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Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 is in many ways a benchmark crossover in its class, which is used as a reference, for example, when evaluating the performance of Hyundai Tucson or Mazda CX-5. The German model has undergone subtle changes as part of the latest upgrade, which, however, had a positive effect on its driving qualities and handling. In Russia, the updated crossover is offered at a price of 1.88 million rubles with four engines: two modifications of turbocharged 1.4-liter and 2-liter engines are available in our country. The Tiguan is also optionally equipped with a switchable all-wheel drive. Even in the initial version you can find climate control, cruise control and heated leather steering wheel, while in the top versions there is a system of keeping the distance to neighboring cars in “traffic jams”, steering mechanism with a gear ratio and other equipment.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2022

Technical Specifications

Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 experienced, in fact, a point restyling, which brought with it a new body. But visually, judging by the photos, this crossover does not differ much from its predecessor. Volkswagen has also slightly tweaked the equipment and prices. However, the German model’s technical specifications remain the same.

The crossover has the same MQB platform that involves McPhrson struts and rear multilever architecture. But the dimensions of Tiguan have changed during the last modernization. Now its length is 4,509 mm, width is 1,839 mm and height is 1,675 mm. The wheelbase size is 2677 mm.

By default, the German model in Russia is presented together with a 1.4-liter supercharged engine, which is available in two modifications. As standard, this unit produces no more than 125 hp of power and 200 N*m of thrust. The engine in this version is combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox, consumes up to 6.5 liters of fuel and provides acceleration to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds. In other versions the base unit develops 150 hp and 250 N*m. In this case, the motor is combined with a 7-speed two-disk robotized gearbox, consumes up to 6.8 liters and provides acceleration to 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds. Optionally, this engine is combined with all-wheel drive, realized through a multi-disc clutch.

In more expensive modifications there is a second supercharged engine with a capacity of 2 liters. It is equipped by default with all-wheel drive and a robotized gearbox. As a standard, this unit produces up to 180 hp of useful power and 320 N*m of tractive torque. Tiguan with such a motor can reach 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and consumes an average of 8 liters. The top version has a 220 hp turbo engine with a maximum torque of 350 N*m. It provides acceleration to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds with an average fuel consumption of 8.4 liters.

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Features and prices

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is presented in Russia in six configurations. Prices for modifications of the German model vary in the range of one million rubles, which is due to the significant difference in the list of onboard equipment, which varies depending on the selected version.


Prices for the starting version of the German model start at 1.88 million rubles. For this money, the buyer gets aluminum wheels with a radius of 17 inches, automatic parking brake with electronic control and a system of regenerative braking. At the front and rear of the crossover there are LED headlights. The side mirrors are heated and servo-driven as standard, and the headlights have a light sensor.

The starting version of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 may seem “poor”. However, along with it, the manufacturer offered a fairly wide list of optional equipment, including:

  • electronic preheater with remote control;
  • electrically controlled hitch;
  • full-size spare;
  • cabin mirror with the function of automatic dimming;
  • rear view camera;
  • 8-inch touch screen monitor;
  • navigation;
  • several parking sensors;
  • electric heater for the windshield and nozzles;
  • front seats with pronounced lumbar support.

The list of standard equipment also includes central locking with remote control key, electric first-row seats and steering wheel heating, three-zone climate control equipment, audio system with eight speakers and 6.5-inch touchscreen monitor. For safety in German model 6 airbags and systems are responsible for keeping constant speed, hill-hold assist, brake-lock prevention and wheel slippage. Indicators of wheel pressure control are also provided in the basic configuration. In addition, with the basic version, customers have access to the frontal impact warning system with auto-stop function and the driver monitoring sensor.

Respect Plus

The second option on the list costs 2.05 million rubles. Such a high surcharge compared to the basic version is provided not only for the appearance of new equipment, but also for the installation of a robotized gearbox with a 150-horsepower turbo engine. This package includes electric windshield heating, several parktronic, navigation, a rearview camera and an 8-inch touch screen. There is also a cabin mirror with auto darkening function.


