Volkswagen Touareg specs: diesel, 3.0, engine, transmission

FAQ VW Touareg 3 2019 – specifications, engines, gearbox

The new third-generation all-wheel-drive VW Touareg is a high-end all-purpose vehicle with innovative technical solutions, excellent dynamic performance and a high level of comfort, as well as a spectacular body and interior design. Structurally, it is based on the MLB modular platform with a longitudinal layout of the power unit. High dynamic performance, excellent traction and off-road ability are provided by highly efficient turbocharged engines and eight-speed automatic transmission with an integrated transfer case with a self-locking axle differential, which distributes the power flow between the front and rear axles. The new central control unit enables the following auxiliary systems and systems for regulating dynamics and comfort to work together: – Night vision system that recognises, for example, pedestrians and animals in the dark; – Traffic jam/roadwork assistant that provides partially automatic steering, lane keeping, acceleration and braking up to 60 km/h; – Cross-roads assistant that reacts to cross traffic; – Active all-wheel steering; – Roll stabilisation system 12.3″ digital instrument panel and 15.3″ Infotainment display integrated into one common Innovision Cockpit.

Design Features

The most important design features of the new model are listed below. – Electromechanical, active roll stabilization. – Five-lever suspension on the front and rear axles. – Intersection pass-through assistant. – LED matrix headlights. – Air functions for lumbar support, massage functions, side support adjustment of seat cushion and backrest. – Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with anticipatory speed control. – Modular Infotainment (MI generation 2 plus). – Front distance control assistant. – Parking assist (PLA 3.0). – Door closers. – Vehicle locking and unlocking via Car-Net app. – Projection display. – Own Internet connection. – Selectable driving profile – 4MOTION Active Control. – Traffic/roadwork assistant. – Body frame made of different materials: aluminium and steel. Equipment in all construction groups may vary depending on the country/market.

Technical data for the Touareg are given for the version with spring suspension, with a 3.0-liter 170 kW TDI engine, 8-speed automatic transmission and 235/65 R18 tires, without driver.

Overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle

Mass and other specifications

VW Touareg 2019 VW Touareg 2011
Turning circle diameter min. 12,19 м 11,9 м
Permissible gross weight 2,850 kg 2,750 kg
Curb weight according to DIN* 1995 kg 2,043 kg
Max. roof load 100 kg 100 kg

* DIN – German Institute for Standardization.

VW Touareg 2019 VW Touareg 2011
Max. weight of towed trailer equipped with brakes, lift 12 % 3500 kg 3500 kg
Aerodynamic drag coefficient 0.322 cx 0.36 cx
Ground clearance 215 mm 201 mm
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Interior dimensions, luggage compartment volume

Interior dimensions, luggage compartment volume

VW Touareg 2019 VW Touareg 2011
Luggage compartment width between wheel housings 1081 mm 1158 mm
The volume of luggage compartment 810 л 697 л
Cargo area with folded backrests 1800 л 1642 л
Fuel capacity 75 л 85 л

** Rear multi-passenger seat maximally shifted forward, backrest is upright


The body of the new model is based on the MLB (Modularer Längsbaukasten) longitudinal modular platform. The platform is called longitudinal because it provides the layout of the power unit (engine and gearbox) longitudinal to the direction of travel. VW Touareg 3 was the first Volkswagen car with the body of a combined construction. Combined design refers to a design in which, in addition to steel parts (from cold or hot stamped steel) are also used aluminum (stamped from sheet metal, profiles and castings).

Driver and passenger safety systems Driver and passenger safety systems include the following components (depending on market and equipment level): – single-stage driver airbag; – single-stage deactivatable front passenger airbag; – front and rear side airbags; – overhead airbags; – knee airbags; – three-point front seat belts with reversible pretensioners; – three-point rear side seat belts with pretensioners; – three-point rear center seat belt – seat belt tension limiters for front seats and rear side seats; – unfastened seat belt warning with seat occupancy detection for front passenger seat and for rear seats; – preventive safety system; – Top Tether system; – Isofix anchorages for installation of child seats; – battery disconnect function; – front airbag impact sensors in front carrier panel; – side impact sensors in doors; – side impact sensors in C-pillars.

