What is a car autostart and how to make or connect it

Engine Autostart

Technology of remote start and power unit warming up, initially used in trucks working in harsh climatic conditions, today is increasingly used in passenger cars. Its purpose is simple – to turn on the engine at a given time, warm it up to a certain optimum temperature, in parallel warming up the car interior. Moreover, this module is used not only to warm up the interior of the car in the cold season, but also to cool it in the summer by turning on the climate system of the car.

The engine auto-start module, as well as any device, has its pros and cons.

In appearance, there is nothing complicated about the auto-start device. It is a small plastic box – a remote automatic engine start unit, which contains an electronic circuit board with relay chips, controlling certain sensors of the car. Also to the module is a set of auto start wires, through which the unit is connected to the original electrical wiring car. Compact size of this device allows you to place it anywhere in the cabin of the car – the main thing is to have connection points to the original wiring. Motor autostart control unit relays provide safe engine starting by controlling such devices:

– ignition – oil pressure sensor – glow plug circuit (for diesel engines) – tachometer (engine speed) – parking brake lever, gearbox – accelerator pedal – speed sensor – hood limit switch

There are two types of connection block autostart motor – complete with alarm and stand-alone, for example, if the car is not equipped with a security system. And, it absolutely does not matter what engine is installed in the car (gasoline or diesel, atmospheric or turbocharged) and transmission (automatic or manual) – this module can work with any of the above units.

You should also know that the engine autostart unit can operate in two modes: automatic and remote. In the first case, the start time is set by a timer, which can be programmed, taking into account one of the parameters: the set start time, the temperature in the cabin, the temperature of the engine. In the second case, the car owner controls the auto-start by means of alarm key fob or cell phone (sms, GPS-command).

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How does autostart work?

Despite the fact that there are autostart units with automatic or remote control principle, the scheme of their work does not differ. At a certain time (for the module with an automatic mode) or when receiving a command from the remote control of the alarm system or a cell phone, the module auto-start the ignition circuit is fed by an electric current, followed by a two-second delay during which the oil pressure in the line is restored, and then turns on the starter.

Scheme of automatic start of diesel engine differs only one thing – additional connection of glow plug control circuit. In this case, if the auto-start unit is included in the security system, first automatically disables the alarm interlocks, and then the activation of the ignition and starter. In the case of an autostart unit installed independently, first bypass immobilizer, and then the module supplies power to the ignition circuit, starter. Bypass OEM immobilizer – an important operation when installing a module auto start, because the purpose of this device, so the installation will have to install a bypass unit with a digital chip (usually mounted in the engine compartment or placed behind the instrument panel), to avoid conflict between the auto start and anti-theft device. Usually a spare ignition key is used as such a unit, in which the chip deactivates the immobilizer. Each autostart module can be programmed for a certain number of attempts to start the starter (by default, each unit has three attempts) – usually up to five attempts. If the start was successful (the module “learns” about this from the crankshaft RPM sensor, oil pressure or line voltage), the car signals this “crash” or a signal comes to the alarm panel, a cell phone. Some expensive models of autostart units are equipped with function of diagnostics of problems with engine start – for example, if you could not start the car because of a failed battery, microprocessor module analyzes the cause and sends a signal to the mobile device owner.

Using Autostart correctly

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There are several algorithms for the correct operation of the autostart, with the observance of which there will be no unforeseen situations (for example, independent movement of the car). These algorithms for cars with manual and automatic transmission are different.

Algorithm for manual transmission:

engage neutral gear engage the parking brake exit the car, close the doors engage the alarm, activate the engine auto-start system.

Many motorists are used to turning off the engine, leave the gear engaged. When installing a car startup they will have to get used to leaving the car in “neutral”, otherwise the autostart module will not activate. However, manufacturers of systems for automobile start systems for cars with manual transmission solved this problem by equipping the device with a so-called “program neutral”, which does not kill the engine until the neutral gear is engaged.

Algorithm for the automatic transmission:

put the transmission selector in Parking mode get out of the car, close the doors turn on the alarm, activate the engine auto-start system.

If you do not perform at least one of the above actions, the system will not be activated.

– warmed up the engine and interior of the car in the winter / cooled cabin in the summer; – Saving time; – Presence of turbo timer mode (option), which allows graduallystop the turbine engine, which has a positive impact on the resource aggregate.

– Temporary deactivation of built-in immobilizer, shock sensor alarm; – Increased fuel consumption; – Ice on the exhaust pipe at startup in winter because of the water condensate formed in the exhaust system (formed during prolonged engine operation at idle RPM).

Remembering how harsh the winter has become in Ukraine and how hot it is in summer, installation of the engine autostart module seems to be quite reasonable operation.

However, there is a very real threat of car theft, because at the moment of auto-start activation the security systems of the car are disarmed. Moreover, if a spare key is used to bypass the regular immobilizer, an intruder may detect it when breaking into the car, making it easier to steal.

