What is an insured event under MTPL or CASCO

What are the differences between Casco and MTPL insurance, how to obtain insurance

For quite a long time in Russia there are two types of car insurance – Casco and MTPL. The first is voluntary, any car owner can use it if he wants, but it is not obligatory. The second option – mandatory for all, and for driving without a policy the driver is fined. There are big differences in these types of auto insurance, both in the principle of insurance, and in the cost, and the amount of compensation.

What is an insured event under OSAGO or Casco?

The signs of insurance cases

With MTPL insurance, you are insured for civil liability. That is, if you have this policy and the accident occurred through your fault, the insurance company should compensate the damage to the victim. If you are the injured party, and the guilty party has this policy, you will receive compensation. MTPL insurance cases thus avoid the need to pay the injured party personally for the wrecked car, or get your own repaired at the expense of the perpetrator’s insurance. If he does not have insurance, then everything becomes more complicated, because he will have to pay from his own pocket, and sometimes this can only be done through the court.

Casco works differently – only the owner of the policy receives compensation, regardless of who the perpetrator of the accident is. An insured event under KASKO does not provide for payments to the other party, even if it is the injured party. This includes thefts, collision damage, fires, and natural disasters. However, after receiving funds under the policy to repair his car, the perpetrator of the accident with a CASCO policy will have to pay for repairs for the injured party himself, or use his MTPL policy. The criteria for determining an insured event can vary, so there are many lawyers working in this area. Sometimes there are complex situations where the culprit can only be determined by the court. In the event of any accident, if the car is damaged or injured, you should always call the traffic police, who will fix everything that has happened. Everything is easier with a hull insurance policy, as there is no need to identify the culprit.

Types of accidents

What is included in the MTPL insurance case? There are two variants:

  1. Accident cases – when there was an accident, there is a perpetrator and the victim. The insurance is paid to the injured person under the policy of the guilty party. But there are limits – up to 400 thousand rubles, and compensation is calculated taking into account the wear and tear of the car.
  2. Cases without an accident – natural disasters, theft, fire or arson, damage by third parties. Here you can get compensation if you have all the documents of the investigation, which will convince the insurers.

Everything that is an insured event under MTPL requires documentary evidence. There are many cases where the culprit is not identified and compensation is simply denied. That is why you should scrupulously collect all the certificates from the very beginning. The insurance cases of traffic accidents require a particularly careful control. The list of insured accidents on KASKO, when compensation is paid, is similar to the above mentioned. But this includes driver negligence – when, for example, he accidentally ran over a high curb and damaged the bumper. Any car damage or theft is a reason to call your insurer. Even a minor accident in the parking lot with a small dent is also an insured event. All these cases should be stipulated when buying an insurance policy – you can refuse some point, and then the insurance company will refuse to pay. The cost of policy changes according to the chosen options.

Non-insurable events

It is useful for any user of hull insurance to know what is not an insured event – that is, when nothing is paid, although for all intents and purposes it should be. These are Situations:

  • If the car is stolen and the owner forgot or left the keys, passport or registration certificate in it. There will be an answer like “his own fault.
  • The damage to the car is too minor.
  • The driver at the time of the accident was intoxicated – alcohol or drugs.
  • If the accident happened in a place where driving is not allowed, for example, in the woods. Or if you drive into a frozen lake and your car falls through the ice, there’s no insurance.
  • If the damage was done on purpose to get a payout.
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There are also situations under MTPL where the policyholder will not be able to receive compensation:

  • If the car was damaged in a training drive, competition, test.
  • If the insurance was for another car – it does not apply to another car, even with the same owner.
  • If the car was damaged by cargo – it too must be insured, and repairs must be covered from that insurance.
  • If the owner of the policy is guilty of an accident – the injured party will get the payment.

Of course, there are many other situations, and not all of them are so clear. Therefore, when buying insurance, you need to read the rules carefully, so you do not find yourself in a difficult situation.

Not insured cases

Deadlines for application and review

Call and inform the insurance company about the accident immediately. Sometimes an expert comes and inspects the car on the spot – to rule out the possibility of fraud. To receive compensation, you must write an application to the insurance company and attach the necessary documents. In case of hull insurance you should do it in a certain period of time. Usually it is 5-10 days from the accident but it is written exactly on the policy. If the deadline is not specified, you should call and clarify, or look on the website. If you do not meet the deadline and apply later, the insurance company has the right to refuse to accept the application. The law allows you to refuse even if there is a good reason for the delay. That is why it is better to try to meet this deadline within 3-5 working days.

