Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

The Volkswagen Tiguan occasionally has technical problems, which are reported by electronics in the form of errors with a unique code. By deciphering these codes we can determine the exact source of the problem and promptly fix the problem in your car without the help of specialists.

Possible errors of Volkswagen Tiguan

At the moment all cars are equipped with modern electronics. Volkswagen Tiguan is not an exception. This car has no problems coping with its tasks. It has a modern electronic equipment.

If your car during its operation produces certain malfunctions and errors, you should immediately contact a specialist in order to identify them. In order to detect the problem, it is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the car.

Computer diagnostics Volkswagen Tiguan

Computer diagnostics is intended for every modern car. It is performed with the purpose of checking a particular car for performance, identifying shortcomings, as well as to check its current state.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

The process of diagnosis in the VolkswagenTiguan can quickly find all of the existing failures and fix them in time. Pop-up error codes should immediately inform the driver of the vehicle about the existence of various kinds of malfunctions. The person can see these error codes on the computer screen in real time.

VolkswagenTiguan diagnostics is most often carried out after the appearance of the error code. However, there are cases when it is carried out when any system is not working properly.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Today, having a car computer diagnostics makes life much easier for its owner. It monitors the work of the car in real time and immediately warns the driver in case of any dangers.

For owners of the Tiguan, professionals advise once a year to check your car for the possibility of operation.

ESP error signal . What does its constant operation tell about

The EPS signal warns drivers of the presence of serious malfunctions in the car.

ESP is the implementation of engine control, with the help of electronics. If the ESP signal lights up, it most likely indicates a malfunction of the brakes of this car or their partial breakdown.

Almost all Tiguans have such an icon located in the center of the instrument panel.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Many drivers do not know what to do if the ESP signal starts working right when they are driving their car. The first thing to do is to look closely at the light. Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the ESP system in the car yourself using the ESP off button on the car’s dashboard.

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If it lights up all the time, it indicates that some part of the car is malfunctioning at the moment. You should not think that it is some kind of failure or error. In such a case, it is necessary to drive some distance. If the situation does not change, then the driver already needs to diagnose his car.

Types of errors on the Volkswagen Tiguan

The ESP light is just one of the most common errors that occur in the Volkswagen Tiguan. There are many different types of errors. Knowing some of them will help the driver make the right decision on the road. The operation of the ESP icon indicates the presence of such errors as p227 or p10a4.

Error code p 227 on Volkswagen Tiguan

Identification of such an error is not fatal. In this case, the car can be driven safely, as well as perform braking. The error informs that the throttle sensor occupies the wrong position. It is recommended to repair your car as soon as possible, otherwise much more serious problems may occur.

Error code p 10a4 on Volkswagen Tiguan

This error indicates a malfunction of the service brake system. Most likely, the brake valve has failed. The failure must be repaired immediately. It is strictly forbidden to operate the Volkswagen Tiguan with this error code. The malfunction can be detected with the vehicle diagnostics.

Unfortunately, these errors are not the only ones the Tiguan has. There may be more than ten different types of errors. They also require immediate elimination.

Volkswagen Tiguan error table

Indicates a malfunction in the sensors, which are designed to determine the temperature.

Indicates that the mechanism that is supposed to measure the temperature of the starter battery has failed.

The device through which the vehicle’s wheels are accelerated is malfunctioning at this time.

The vehicle has defective exterior door handles.

The on-board panel cannot display information from the sensors that determine the humidity of the air in the interior of the vehicle.

The sensor, which is designed to determine fluid pressure and temperature, has stopped working.

Breakdown of speedometer in VolkswagenTiguan car

Informs about the need to change the engine oil, because the sensor showed a high temperature.

Tells about the breakdown of the sensors that monitor the fuel level in the car.

Sensor, which defines pressure of gas in the car, doesn’t work in normal mode, it is broken.

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The mechanism, which should define the temperature of antifreezing liquid, is out of order.

Oil pressure gauges are out of order.

Steering angle sensor is not working properly.

The movement sensors do not function.