Pedestrian protection system The pedestrian protection system includes the following components (depending on market and equipment level): – active hood; – driver side impact sensor for pedestrian protection; – front passenger side impact sensor for pedestrian protection; – center impact sensor for pedestrian protection; – pedestrian protection squib

Engines The 3.0 liter 250 kW V6 TSI V6 TSI is the engine of the new EA839 family. The location of the turbocharger in the camber of the cylinder block ensures a compact design.

DCBE engine design features – 90° angle of camber. – Air filter in engine shroud. – Thermal management system. – Miller cycle combustion process. – Inlet camshaft with variable valve lift. – Inlet and outlet side variable camshaft phasing control. – Balancer shaft. – Three-piece composite liner ring. – 0W-20 engine oil. – Two gasoline particulate filters located near the engine.

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DCBE engine specifications

Alvername for engine DCBE
Design 6-cylinder V-shaped
Working volume 2995 cm3
Cylinder diameter 84.5 mm
stroke 89 mm
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Compression ratio 11,2 : 1
Max. power 250 kW at 5300-6400 rpm
Max. torque 450 Nm at 1340-5300 rpm
Engine management system Bosch MG 1
Fuel RON 95 unleaded petrol
Neutralization of exhaust gases Three-component neutralizer, wide-band lambda probe in front of the turbocharger and a trigger probe after the neutralizer, two gasoline particulate filters
Environmental class Euro-6

3.0 liter 170/210 kW V6 TDI engines These diesel engines belong to the EA897 family. The two different maximum power outputs are implemented with different engine control unit software.

Design features of the DEND, DENA engines – Cylinder camber of 90°. – Air filter in motor casing. – Thermal management system. – Compact timing chain drive – Infinitely variable oil pressure regulation. – Common rail injection system. – NOx emission reduction through the following measures: – High pressure exhaust gas recirculation; – Low pressure exhaust gas recirculation; – NOx storage catalyst; – Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Technical data of DEND, DENA engines

Alvername for engine DEND DENA
Design 6-cylinder V-shaped 6-cylinder V-shaped
Working volume 2967 cm3 2967 cm3
Cylinder diameter 83 mm 83 mm
stroke 91.4 mm 91.4 mm
Number of valves per cylinder 4 4
Compression ratio 15,5 : 1 15,5 : 1
Max. power 170 kW at 3250-4750 rpm 210 kW at 3500-4000 rpm
Max. torque 500 Nm at 1750-3000 rpm 600 Nm at 2250-3250 rpm
Engine Management System Bosch MD1 Bosch MD1
Fuel Diesel, EN 590 Diesel, EN 590
Neutralization of exhaust gases Dual-circuit exhaust gas recirculation system, oxidation neutraliser, particulate filter, NOx storage neutraliser, SCR selective catalytic reduction system Dual-circuit exhaust gas recirculation system, oxidation neutraliser, particulate filter, NOx storage neutraliser, SCR selective catalytic reduction system
Environmental class Euro-6

8-speed automatic transmission 0D5 (AL552-8Q) The Touareg is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission 0D5 made by ZF

Main design features: – longitudinal configuration of the gearbox; – torque converter with torsion pendulum dampers; – disengagement when the vehicle is stopped and the engine is idling; – coasting function; – start-stop system; – reinforced block of gears with four single planetary rows; – front axle main gear – before the torque converter; – integrated transfer case; – Mechatronik with integrated control unit; – plastic oil pan with intake filter and drain plug; – electronic gear shift by wire; – electro-hydraulic transmission lock while parked; – mechanical emergency release of transmission lock while parked.

