We remake the Samara pockets under the podiums

Catwalks for acoustics with your own hands

Acoustic catwalk.

Everyone knows that the speaker stands allow for a qualitative sound improvement inside the car today. They bring the sound to a whole new level, which novice musician can only dream of. Acoustic podiums for Audi and other cars do not need to buy, because you can make them yourself without much difficulty.

What you need to know about podiums

  • Acoustic podiums have many advantages. If you just install the speaker, for example, in the door of the car, then without a podium the sound will not be clear enough.
  • The podium is very easy to mount, because you do not have to cut through the iron in the door. But thanks to the podium different ghosts will disappear, adding low frequencies, improving sound transparency, so loved by connoisseurs and professionals.

Acoustic podiums on the daewoo nexia

Acoustic Podiums on daewoo nexia

  • Wishing to install better acoustics, the owner of the car often faces a problem. The fact that good speakers can be large and many cars simply do not have the necessary places for them. Many for this reason make podiums with their own hands and install them correctly.

Note. One of the secrets of installing podiums in the car is to fix the speaker firmly. The stiffer it will sit in the podium, the better the sound will be and the more the timbre will be higher. Podiums are placed on acoustic shelves to provide rigidity, but are rarely used on their own.

Speakers installed in prefabricated podiums give a completely different sound than if they played without them:

  • The podium is best made of wood, as this is the material that acoustically combines with the metal of the car frame.
  • The catwalk allows you to solve the technical issues associated with the installation of speakers. But this is not its only advantage. Thanks to the podiums in the car creates a volumetric sound.

Acoustic podium for the classics

Acoustic podium for the classics

  • In addition to the original acoustic tasks, podiums can solve aesthetic problems. In particular, the use of the podium is very beautiful because it always fits into the design of the car interior, if, of course, color tones and lining material are taken into account.
  • Catwalks allow you to emphasize unusual and original speakers or, on the contrary, hide from the eyes not too attractive speakers.
  • Catwalks can be made not only from wood, but also from fiberglass or carbon fiber.
  • Catwalks can be finished with different materials: carpets, synthetic leather, alcantara, etc.
USB outlet in the car

Production and installation of the podium into the car

Acoustic podium for UAZ Patriot

Acoustic podium under the UAZ Patriot

First of all, the owner of the vehicle, imbued with the idea of mounting a podium in his car, must find a suitable place for it.

The shape of the podium

After he will determine the place, he will need to think about the form of the podium, which, as you know, can be different, the benefit of the creative imagination of man is not limited by anything. But the primary task should act not only the aesthetic component of the form of the future podium, but also the practical.

Note. The catwalk usually, if it is made independently and installed by a beginner, interferes with the door handle or the window handle. For this reason, when creating the shape for the future catwalk, this must be taken into account.

Making acoustic podiums by yourself

Making acoustic podiums yourself

Once the shape has been thought out, you need to do the following:

  • Take a sheet of cardboard.
  • Draw the shape you like, taking into account its practicality.
  • Cut out with sharp scissors.

Speaker base

The base for the speaker is just as important as the shape:

  • Measure the dimensions of the speaker for the car radio and its protection grid.
  • Draw a ring on cardboard, bearing in mind that the diameter of the inner ring should match the diameter of the speaker seat. As for the outer diameter of the ring, it should be equal to the diameter of the protective grid.
  • To the diameter of the ring you need to add another 5-7 mm for the decorative ring.
  • The cardboard model of the form is transferred to plywood and outlined.

Note. The plywood or chipboard should be 6-8 mm thick.

  • We saw out two forms.
  • Do the same with rings, also made of plywood. A decorative ring will need to be glued to the base and for security, nailed on small nails. Here is what should turn out.
Catwalks for additional instruments with my own hands

Podium blanks

Podium blanks

Assembling the catwalk

  • Rings will need to be fixed to the base with spacers. They are made from any suitable material. Suitable, for example, bars or tin legs. But it is best to make them from a lath of suitable size.

Note. All four spacers should be of different sizes, and everyone decides for himself here. If it is necessary to provide a greater degree of inclination of the ring relative to the base, thereby bringing the speaker forward, the difference between the spacers should be tangible.

  • For things of strength, the spacers, in addition to the glue, also fix with self-tapping wood screws.

Filling the catwalk

The podium is almost ready. Now it should be filled with something. You should know that the stiffer the frame, the better. Usually assembly foam is used, but it is also considered not too strong material, although it is convenient to work with it. As a good material, professionals advise using epoxy resin, but not everyone can work with it. Let’s consider filling the frame of the catwalk still with the help of assembly foam, which can be given any shape. As for the epoxy, we will use it later:

  • In the ring we insert a suitable pile, made of paper or cardboard, so as not to consume excess foam. You can use an empty mayonnaise bucket, etc. instead.
  • Apply the foam in even layers, starting at the base of the ring.

We apply the assembly foam

Let’s apply the foam.

  • After the foam dries, cut out everything unnecessary.

Note. The process of cutting the foam is a real art for creative people. It is akin to the work of a sculptor who cuts out everything unnecessary, thus creating a masterpiece.