Vehicle alarm device is malfunctioning.

Transmission related malfunction.

Clutch mechanism is not working.

Vehicle seat temperature gauges are not functioning at this time.

Indicates unstable operation of the sensor, which is responsible for the vehicle’s cornering speed.

Indicates that the sensor for adjusting the driver’s seat is broken.

Indicates that the sensors are malfunctioning. Indicates unreliable information received from the motion sensors.

Indicates that the sensor does not correctly determine the street temperature.

To summarize, we can say that the knowledge of these errors will help the driver to know about the malfunctions of his car and take measures to eliminate them.

VW Tiguan diagnostic error codes: meaning and decoding

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

It is difficult to imagine modern cars without electronic equipment for early detection of various kinds of possible failures and breakdowns in the form of so-called error codes, starting with safety systems and ending with systems for controlling the operation of power and transmission units, up to such an assistant as a parking assistant.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

The purpose of displaying these codes is to notify drivers of the presence of this or that malfunction in automotive technology. And after they apply to a service station, the specialists will preliminary define, where the problem places are in these or those systems of the car, according to these codes. And also, where it is necessary to carry out diagnostic and then repair or restoration procedures.

EPS signal, what does it mean?

The most common code signaling a malfunction of the system related to the throttle control of the power plant carburetor is the letter abbreviation EPS, which in a way serves as a warning signal of … brake problems.

That’s because the first thing the emergency problem event signal is transmitted from the brake sensor. As if hinting, problems with brakes, are the most important in the system of automobile safety. In spite of the fact that the deciphering of this abbreviation, namely Electronic Power Control is translated from English by interpreters that it is an electronic type power regulator.

This signal appears on the dashboard in its center:

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

What should the driver do when the inscription EPS lights up on the dashboard?

In this situation you should not panic, but:

  • Look closely, whether this inscription blinks or lights up constantly. Which in the first case means that the malfunction is not stable, and in the second – that it is a serious failure of the system;
  • If there is no change in the work of the engine, you need to try to drive to the service station on your own:
  • when the inscription goes out when you press the pedal on the gas, it is subject to first reset the error and replace with the help of service stations and auto mechanics electronic throttle unit;
  • If the inscription does not go out under various powertrain operating modes, it is definitely necessary to perform diagnostic procedures, which usually show the following two error codes, namely p227, as well as p10a4.
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As for the code p227, it indicates a low signal from the throttle, which does not require a quick fix: And the combined alphanumeric error code p10a4, just and indicates a brake failure, namely a problem in the brake control valve, which should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the presence of this fault can cause an accident.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes More as an example – codes for diagnosing both optics and illumination

The demonstration of error codes on the computer panel, is carried out immediately after the problem occurs or, as they say in such cases online, and concerning the work of the systems of the head optics and backlighting of Volkswagen Tiguan they mean:

Error codes encoded in the VAG software equipment or in the OBD-2 system What these codes actually mean
00042 – 00043 The parking lights do not work.
00060 The fog lamps do not illuminate.
00061 Problems with footwell illumination lamps.
00063 Failure of the dipped-beam headlight relay to turn on when the car’s optics appear to be oncoming or reversing.
00079 Problem with the relay for switching on the interior light.
00109 – 00110 Problems with turn signal indicator lamps mounted on exterior mirrors.
00120 – 00123 Door sill illumination lamps are defective.
00129 – 00134 Failure of bulbs for interior and exterior door handle illumination.
00316 Problem with interior rear seat backlight bulb;
00694 Failure of the light bulbs for the switches located on the console panel.
00910 Failure of the emergency light warning lamp.
00966 – 00968 Problems with turn signal indicators, ranging from blown fuses to blown bulbs.
00977 – 00988 Problems with fuses or dipped light bulbs, as well as malfunctions in both stop and clearance signals.
01368 – 01374 Emergency alarm does not work.

Explanation of OBD-2 On-Board Diagnostics Trouble Codes

As for the second-generation OBD system, it is a certain set of both rules and requirements that are mandatory for manufacturers so that the cars they produce have controlled parameters of powertrain control systems, as well as other systems, including those that are responsible for safety not violating environmental regulations and standards.

