VW Jetta 6 trunk: volume, part codes, improvements

What you should know about the trunk of the Volkswagen Jetta 6

What you should know about the Volkswagen Jetta 6 trunk

Everyone chooses a car according to different criteria, for some the key parameter is dynamics, someone important is comfort, it is difficult to argue that the trunk plays a small role when choosing a model. A good spacious trunk is a huge advantage for the owner.

Today we will consider in detail the trunk of the Volkswagen Jetta sixth generation, consider its volume, size, look at the photo to find out what its trim is made of and other similar points of the German sedan.


Call the trunk huge will not work.

The volume of the luggage compartment in each of the available versions is 510 liters, it is more than in Polo and about 100 liters less than in Passat of the same years. In the seventh version of the Jetta, the volume remained the same – 510 liters, but in the previous fifth version, the trunk was a little bigger – 527 liters.

But it should be noted that such volume can be considered quite acceptable for a sedan, especially the space can always be increased by folding the rear seats.

It is better to consider station wagons, crossovers or minivans for those who like big spaciousness.

Other parameters of the luggage compartment can be found in the table below.

Parameter Value
Volume 510 л.
Height 498 mm.
Width 1008 mm.
Length to back seat 1092 mm.
Length when the rear seat is folded down 1858 mm.

How to open the trunk

The trunk latch is electric, so the trunk lid can be opened with a button on the hood or with the car key. If, suddenly, for some reason you can not open the trunk with a button, for example, there were problems with wiring or dead battery, it seems that access to the trunk is impossible.

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However, the trunk can be accessed from the passenger compartment by folding the seat. To do this, you need to find a narrow oblong hole in the rear shelf behind the seat.

With a handy object, such as a metal belt clip, you need to get into this hole, insert the belt clip as far right as possible, you need to find the lever and pull it to the right and then part of the backrest can be folded.

Replacement parts

If you need to replace any element of the trunk, you can find absolutely any part of it on the free market.

The table below shows which parts need replacing most often.

Item Original (code) Similar (code)
Trunk lid 5C682702A Signeda PVG91009B/ FPS FP7430530Q
Trunk latch 5C6827505 Polcar 9555ZC5
Lock case 5C6827520

Often there is a need to adjust the degree of opening of the trunk lid, sometimes it does not open all the way. To do this you will need to provide access to the springs (remove the trim), which are responsible for opening the lid.

After that it will be necessary to rearrange the spring, the manufacturer offers three options for the location of the spring, there are three holes. Thus it is possible to choose the optimal position for yourself.

The procedure is quite simple and does not require any professional tools. You can also find trunk trim elements on sale, they are sold as kits and separately.

What you can improve

Many solutions can be found on the market to improve the trunk, after which it will be even more convenient to use. Various mats are sold that can protect the trim, nets and other elements. Today, very popular are the so-called organizers for trunks, which allow you to highlight the side areas and turn them into convenient compartments for all sorts of little things.

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Roof rack

To install a roof rack, you first need to install roof rails. Longitudinal rails are not provided for this model, so the roof rack will be presented in the form of cross rails, with special fasteners on each side.

Having this base, you can use the rack at your discretion. You can carry goods directly on the cross rails, fixing them securely beforehand. You can also buy a special closed box for the car, such boxes are relevant for those who travel a lot by car or just like to be outdoors.

Roof rack can provide additional space to carry cargo, and also allow you to carry things that would not fit into the cabin or trunk of the car because of its size.

In addition, the trunk can be additionally equipped with special mountings to transport boats or bicycles.

VW Jetta luggage compartment


Any vehicle is initially regarded as a comfortable way to make long journeys, as well as a convenient means to carry luggage or heavy cargo. Therefore, most car owners, looking for a new car for himself, get acquainted carefully enough with the luggage compartment examined model, and also study its functionality. Today of the Volkswagen “C” class line almost every representative has an impressive trunk volume, including the popular Volkswagen Jetta.

