What is a vehicle’s DVS, how does it look like, how to obtain and recover what is the penalty for its absence

The driver’s DTS – a document that must always be in the car

Every driver, going even on a small trip, is required to have a certain set of documents:

  • license to drive a vehicle,
  • car insurance,
  • diagnostic card,
  • DTS.

What is a STS car

If one of the above documents is missing for any reason, the driver will be necessarily punished when meeting with an inspector of the traffic police. It may be a temporary restriction on driving a car or various penalties defined by law.

In our article, we will deal with one of the most important driving licenses – STS.

Purpose of the DTC

STS is an abbreviation of the name of the certificate of registration of the vehicle in the bodies of the traffic police, it is a mandatory document confirming the registration. Given this fact, it is clear that this certificate must necessarily be presented at the first request of the traffic police, which means it must always be with the driver.

This certificate has strict statutory parameters:

  • dimensions – 80 by 115 mm,
  • The registration form must be filled in on both sides – front and back.

Let’s take a closer look at how the vehicle registration certificate looks like.

Front side

This side contains all the information available about the car, duplicating in the main points the information on the front side of the registration certificate (vehicle certificate of registration), and which displays

  • State number of the car,
  • date of manufacture of the car,
  • category,
  • VIN-code,
  • car brand and model,
  • number of the body, engine and chassis,
  • engine displacement and power,
  • body color.

The most important and perhaps the only difference between these certificates is that the first line of the certificate contains the registration number of the machine.

The reverse side

This side contains all the necessary information about the owner of the car, his full name, place of residence and the place of car registration. In addition, all the basic information about the organization that issued the certificate can be found here.

The important line for checking is the special marks. This field is subject to compulsory filling in, if significant changes have been made to the vehicle, for example, the installation of gas equipment.

Number of vehicle’s DVS

As any other document STS has its own number and series. They are expressed in three letters, three digits and area code. The number and series of the car’s DVS are indicated on both sides of the document and highlighted in bright red.

Where to get a certificate

When buying a car, whether it is new or already used, every car owner is obliged to put it on the registration plate. This procedure takes place in the department of vehicle registration of the State Automobile Inspection of the Russian Federation. When applying to this state body, the following list of documents must be provided:

  • technical passport,
  • Car purchase agreement,
  • Certificates confirming the price of the car,
  • Passport of the car owner. This is one of the most important documents, without which it is almost impossible to obtain or restore the certificate,
  • MTPL – insurance policy,
  • A receipt for payment of the state duty, which is 500 rubles. Since August 3, 2018, the STS is issued in a plastic version and costs 1,500 rubles. Today there is an option to save a little – you can apply for registration through the portal Gosuslugi and reduce the required amount to be paid by 30%, which is 350 and 245 rubles when processing the plastic version.
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Registration of motor vehicles in the traffic police

If you purchased a used car with existing license plates, you will also need to add the old registration document to this list.

After the car owner submits all the required documents, the car is fully inspected. Provided that all the documents are in order, the certificate of vehicle registration will be issued within the prescribed period, which does not exceed ten days.

Obligatory change of the document

The important point is that you should not make any changes to the existing vehicle registration document. If there is any information about the owner of the car or the vehicle itself the document issued earlier should be changed. This procedure can be easily completed through the State Services portal, as well as at the local Traffic Police office.

  1. If the owner of the car has changed his/her last name or place of residence, as well as if the certificate is damaged, it is not obligatory to present the car for reexamination.
  2. If the vehicle has undergone any kind of constructive changes, you will definitely need to bring the car to the traffic police to assess the permissibility of such changes.

In order to get a new registration certificate, the car owner will need to fill out a special form, which can be printed out from the Gosuslugi website or obtained in the department of the traffic police. Here it is important to highlight the line in connection with the changes that have appeared.

Restoring a certificate in case of loss

Sometimes an unforeseen situation can happen and the owner of the vehicle can lose this certificate or it can be stolen. The registration certificate is obligatory to present to the inspector of the State Traffic Police and contains important information for the identification of the car and its owner. The specialists state that the registration certificate must be always with the driver, but the PTS is better left at home. This is important because the loss of the STS and the vehicle’s DVP, the restoration of the lost document is fast, but the loss of the DVP, the presence of the STS little that solves everything, and the restoration of the passport of the vehicle will be very long and troublesome. In any case, the car owner will have to write a statement about the theft or loss, and it will be impossible to avoid a fine. The important nuance in this question will be the fact that to drive a car without a certificate is prohibited by law, and before you go to the department of traffic police, the owner will need to get a certificate of loss of the certificate, but it will be valid only to “ferry” the car to the necessary department of the traffic police.

