Volkswagen Tiguan body colors: blue, red, black

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan paint codes

The table shows the colors of the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan we know. If you don’t already know where the code plate is, check out the instructions on how to find the Volkswagen paint code.

If you know the color code, you can try a color search by code.

The Volkswagen color code can sometimes be hard to find and that’s because most of the time it will be somewhere in the stock area. The code is printed on a paper label that is guaranteed to disappear once you need to find it. VW color codes usually consist of two, three or four digits. Sometimes they can be a combination of letters and numbers.

The table below provides a list of the colors we know for the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan. An image of the body color, the color name and the color number from the manufacturer are listed. Note the obvious thing – the color image is not exactly the same as the original and gives only a close representation of the shade and belonging to a particular color scheme.

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan color chart

Color Color name Color code
Ruby Red Metallic LA3Q/7H
Pyrit Silver Metallic LB7S
Pure White LC9A/0Q
Deep Black Pearl LC9X/2T
Blue Silk Metallic LD5L/2B
Platinum Gray Metallic LD7X/2R
Petroleum Blue Metallic LR5Q
Glacier White Pearl Tricoat LS9R/2Y
Turbo Blue LV5C
Navarra Blue Metallic LX5H/2D
Tango Red Effect LY3U/Y1
Brilliant Black LY9B/A2
Ibis White LY9C/T9
Mythos Black Metallic LY9T/03
Florett Silver Metallic LZ7G/L5
Daytona Gray Pearl LZ7S/6Y

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What colors of Tiguan are in demand among the Russians

What Tiguan colors are in demand among Russians

Judging by the survey, which color of the Volkswagen Tiguan body is the most preferred by the Russian user audience, held on one of the car portals, it turned out that:

  • a third of our motorists buy cars in gray or silver color;

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

  • About a quarter, to be exact, 23 percent choose white;

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

  • and in third place in demand is black.

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

Thus, this survey showed that more than two-thirds of the Russian market Tiguan accounts for the above-mentioned body colors.

As for blue and blue colors of Tiguan, they account for less than one-tenth of sales. Slightly more than 6 percent are red colors (from red and brown to pink and burgundy).

In addition, about 5 percent of cars on Russian roads are green, 4 percent are blue, and 3 percent each are blue and purple.

About the same opinion about the preference for body colors from the users of no less popular than the previous one, namely the other Internet resource, where the first place is given to the white color, and a total of more than four-fifths of car sales in the Russian market of 2020 are cars in white, gray and black colors.

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

This once again confirmed the statement of the founder of mass production and trendsetter in the world car industry, namely Henry Ford, who said that the color of the body of the car can be anything with the fact that this color must be black.

The whole color range of the Volkswagen Tiguan:

Where to find and what might be the VW Tiguan body color codes?

The color coding Vin Plate of the Volkswagen Tiguan, as, however, all models of this concern are sometimes difficult to find, but in any case this code should be searched in the area where the spare wheel is located.

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Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

The printing of body color coding is performed on the paper label, and the codes themselves may consist of two or three or four digital designations.

Often the Vin Plate coding may be presented in the form of alphanumeric combinations.

Color of paint

Color name

Paint code

The nuances of choosing the paint to repair the body coatings

As to the above mentioned Tiguan paint coding table, you should keep in mind that the color and shade matching of paints, as they say by eye, is not allowed when you intend to paint over different defects and chips of the original body coatings. Selection should be done only by comparing the color coding of the Vin Plate with the code of the purchased automotive enamel so that the shades match the original colors.

Often the paper label with paint coding due to our national feature of careless attitude to any papers, as a rule, miraculously disappears. For example, as a result of the fact that the mother-in-law decided to put in order in the trunk.

So, to pick up the color and the tone of paint Volkswagen Tiguan, when the paper with the color code is lost, it can be specified, as in the technical passport, and on the nameplate with the wine code, where this coding can be specified in a separate line.

In this seventeen-digit Vin code Tiguan is located on the fixed body elements in two places, namely on the left side of the driver’s side of the torpedo mount under the glass, and the same nameplate is located under the hood on the passenger side, covered with a cover or jabot of plastic.

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

The most widespread mistakes when choosing a suitable car paint are orientation on your own estimation of correspondence of shade of a paint you are purchasing to the original color. Thus it is necessary to mean that even the most exact methods of matching by means of code matching by means of catalogs, without taking into account specification and year of model release, can be far from original car paints, especially if they are in cans.

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Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

Important! Responsible manufacturers of automotive enamels codify their products, according to the generally recognized notation in catalogs, thus greatly simplifying the manipulation of choice necessary for updating of bodywork or its parts. Therefore, it is necessary to buy auto paint to match the paint code indicated in the vin-code.

Computer ways of exact selection of paint shade

Such capabilities are available at paint centers and auto repair shops, where digital evaluation of shades is done with the help of special reading equipment and the color coding is compared with the color of the actual coating to be restored with the help of computer software.

Body colors for the Volkswagen Tiguan: blue, red, black

Online services for choosing auto paints

In addition to all of the above at the disposal of colorists or masters of body coating restoration, including Volkswagen Tiguan, there are appropriate online applications for the selection of shades of auto enamels, which require filling out questionnaires about the cars that require body coating restoration, namely information:

  • car brand;
  • year of manufacture;
  • and the car’s vin-code.

To find out directly the original paint color of the car by its vin-code, you can do it with the help:

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