Starting to talk about the capacity of the luggage compartment on this model, we would like to immediately emphasize one interesting feature. The fact is that initially this Volkswagen car did not have an appropriate body niche at all. But this inconvenience immediately came out and the developers, without thinking twice presented an updated model of Volkswagen Jetta in the form of a three-volume sedan with a full 520-liter trunk.

Evolution of the luggage compartment Volkswagen Jetta

Undoubtedly, the obvious indicator of the excellent capacity of the trunk, are considered the impressive size of the car itself. Volkswagen Jetta is no exception to the rule, having a full sedan appearance and a spacious interior, it still has a very roomy and quite decent amount of luggage, which meets European standards of quality and functionality. When fully loaded with passengers, the trunk remains a convenient and roomy extra space, where you can easily place bulky cargo or luggage of all passengers, which will not interfere during the trip.

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We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main milestones in the history of the Volkswagen Jetta model generations and follow how the configuration of the luggage compartment of the car has changed. It is also worth noting that in the latest generations of trunks have the function of transformation, so for them, the given indicator of volume is the minimum value. Everything began with the trunk of the Jetta I, which was 500 liters of free space, well, later this figure has been constantly changing, both in the smaller and larger side.

Generation of models Photomodels Year of issue Volume of a trunk, l. Comments
Jetta VI Photo 1 2011 – 2014 510
Jetta V Photo 2 2006 – 2010 527 With folded passenger seats volume increases from 1160 mm to 1899 mm
Bora Photo 3 1999 – 2005 500
Vento Photo 4 1992 – 1998 550 The volume increases to 885 liters when the passenger seats are folded down
Jetta II Photo 5 1983 – 1989 500 The volume of the luggage compartment has been reduced by 20 liters.
Jetta I Photo 6 1979 – 1982 520

Jetta VI

Jetta V



Jetta II

Jetta I

Volkswagen’s new generation of trunks

If you consider more modern configurations of sedan cars, most of them have an entire functionality to the trunk compartment, which provides a whole range of custom solutions. Typically, manufacturers today can offer four positions into which the car’s cargo area can be transformed. These options provide for:

  • Transportation of large items, due to the absence of any partitions between the luggage compartment and the passenger compartment;
  • conversion into a double-decker luggage compartment;
  • folding of the passenger seats, which makes it convenient to transport various long objects;
  • transportation of cargo in the open trunk, due to the transformation of the partition to the vertical position.

As for the car Volkswagen Jetta, in this case, the volume of the trunk itself is a very full option for cargo space, as the average volume of 500 liters can always be increased at the expense of the interior space . As practice shows the use of this space, when planning any transportation, it is also necessary to consider the dimensions of the trunk, since not always the volume indicator can guarantee easy placement of cargo in the Volkswagen Jetta. As an example, let’s look at the trunk dimensions of one of the latest generations of this model and assess the difference in performance before and after the transformation.

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Luggage compartment dimensions Volkswagen Jetta

Let’s consider one of the trunk options offered today on the Volkswagen Jetta cars. Its dimensions for the standard configuration are as follows:

Basic length, mm Length with folded passenger seat, mm Width, mm Height, mm Width between wheel arches, mm Volume, l
1160 1899 1364 505 1009 527

That is, the volume figures that are fixed in the instruction manual are approximate for the model Volkswagen Jetta and, as shown in the photo, the trunk space can be easily transformed, due to the movable rear seats for passengers, and each of them folds separately from each other. As a result, the car stands out not only for its external dimensions and ergonomic characteristics, but also boasts a very thoughtful space inside the cabin and luggage compartment.

Volkswagen Jetta trunk photo

Thus, presenting the characteristics of the luggage compartment of the Volkswagen Jetta car can be said that it is quite adapted for the transportation of not only standard things, but also for the location there of oversized cargo and other non-standard objects. Today, car owners, purchasing a Volkswagen Jetta model for their own needs, get not only a luxurious interior and respectable appearance of the car, but also a very practical vehicle, which is designed to be a leader in the category of the most convenient, functional and practical cars for operation in urban areas. Therefore, there is no doubt that this Volkswagen model will long occupy the first positions of sales, both in Russia and abroad.

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