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Checking documents at the traffic police post

In such a situation, the owner will need to be patient, since driving a car without this document is strictly forbidden, and obtaining a new registration certificate will take time. How long it will take to restore it depends on what is missing. After the theft, it usually takes a much longer period of time to restore all the necessary documents. This is due to the fact that it will be necessary to collect a number of additional certificates, and in some cases, even wait until the theft case is completely closed. The situation will be especially difficult if, along with the theft certificate, the vehicle license plate has been lost.

When filing all the documents, demanded by the legislation, the car owner does not have to provide receipts, confirming payment of state duty and MTPL, the information about this inspector will receive by himself in electronic form.

Refusal to restore the document

In special cases, the owner of a motor vehicle may refuse to restore the STS. This can happen for several reasons:

  • incomplete set of necessary documents,
  • there is no stamp on the payment of taxes,
  • during the inspection, defects were found in the vehicle that do not meet the safety requirements,
  • Inconsistencies were found in the documentation submitted to the traffic police.

If such a situation arises, the owner of the car must submit a written application for clarification of the existing problems.

Penalty sanctions in absence of the STS

As noted earlier, driving a vehicle without this certificate is strictly prohibited.

Penalties for absence of the STS

The legislation of our country provides for penalties for this violation, namely, a fine of 500 rubles and delivery of the car to the impound lot until a new STS is issued (in case of loss or theft) or until the driver brings the STS (if it was left at home). Some drivers, who are negligent about their duties, try to drive without this certificate hoping to convince the inspector who stopped him that the document was lost a while ago and they are going to restore it. Unfortunately for such “miserable drivers”, they rarely manage to convince the inspectors, and the punishment will be inevitable.

Another variant of violation will be the situation, when the driver drives the car without timely replacement of the certificate, for example, when changing the last name. In this case, the driver will have to pay 500-800 rubles for the first stop and the second stop will cost 5 000 or deprivation of license from one to three months.


The car’s registration certificate is a compulsory document, which you can get under a simplified procedure, but the rules change quite often, and you should keep an eye on it. It is especially important to find out about the changes when buying and registering a car “from hand”.

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Certificate of vehicle registration: STS in 2022

The certificate of vehicle registration can be obtained by the owner of the vehicle after he puts the car on the registration in the body of the traffic police. In other words, it can be called a registration document, for obtaining which you will have to perform several statutory manipulations

The certificate of vehicle registration can be obtained by the owner of the vehicle after the vehicle has been registered by the traffic police. In other words, it can be called a registration document, for obtaining which you will have to perform several manipulations stipulated by law. Before we begin our review on the execution of the document under consideration, let us understand what exactly the registration certificate is called. In particular, the document in question can be called CTS or SOP, which is an abbreviation of its original name. And it is necessary to issue a certificate of vehicle registration.

Type of certificate of vehicle registration

Certificate of vehicle registration has a clear form, and the information collected in it is structured. The certificate is always presented in 80×115 mm dimensions.

The information on this document is presented on its two sides. Each side is equally important. The front side of the STS indicates the main information about the vehicle – it is almost completely duplicated by the passport. At least, its first page. There are only a few differences. In particular, the first line contains information about the license plate number.

On the reverse side of the document one can see who is the current owner of the car. More precisely, the data about the owner’s full name and the place where the vehicle was registered are written there. What department issued the document in question. Also on the back of the document there is a field that is designed to search for special marks. In the field under consideration are data on the changes that were made to the design of the car. In particular the field with special marks is filled in if the car is equipped with gas fuel equipment, which was not originally provided for it.

On the spreads of the document there is information about the number of the registration certificate of the car. It is highlighted in red. The transport document in question looks as follows.

