What is a rocker arm in a car

What is a rocker arm in a car?

What is a rocker arm in a car? The device of the rocker arm

Any car moves due to the fact that the fuel burning in the engine creates pressure, which makes the crankshaft rotate. Its rotation is transmitted to the drive wheels through a complex transmission system. However, the engine speed is much higher than the wheel speed.

To commensurate the two types of rotation and control them, the car has a gearshift box, a mechanism consisting of a system of levers and gears that transmit differential torque to the shafts.

Gear shifts (both mechanical and automatic) are made with the familiar lever located between the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat. But few of us think about how a smooth (or not so smooth) movement of our right hand makes the wheels spin faster or slower.

What is a gearbox rocker.

The gearbox rocker, which is a lever or system of levers that transfers our command to the shafts, is used to transmit our light effort. Without exception, all cars with a manual transmission and some cars with an automatic transmission have a transmission rocker. Robotic and variator gearboxes transmit the command in the form of electronic impulses directly.

The rocker arm in the car is a hidden mechanism, located either under the cabin floor, or generally closer to the cardan shaft. Due to the fact that nobody can see how the gearbox rocker works, this unit is called so. As you know, in theater the backstage is the side scenery, behind which the actors are hiding before going on stage.

Design of the backstage

What is a rocker arm in a car - the device

In some cases, the rocker is not quite correct to call the entire multi-arm mechanism – starting with the handle in the salon. There is a definite substitution of part and whole. However, let us list all components of this mechanical chain for more clarity.

So, an expanded understanding of the mechanism called the rocker arm in a car includes:

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– The gearshift lever;

– The gear selector rod;

– The fork pin of the selector mechanism;

– Finger retainer device;

– The oil seal of the rocker fork;

– The fork of the gear shift fork.

See the diagram for more details on the design of the rocker arm.

The power rocker in the vehicle

Problems with the shift gate

The transmission’s rocker makes commands to the driver dozens and sometimes hundreds of times a day. Despite the fact that all its parts are made of the strongest steel and well lubricated, metal abrasion inevitably occurs at the joints. This process is exacerbated by the fact that the gearstick is not hermetically protected from external influences. Water, dust and dirt get into it from below and sometimes from the passenger compartment. They dilute the engine oil and clog it with foreign particles.

As a result, after about 100 thousand km of run (in low-priced cars even earlier) the drivers of cars with manual transmission start to notice the following symptoms, testifying that the rocker arm needs to be replaced:

– Temporary or permanent shift lever backlash appears;

– Spontaneous shifting into a gear that was not anticipated in the handle position occurs;

– Additional force must be applied to change gears;

– It becomes impossible or problematic to adjust the transmission.

All these phenomena do not appear all of a sudden, they increase gradually, making driving more and more uncomfortable, and at high speeds even unsafe. The transmission’s rocker arm lets the driver know that the mechanism needs to be replaced. It is difficult to tell which parts and joints are more worn and which are less.

The transmission’s rocker arm should be replaced as a whole and, unless you are a professional auto mechanic, you should do it at a quality auto service center. The latter is even more relevant when replacing the rocker arm of an automatic transmission.

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Automobile rocker: what is it, how is it designed, signs of malfunction and independent regulation

Every motorist should know the elementary device of his car. Driving courses provide compressed information, while many moments are left out. For example, the gearbox rocker is not considered. Because of this, many motorists have an erroneous opinion about this important part in the design of the car. This situation should be corrected immediately.

What is a rocker switch in a vehicle?

What is a rocker in a car gearbox

Do you think that the rocker in the car is an ordinary lever, by means of which it is convenient to shift gears? We have to disappoint you, but it is not. We have a lot to talk about, the information below will be very useful to you.

The rocker is what we call the transmission control actuator rod. This part in the device of the car is a compound, complex and multi-component. It provides the connection between the gearshift lever and the rod. The linkage mechanism in the gearbox is difficult to see or touch because it is located between the lever and the gearbox, actually under the bottom of the car body. In some cases, the mechanism is located near the driveshaft, and it may also be under the shift lever.

The rocker for your car

What is an automobile rocker, we hope, is clear to everyone. And no one will confuse it with the car’s gearshift lever anymore. And we continue to delve into this topic and move on to the next question.

Mechanism Arrangement

The rocker arm in mechanics often changes, becomes more reliable, innovative and modern. Nevertheless, the general fundamentals remain the same. The design of the rocker arm in a gearbox is as follows:

  • a lever for shifting the speed modes of the car;
  • the pull rod, which provides the ability to select gears;
  • the selector fork pin;
  • locking device for the pin;
  • the fork and the oil seal.
Removing the old pads Peugeot 308 photo process

The detail we are studying has a complex device, which is hidden from the driver’s eyes. That is why so little attention is paid to it, and often inexperienced drivers ignore malfunctions in the mechanism.

Signs of malfunctions of the rocker arm

Every day it is exposed to loads, to withstand which you need high strength, endurance and durability. And yet, problems with this part are not uncommon. On average, the gearbox rocker is good for 100,000 km. In rare cases the mechanism can last 200 thousand km, there are cases of serviceable work for 300 thousand. Don’t hope for your luck, it is better to listen to the work of the device inside the gearbox and respond to every change.

Gearchange rocker

The problems are most often caused by low lubricants inside the mechanism, ingress of water, dust and debris. Be that as it may, it is necessary to detect the presence of malfunctions of the gearbox rocker arm in a timely manner and perform repairs without delay. The presence of problems in operation of the mechanism can be recognized by a number of signs:

  1. Increased backlash on the transmission knob is especially noticeable in neutral.
  2. Problematic gear shifting, which may be accompanied by crunch, tight lever travel and other difficulties.
  3. Incorrect engagement of gears, which does not correspond to the selected position.

None of these problems should be ignored. If there is even the slightest suspicion of a malfunctioning rocker arm, a diagnosis should be made immediately. In the course of diagnostics, further actions of the motorist will become clear: adjustment of the mechanism or its replacement. If the problems will be ignored, then in the process of movement of the vehicle, the device may come off, which will cause an accident.

Self-adjustment of the rocker arm

If you have problems with the mechanism of the transmission’s rocker arm, there is no need to rush to perform its replacement. Often a simple adjustment can save the situation. This procedure is not complicated, so it can be performed without using specialists. There are two ways to adjust the rocker arm:

  1. When selecting the rear gear, you need to loosen the clamp, expose the lever to the ideal position, which will correspond to the selected speed. In this position, the clamp is tightened and you can check the operation of the device.
  2. The first speed to regulate the mechanism is often chosen when it is impossible to engage the reverse gear. Activate the first speed, loosen the clamp, rotate the actuator counterclockwise until the lever rests against the lock of the reverse gear. In this position, tighten the clamp.
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Adjusting the shift gate of a car

These are the general rules for adjusting the rocker arm. Depending on the type of mechanism, the adjustment process may differ. Therefore, before starting work, you need to study the manual of your car and act in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Today it was told what is the rocker arm in the transmission gearbox, studied its device and the signs by which malfunctions can be determined. The condition of this part of the vehicle should not be triggered, because many human lives may be in danger.

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