For the Status version the manufacturer asks not less than 2.16 million rubles. This amount includes an intelligent parking assistant (optional) and heated washer jets. For an additional fee, the list of onboard equipment in the Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 in the Status version expands due to:

  • front fog lights;
  • electric trunk with proximity opening function;
  • electrically adjustable sunroof;
  • button to start the engine;
  • keyless entry;
  • driver’s knee airbag;
  • power front seats, which are complemented by a memory function and massage;
  • driver’s lane keeping assistant;
  • blind spot monitoring system;
  • adaptive cruise, which keeps the distance to neighboring cars during traffic jams;
  • dynamic cornering light function;
  • adaptive front headlights;
  • front and side view cameras.

Also standard for the Status version is electric heated seats of the second row. External mirrors are supplemented with an electric drive, which automatically folds them. And as an option with this modification are the seats with a combined finish.

Status Plus

This option is more expensive than the previous one by only 50 thousand rubles. Such a surcharge is provided for 18-inch wheels and new decorative inserts.

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The penultimate modification of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 is priced at a minimum of 2.47 million rubles. Buyers crossover in this version are offered front fog lights, 12-inch digital dashboard, button on the engine, keyless entry to the cabin and seats with combination trim. Optional with this and next versions are front sport seats with developed support. In addition, the Exclusive modification provides an assistant when driving down a slope, the lane-keeping assistant, dynamic cornering light function, adaptive headlights and atmospheric interior illumination. A 9.2-inch touchscreen monitor is also available as an option.


Tiguan in the top version will cost a minimum of 2.72 million rubles. The R-Line version stands out against the previous ones not only because of its original aerodynamic dodger, but also because it is only possible to buy a 220-horsepower turbocharged engine along with it. In addition, the top configuration gets adaptive cruise control, electric front seats with memory functions, 19-inch wheels and leather upholstered seats.

Options and prices (summary table)

# Specification Model years Cost, rubles. Drive Transmission Engine, cc. Acceleration from 0 to 100, s Max. speed, km/h Power, max, hp (kW) at r.p.m. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle, l/100 km
1 1.4 TSI MT Respect 2020 – 1879900 Front TRANSMISSION 6 1395 10.5 186 125 (92) / 5000 6,5
2 1.4 TSI DSG Respect Plus December 2020 – 2049900 Front GEARBOX 6 1395 9.3 195 150 (110) / 6000 6,8
3 1.4 TSI DSG Status December 2020 – 2159900 Front GEARBOX 6 1395 9.3 195 150 (110) / 6000 6,8
4 1.4 TSI DSG Status Plus December 2020 – 2209900 Front GEARBOX 6 1395 9.3 195 150 (110) / 6000 6,8
5 1.4 TSI DSG Respect 2020 – 1989900 Front GEARBOX 6 1395 9.3 195 150 (110) / 6000 6,8
6 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Exclusive 2021 – 2469900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 6000 7,5
7 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion R-Line 2021 – 2719900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 4500 7,5
8 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Respect 2021 – 2089900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 6000 7,5
9 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Respect Plus 2021 – 2149900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 6000 7,5
10 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Status 2021 – 2259900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 6000 7,5
11 1.4 TSI DSG 4Motion Status Plus 2021 – 2309900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 6 1395 9.8 192 150 (110) / 6000 7,5
12 2.0 TSI DSG 4Motion Exclusive December 2020 – 2669900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 8.1 204 180 (132) / 6000 8
13 2.0 TSI DSG 4Motion R-Line December 2020 – 2919900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 8.1 204 180 (132) / 6000 8
14 2.0 TSI DSG Respect Plus December 2020 – 2349900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 8.1 204 180 (132) / 6000 8
15 2.0 TSI DSG Status December 2020 – 2459900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 8.1 204 180 (132) / 6000 8
16 2.0 TSI DSG Status Plus December 2020 – 2509900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 8.1 204 180 (132) / 6000 8
17 2.0 TSI DSG 4Motion R-Line December 2020 – 3049900 Full (4WD) GEARBOX 7 1984 6.8 217 220 (162) / 4500 8,4

* – price information is for reference only. Check with your local dealer for the exact price.