Ultimately, only the car owner, weighing all the pros and cons, can decide whether to equip his car with an engine autostart system.

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What is a car autostart and how to connect it

Creators continue to expand the already wide range of abilities of the car, saving our time for more important things. One of the features that today has the equipment that is installed on a huge list of models, is the auto start your vehicle. This system is used to turn on the engine and at the same time to warm or cool the car to the temperature at which you will be comfortable to sit in the cabin. In our article, we will take a closer look at this option to understand all its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a car autostart

What is an autostart unit

Ordinarily, autostart is one of the features of the alarm system, for which the price of your protection will increase, but it can be connected and not through the alarm system. As we’ve already mentioned, an auto start unit on a car is needed to crank the starter. How is this process carried out? With the help of CAN-bus or sometimes Lin-bus, the electronic installation, which controls the alarm system, establishes a connection with the digital bus of the car. Thanks to this, the engine is given tasks from the ECU.

Now let’s see, what does a remote car autostart look like? The module, located in the engine compartment or behind the control panel, is a small plastic or metal box, stuffed with a pair of relays and a control board. The module connects to the on-board network of the car using a specific cable.

Methods of control

Car auto-start system is controlled in two modes: automatic and remote. The first is the establishment of a certain number of engine starts per night and the duration of its operation, and the second is the startup through a button on the key fob. There is also a variant of control through an application on your cell phone, with the condition that there is a possibility to change the GPS receiver to sending tasks by sms.

Car alarm key fob

Principle of operation

Let’s walk through each of the items in turn:

  1. The system turns off the immobilizer immediately after you send a request or at a scheduled time.
  2. The on-board network and battery level are evaluated. Let’s put an exclamation point on this, as newer models simply do not allow the ignition when the charge level is below average.
  3. After a thorough check, the module starts the fuel. Speaking of diesel engines, it starts the power to the glow plugs.
  4. The unit connects the ignition systems and the starter circuits after a certain time has elapsed to build up pressure in the fuel system and warm up the spark plugs.
  5. Information about the process comes to you in the form of sound or, if you are using the utility on your cell phone, as a picture. In the more expensive models, they send you the reason why the car did not start, if something went wrong.
What to do if the car stalled and does not start

How to set the autostart, activation of the autostart

There is nothing complicated in the installation of the autostart on your iron friend, so the owner can put the system with his own hands and not resort to outside help.

  1. First, remove the airbag and solder the wires that ignite the motor.
  2. Guided by the enclosed instructions, connect the auto-start wires to the ignition switch. If your vehicle has an immobilizer, you can not avoid another cost for a second module, which is needed for a second ignition key.
  3. The control wire is then connected to your car’s tachometer, alternator or sensor.
  4. Set up the autostart according to the manual. A wire is thrown to the handbrake or regular brake to quickly turn it off if needed.

How to install a car autostart

As far as you are now clear, this process will take all of your free evening, but nothing scary or complicated is expected.

The difference on a manual and an automatic

For each type of box, you’ll have to adhere to a list of certain conditions:

  1. Manual. You need to put the car on the handbrake and leave the gear lever in neutral.
  2. Automatic. The selector of automatic transmission should be left in park mode.

And so start the car on one kind of box is no different from how to start the engine on the second.

Instruction how to use the autostart

Many users wonder how to disable autostart. Of course, it would be great if you left instructions that describe which buttons you need to move to a different position to achieve the result. If you have a second key used to bypass the immobilizer, then. putting it in an iron box or taking it away from the cabin, you will interrupt the circuit to turn on the system.

Recall also that, depending on the model of your car, you must leave the car after you turn off the engine in certain conditions.

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Pros and cons

The positives include factors such as:

  1. Adjustable engine start and interior temperature settings.
  2. Interval setting to warm up or cool down the car at a time interval you set. Plus you can set the conditions under which the car will start if the car’s temperature drops or rises above the recommended range, in order to again warm up or cool down your iron friend.
  3. Your engine parts will last you longer if they don’t overheat and freeze, so you’ll save a good amount of money on repairs.

Autostart car key

Let’s not forget about the negative factors as well:

  1. The system uses the battery to carry out its purposes, so you will spend more fuel than before, and you will have to constantly monitor the level of the car battery directly.
  2. It is also possible that this situation will lead to high repair costs. Some car owners do not put the car on the handbrake during colder times, hence the vehicle stays in gear. If you are going to use autostart, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to resort to the handbrake, prolonged use of which can lead to the freezing of the pads.
  3. Well, one of the most significant disadvantages is that it will be easier for thieves to start your car, since the device is installed bypassing the original immobilizer.

So consider these factors when making your final decision about using the system.

Leave your comments below and good luck using such a useful system.

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