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For a better understanding of OBD-2 it is necessary to compare the diagnostic activities in relation to cars with medical examinations of aesthesiologists patients. Doctors do not try to examine all the organs of patients, but on the basis of their anamnesis begin to study individual most vital systems. And only after gathering relevant information about these systems or organs, doctors try to make final diagnoses of these or those pathologies.

Such a system of onboard diagnostics as OBD-2 is built according to a similar principle.

Ensuring a unified approach to diagnosis through the standardization of fault codes

The first letters in the codes are standard clues to the vital systems of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Specifically, if:

  • the first letter P in the designation of diagnostic trouble codes, which have acquired the acronym for Diagnostic Trouble Code definition as a DTC, is an indication of malfunctions in the transmissions, or in the engines;
  • If there are problems that are somehow related to safety (airbags, door locks, power windows), and body assemblies, the designation of these malfunctions is the letter B;
  • chassis and suspension or running gear failures are indicated by the letter B;
  • all malfunctions associated with electronics and computer equipment databases of the Volkswagen Tiguan are designated by the letter U.

The degree of uniqueness or specificity of the fault is indicated by the second digit of the fault code, e.g:

  • The number 0 means that this code is general in nature for the OBD-2 system;
  • as for 1 or 2, they are personalized codes of the manufacturer (in our case it’s VAG)
  • number 3 indicates that the code contains reserve parameters.

The signs of the third level of coding indicate the types of faults. If the third digits in the fault codes are

  • 1 or 2, the fuel or air supply system, and the emission control system are problematic;
  • 3 – means problems in the ignition systems;
  • 4 – malfunctions in the supplementary emission control systems;
  • 5 – problems in speed control systems as well as engine operation at idle speed;
  • 6 – in electrical networks, as well as in electronic devices;
  • 7 or 8, it indicates malfunctions in the transmissions.
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As for the characters, which are located on the 4th or 5th positions in the codes, they indicate the individual numbers in the error gradation of the OBD-2 diagnostic system.

Actually, the unified standard for coding diagnostic faults can be presented in the form of such alphanumeric visualization as:

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Error reading software products

The most demanded programs for detecting with diagnostic procedures and resetting errors, eliminating failures and malfunctions are such products as:

  • with Russian-language interface and compatible with the operating system Windows program, called Vasya Diagnostom;
  • VAG Tool software product – also has a Russian interface;
  • The original software VCDS is also quite common for diagnosing various failures and malfunctions, including security systems Volkswagen Tiguan, but it has a drawback in the form of limited compatibility of the connection ports.

In addition to these, there are many other software products, both for deciphering, for correcting information about failures in automotive systems, for troubleshooting these problems, also for, to reset errors.

Error Reset Examples

Quite often the onboard diagnostic system of Volkswagen Tiguan shows the presence of such error, as P2015, which indicates a malfunction of the intake manifold flaps:

As a rule, to eliminate this error, the diagnostics recommends changing the entire intake manifold assembly, which is quite costly to eliminate the problem. A more detailed study of the flap operation may reveal (actually, this is often the case) that the pneumatic valve has failed and requires replacement.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Troubleshooting the error P2293 in the 2-liter engine Volkswagen Tiguan

After the CHECK light came on the panel, Vasya the Diagnostician showed several errors, viz:

  • 008851 decoding fuel pressure regulator failure;
  • mechanical failure – P2293;
  • 000369 – failure of the fuel-air mixture parameters system;
  • as well as the presence of too lean mixture – P0171.

As a result of several diagnostic procedures, it turns out that the fuel pump pusher hangs, and replacing this unit completely solves the problem of error P2293.

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

Volkswagen Tiguan error codes

As a summary of this review it is necessary to conclude that following the recommendations of onboard computers and using special bench equipment for diagnostics allows you to eliminate problems of the most important and, therefore, expensive car systems in time before their final failure, thus preventing significant costs to restore the performance and safety of your car.

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