Volkswagen Tiguan rims and tires: size, alloy.

Choosing a tire size for the Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a front- and all-wheel-drive compact SUV that has a 5- or 7-seat interior layout. The German crossover has been produced since 2007, has two generations and one restyled version. Since the car is delivered in different markets, it has differences in the filling of the package. The size of the tires, which is set by the automaker, also differs. This parameter affects the safety, acceleration dynamics, control of the car when passing steep turns.

In order for the Tiguan to remain stable on the road and demonstrate optimal performance during operation, it is necessary to correctly select the tire size. Factory recommended parameters for Tiguan will provide a stable ride on any surface. The car will show excellent dynamics.

Recommended wheel sizes

The factory size of the wheels is from 16 to 19 inches. Wheels are assembled with light-alloy and stamped steel models. Since there are many alternatives, it is important to select rims, taking into account the allowable parameters, driving style and features of operation.

Tires for the Volkswagen Tiguan

When choosing wheels and tires for the Volkswagen Tiguan, you need to consider the following recommended values:

  • wheel diameter should be R16 – 16/6.5J PCD, R17 – 17/7.0J PCD, R18 – 18/7.0J PCD, or R19 – 19/9.0J PCD.
  • Cast iron wheels on the 16 and 17 must have the ET 33, when installing 18 wheels – ET 43, 19 – ET 38 (ET pitch depends on the width and diameter of the rim);
  • Bolt pattern should have 5 holes for fixing the wheels, located on a circle of 112 mm in diameter.

Since the manufacturer recommends only the suggested wheel sizes, it is necessary to select the appropriate tires. Volkswagen Tiguan of the first two generations can be equipped with 215/60 R16, 235/55 R17, 235/50 R18 and 255/40 R19 tires. You can determine the markings yourself by examining the side of the tires.

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Which models are suitable for winter?

Standard requirements for Tiguan car tires for winter operation – the presence of a soft rubber mixture, different from the summer one, which will allow you to easily overcome the snow and ride on ice. To keep the car more confidently on the road, the automaker recommends choosing wheels with a smaller diameter, so R16 and R17 variants will be suitable.

For car operation in winter, Goodyear tires are suitable. The brand offers different sets, which provide high cross-country ability, efficiency of control on icy roads. Among the available options are UltraGrip Arctic 2 SUV 215/60 R17 with reliable traction, or UltraGrip Performance+ 215/65 R16.

Which tires are right for summer

Summer sets of wheels for Volkswagen Tiguan can be in any size, the installation of R18 and R19 variants is allowed. Car tires are used with a fine tread pattern, which ensures optimal contact with the road. To reduce aquaplaning, they must be equipped with moisture drainage from under the contact patch. In summer, unlike in winter, tires with increased stiffness, which have a reinforced sidewall, win.

Goodyear offers several summer models for the Tiguan. These range from the EfficientGrip 2 SUV 215/65 R16, which ensures good wet handling and stability, to the Eagle Sport TZ 235/55 R17, which withstands high-speed driving. There are other tires to choose from in our catalog that you can choose from based on the features you want.

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Volkswagen Tiguan rims and tires: size, alloy.

Activations, modifications, repairs, service.

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The original equipment manufacturer stipulates the use of tires and discs of a certain size. They may be interchangeable, depending on the needs of the owner. The only thing to consider is that the ratios of the wheels should be exactly the same.

Experts recommend choosing smaller diameter wheels for the cold season. They behave better on ice and snow drifts. And in summer, it is better to choose a larger diameter. This means that ideally the car owner should have 2 sets of wheels Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover 2.0 TSI XL (5N) 2016. It is better to choose them on the advice of professionals for this car model.

Wheel options for Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover 2.0 TSI

R16 (6.5 x 16 ET33)R17 (6.5 x 17 ET33)R17 (7 x 17 ET43)R18 (7 x 18 ET43)R18 (8 x 18 ET30)R19 (9 x 19 ET33)

R16 (7.5 x 16 ET40)R17 (7.5 x 17 ET40)R18 (8 x 18 ET35)R19 (8.5 x 19 ET40)R19 (9 x 19 ET35)R20 (8 x 20 ET40)R20 (9 x 20 ET35)

All parts of a vehicle must function properly in order to operate safely. And even simple wheels can have a significant impact on handling, obedience, and stability in extreme conditions. Therefore, wheels for Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover 2.0 TSI (5N) 2007-2016 should be as strong as possible, but at the same time lightweight so as not to weigh down an already massive structure.

Cast, stamped, forged wheels Volkswagen Tiguan second generation

Buy wheels for Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover 2.0 TSI (5N) 2007-2016 Available in different designs and made by different technologies. Stamped products are made by extrusion from a metal billet. They are massive, heavy and have limited aesthetic appeal.

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Castings are light, beautiful, and made of aluminum alloy cast under high pressure into molds. Their disadvantage is that they are relatively brittle. Where a stamped one will have a dent, a cast one will have a crack. But the cool thing is that their cost can range from budget to premium.

Forged plates can also be ordered in Moscow. They are the strongest, most durable, but at the same time expensive. That is why these discs are most often made to order.

Selection of R19 rims for the new Tiguan

I don’t like to drive in a stock car. I modify my car as best I can to make it stand out and not be like everyone else. We have 4 Tiguans in our yard and 2 of them have Victoria Falls rims.

Full size.

Second When I put the winter tires on 2-3mm relative to the trunk, I wondered even more about the rims. The Victoria Falls born with a child’s 7.0 width and +43 overhang. I like my wheels to be flush with the curve, or even sticking out 1-2 cm. The design of the car is very good, with an awe-inspiring 4. But my soul demands a change!

The challenge for the drives was as follows:

– The cost of a set of disks up to 60 t.rb. – Disc width from 8,0 to 8,5 – Widening from +30 to +38 – Screw drawing 5*112 – Weight, the less, the better). – Design for sheer beauty))

Good branded rims on MAT technology or even forged from 100 t.rub per set.

SLIK Forged set came out +- 80k rub. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this company. But they didn’t quite catch on.

Full size.

ENKEI technologically MAT I could get it for 65-70k rubles, but I don’t like the design.

Full size.

It remains a copy of China or Taiwan. I am very familiar with the replica. Polo had 2 sets totaling over 40km ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔. No problem, the rims are smooth. I’ve had some serious bumps, the rims are solid! The only problem with the replica is the factory paint isn’t very durable, but that’s all relative.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan front brake discs, replacement.

The last seller’s rep on the Polo was not a great choice, but the desire to pick up and order something for a customer who already bought 2 sets. But never mind, didn’t screw up and well)))) ☢

I looked all over Russia, but didn’t want to take the blinders. After all, China is not China. There are both good and bad reviews( I looked more at Moscow.

I found an interesting variation on the rims of the VS505 PERSONAL TRAINING Hint. I found a review on the drive about buying these particular rims from this store. Emailed the guy and told him he wasn’t very happy with the rims or the company that sold them to him. I took no chances and even went to them:))

Full size.

And then a very interesting option came up for me. VOSEN CV3 Made in Taiwan. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews in Taiwan! The quality is almost like the original)))

The design is certainly pop! And it’s already breaking its own records and hit parades. But, um, bring them to Mr. TIG in silver and wanted))

The parameters, exactly what you need! R19 5*112 ET+35 8.5J Price 55 000 rub. ⚡

The 8.5mm wide wheel is perfect for 235mm wide wheels. It will look thicker than the wheel)) The offset is better! The winter coaster tire stock will increase and the wheel will fit in the arch.

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