  • After that, you need to arm yourself with sandpaper and begin the process of sanding the product.
  • Sand to a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Apply putty to the surface, which should be mixed in advance with PVC glue to prevent crumbling. You can also use another option: putty with fiberglass.
  • The putty should be applied in thin layers, letting them dry well.
  • After the putty dries, again it is necessary to sand with sandpaper.
How to simply remove the paint on the car with their own hands?

To protect the podium from mechanical stress and to give the greatest rigidity of the product, it is desirable to glue the design glass cloth, which is impregnated with epoxy resin.

  • The epoxy resin is mixed with the hardener, following the instructions.
  • Apply an even layer to the surface of the homemade product.
  • On top we put the fiberglass fabric, smooth it out carefully so that there are no folds and the material fully embraced the product.
  • Again impregnate with epoxy resin and leave to dry.
  • After that, cut out the excess fiberglass fabric and use the same sandpaper to remove the leaks of glue.

Stuffing a homemade catwalk

The ideal material for covering our catwalk would be synthetic leather. It is similar in properties and appearance to door upholstery. Usually the pull should go from the ring to the ends of the product. Each side of the catwalk should be repeatedly re-tensioned. A construction hair dryer can be a good aid in this endeavor. At the end, the skin is secured with a stapler, and the excess is cut off.

The final touch

The catwalk is ready. Now it must be installed in the car door. Usually it is attached with self-tapping screws, which are screwed into the back side of the trim:

  • We take the finished podium and fasten screws to the door.
  • Screw the handles and all decorative elements.

Note. You can mount a variety of speakers in the podium, including 2-component. Professionals advise not to permanently mount the podium until the speakers are clean and pleasantly powerful bass.

To achieve perfect sound you should also carry out soundproofing of the doors with special sound-absorbing materials. Besides, it is necessary to build the acoustic scene as competently as possible, by selecting the position of high frequencies on the racks near the windshield. That is all, the process is over. Instructions for making and installing the podium with your own hands will be doubly effective if you study it together with photo and video materials. The price of good podiums in the store is always high, so why pay extra when you can do it yourself?

  • Author: Gregory Romanchuk
Battery protection circuitry

Grigory from childhood adored cars, and in adolescence, when he independently connected the car radio in his father’s nine, realized that the machines will be his work, hobby, vocation.

Transformation of 2115 pockets into podiums for 16

Take epoxy and glass tissue, slowly layer by layer begin to cover the form, glass tissue cut preliminary pieces 10 on 10 somewhere that it was more convenient, diluted resin in proportions specified on the package and layers of glue …

When everything dries it is sanded to the complete disappearance of pits and irregularities, where there is putty leveled.

In the end, I painted them with Body Texture paint. Turned out in my opinion awesomely, but you judge.

Good luck on the road, everyone!

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Well done, congratulations !

It came out great! neat and tidy)))) When I was doing in my time this technology still quenched the foam, released the foam in a bowl with a wagon, there it jam hands so that the air came out and then hands applied to the podium, so it dries out becomes a monolithic and very hard, something like wood))

Well, if a teaspoon a day, I’m in no hurry, for work and shipping bonus

Hi, and do you make to order, if so, the price of a question

Hello.Eh if only time, and so even to make myself do not get time

Great job, at one time did for 99

very cool came out!

Awesome, it came out great.

Nice! Well done! Took note of it, I really liked it! ;)

It’s much easier and more correct to do not with foam, but with fiberglass cloth by stocking technology. But good for the effort.

Made good. If you will suddenly change speakers, think about fastening the speaker through the podium to the metal.

Amplifier for Subwoofer with your own hands

These speakers will then go back and the front will probably take alfard.

Then it’s better to leave these pioneers in the front)))

By the way they play very well

Peonies but. But compared to the component they rest.

I agree. They for their money, more than decent sound and can “forgive” many flaws in the audio system. But to make sound Elfard, will be another problem) P.S. All certainly relative)

Method ooooo very old, I thought that so no one else does, now mostly all at once on the casing do. Made very well, but for me it is better to overstitched than something than paint, the view will be better

I wanted to do it with Bielpstyre, but I haven’t done it yet. It’s not convenient on the trim. Why reinvent the wheel?

In the trim do two, three, and so on strip, and for the usual simple speakers podiums just right, the more that the purchased podiums are not really shorozhny, better to make your own taste

Well, that’s what I mean.

The most important thing is that when you want something else, you can always remake it. I once had these too, remade from the native, stood but then the music was not enough, made trim under the three strips, and now this is not enough, but now look for other trim and molding anew))).

It’s all good of course.But was it worth it? such a plan are sold ready-made. if you do it yourself, here’s a suggestion www.drive2.ru/l/5964354/. and so certainly neat came out.for labors laik.

Such a plan are not sold. What you want to do you can only do yourself. Do for yourself well and on conscience. All that sells junk, always something wrong. And what is done by hand is priceless and no one else has. What do you think is worth it … To buy would be too nothing. When asked where to get them…you say make! And do not buy in this and that store. On the same principle is made and my spoiler. You have to be different…

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