VOLKSWAGEN Taos dashboard: differences from configurations, icons, error codes, replacement


Volkswagen Taos 2020 2021 Hidden function activation, encryption, upgrade, flash units, navigation, diagnostics Perm

Hidden functions activation (list), coding, blocks upgrade, navigation, diagnostics in Perm Volkswagen Taos 2020 2021

The most popular hidden functions that can be activated on your Volkswagen Taos 2020 2021:

✔ Unlock video viewing in motion (from 2021 on) on MIB3 Composition Media, Discover Pro, Media MIB 2.5

✔ Activation of FLA on VW Taos (Fernlichtassistent, Front Light Assistance) high beam assistant with A5 assist camera (trapezoid above the cabin mirror) – automatic switching from low to high beam

✔ Lane Assist activation on VW Taos – Lane Keeping Assist with the A5 camera (trapezoid above the door mirror)

✔ Activation of Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) at speeds up to 60 km/h (if equipped with camera assist) and Lane Departure Warning (if equipped with camera assist) on VW Taos

✔ ESC Off ESC Sport menu (complete disabling of the directional control system) ✔ iTPMS 2nd generation tire pressure monitoring system (shows the specific flat tire)

✔ Dynamic steering rack adjustment (more sporty, informative steering) ✔ Electronic differential lock XDS for more dynamic cornering under acceleration ✔ Lap timer (stopwatch) ✔ 30 different colors for instrument panel and radio (any RGB color of your choice) ✔ Original alarm system (original alarm system, sound and light siren in case of unauthorized door opening) ✔ 4 or 5 blinking comfort light ✔ Automatic activation of the function Coming/Leaving home when the door is opened ✔ Sound of arming and disarming ✔ Rear lights in Daytime Running Lights mode (all sections) ✔ Mute open door when the ignition is on ✔ Arrow test ✔ Memory of heated seats ✔ Automatic steering wheel heating ✔ Climate indication in auto mode ✔ Sporty design of the virtual dashboard with markings up to 280 or 320 km/h ✔ Style of the virtual dashboard with animation ✔ Fob operation when the car is running ✔ Disabling the parking lights via menu ✔ Flashing rear lights with turn signals

The whole list of hidden features for Volkswagen TAOS 2020 2021:

1. Unlocking Mirrorlink SmartLink IN MOTION Composition Media, Discove Media, Discover Pro VW TAOS 2020 2021 in Perm, VIM (Video In Motion) DVD viewing functions in motion

2. strobe effect Near/Far. Strobe effect through fog lights 3. Rear parking lights activation in the low-beam mode (Audi style)

5. Setting of parking lights when the turn signal is switched on (with dimming (Audi style) on the beat)

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Blinking of the rear lights with the turn signals 6. Setting the Corner function – turn signal lights 7. Replacing the dipped beam with front PTF or LEDs in the coming/leaving home function 8. Changing the number of blinks of the “comfort turn signal” 9. Audio confirmation of opening/closing the car

10. Adjustment of any lamps for LED or xenon 11. Droplet mopping 12. Changing frequency of operation of the headlamp washer, reconfiguration of the headlamp washer operation – it works only when the windshield is washed for 2-3 seconds 13. Lowering of the right mirror when reversing

14. Folding the mirrors by holding down the key button 15. Setting the time of windshield and rear window heating 16. Control of the key fob when the ignition is on (the ability to close a running car) 17. Display the fan speed of climate control in AUTO mode

18. Activation of AUTO mode for steering wheel heating

19. Memory of heated seats 20. Activation of tank seat

21. Lap timer on the dashboard

Activation of 30 colors in VW Taos – extended color RGB design of BCM, dashboard and radio

24. Disabling the notification about not fastened seat belt 25. Comfortable seating (Easy Entry, the seat slides back for a more comfortable seating position, only for seats with memory and power seats) 26. Change of speed to activate parking sensors 27. Deactivation of AM band and R LINE

29. (New) Unlocking of video, MirrorLink on the move on MIB3 VWTs. 30. Steering settings (more comfortable or sporty steering options for TAOS without driving mode profile option) 31. Torque compensation system ( TSC ) 32. Full disabling of ESC, or ESC Sport via radio menu (2 modes) 33. Activation of the indirect tire pressure control (iTPMS) 34. Disconnection (deactivation) of the Start/Stop system 35. Deactivation of daytime running lights when the handbrake is raised or adding a menu item

36. Downhill hold assist (HNS) 37. Adjustment of the NNS tilt angle 38. Advanced electronic differential lock (XDS) 39. Vibration reduction during hard acceleration 40. Activation of the color scheme change when selecting the Drive Mode (Drive Select) 41. Activation of Lane Keeping Assist (Lane Assist) VW Taos 42. Activation of Traffic Sign Detection (VZE) on VW Taos

Cost of package “Complex activation of hidden functions+video in motion” of the new Volkswagen Taos 2020 2021 in Perm

10000 rubles. 8000 rubles.

