Volkswagen Taos trunk: volumes, dimensions, photos, roof rack

What the Volkswagen Taos luggage compartment can do

Volkswagen Taos trunk

Pictured in the screensaver photo is the, safari-designed variant of the Volkswagen Taos, where the roof is a massive off-road trunk with five sets of LED spotlights, and the chassis is again equipped with off-road 17-inch wheels.

Coincidence or prophecy is the fact that the German concern began to offer more and more often for the car market models, designed not for riding on asphalt roads. And in the number of these models a compact crossover, named after a North American Indian tribe Taos, which, in fact, was originally intended for the user audience, both North and South America, stands out.

Volkswagen Taos trunk

The global covid pandemic with its periodic self-isolations has forced the developers of transport to pay attention to the desires of fans of active recreation in natural landscapes, first, that the cars have off-road or at least minimal off-road features and, secondly, sufficient to ensure comfortable travel luggage characteristics.

Currently, this off-road concept of car market development is also picked up by other concerns, which spurs, so to speak, intraspecific market competition, which serves, as you know, the driving energy of progress.

In this material for representatives of our Russian garage community will be given only luggage parameters of five-door Volkswagen Taos and our comments to them, while the review of off-road capabilities of this compact crossover requires a separate detailed conversation.

Volume of a luggage department of Volkswagen Taos

As a rule, for our Russian garage counterpart, in addition to the cost of the car, one of the defining criteria for choosing this or that model is the size of the trunk, which, as a rule, should be not less than half a thousand liters, in order to fit there a couple or three bags of potatoes and with other gifts of gardens and orchards of relatives living in the countryside.

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As to the cargo parameters of the compact VW Taos, it has recently become known, both assemblies and volumetric cargo capacity of these configurations, namely:

VW Taos 2021, 5-door, Gen. 1, Jeep/suv cargo volume

Volkswagen Taos trunk

Assemblies Cargo capacity, l
Motion Status 4WD/1.4TSI/DSG4 418
Motion JOY! 4WD/1.4TSI/DSG4 418
Motion Exclusive 4WD/1.4TSI/DSG4 418
Motion Respect 4WD/1.4TSI/DSG4 418
Status 2WD/1.4TSI/AT 500
JOY! 2WD/1.4TSI/AT 500
Exclusive 2WD/1.4TSI/AT 500
Respect 2WD/1.6MPI/MT 500

So, as you can see from the table, the all-wheel-drive compact five-door has somewhat less cargo capacity than its front-wheel-drive counterpart.

Volkswagen Taos trunk

If we compare the luggage Safari equipment of the Taos with the equipment of the cargo compartment of a conventional compact crossover, for example, of the base assembly (see photo above), we can see that the off-road trunk has a special lattice partition, which our advanced garage mates call nothing less than an upgrade.

Where with the help of this ostensibly innovation it is possible to protect reliably from predatory beasts to hang all sorts of attributes necessary for adrenaline safaris.

Volkswagen Taos trunk

Starting with various carbines (not to be confused with weapons) and, ending with ropes and other climbing or expedition gear.

If you analyze the available information about the SUVs of the so-called Volkswagen team, we can make a prediction on accessories to improve the luggage capacity of Russian assemblies of the compact crossover we are considering in the near future.

Atlas Basecamp trunks for the American audience

And here are what luggage accessories Atlas Basecamp may be available from FV Taos for our Russian garage audience, namely a roof rack with bicycle mounts and to carry watercraft:

Roof rack.

As for the roof rack of our protégé, if you look closely again at the photo on the splash screen and at the beginning of this review, our garage advanced specialists unmistakably determine it as a product of such manufacturer as Thule, namely a roof rack accessory with aerodynamic design style Thule Canyon XT.

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The features of this basket are not only aerodynamic, but also the fact that you can almost double its luggage dimensions thanks to a special insert.

As for the future upgrade to increase the cargo capacity of Volkswagen Taos, we can offer for this expedition luggage racks such as Front Runner Slimline, which seamlessly fit into the landscapes of safari. For example, here’s what the expedition luggage rack looks like on the Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp (in our market, it’s none other than the Teramont).

Improving the aerodynamics of the roof rack

Here one of the Left of our garage community shared his experience about improving the aerodynamics of a Turkish Turtle luggage rack which has a pretty cool design and sufficient strength, but reproducing almost noisy noises at speed.