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Engine and transmission combinations The 0D5 8-speed automatic transmission is mated to two engine options: – 3.0L 250 kW TSI (DCBE); – 3.0L 170/210 kW V6 TDI (DEND/DENA).

Technical data of the transmission 0D5 (AL552-8Q)

Manufacturer ZF Getriebe GmbH
Service designation 0D5
ZF company designation 8HP-65A
Volkswagen designation AL552-8Q
Type of gearbox 8-speed planetary gearbox with electrohydraulic control
Torque converter With integral torsional dampeners and lockup with slip control
Weight including oil Approx. 141 kg
Gear ratio range 7,03
Max. torque 700 N-m
Top speed in S-mode In 7th gear

Running gear

There are many new features in the running gear. For example, a five-lever suspension for the front and rear wheels, air suspension with adjustable damping, electromechanical parking brake and rear axle steering. The VW Touareg 3 is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive.

Chassis – Five-lever front suspension with McFerson shock absorber struts. – Five-lever rear suspension. – Electromechanical parking brake (EPB). – Electromechanical power steering. – Electromechanical steering of rear axle. – Spring suspension with non-adjustable shock absorbers. – Air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers. – Electromechanical active roll stabilisation. – Selectable driving profile (4MOTION Active Control). – ABS/ESC – Bosch ESP 9.1

Driver assistance systems – Front distance control assistant: – pedestrian/cyclist detection; – distance warning. – Adaptive Cruise Control: – anticipatory speed control. – Lane Keep Assist: – Emergency Assist 1.0; – Traffic/traffic assistant. – Lane Change Assist: – Parking Assist. – Crossroads Approach Assistant. – Assistant for maneuvering with a trailer. – Parking assistance system (PDC). – Parking assist (PLA 3.0). – Rear-view camera. – Night vision system. – Tire pressure monitoring indicator (RKA+). – Tire pressure monitoring system (RDK). – Automatic emergency braking function. – Fatigue detection system (MKE).

Main elements of the Infotainment system – Projection display. – Interface for cell phone Business with wireless connection. – Induction charging for cell phones. – Infotainment High system with Top instrument cluster and 9.2″ display. – Infotainment Innovision Cockpit system with 12.3″ Digital Cockpit dashboard and 15.3″ display. – DYNAUDIO sound system

Head units The following generation 2 plus head units of the modular platform Infotainment ( MIB ) are available.

Volkswagen Touareg 2

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2018 Volkswagen Touareg NF 2 crossover

Volkswagen Touareg 2nd generation in the body 7P was produced by the concern from 2010 to 2018 and offered in many countries around the world, and our modification of the car was collected at the plant in Kaluga. This crossover is based on the PL72 platform and has a lot in common with the second Porsche Cayenne.

The Touareg family also includes: 7L (2002 to 2010) and CR (2018 to present).

Volkswagen Touareg NF modifications

The pre-styled version of the crossover was sold in all major markets from 2010 to 2014.

Volkswagen Touareg 2 NF crossover front view Volkswagen Touareg 2 NF crossover rear view Volkswagen Touareg 2 7P crossover torpedo view VW Touareg II 7P crossover saloon

There was a choice of gasoline, diesel, and hybrid versions combined with only the 8-acp:

3.6L CGRA-¹ 280 hp. 360 Nm and 8-axle AL1000
3.6L CMTA-¹ 250 hp. 360 Nm and 8-valve AL1000
4.2L CGNA-¹ 360 hp. 445 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0 litre CJMA 204 bhp. 400 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0 liter CASA-² 240 hp. 550 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0L CRCA-² 245 PS. 550 Nm and 8-axle AL1000
4.2 L CKDA 340 hp 800 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0L CGRA 333 hp. 440 Nm and an AL1000 8-axle transmission.

A restyled version of this crossover was sold in major markets from 2014 to 2018.