* Additional options for VW Taos:

– Unlock video on the go, MirrorLink on the go (VIM, MIM) VW Taos 5000 rubles . + 3000 rubles

– Lane Assist (lane assist), Traffic Jam Assist activation VW Taos 8000 rubles . + 5000 rubles

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– Activation of VW Taos Traffic Sign Recognition System 5000 rubles . + 4000 rubles

Interpretation of symbols / errors / icons on VOLKSWAGEN dashboard

On this page we have placed light indicators and warnings. These are the errors that you can see on the dashboard of your Volkswagen (Volkswagen) car. There are over 40 of them here, so scroll through the page carefully until you find the right image.

Generally, the color of the illuminated symbol illustrates the severity of the problem .

  • Red highlighting indicates a problem that needs immediate attention.
  • Orange highlighting more often indicates a less serious problem, such as a vehicle maintenance issue.
  • Other symbol colors, such as blue and green, give the driver additional information. Flashing warning lights inform the driver of an urgent problem.

If you have a warning light on your Volkswagen that tells you there is a problem with one of the vehicle’s systems you can contact our service technician at +7 (812) 372 66 09 for advice and an appointment for diagnosis.

Indicator lamps

Indicator 1 - Brake system

If this indicator light is on, check that the handbrake is not applied. If it is applied, remove it and continue driving.

If it is not on or the indicator light remains on, check the brake fluid level. If it is not at the correct level, refill it to the correct level.

If the light stays on, contact the service center.

Indicator 2 - Engine cooling system

If this light comes on, stop immediately, turn off the engine, and do not drive any further. Check to see if the engine coolant level is okay. If it is, there is probably a broader problem with the cooling system, so contact roadside assistance. If the coolant level is not okay, add more coolant. Refer to your owner’s manual for assistance with this. If the warning lamp remains illuminated even after this, contact an expert for assistance.

Indicator 3 - Engine oil pressure

If this light comes on, stop as soon as it is safe to do so, and shut off the engine immediately and do not restart. Check the oil level. If the oil level is normal, contact roadside assistance, as there may be other problems with the pressure system. If the oil level is not normal, top up the oil until it is normal. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions or ask for roadside assistance. Start the engine again for five seconds, and if the light goes out during this time, you can continue driving. If it does not, ask for roadside assistance.

Indicator 4 - Power-assisted steering system

If this light comes on, stop as soon as it is safe to do so and shut off the engine. Remove the ignition key. Wait 30 seconds and restart the engine. If the light is still on, check the steering and see if you can safely operate the vehicle. If so, contact the service center directly. If not, contact roadside assistance.

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Indicator 5 - Airbag and seat belt system

If this light comes on, carefully drive up to the service center and have the problem diagnosed and corrected. Problems with these systems may not affect the operation of your vehicle, but are very important to your safety.

Indicator 6 - Vehicle charging system

If you can start the engine while this light is on, contact a repair technician because there is a problem with the vehicle’s electrical components. Avoid using excessive electrical equipment to avoid draining the battery. If you cannot start the engine, contact a roadside service technician.

Indicator 9 - Ignition switch

If this light is red, do not turn off the engine as it may not start again. If the light is red or yellow, contact a repair technician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Indicator 7 - Steering lock

If the light is red, contact a repair technician. If it is yellow, the problem is less serious and you can drive yourself to the service station to check the system, but drive carefully.

Indicator 8 - Seatbelt buckles

Indicator 10 - One of the doors is open

Indicator 11 - Hood

Indicator 12 - Trunk lid

Indicator 13 - AdBlue refill

This indicator indicates that there is no AdBlue left. If the vehicle is switched off with the lights on, it will not switch back on. This is a standard system operation and the vehicle requires a full AdBlue refill to completely restart. More information is available in the owner’s manual.

Warning indicator lights

Indicator 1 - Emission control light

If this indicator lights up continuously, turn off the engine and remove the key. Wait 30 seconds and restart the engine. If the indicator light remains illuminated or flashes, contact a repair technician or, if the vehicle is vibrating or sluggish, ask for roadside assistance.

Indicator 2 - Diesel particulate filter

Make sure there is fuel in the vehicle and no other warning lights are illuminated. If more than one warning light is on, ask for help on the road. If the vehicle is fueled and the light is still on, drive at speeds greater than 60 km/h and between 1800-2500 rpm until the light goes out. If the light does not go out within 15 minutes, drive to a service station or seek roadside assistance if possible.

Indicator 3 - Engine control lamp

Indicator 3 - Diesel control

Normally this light will turn on for a few seconds with the ignition on, but if the light turns on with the engine running, it is safe to go to a car service center to check the engine and correct the problem.

Indicator 5 - Engine oil level

If this light is steady on, refill the engine oil. The owner’s manual contains additional information on how to do this. If this light is blinking, the sensor is defective. Service trip.