This trunk got our friend from a previous car, namely from the Tiguan and so he decided to put this crossbar on the roof of the namesake Taos, equipping them fairing preliminary made his armor film liner. It has turned out cheap and, as we usually say, that, they say, “gray”.

Volkswagen Taos trunk

Volkswagen Taos, as a lodging house.

As to unusual use of a trunk of Volkswagen Taos – in the story of our garage companion. And here is what he told us from the recent past. It was so hot in the city, that for the weekend I was longing for the nature. I hoped to rent a house near the lake on the camp site, but all the sleeping quarters were occupied. Late I started to call for booking the lodging.

I decided to remember my youth and go to the lake as a couch potato. I threw blankets in the trunk and slept in the car.

As a result – it was possible to sleep in a trunk of Volkswagen Taos, but it was too cramped for two people there all night. However, for those, who has a sports complete set and growth not higher than one hundred and seventy together with a cap, spending the night in the Taos trunk as a reserve option is quite good.

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Volume and trunk size of Volkswagen Taos 2021


Recently, it is crossovers are particularly popular among motorists. Everything is quite understandable, these cars look stylish, quite comfortable and roomy. The volume and size of the trunk is almost the most important criterion for some buyers when choosing a car.

Today let’s talk about the trunk capacity of the most affordable parkett from Volkswagen, which was named Taos , consider its characteristics, photos and find out what users say about its capacity.


In spite of the fact that the crossover is mainly aimed at youth and has compact dimensions, it would be silly to count on the fact that the trunk will amaze with its spaciousness. But it really surprises, for such small dimensions it is very capacious. The volume of the trunk may vary depending on the selected version of the car.

Specification Drive Trunk volume
Respect Front 500 л
Respect Full 418 л
Status Front 500 л
Status Full 418 л
Joy Front 500 л
Joy Full 418 л
Exclusive Front 500 л
Exclusive Full 418 л

If we talk about specific dimensions, you can see them in the table below.

Length to rear seats 870 mm
Length with folded rear seats 1530 mm -1780 mm
Minimum width 1008 mm
Maximum width 1266 mm
Distance from floor to shelf 533 mm
Distance from floor to ceiling 841 mm
Width of opening 1150 mm
Aperture height 939 mm
Distance from ground to door (open) 2089 mm
Height (loading height) 678 mm

Interesting fact! for some Taos , e.g. American, claimed a slightly different trunk volume – almost 800 liters. Yes, the car is actually a little longer (about 30 cm), but it applies more to the area for rear passengers, the trunk remains the same.

Most likely, for the American market for some reason the volume was counted not to the shelf, but to the ceiling of the car. If we talk about the trunk to the shelf, it remains the same, so Russian users were not left out.

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Tests and reviews

Buyers are mostly positive about the capacity of the luggage compartment Taos , also owners note that the trunk liner is made quite well.

Of course, only the reviews of adequate buyers who can compare the size of the car with its luggage compartment should be taken into account, not the reviews of buyers who are extremely upset that the trunk of a compact and inexpensive Taos somehow turns out less than the trunk of a huge and expensive Land Cruiser.

For an average user 500 liters of Taos trunk is quite enough, and if necessary it is possible to fold the rear cross-bars. Here we should warn beforehand that the back of rear row of seats does not form the even floor with the luggage compartment.

If the car will be used as a place for spending the night in the countryside, you will either have to put up with an uneven surface or buy a special mat, which will level the floor. According to the responses of those, who tried to sleep in Taos, making attempts to turn the trunk into a bed, it is possible to conclude that one person can sleep there, but two people can hardly stay here comfortably.

One well-known American auto expert regularly tests different automobiles for capacity, and recently Volkswagen Taos was also tested. During the test the capacity of the car was checked in practice and only the main space of the luggage compartment was used (without folding the seats).

Interestingly, the compact crossover of German brand successfully outdid almost all cars in its class and yielded only to Ford Bronco Sport , which allows saying that the trunk of Taos is quite good.

Increasing capacity and versatility

There are many modern solutions to increase the capacity of the car. Every day there are more and more interesting solutions from different companies. Not to engage in advertising, let us give an example of Volkswagen original accessories, but they all have a lot of analogues that are easy to find. The German brand offers a large number of accessories, below are only the most popular of them.

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