What is a tuning studio?

What is the difference between a tuning studio and a service station?

People who are well versed in vehicles, have a good chance to open their own business, which will bring income. There are a large number of options for earning money – from small workshops with engine inspection to large enterprises selling spare parts. However, the most interesting way is to organize your own tuning studio and provide services to motorists who want to upgrade their personal vehicles.


Tuning studio is a specialized enterprise, the employees of which provide services on the styling of vehicles. The main purpose of visiting this service is to improve the appearance of the car and its technical parameters. Such companies today can be found in many major cities. This is explained by the fact that motorists strive for individualization – to create a unique image of the vehicle. Let us consider the main nuances of the tuning studio and the possibility of opening your own business.


As a rule, tuning studio is located in a small room. In many cities, these are garage boxes or multi-story knowledge of former car services. The internal space is divided into several compartments:

1. Work zone. In this department, specialists perform vehicle tuning. In the working area should be a large amount of equipment, machines and tools. In the center there is an elevator – if the room allows, there may be several. 2. Exhibition area. In this department specialists hold consultations with customers. A tuning template should be presented, the work plan should be discussed with the client and all the wishes should be noted. Very often next to the exhibition area is a waiting room, where customers can spend time before handing over the vehicle. 3. Technical room. The remaining part of the building is allocated for storage and rooms for employees. As a rule, these rooms store all the parts and parts that are used in tuning.

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Equipment . Equipping tuning-atelier directly depends on the budget of the enterprise. At the initial stage of entrepreneurs try to buy only the most necessary – hoist, units for tire fitting, airbrush, sets of tools. If we are talking about the atelier with a long history, in their premises you can see expensive equipment in the form of machines for the manufacture of complex parts.

Working staff . The main difference between the tuning atelier and the usual HUNDRED is in the working group. Among the employees must be people with a creative profession – designers. It is they who make a plan for tuning and discuss all the issues with the client. The rating of the enterprise depends on the quality of these specialists’ work.


Services. In the tuning-atelier you can come and order any kind of modification of the car, if it is allowed by the material base of the enterprise. As a rule, specialists change the shape of the body, load-bearing structures, decorate doorways and redesign the interior. Very often motorists apply for the refinement of the power plant, but this procedure is not the cheapest. To open such a business, you need to solve a lot of legal issues – to open a sole proprietorship or LLC, go through the paperwork and pay the tax fee. Before opening must be on hand start-up capital – $ 50,000. Most of the funds will go to purchase equipment and hire employees.

Bottom line . Tuning studio – the enterprise, which is engaged in refinement of the vehicle. It differs significantly from the usual HUNDRED not only in the principle of work, but also in staffing.

What is a tuning studio?

It is a specialized enterprise that provides services on car styling (tuning). The main purpose of these services is to improve the technical characteristics of the car and update the appearance of the vehicle.

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Such enterprises appeared in many large cities due to the huge demand among consumers. What are the main nuances of tuning-atelier, what kind of services they provide and what is necessary to open your own enterprise in this area?

What is a Tuning Atelier?

Working place.

The average tuning studio is located in small rooms located most often in the garage boxes or multi-storey buildings of the former car services. The internal premises are divided into several main compartments:

1. Work area. In this area, mechanics and other workers perform services on the tuning of the car. Inside the working area is a lot of automated machines and tool rows, which are used in the process of styling. In the center is a huge elevator, designed to lift the car to the optimum height for the implementation of installation work.

2. Exhibition area. In this section the atelier’s employees hold consultations with clients. Here takes place the presentation of patterns for tuning. The specialists talk with the visitors and make a work plan, considering all the desires and preferences of the car owners. The exhibition area is often adjoined by a waiting room, where clients can spend time before direct consultation with the company’s employee.

Technical premises. The rest of the building is allotted for storage and rooms for workers in the tuning studio. The main spare parts and components are kept in these rooms, as well as there are showers, dressing rooms and the rest of the infrastructure for the employees of the enterprise.


The equipment of the tuning studio depends on the financing and the level of development of technical base. At the initial stage, most entrepreneurs acquire only the most basic design and equipment.

This list of tools includes an elevator, units for tire fitting, airbrush (a device for applying paint and varnish on the surface of the car body), hand tools (screwdrivers, fixers, wrenches, rods, hammers, drills, dryers, sprayers, compressors and a device to perform work on threaded structures).

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The more prestigious studios with many years of experience supplement the basic technological equipment with complex machines for creating complex styling elements and advanced details used to improve the quality of the tuning work.

What is a Tuning Atelier?

Operating personnel

The main difference between the tuning studio and standard car service stations is the presence of representatives of creative professions. In addition to locksmiths, mechanics and electricians, this company employs designers and planners. They draw up an installation plan and advise clients on technical issues regarding the limits of the styling possibilities.

It is the quality of these specialists that determines the rating and prestige of the service, because tuning is an exceptionally creative activity, in which you have to correctly position new accessories to harmoniously update the exterior of the car. Some employers, when hiring, require an education in the fields of design, graphic design and even drawing.

Services to be rendered

First and foremost, tuning studios try to refine and improve the important characteristics of the car. Redesigning the exterior includes changing the shape of the body and replacing the bearing structures of the body, decorating the doorways of the car, redesigning the interior of the cabin (complete replacement of the passenger seats and dashboard units), painting and additional drawings.

The most expensive services are full replacement of lighting mechanisms, engine overclocking, window tinting and installation of enhanced passive and active safety systems. All installation works are carried out in compliance with sanitary and technical norms. There is practically no risk that the car structures will be damaged.

Peculiarities of opening a tuning atelier

To open your own enterprise that provides car tuning services, you need to solve legal issues: register an IE or LLC, go through all the instances and pay tax payments.

Before opening, it is necessary to accumulate minimum start-up capital, the amount of which is equal to 50,000 U.S. dollars. Most of the money should be spent on buying high-quality equipment and hiring staff. It is important that the location of the studio had all the necessary infrastructure and comfortable working conditions.

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It should provide for reserve funds for repair of equipment and the organization of the advertising campaign.

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