Checking fines of the State Traffic Security Inspectorate on the vehicle registration certificate

The STS of a car allows finding out a lot about its owner. In particular, whether the concerned vehicle is fined. To answer this question, you need to use a special form, where you should enter the number of TDS. When the data has been entered, it remains to press the “search” button. A check is initiated against the GIS GMP databases. If there is a fine on the vehicle, this information will certainly pop up.

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Make changes to the vehicle registration certificate

If you planned to make changes to the vehicle’s certificate of registration, you will have to be disappointed. The procedure under consideration has become impossible. It is a one-time document that is issued as it is now. If you want to change any information, you will have to completely replace the entire document. In other words, you will have to apply for a new one. You need to do it this year even if you just changed it. For example, after marriage.

How to change the car registration certificate

The replacement of the certificate of registration of the vehicle is performed in certain cases. This procedure will be rational if one of these situations occurs:

  • A previously issued vehicle registration certificate has an error, which the driver has noticed only now;
  • A person who owns the vehicle has changed his/her personal data indicated on the vehicle registration certificate (place of residence or full name);
  • The vehicle registration certificate has been damaged, so some of the data was unreadable or even lost.

The registration of a new vehicle document is carried out at the traffic police. You can apply to any department, anywhere in the country. But to register successfully and without any hitches, you should gather some documents to confirm your identity, the fact of car ownership and condition of the vehicle:

  • Civil passport of the Russian Federation;
  • An old certificate indicating that the car had a registration;
  • Application for a new STS;
  • The passport issued for the vehicle.

In addition, this list must include a receipt of payment of state duty. Although you can not include it in the general list of documents, the money to pay it is necessary. The employees of the traffic police themselves check if the state fee is really paid. For this there is an electronic service, which is able to issue the information quickly and without unnecessary paperwork. And here, in order for the vehicle’s STS to be issued, OSAGO is not required.

As for filling out the application, it is issued on a standard form. You may download an electronic version, or get the form at the traffic police department. If you replace the certificate, for which the registration is confirmed, you need to put a mark in the appropriate field. Such a marking can be made if you want to get a new number after the loss of the old document, or if the old document has already lost its validity.

It is possible to change the transport document virtually. For example, if the registration is initiated on the Gosuslugi website. On the portal in question, you can sign up for a place in the queue to initiate the replacement of the old document with a new one. The platform provides a list of reasons for applying. It is worth choosing a suitable one, and put a mark next to it when you leave an application on the site:

  • The car document to be lost;
  • The data of the owner of the car has changed;
  • You need to get a new STS to replace the lost one.
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You can apply to the state services for most issues that arise when you need to take care of the registration of the Stsavto. For example, if you change this transport document after a change of surname or when you have lost/damaged the certificate. Registration now does not have to take place at the traffic police. Such cases do not require a technical inspection of the car, and therefore there is no need to act through the traffic police. You can start the procedure through the State Service.

When it comes to changes in the design of the car, you need an inspection, which means you have to go to the traffic police and take the vehicle there. When the changes are noted, the registration must be duplicated in the OSAGO.

State duty for a car registration certificate

You need to pay the state duty in the amount of 500 rubles for you to be issued a vehicle registration certificate number. If you plan to register a new generation vehicle, it will cost more. The state duty in the case in question is one and a half thousand rubles. But you’ll get a plastic document. When you need to make a change to the vehicle’s registration certificate, it is also subject to a fee of 350 rubles. If you register for documents via the state services, you will get a 30% discount. This rule is valid only until the beginning of 2023.

Restore vehicle registration certificate

If you have lost your vehicle’s certificate of registration, you should contact the traffic police to restore it. The procedure itself is similar to the replacement of the certificate, which is considered above. The only difference is that the old certificate does not need to be brought to the traffic police, as it is lost.

Punishment for driving without the STS

The driver must have at least an electronic certificate of registration for the car, if he gets behind the wheel. If there is no registration – expect problems with the law. For example, if you did not bring a document, you will have to pay a fine of 500 rubles. Although you can only get a warning, if it is a one-time case. Also, the driver runs the risk of being left without a car, which will be sent to a parking lot. If there is a certificate, but it is overdue, you will pay a fine of 500 to 800 rubles. Failure to get a certificate of registration again will result in a fine of 5 thousand rubles or you will lose your license for three months. In other words, it is more advantageous to be law-abiding and to register such an important document in time.

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