We remake yellow on white headlights with examples of VAZ 04/05/07

Is it allowed to put white turn signals?

Please tell me if you can put on the VAZ 2106 front and turn signals with white beads instead of orange with orange bulbs instead of white? what can you prove in the event of a meeting with the traffic police?

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3. External lights 3.1. Number, type, color, location and mode of operation of the external lights do not correspond to the requirements of the construction of the vehicle.

Note. On vehicles discontinued from production it is allowed to install exterior lights from vehicles of other makes and models.

Headlights adjustment does not correspond to GOST R 51709-2001.

GOST R 51709-2001. Safety requirements for technical condition and checking methods



GOST R 51709-2001 2.7. Direction-indicator lamps

2.7.1 Two direction-indicator lamps shall be fitted on each power-driven vehicle front and rear and on trailers and semi-trailers only at the rear. A side-mounted direction indicator lamps, one on each side, shall be fitted on power-driven vehicles with a length exceeding 6 m and on towing tractors, as well as on ballast tractors and vehicles designed to tow trailers. The installation of lateral direction-indicator lamps on other vehicles is also permissible. On power-driven vehicles the design of which began on 01.01.86, the installation of lateral direction indicators is compulsory. The installation of direction indicators on the vehicle should comply with Fig. 6. The installation of side direction indicators on the vehicle should comply with Fig. 10.

1. If the dimension of 1500 mm cannot be complied with because of the construction of the vehicle, the highest point of the illuminating surface may be 2100 mm for front and rear direction indicators and 2300 mm for side direction indicators. For rear direction indicators on timber tractors, it is allowed to increase the size of 1500 max to 3500 max.

How to polish glass headlights with your own hands

2. It is permissible to increase the size of 1800 max to 2500 max if the minimum angles of visibility cannot be maintained because of the construction of the vehicle.

The distance of the outer edge of the light recesses of the rear position indicators from the plane of the side clearance of the vehicle shall not be more than 50 mm greater than the distance of the outer edge of the light recesses of the rear position lamps concerned from the plane of the side clearance of the vehicle. If the vertical distance between the relevant direction indicator lamps and the parking lamps exceeds 300 mm, their reciprocal positioning is not required by this standard. The front and rear direction indicators shall be visible in the horizontal and vertical planes within the sight angles indicated on the drawing 8 and the lateral direction indicator lamps on the drawing 11.

Note. The vertical angle downwards from the horizontal may be reduced to 5° if the height of the lamp is less than 750 mm.

2.7.6 The visibility angles in Fig.11 must be ensured as part of a road or tractor train with a standard trailer or semi-trailer. An angle of 5° is a dead angle within which the visibility of instruments may not be ensured. 2.7.7 The color of the front and rear direction indicators and the side direction indicator repeaters shall be orange. 2.7.8. An emergency signal system (simultaneous operation of all direction indicators including side direction indicators) is recommended for all vehicles. On power-driven vehicles designed after January 1, 1986 and on buses, the emergency signalization is mandatory. When the emergency signal is activated on motor vehicles designed to tow trailers and semi-trailers, the direction indicators of the trailer, semi-trailer must be activated simultaneously.

White turn signals for VAZ-2107, 2105 and 2104 headlights

Dear friends, today we will tell you how to make and install white turn signals in the headlights of VAZ-2107, 2105 and 2104. The procedure is not difficult, but requires accuracy. On how to remove the headlight on VAZ-2107 and remove and glue her glass, we have already told, we will not repeat. We will need additional glass from an additional reversing light VAZ-2106 – 2 pieces, “cold welding” – 1 tube and sealant for headlights (black) – 1 tube. So as not to confuse anyone, show in the photo which one we are talking about:

Installing xenon lamps in KIA Sportage

additional reversing light from VAZ-2106

We will use from it exactly the glass with a diffuser, it is almost perfect instead of the regular orange windshield.

white turn signal lamp in the headlight of VAZ-2107

So, we removed headlight and cut out glass, now we need to cut this unnecessary piece of plastic from original turn indicator. Attention – try not to touch reflector inner surface, it will be almost impossible to liquidate prints afterwards:

Now we take “cold welding”, cut off two centimeters and we mix according to the instruction, the main thing is not to stir too long, as soon as you felt that the mixture became soft, immediately apply. If you will put it on already hardened it will stick very badly. Then insert the reflector into the glass, making sure that it is close to the edge of the glass and maintain an angle of 90 degrees. Apply a thin layer of our “welding” as shown in the photo:

Then let all this construction to dry about half an hour and put all this kitchen in place, install and fix the turn signal, glue the glass in the headlight:

Wrap everything with duct tape, fix the glass and let it dry for 24 hours:

Congratulations, the headlights are ready to be installed on the car:

Now a little life hack on the bulb. As you know, according to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of traffic police turn signal should still blink orange. For this we buy a lamp with an orange glass. But the truth to say it is seen through our newly installed white and somewhat spoils the overall aesthetic look. We solved this problem as follows. We need to take silver powder, it costs pennies and is available at any construction store. We press the bulb into the socket, wipe it dry and dip it in the powder, take it out, blow away the excess. There will be a thin film, the main thing is not to grasp it with your hands.

Running lights with own hands

yellow turn signal light vaz-2107

Now put the bulb in the socket, it now has a silver appearance, and blinks orange, as it should :) This is how the headlights with white turn signals look, installed on the car:

In our opinion beautiful. And most importantly with his own hands. We will be glad to see you in our club VAZ-2107 and the whole classic range of VAZ on the forum!

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