For MTPL insurance this period is 5 days, otherwise there will be a breach of contract and refusal. But in the case of a good reason, for example, due to injuries, the insurance company must accept the application even if the deadline is broken. Payment occurs within 30 days, but if the insurance has no questions, it usually happens within 14 days. The period can last up to 90 days, but no more – after that, you can go to court or complain to the Consumer Protection Society. But if the appeal was about the theft of the car, the payment will be only after the closure of the criminal case.

How to get paid

What to do in case of a CASCO accident

To receive payment, you need to act immediately in official ways?

  1. Record the accident – call the traffic police and inform them about the accident so that they draw up a protocol.
  2. Call the insurance company and report the insured event so that the treatment was recorded. The operator will tell you what to do next.
  3. While the police are on their way, you can not move the car or make repairs. Otherwise, the picture will not be accurate and the insurance company will consider it fraud.
  4. You should not discuss compensation to each other with the other parties involved in the accident. The insurance company will also consider this to be a fraud.
  5. If possible, you need to make photos of the accident scene from different angles.
  6. After the arrival of traffic police officers need to tell in detail how everything happened, read the protocol and make sure that it describes everything correctly.

After that, it is necessary to prepare documents for obtaining payment.

Documents .

Usually, any insurance company requires the same package of documents:

  • Application.
  • A copy of your passport with a photo.
  • The technical passport and certificate for the car.
  • Certificate of the accident.
  • Protocol of the traffic police from the scene of the accident – a copy.
  • If you appeal is not the owner (for example, is in the hospital), you need a power of attorney from him to apply to the insurance.
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No examinations are not necessary, they will hold anyway.

How to prepare documents

The application

You need to write the application carefully. Refuse compensation can simply because of mistakes or inaccuracies. It is necessary to specify:

  • The name of the insurance company.
  • Your surname, first name, patronymic and other passport data.
  • The name of the document – the statement.
  • Describe what happened – what were the circumstances and consequences. Specify the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Specify what damages were received.
  • Specify details to which to transfer compensation.
  • Sign and date.

A specific amount will be established after the examination, you do not need to write it at your discretion.

Registration .

After the documents are filed, the insurance company usually considers the claim within 5-14 days. The expertise is conducted, and if everything is normal, the compensation occurs. Sometimes additional documents may be required. If the insured event is not confirmed, the claim will be denied. If the insurance company’s answer is not satisfactory, you can apply again. When another answer is received, and it also does not satisfy, you can sue, but without a good lawyer it will be difficult to win. Court proceedings can last for months.

Conducting an expertise

With a deductible.

Excess is a certain amount, within which the car owner himself compensates his expenses. For example, if the damage is up to 10 thousand rubles, the insurance company will not participate, and if more – will pay. You can also write the amount as a percentage of the sum insured. A Casco policy with a deductible allows you to significantly reduce the cost of insurance, but shifts part of the responsibility to the car owner. There is an advantage in this way – it saves money on the policy. But there are also disadvantages:

  • The deductible amount is deducted in compensation.
  • If the car is sent for repair at the expense of the insurance, the deductible amount is deducted from the cost of repair. It is paid by the owner.

Otherwise, the principle of insurance remains the same. Deductible can be advantageous on the one hand, and on the other – an unpleasant surprise, especially in case of financial difficulties, because in the case of an accident you will need to remove the amount of the deductible from the family budget.

In case of franchise


Compensation under KASKO, if it is approved, does not cause much trouble. But with MTPL, it is not always in the form of a cash payment. Now it can be an offer of repair at a partner’s service station. This point should be taken into account and stipulated while drawing up the policy. Disadvantages of this method:

  • The repair line can be very long, and you can’t influence it.
  • You will not control how and with what your car will be repaired. They may put old parts in there, and you won’t know about it.
  • No one is responsible for such repairs – neither the insurance company nor the service station. If everything breaks down again in a few days, there will be no one to claim against. Not only that, but when repairing one thing, something else can be removed or replaced.

That is why cash compensation in the amount sufficient for repair and repair at the service station of your choice is always more preferable.

OSAGO or Casco – where is it better to address in case of an accident and what is more profitable?

Where to go: Casco or MTPL?

Each of these types of car insurance costs a lot and becomes more expensive every year. But there are a number of cases where, when you apply for an insurance claim, one of the policies may go up in price, and the other may not. So it’s important to know in which of these situations it’s best to file a claim for reimbursement. In this article we will find out for all such cases, what is better to choose – Casco or MTPL after an accident, how to know and understand where the payment will be and what is cheaper in the next insurance period.