Volkswagen Touareg 2 NF crossover restyled front view Volkswagen Touareg 2 NF crossover restyled rear view Volkswagen Touareg 2 7P crossover restyled torpedo VW Touareg II 7P crossover restyled interior

When the model was updated, all of its powertrains and transmissions remained in place:

3.6L CMTA 250 hp. 360 Nm and the AL1000 8-axle.
4.2L CGNA-¹ 360 hp. 445 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0 litre CJMA 204 bhp. 400 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0 liter CRCA 245 hp. 550 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
4.2 L CKDA 340 hp 800 Nm and 8-actu AL1000
3.0L CGRA 333 hp. 440 Nm and an AL1000 8-axle transmission.

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You can find a lot of useful information at

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Specifications of Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 diesel 8-acp

General specifications
Engine power 204 hp.
Torque 400 Nm
Acceleration to 100 km/h 8.5 с
Max. speed 206 km/h
City Consumption 8.5 л
Freeway consumption 6.7 л
Mixed consumption 7.4 л
Gas tank volume 85 л
Curb weight 2170 kg
Gross weight 2860 kg
Payload 690 kg
Cargo area 580 (1642) л
Overall dimensions
overall length 4795 mm
Width 1940 (2208) mm
Height 1709 mm
Wheelbase 2893 mm
Front overhang 916 mm
Rear overhang 986 mm
Overhang angle 25° / 27° *
Ramp angle 20° / 22° *
Front wheel track 1,656 mm
Rear wheel track 1676 mm
Minimum turning radius 5.9 м
Ground clearance 205 / 233 mm
Tires 235/65 R17
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Overall dimensions of VW Touareg 2.

Advantages, disadvantages and problems of Volkswagen Touareg NF

Like badge

Paint coating is weak, but the body here is made of thick and galvanized metal

Not Like badge

Rust should be looked for under the plastic panels, there is simply dirt

Not Like badge

Another frequent complaint is impermeable headlights and unreliable folding mechanism of mirrors.

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The interior is simple, but the quality of materials and wear resistance is high

Like badge

Electrically the model is reliable, but difficult and expensive to repair

Not Like badge

Pretty little service life of the air conditioner compressor, and often rot its tubes

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3.6-liter gasoline VR6 unit CGRA is reliable, but the 280 horsepower tax is high

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The 3.6-liter CMTA unit replaced it in 2013 and has a taxable 250 hp.

Not Like badge

The disadvantages of these engines include a tendency to fouling on the valves and consumption of 20 liters per 100 km

Not Like badge

The 4.2-liter 360 hp CGNA V8 engine has a very bad reputation with us

Not Like badge

There’s scuffing, fuel injection pump failures, weak chains and the huge cost of repairing it all

Not Like badge

The 3.0-liter CASA series EA896 diesel is proving to be problematic and has only been on the market for a year

Not Like badge

It has a very naughty fuel system: the fuel injector could just start chipping.

Like badge

CJMA and CRCA 3.0 liter diesel engines from EA897 series are reliable and highly valued at the secondary market

Like badge

With proper maintenance they easily go 500,000 km or more

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The 4.2-liter V8 twin-turbo CKDA diesel is tough, but costly to repair.

Not Like badge

It has a fuel system that is picky on fuel quality and short-lived chains

Not Like badge

Inlet contamination, EGR valve or soot particle filter problems are common to all diesels

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The 8-speed automatic AL1000 is considered reliable and has no weak points

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But its service life depends on cleanliness of oil, so it needs to be renewed more often.

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All-wheel drive systems were installed here are different, but all are equally reliable.

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The main thing is to watch out for cleanliness under the bottom, sensors and drives do not like much dirt

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Suspension is very strong, all elements are durable and not expensive.

Not Like badge

Modifications with air suspension require a special care and may cause some problems

Not Like badge

The steering rack often knocks and leaks by 100 000 km, but its repair is well mastered

Like badge

The brakes are powerful and quite durable, but the electric handbrake sometimes fails

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