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Indicator 6 - Antilock brake system / electronic differential lock malfunction

The anti-lock braking system has malfunctioned. The car will still brake normally, but ABS and ESP may not engage if necessary. Gently drive to a repair technician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Indicator 7 - Electronic Stability Program

If this light flashes while driving, it is a normal function. The light tells you that the traction control system or ESP is interfering. If it is on continuously, you may have pressed the “ESP off” button. This can be resumed by turning the vehicle on and off. If the light remains on, contact a repair technician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Indicator 8 - Tire pressure monitoring

Check the tire pressure and adjust if necessary. If the indicator continues to light, check all tire pressures again. If they are OK, save them with the menu display and, if the indicator stays on, safely contact a repair technician to check the system. If the tire pressure changes again, repair or replace the damaged tire.

Indicator 9 - Power Steering System

If the vehicle has recently been started or the battery has been disconnected or discharged, turn the steering wheel fully to the right, then fully to the left and drive briefly at 15-20 km/h. If the indicator does not go out, go to a safe place for service.

Indicator 10 - Steering lock

Indicator 11 - Airbag and seat belt system

If this light comes on, the airbag or seat belt system is malfunctioning. Gently drive to a repair technician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Indicator 12 - Transmission malfunction / overheating

This light is usually accompanied by a message on the infotainment system. “You may proceed”, “Rear gear not available”. Stop the vehicle and select “P” or “Please press the brake pedal and re-engage the gear” when the handbrake is not engaged, requires that you contact an auto service. If the infotainment system says, “Please brake pedal and select a gear again” when the parking brake is off, or “Please change your driving style,” you can continue driving.

Indicator 13 - Air suspension

There is a problem with the air suspension system. The vehicle may move differently, which can affect handling, stability, and ground clearance. Carefully drive to an auto service center to diagnose and correct the problem.

Indicator 14 - Adaptive suspension shock absorbers

Indicator 15 - Rear spoiler

Indicator 16 - Lamp control

Check all the light bulbs and make sure they are working. If they are broken or defective, replace them as soon as possible.

Indicator 17 - Stop lights

Make sure that all the brake lights are working properly. If they are broken or defective, replace them as soon as possible.

Rain and Light Sensor

If this light is on, the windshield wipers and lights do not turn on or off automatically. They can still be turned on and off manually. Contact an auto shop to have this problem solved.

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Indicator 19 - Headlight range adjustment

Indicator 20 - Engine oil sensor failure

If this light is on, the headlights do not adapt automatically. They can still be dipped manually. Contact an auto service center to correct the problem.

Indicator 21 - Hitch hitch

Indicator 22 - Convertible roof

This light comes on when the roof is opened or closed. If it is on at any other time, open and close the roof completely first. If the light stays on, contact a repair technician.

Indicator 23 - Center control light

For vehicles with keyless entry, this indicator light comes on when they are not in the vehicle and the engine is running. Make sure the key is in the vehicle so you can restart the engine.

Indicator 24 - Washer fluid requires refilling

This light comes on when the lane assist system is operating but cannot detect road markings. If the light illuminates with the message “System failure,” contact a service technician.

Indicator 25 - Depress the clutch pedal

Indicator 26 - Windshield washer fluid level

If this light comes on, the windshield washer fluid level needs to be topped up. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information about this process.

Indicator 27 - Rear fog lights

This light indicates that the rear fog light is on. Rear fog lights should be on only in foggy conditions.

Indicator 28 - Low fuel level

Indicator 29 - AdBlue refill

This light comes on when the AdBlue range is about 1,000 miles. The light will illuminate every 31 miles along with the noise. If AdBlue is not recharging, the light will eventually turn red and the vehicle will not turn on.

Other Indicator Lights.

Indicator 1 - Cruise control

Indicator 2 - Depress the brake pedal

This light is only on automatic vehicles. This light indicates that the brake pedal must be depressed before the shift lever can be moved to the park position.

Indicator 3 - Center control light

Indicator 4 - Central indicator lamp

This light indicates that the adaptive cruise control is on. If it flashes, you are exceeding the maximum speed setting, reduce your speed.

Indicator 5 - Adaptive Cruise Control is On

This light comes on when the AdBlue range is about 1,500 miles. The light will illuminate every 62 miles along with the noise. If AdBlue is not recharging, the light will turn yellow at 1,000 miles and then red and the vehicle will not turn on.

These lights are relevant for all models of Volkswagen Touareg, Tiguan, Polo, Passat, Golf, Scirocco, Jetta, Transporter, etc. If the yellow or red indicator light on the dashboard of your car informs you about the problem and its solution, please contact our service center and our specialists will perform a comprehensive check of your car.

We work in the market more than 13 years, offering qualitative service of VOLKSWAGEN in Saint-Petersburg. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the master of the service station on the phone number or email listed on the website to consult on any of the errors on the dashboard Volkswagen.

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