Volkswagen Touareg 3 trunk: volume, accessories, photos

Volkswagen Touareg (3G)

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Back in the winter I came across a few posts about retrofitting ISOFIX on the front seat, and I wanted to buy one. What for? So I don’t have to bother with seatbelt and I can quickly move it from the front seat to the ….

In Europe – probably, will keep in mind, thanks. In Russia – it is allowed to transport children in the front seat using restraints. Also isofix on the front seat can be added as an option when ordering a car, the set is actually a factory solution.

Then you need to cut off the cushion, to be honest, is a dangerous option to take the child on the front seat in the chair, God forbid, but the cushion shoots painfully, and then the choice is yours, plus have seen somewhere but the seat in front if you really want to put his back to traffic. It is for infants. Although Like from 7 years old you can put it in the front, but on the seat, cut the cushion off. Then what would be the safety?

Volkswagen Tiguan rims and tires: size, alloy.

I have not yet fully studied this question. Logically, the cushion is turned off if the child is going against the traffic, that’s for sure. I do not know about against the motion yet, probably too. As for the safety of the carriage in front – probably safer in the back. I’m going by reality and will use if necessary, for example, alternately on a long journey. Not permanently, definitely not.

The trunk of Touareg 3: volume, size, accessories and a grid from a beech

Trunk of the Volkswagen Touareg 3

With the issue of the trunk of Volkswagen Touareg turns out interesting: the model is the flagship of VW, in theory, and the trunk should be a leader in all respects. But the standard and sample for imitation has become Skoda’s trunk a long time ago; against their background of its flatbed Volkswagen looks a bit scanty.

The designers of Touareg had a difficult dilemma: to leave a trunk poorer than the younger brand is somehow not flagship; to try to outplay Skoda, having packed in more various plushkas – it is not polite.

But experience is a big deal and as a result, German engineers have turned out beautifully, having offered a small, but functional set and something, which Skoda does not have in principle, but this thing is certainly useful in some cases.

Trunk size

Linear dimensions are summarized in the table.


As befits a car of this class, the door or trunk lid is automated. The electric drive is controlled by a button, opening is possible with a virtual pedal, but you still have to close with a button. Other equipment is also provided:

  • trunk door closer;
  • remote folding of the 2nd row seats, 40:20:40;
  • electric curtain of the luggage compartment or a simple curtain, depending on equipment.

In the recesses under the floor of the luggage compartment there is standard equipment: a jack, a tool kit and a “cunning dokatka”. In some configurations, numerous receptacles under the raised floor, closer to the rear seats, will be occupied by equipment 48-volt auxiliary network Tuareg and will not be able to use them for luggage.

Specifications Volkswagen Tiguan 2022: 1.4, 2.0, diesel.

Trunk accessories, photo

  1. Trunk tray. Easy to wash, strong and durable, with 4cm high ribs all around. On assurance of the manufacturer, acid-resistant (do Germans seriously believe that in Tuaregs will carry acid?)
  2. Flooring (anti-slip mat).
  3. Tray with an organizer and an extra lid. Designed for joint transportation of items, the contact between which is undesirable, including dirty, easy to clean.
  4. Analogue of the Skoda separator, but the Germans called it a “removable module,” apparently for originality.
  5. A simple luggage net, with fastening to the regular hinges.
  6. The safety and separating grilles. Obviously borrowed from the cargo vans, the Skoda has something similar is not remembered. The separating lattice divides the luggage compartment into sectors, safety lattice prevents cargo to fly on passengers’ heads, and most importantly the driver, during emergency braking.

External fasteners

As with the Skoda, the top rack is combined, consisting of a basic (cross rails) and specialized systems for specific tasks.

  1. A surfboard mount.
  2. Canoe mounts.
  3. Aerodynamic self-adjusting bike carrier. Passed City Crash Plus testing for load retention in city accidents, equipped with locks. Max. permissible weight 17kg.
  4. Ski and snowboard mount, has a lock.
  5. Compact roof box, 340 litre capacity, equipped with 2 locks.
  6. A larger aero box (ca. 400 l) with DuoLift system, which enables opening from both sides. Made of special DUROKAM® plastic, equipped with central locking and its own pneumatic suspension. Maximum payload of 75 kg.
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