Safety characteristics of the German model vary significantly enough depending on the chosen version. This is explained by the fact that in the top modifications appear systems that are able to take control of the car if necessary. However, the basic version already includes equipment that brakes the crossover under the threat of a head-on collision. In this regard, the Tiguan scored high in several crash tests. But tests on the road have shown vulnerability of German model. When maneuvering sharply at relatively high speed, the crossover goes into uncontrolled skidding of the rear part of the body.

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Driveability and off-road performance

Off-road characteristics of the German model should be evaluated by comparing it with other cars of the same class. In this case Tiguan looks worse than Nissan X-Trail and Haval F7. Moreover, the German model in a comparative test drive showed that it copes much better with driving off-road covered with melted snow. However, Tiguan also shows quite good off-road characteristics if you drive it on a dry surface.

The crossover behaves better on a level asphalt. Successful adjustments of suspension and steering help German model to hold a straight line with confidence, and all-wheel drive prevents it from skidding on wet asphalt. The basis of Tiguan provides smooth running, also while driving over insignificant bumps. The steering wheel does not require much effort. It should also be noted that the behavior of the transmission and on-board electronics noticeably changes depending on the chosen driving mode.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the German model against the background of competitors are the following:

  • active all-wheel drive;
  • adaptive on-board electronics, minimizing the participation of the driver in the control;
  • comfortable and ergonomic interior;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • high level of safety;
  • a lot of space on the second row.

The main disadvantage of the Tiguan in comparison with its competitors is poor cross-country ability. But in case of using German model on smooth asphalt this disadvantage is unnoticeable. Also the crossover’s pluses include relatively low maintenance costs, partly due to the fact that the Tiguan is deeply unified with other Volkswagen models, including more affordable ones.


In its latest upgrade, Volkswagen made more of a cosmetic overhaul, introducing a few subtle but noticeable changes to the body structure. Perhaps the main innovation was the appearance of headlights with different graphics, shaped by the appearance of C-shaped LED strips. The Tiguan radiator grille is now more reminiscent of the one installed on the Touareg. The front bumper in the medium-sized crossover has added side cutouts, which are placed at a steep angle. Because of this, built-in fog lights look down. The taillights also have changed graphics, and the rear bumper added a metal insert, which forms the perimeter for the exit of the exhaust pipes.

Cabin design of Tiguan has undergone less noticeable changes. All the improvements mainly concerned the finishing materials. As before, the Tiguan has kept many physical controls of onboard electronics, despite the appearance of digital dashboard and increased in size touch screen monitor. The comfort level of the German model also strongly depends on the type of the selected equipment. In particular, it is especially noticeable in the versions in which there are sports front seats.

Sales Launch

The updated Tiguan appeared on the Russian market at the end of 2020. The car is still assembled at the Kaluga car plant.

Volkswagen Tiguan OFFROAD

What do people love about the Volkswagen Tiguan? For the spacious interior. For the European level of comfort. For the dynamic character. For the modern technologies. For the fact that this car thanks to a 200-millimeter ground clearance and the optional full drive system allows you to boldly drive off asphalt roads. The Tiguan OFFROAD is specially designed for those who know: the most interesting things in our life are away from big cities and car-clogged highways. Tiguan OFFROAD – it is a bright and functional design, the thoughtfulness of which you will appreciate on the off-road, the obligatory all-wheel drive 4MOTION with a choice of driving modes and a large package of additional equipment, including full LED headlights.

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Options and prices

Good-looking. Functional. Practical.

Have you heard the expression “geometric cross-country ability”? It describes how well the car body is adapted to run on a rough terrain. Geometric cross-country ability is influenced by ground clearance value. And also the construction of the bumpers. The Tiguan OFFROAD has a special front bumper with an increased entry angle. But that’s not the only external feature of the off-road special version.

Attractive details

Volkswagen Tiguan OFFROAD is a special car. In general and in general. And also in details which unobtrusively inform the people around: this is a special model. Pay attention to the black bodies of the side mirrors. On the black roof rails. The OFFROAD badges on the middle pillars. The black roof, which can be ordered separately to match the body color of your choice, is a great addition. A spoiler over the trunk door is standard equipment, it adds completeness to the appearance.

Rear bumper

Tiguan OFFROAD’s rear bumper features a silver-colored decorative and protective trim and trapezoidal tailpipes. Too sporty? Not at all. With engines up to 180 hp. Tiguan OFFROAD is ready to show its best side not only on the off-road, but also on a highway.