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What is better in case of an accident: MTPL or Casco?

If you omit all the subtleties and risks, it’s definitely Casco. Because in this case:

  • you will have to collect much less documents just to apply for Casco,
  • In many accidents, the waiting time for the necessary papers on MTPL can be up to a year (if the accident was with victims),
  • payment limit is much higher for voluntary insurance policies,
  • Companies are more loyal to clients and less likely to understate payments.

But do not rush to write a statement. After all, the actual benefit depends on many factors. Let’s find out all of them!

Where to go if I am the guilty party of the accident?

If the decision was made only for you in the accident that happened, then the question of what is more profitable, Casco or MTPL, is acute only because of ignorance of the basic principles of auto insurance and right now will disappear by itself.

Since MTPL insurance insures the liability of the driver, and not the property, you do not even have the right to apply for MTPL. Under it, the payout will be received by the injured party in this insured event from your insurance company. And your option is strictly Casco, as this insurance does not depend on whether you are the perpetrator or the injured party in this accident.

Payment under OSAGO, if the perpetrator of the accident

And what if I’m the injured party?

And this is where the very factors that influence the policy’s price rise come into play. And in this context, let’s look at the choice of the best place to apply after an accident.

When is the best time to apply for comprehensive insurance?

So, above we found out that if you were found guilty as a result of the accident, then you can only apply under Casco. In this case, MTPL only works as your liability insurance – your insurance will pay for the damage caused.

But if you are the injured party in the accident, and you have both MTPL and Casco insurance policies, then the choice of where to go is yours. But it is important to know how to make the right choice after an accident in 2022.

So, the option of voluntary insurance is more advantageous in the following cases:

  • you are insured under Casco last year (for example, if the car credit, and you buy the policy only because the bank-creditor obliges you to),
  • Your car is more than 2-4 years old, and you don’t want to have to deal with the person responsible for the accident to recover the difference in depreciation,
  • you want to collect as little paperwork as possible,
  • You want to wait as little as possible,
  • you don’t want to go to the insurance company that caused the accident,
  • you want to be sent to a Casco repair only to an official dealer (if the contract provides only such),
  • you are only satisfied with the payment in money, and your Casco insurance is the payment, not sending the car for repair,
  • in an accident, both (or more) participants were found partially at fault (mutual fault), and MTPL will not cover 100 percent of the compensation,
  • you have paid the money and just want to exercise your right to use automobile property insurance.

When is MTPL insurance more advantageous?

In turn, applying for MTPL coverage is best preferred in situations like this:

  • you are the victim of an accident and understand that Casco will go up in price for the next year if you apply, while MTPL insurance will not,
  • you want to get a payout instead of repairs, and in some cases that’s how MTPL coverage works, while the Kasko contract clearly stipulates only repairs,
  • you have a voluntary insurance contract with a deductible, and you don’t want to pay part of it out of your own pocket,
  • you have a euro-protocol and your contract doesn’t provide for such an insurance event,
  • your car is less than 2 years old, and according to MTPL insurance you are obliged by law to be sent to the dealer for repair, while according to property insurance – to any auto service.
Registration of the accident by an emergency commissioner without traffic police

What is more profitable: Casco or MTPL on repairs, payment

So what to choose?

So, let’s take a closer look at all these subtleties and find out why and under what circumstances Casco repair or payment is more profitable and better than under MTPL.

The rise in the price of insurance for the next year

This is the most important factor in the choice. The fact is that both types of insurance become more expensive for the next year if there is an insured event:

  • if you applied for Casco in the current year, the next year you will be subject to an increased coefficient,
  • It is the same with MTPL insurance, but, unlike Casco, only accidents with your guilt are considered insured events that increase the cost of insurance.

Thus, perhaps the main criterion for choosing – MTPL or Casco – is the increase in the cost of the policy for the next year. But not all insurance companies increase the cost of voluntary insurance.

Conclusion: In many cases, the treatment of MTPL, but not Casco for the victim is better in terms of rising prices for the next year.

And if next year you insure in another company?

This is also the best option. But again, not all companies will be right for you. The fact is that many insurers for Casco as of 2022 offer discounts for breakeven in the first organization and, conversely, also increase the cost of the policy if the insured events were reported.

But your current insurer may not raise the price if, for example, you were not at fault in the accident (this condition exists in many companies), but other organizations simply will not look at this fact.

