What is a complete electrical package in a car

What is included in the full electric package?

Everyone who has at least once looked at ads on special online car sites has come across such a concept as “full electric package.”

However, as it turned out, there is no automaker in the world, which official description of automobiles includes such term.

After deepening of the matter it became clear, that the term “full electric package” was spread only on secondary car markets of the post-soviet countries, where car owners, wishing to sell their “iron horse” at a higher price, necessarily sounded the information about “full electric package” in a complete set.

Practice shows, it worked even despite the fact, that the majority of buyers and sellers couldn’t explain, what equipment the car should have, to include the phrase “Full electric package” in its description.

What is “a full electric package”?

We should note that when talking about the full electrical package, the car owners mean only some categories of electrical equipment available in the car. Otherwise, this notion could include all the devices available in the car, powered by electricity: air conditioning/climate control, electronic control unit, navigator, parking assistants and many others.

Most often, the phrase “a complete electric package” implies the presence of the following equipment:

  • Power windows for all doors (including the luggage compartment door);
  • Central locking with alarm system;
  • Heating of seats, steering wheel, external mirrors and windows;
  • Light and rain sensors;
  • Power seats and exterior mirrors;
  • Sensors for tire pressure control.

However, it is necessary to specify, that here it is possible to include also other electric equipment, among which: heating of washer jets, headlight washers, electric steering wheel drive with memory, and many other things.

And now let’s break down each of the presented equipment separately.

Power windows

The first thing that comes to mind when the phrase “full electric package” – the presence of electric windows for all doors. It is customary to distinguish between power windows with direct and electronic control. In the first case, the power windows is carried out from the electric circuit connected to the battery, and the adjustment of the windows occurs through special switches located on each of the doors of the car.

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In the second case, the control windows takes place through a special electronic control unit, which has in its arsenal of a large number of auxiliary sensors. Electronically controlled window lifters mean the presence of a special control panel on the driver’s side, allowing you to control the work of all the available in the car windows. In addition, the presence of an electronic unit noticeably expands the functionality of the window lifters, adding to it:

  • The ability to automatically raise/lower the windows;
  • The function to raise all the windows when the engine is switched off;
  • Blocking of any of the available window lifters from the remote control on the driver’s door;
  • The function to adjust the windows with the remote control.

Thus, electric windows, although they do not affect the speed of the car, but they are one of the “cornerstones” to make the stay in the cabin more comfortable.

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Central locking

It is another one of the car’s auxiliary systems, responsible for locking door locks and gas tank hatch. Almost all central locks on the market are equipped with a remote control function, as well as automatic opening of all doors in case of an accident.

Heating Systems

Most vehicles on the market, both new and used, are equipped with heated exterior mirrors, first and/or second row seats, steering wheel, front and rear windows as well as washer and wiper nozzles.

Each of the aforementioned systems makes it more comfortable to use the vehicle during the cold season, and some of them also have a positive effect on the overall safety of the vehicle.

Power seats and exterior mirrors

The electric drive of the seats is another attribute of a modern car, which, until recently, was found only in executive class cars. With its help, the driver (in some cases also the front and rear passengers) can adjust the seat so as to achieve the highest level of comfort.

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Depending on the equipment level, the electric actuator allows vertical and longitudinal adjustment of the seats as well as adjustment of the backrest tilt level and the position of the lumbar/side support rollers. In addition, modern systems are additionally equipped with a memory function, illumination and weight sensors.

The electrically adjustable exterior mirrors are also among the systems that form the concept of a “full electric package. Thanks to them, the driver no longer needs to get out of the car and manually adjust the mirrors, as all operations can be done directly from inside the car. Advanced power window systems, in addition to their main function, are equipped with automatic folding in parking and memory.

Tire pressure monitoring sensors

Another system that appeared in cars relatively recently, but allowed to significantly improve the usability and safety of the car. Its main function is to control the pressure and temperature in the tires, as well as informing the driver when they do not meet the minimum allowable parameters.


In this article, we tried to describe the most common systems included in the concept of “full electric package”. It is important to remember that every car owner has the right to include other electrical equipment, making the operation of the car more comfortable, convenient and safe.

What is the full electrical package in a car

Many drivers can not clearly explain what the “full electric package” (or in abbreviated form PEP) is. At the same time, their explanations have a very wide range and in many respects even contradictory. Strangely enough, there is no unified approach to this term in specialized publications as well. Moreover: practically no modern machine manufacturer gives a unified term “complete package” in its official descriptions either, each time meaning something else by it.

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To fill such an essential information gap is the main task of this material which refers to independent experienced experts and professionals in automotive business.

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History of the term

A historical excursion into the history of the modern car shows that the term “full electric package” itself has its roots in the secondary markets in the post-Soviet countries. The reason for its emergence and rapid widespread distribution is obvious. Wishing to attract buyers’ attention and to sell their cars as quickly as possible and at a higher price, its owners started using tempting phrase “in a car PEP”. Although almost each of them meant completely different combinations of electric devices, included in this “full electric package”. In short, it was clearly a commercial trick, which more often than not worked well.

Full electric package

The essence of the “full electrical package

Until now, it is understood as a different set of devices. And no one takes the responsibility to declare that such a concept includes all, without exception, auto devices, which are trying to from electricity. Often, the following set is meant:

  1. Electric door lifters (also lifting the trunk door).
  2. Central locks with alarm system.
  3. Electric heated driver and passenger seats, as well as windows, mirrors outside the car.
  4. Rain and light sensors.
  5. Electric drives for exterior mirrors, seats.
  6. Tire pressure controllers.

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Sometimes other electrical devices are added to this list, for example, car headlight washers, electric steering wheel actuators with memory and some others.

Key components of the term

First of all, it is, of course, electric window lifters, the use of which allows you to create the necessary comfort in the cabin. However, you should know that such elevators can have controls:

  • Direct. In this management, the electric power comes from the circuit, which is powered from the battery, and the windows are regulated by special switches on the doors.
  • Electronic. During this control, there is a special panel in front of the driver, allowing him to control all the windows.

Full electrical package in a car

In addition, among the key components of this term, most automotive professionals include central locks, a heating system, as well as electric drives of the driver and passenger seats, mirrors, located outside the cabin. Lately, carmakers and private car sellers have included sensors to control tire pressure and temperature into the term “a full electric package”.

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As we can see, there is still no unified approach to the concept of “full electric package” on the modern car market. Therefore, if a buyer hears this word combination while buying a car, it is necessary to specify, what exactly electric devices are included to “FEP” complex. And only after a detailed decoding make the final decision concerning the purchase of the car. Good luck!

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