Bumper with an increased entry angle

The front bumper of the Volkswagen Tiguan OFFROAD features an increased entry angle of up to 26 degrees. This indicator characterizes how steep hills the car can storm without the risk of “bumping the nose” into an obstacle. The lower part of the doors is protected from the outside by decorative black overlays with silver inserts. Very stylish and undoubtedly practical.

Stylish. Sophisticated. Attractive.

The interior trim of the off-road version requires a very thoughtful approach. Style should by no means go against practicality! Combination material on the seats, pedal pads and sills, rubber mats with the OFFROAD logo – every detail is beautiful and functional.

The stylish 17-inch light-alloy wheels Tulsa complete the appearance of the Tiguan OFFROAD. The size of tyres – 215/65 R17 – provides a smooth run on the roads, which are not of the highest quality, and, moreover, increased “survivability” of the tires. The wheels with such a high tire profile, as a rule, calmly endure shocks. However, you have a choice: you can optionally order black 18-inch wheels Sebring. The 235/55 R18 tire size suggests that the car will reveal its superbly tuned chassis in fast corners.

Tiguan OFFROAD Seats

Tiguan OFFROAD seats are trimmed with a combined material – hard-wearing Austin fabric combined with high-quality synthetic leather. The interior is decorated mainly in dark tones, so you don’t have to get it dry-cleaned after the trips to the countryside, but it doesn’t look gloomy. Decorative inserts on the front panel emphasize the high class of performance.

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Stainless steel pedal pads

Stainless steel pedal pads with rubber inlays and the same pad under the driver’s left foot look really sporty. Do these details make any practical sense? Certainly! The surface of pads will not let a foot in dirty footwear to step off the pedal. We don’t need to tell why we need rubber mats on the floor of the car, which is intended for trips to the nature. OFFROAD logos will do all the talking.

Life is beautiful

Tiguan OFFROAD is a car proving every minute that it is better than all those cars you have tried before. Constant four-wheel drive, the benefits of which are felt in all driving conditions. Fully LED headlights, which make driving at night much easier. The Composition Media infotainment system with a large color display that can “befriend” your smartphone, for example, in order to plan your route, taking into account traffic jams. All of the above is part of the list of standard equipment. The list of options includes adaptive cruise control, working at speeds up to 160 km/h, digital instrument panel and standalone heater with remote control and timer. A frosty winter day becomes even more beautiful when you get into a warm car right away.

The digital instrument panel, which is standard on the Tiguan OFFROAD, is a 10-inch high-resolution screen. The driver determines the “contents” of the screen. He can change the size and appearance of the instruments, display additional information (phone book, electronic assistant settings), as well as monitor efficiency indicators, achieving the lowest fuel consumption. The information on the high-contrast display of the digital dashboard is also readable in sunny weather.

The Tiguan OFFROAD with automatic transmission is optionally equipped with adaptive cruise control. Thanks to the radar installed in the front of the body, the car can maintain the set speed in the range from 0 to 160 km/h taking into account the current traffic situation: the car will automatically accelerate and brake (the amount of comfortable distance for you can be adjusted manually). You can drive hundreds of kilometers on the highway without touching the brake and gas pedals. After overtaking, that is, exceeding the set speed limit in the forced mode, cruise control starts again to adhere to the previously set limit.

When driving on the highway, the headlights adjust the direction of the light beam according to the position of the steering wheel, so that in high-speed corners the driver can see the situation as best as possible.

Those who do not leave the central streets of large cities illuminated around the clock, do not understand a hundred percent, how good all LED headlights. Very bright, with a comfortable color temperature for the eyes, close to sunlight, they not only make driving safer in the dark by improving visibility, but also reduce overall fatigue the driver: he does not have to strain to peer into the road in search of obstacles. LED headlights are very economical, which makes a small contribution to reducing fuel consumption, and have a long service life without bulb replacement: it is comparable with the life of the car as a whole. LED headlights provide both low- and high-beam modes and include daytime running lights, also made with LED technology. The fog lights, elegantly integrated into the lower part of the Tiguan OFFROAD off-road bumper, have a cornering light function.

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