Conclusion: Applying for comprehensive insurance does not always result in an increase in the cost of insurance, but the manipulation of the “running” between companies can lead to this.

Depreciation Calculations

This is rare in Casco contracts. But in case of MTPL the compensation is always calculated taking into account wear and tear, which depends on the age of the car and can be up to 50% for cars older than 5 years.

And if in the case of a repair referral, according to the law, you should not care about wear and tear (because it is forbidden to put used parts), then you will get less in the payment. And let’s face it – very often you have to deal with the requirement of additional payment from the car service for new parts when you are sent for repair under MTPL.

But the difference between what the insurance company calculated without wear and tear and what it paid with wear and tear can be recovered directly from the perpetrator of the accident. That is what the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation ruled.

Conclusion: If your car is older than 2-4 years, and you do not want extra gestures on the collection of wear and tear or disputes with the insurer and service stations, the Casco is better than the MTPL.

Calculation with wear and tear on MTPL and which is better in 2022?

Documents for insurance and expectation of payment.

In MTPL insurance there is a whole set of them:

  • your passport, insurance policy, documents on the ownership of the car,
  • application,
  • Notice of the accident,
  • The ruling on the guilt of the other party or the determination.

Please note that the last documents can wait from the traffic police up to a year in case the accident happened with the victims or victims.

In turn, the set of documents for a Casco claim is regulated not by the law, but by the contract. But, as a rule, the set of documents is less. In addition, you may often get a comprehensive insurance policy without any documents at all, but the amount of compensation or the number of damaged parts to be repaired may be limited in this case.

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Conclusion: it is better to apply under Casco than under MTPL, if you want to wait less time and collect fewer documents (but not always).

I do not want to apply to the insurance of the guilty party.

But under OSAGO you can also apply to your insurance company. As long as 2 conditions are met:

  • Only the cars were damaged in the accident,
  • both have valid MTPL policies.

I want a payout, not a repair

For several years now, compensation for MTPL is made in kind – that is, you must first be issued a referral for repairs. Not for the insurance company’s choice, as many people think, but exactly for the repair as a priority, if all the conditions for this are met. But what are these conditions and how do you receive payment?

Under CMTPL insurance, you can get a payout in lieu of repair if:

  • you indicated this desire in the application for reimbursement in an accident, and the insurer agreed (but most often refused),
  • the nearest service stations with which the insurer has signed an agreement is further than 50 km from the accident site or your place of residence, and transportation is not profitable for the insurance company,
  • there are no suitable service stations with which the company has a contract (including dealers, if your car is less than 2 years old),
  • when you make a claim under MTPL, the total loss of the car is recognized, while under Casco you are offered to have the car repaired,
  • if a claimant died in a car accident (and you get compensation for him as a relative),
  • according to the insurance company’s calculations, damage exceeds 400,000 rubles,
  • you have suffered moderate or severe injuries, or you are disabled, and you chose to pay in the application.

Conclusion: If you want to receive payment and fall under one of the conditions described above, it is better to apply for MTPL than Casco. All this is in the case if your Casco contract provides only for repairs.

How to know where to apply for payment instead of repair - under Casco or MTPL

I only want to go to an authorized dealer.

Here also in the case of Casco all depends on the contract – the list of service centers for repairs must be included in it.

The MTPL repair is possible only at a dealer if your car is not more than 2 years old.

Conclusion: It is better to apply for MTPL insurance if your car is less than 2 years old.

If both parties are at fault

Since Casco insures your property, and MTPL insures the responsibility for guilt, if all participants in the accident are found guilty, Casco is more profitable. Why?

The point here is that with a 50/50 guilt, for example, you will receive only 50% of the calculated amount of compensation for motor third party liability insurance, because you are partially at fault. And for the Kasko contract, it doesn’t matter at all how guilty you are in terms of compensation. But note, again, that the policy in this case may become more expensive for the next year of insurance.

Conclusion: if the fault is mutual, you should understand that Casco is better than MTPL after such an accident.

The deductible

Look closely at your contract – often many motorists do not even realize that they have concluded it with a deductible.

In our case, it means that the insurance company does not cover a certain fixed amount of damage.

Let’s take another example. You have been recognized as the injured party in a car accident and the amount of damage has been calculated at 50,000 rubles. At the same time, the deductible under your Casco insurance contract is 30,000 rubles. In this case, the company will reimburse you for this insured event for Casco only 20,000 rubles. But for MTPL insurance there should be a full amount – there is no deductible in MTPL insurance.

Conclusion: If your contract involves a deductible, then MTPL is more profitable.

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