 2021

German concern continues “parade of premieres” that was promised them exactly one year ago, when VW management gathered to present 34 new models at once in the next 12 months.

Production of the 2021 model year Volkswagen Taos will be handled by two VW plants: the Argentine plant, which will supply crossovers to South America, and the Mexican plant, whose task will be to meet demand in North America.

Thus, the new Taos becomes an adapted version of the Volkswagen Tharu for local conditions, which was retouched appearance and a special list of options was compiled to give individuality. There are only two motors for Taos: one for each continent.

Volkswagen Taos 2021

A place for this parkette in the model hierarchy is below the new Tiguan with a long wheelbase, but above the subcompact Volkswagen T-Cross. The 2,690-millimeter wheelbase and 4,465 mm body length put the Volkswagen Taos 2021 in the compact SUV segment, and one of the main advantages of the car becomes the innovative MQB A1 platform, which is also used in Skoda Karoq and SEAT Ateca.


Volkswagen Taos 2021

The skeleton and sides of the body of the new crossover VW Taos remind us about the “kinship” with the model Karoq, although here it would be more correct to speak about the similarity of the car with the Chinese Tharu.

Individuality Taos, undoubtedly, gives the expressive front end with the original design of the radiator grille with LED bridge, and the complex shape of the grid, banding the bumper.

The exterior is also adorned by specially developed for this model optics – front and rear, which stands out for its interesting modular filling.

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The profile of the car is exactly the same as the Chinese “twin”, but a serious influence on the appearance of the car from the side can have wheel rims, ranging in size from 17 to 19 inches.


Volkswagen Taos 2021

The interiors of modern Volkswagen crossovers traditionally do not surprise, in addition, there is always a strong difference between the options for packages. This also applies to the finish, and equipment: in the most accessible versions of the new Volkswagen Taos in the center of the front console will be a small 8-inch display with a limited set of functions, and in the “top” – a touchscreen series MIB3 with Wi-Fi.

Among other premium options are panoramic sunroof, virtual “dashboard” and upholstery of quality leather seats.

Technical stuffing

Volkswagen Taos 2021

For Volkswagen Taos, the following engines are prepared:

  • North American modification – 1.5-liter TSI with 160 hp (249 Nm). On versions with front-wheel drive it will be assisted by an 8-speed automatic “box”, on all-wheel drive – 7-band “robot” DSG.
  • The modification for South America is a 1.4-liter TSI with 150 hp (250 Nm). Here modifications are available only with front-wheel drive and 6-ACP transmission.

It is known that the initial set of Volkswagen Taos 2021 model year will be relatively “poor”, but paid options will allow to collect the configuration to your liking and wallet, adding:

  • dual-zone climate control,
  • Adaptive cruise control (as part of the complex IQ.Drive),
  • contour interior lighting,
  • wireless charging for gadgets,
  • lane-keeping system,
  • blind spot monitoring system,
  • light sensor, etc.

When will it be released in Russia?

Start of sales in Russia is scheduled for July 2021, production in Nizhny Novgorod has already begun.

Volkswagen Taos 2021

The fact that the new compact SUV from Volkswagen will come to Russia was announced back at the presentation of the Tharu model in 2018. At the same time it was said about the inevitable technical adaptation of the car. What exactly the Germans will offer us, under what “sauce” and name – we will find out, most likely, not until the middle of 2021.

Volkswagen Tiguan dashboard : digital, indicator icons

Volkswagen Taos: prices and equipment

Prices for the 2021 Volkswagen Taos have not been announced, as sales of the parkettes in the U.S. are scheduled for the coming summer. Considering that this compact crossover is the “little brother” of the long-wheelbase Tiguan, it should cost less. For reference, the Tiguan in the U.S. specification costs locals $24,945 .

Volkswagen Taos crossover: options and prices

Volkswagen Taos crossover: equipment and prices

Igor Vladimirsky

We have already talked in detail about the new Volkswagen Taos crossover for Russia. In fact, it is a re-tooled model of the Skoda Karoq, and the two cars are even produced at the same plant in Nizhny Novgorod. The Taos differs from the Karok in appearance, interior design and equipment, and it is located below the Tiguan in the Volkswagen brand lineup and has become the most affordable crossover. Dealers have already opened accepting orders and have published a price list.

At the start of sales Taos is offered with three power units. The base version has an atmospheric 1.6 MPI (110 hp), front-wheel drive and a five-speed “mechanics”. The announced six-speed “automatic” will appear later, and there is still no such modification in the Caroque.

So far two-pedal Taos is offered only with a turbocharged 1.4 TSI (150 hp). Four-wheel drive cars are equipped with eight-speed “automatic”, and a complete set with a four-wheel drive has a seven-speed “robot” DSG with two clutches (it’s a box DQ381). The similar Karok has six-speed DQ250 transmission for now, but it will have DQ381 soon (tentatively by the end of this year).

Options 1.6 MPI 2WD MT5 1.4 TSI 2WD AT8 1.4 TSI 4WD DSG7
Respect 1 626 900 rub. 1 856 900 rub.
Status 1 906 900 rub. 2 006 900 rub.
Joy! 2 004 900 rub. 2,104,900 rubles
Exclusive 2 099 900 rub. 2 199 900 rub.

If Skoda Karoq now costs from 1 million 565 thousand rubles, the related Taos costs 62 thousand more. But Volkswagen has richer equipment. Basic configuration Respect has six airbags (the initial Karok has four), virtual instruments on the eight-inch screen (the Karok has analog scales), reflector LED headlights instead of halogens, heated steering wheel, cruise control, light sensor, Bluetooth, button start the engine and rails on the roof. Like the Karok, there’s air conditioning, heated front seats, a 6.5-inch screen media system and 16-inch steel wheels.

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The same price/equipment ratio remains in the case of other kitting. For example, the Status version includes dual-zone climate control, electric driver’s seat, rain sensor, VW Play media system with a 10-inch screen, front and rear parking sensors, 16-inch alloy wheels and expanded chrome decor.

Option Joy! is positioned as a special version, these cars have black mirror caps, 17-inch wheels, tinted rear windows, orange inserts and contour lighting in the cabin, and from the equipment added keyless entry system, rearview camera, electric windshield heating and electric folding mirrors.

The top version Exclusive does without contrasting decor, but it has adaptive LED headlights of projection type (with a luminous strip on the grille), combined upholstery, enlarged instrument panel (ten inches) with several display modes, front camera and heated rear seats. Also for all versions are offered option packages, borrowed from “senior” complete sets. And among the additional equipment – adaptive cruise control, side airbags on the second row, valet, electric fifth door and 18-inch wheels. All-wheel drive Volkswagen Taos with all the options will cost 2.4 million rubles.

The crossovers will be on sale by the end of July. Marketing experts at Volkswagen expect the overlap between the customer audience and the “older” Tiguan to be no more than 20%. Thus the Tiguan has no plans to reduce its range. Over the past six months, its price has increased significantly: while at the end of 2020, the Tiguan cost from 1,750,000 rubles, after the recent increase in price starts at 1,950,000 rubles.

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